-As Shizuma continues to drill Nagisa and Tamao in their dancing, Miyuki and the other Miator student council members watch on. Although they’re worried, the girls think that Shizuma has become more energetic from all this.
-Hikari finds Amane staring at the yellow scarf in the locker room. Since Hikari can’t bring herself to say what the scarf is, Amane goes off to practice.
-Hikari doesn’t see Hikari riding outside, but Starbright is gone.
-By evening, Yaya reports to Shion that Hikari hasn’t returned, and neither has Amane. Hikari is actually wandering through the forest and sees the yellow scarf lying on the ground. Just as she’s holding it and thinking about Amane, Starbright and Amane show up. Amane thanks her for finding the scarf and explains that she’s been searching for it since the wind blew it away during her practice. She doesn’t remember who gave it to her, but she knows that it’s something very important.
-Yaya and Shion are waiting outside in the cold for Amane and Hikari to return. Kaname joins them and brings with her blankets for all of them. When Kaname notes that the deadline for entry is tomorrow, Shion says that if Amane won’t enter, then Spica will have to drop out of the Étoile selection. Kaname is relieved to hear that because she believes that replacing Amane with someone else will have no meaning. Shion admits that she had a dream where she thought that Amane could grant any of her dreams. But she selfishly pushed her own dream onto Amane, and now she feels helpless as all she can do is worry and wait for Amane.
-Amane has decided to stay in the building adjoining the stables since she has to get up early the next morning anyway to take care of Starbright. Hikari vows to stay with her this night, and so the two share the only blanket. Remembering how Hikari had found the scarf, Amane wonders why Hikari was out there, and Hikari admits that she had been looking for Amane for a long time. Amane knows that scarf is an important thing, but she can’t remember anything about it. Hikari starts crying because she’s happy that she’s still connected to Amane in some way. After Amane wipes away Hikari’s tears, Hikari starts singing. Amane recognizes the angelic voice as the same one she heard when she first became acquainted with Hikari that one foggy morning. She finally remembers who the girl next to her is and says Hikari’s name. Hikari realizes that Amane got her memories back and tearfully hugs her. The two kiss and then spend the rest of the night together, ending up naked on the blanket by morning.
-Riding out the next morning on Starbright, Amane confesses that she wanted to convey her feelings the first time she talked to Hikari. She’s the most important person in the world to Amane, so she has nothing to be afraid of because from now on they’ll always be together.
-Shion, Yaya, and Kaname waited outside all night and now finally see Amane arriving on Starbright with Hikari in her arms. Amane announces that she’s told Hikari her feelings, which makes everyone realize that Amane got her memories back. Yaya is so happy that she tackles Hikari onto the ground in a hug.
-Without speaking to Amane, Kaname returns to the dorm where Momomi is standing at the door. Kaname tells Momomi that with this, she’s finally unbounded by Amane and can finally walk her own path. She wants to start over again with Momomi, causing Momomi to start crying.
-Nagisa and Tamao are overjoyed to hear the good news about Amane. News also reaches Miyuki and Shizuma that Amane and Hikari have entered the Étoile selection. Shizuma thinks that now she can hand over this greenhouse without worry to whoever the new Étoile is.
-Back at practice, Shizuma still isn’t happy with Nagisa’s dancing. She offers her own hand so that she can directly teach Nagisa how it’s done. However, she also says that this is the first and last time. Nagisa takes her hand, and the two start dancing, with Shizuma instructing Nagisa to watch her eyes, allow their hearts to understand each other, and dance happily. With Shizuma, Nagisa realizes that love is for never regretting.
-For Miyuki, this is the first time she’s seen such a pair so beautiful and magnificent together performing such an elegant dance. Afterwards, the girls give Nagisa and Shizuma a standing ovation. Shizuma tells Nagisa not to forget the feelings she had when dancing just now. Shizuma explains that dancing is love – the joy and happiness of love is expressed through the entire body. And with this, there’s nothing more that Shizuma can teach them.
-When the time comes, Miyuki presents Tamao and Nagisa as the two candidates to the entire Miator student body. After Nagisa and Tamao introduce themselves, they formally declare that they are participating in the Étoile selection as representatives of Miator, a statement which is met by wild applause. Shizuma, however, is not part of that group, choosing instead to stay in her greenhouse.
-That night, Miyuki is with a naked Shizuma. As she’s leaving Miyuki says that their duty ends with this and that all that’s left is to wait for graduation in March. Miyuki thinks that this is good, but Shizuma doesn’t respond as she stares into space, sitting on her bed alone.


So Hikari brings back Amane’s memory with a song. It’s fitting given how much they’ve made that song all-important, but that doesn’t make it feel any less cheesy. I certainly laughed out loud when I realized what they were doing. And then the two girls decide to consummate their newly renewed love, so they had a fun little romp together (extra-large image courtesy of someone on 2chan). If nothing else, I’ll give this show a lot of credit for pushing the limit a lot without going R-15.
So with Amane and Hikari pretty much out of the way, all that’s left for the final episode is to decide which pair is going to be Étoile and if Nagisa & Shizuma are going to end up together. There’s no reason not to think that the latter won’t happen given how much they’ve built us up to it. Of course there’s always a chance they could pull something on us a la Canvas2, but I doubt they will. Whatever happens, I hope there’s a good conclusion that doesn’t leave things open to too much interpretation. The preview seems to show the girls preparing for the Étoile selection, but the best shot in it has to be the one of Santa Chikaru. Maybe she’ll get to shine one last time in next week’s finale. 🙂


  1. Gosh…I’m happy for Amane and Hikari but I quite sad there still isn’t any Nagaisa x Shizuma…And by the preview it doesn’t seem like there will be…And is next week episode the end or?

  2. Only one question?

    In the last row… Shizuma was only sitting in her bed naked because she liked or something else happen there?

    Well, it’s obvious that Nagisa still loves Shizuma, but both of them are to pride… shimatta… but my hopes are still with them…

    Gambare kudasai Shizuma-sempai

    Syaoran Li
  3. Hikari brings back Amane’s memory…with a song… And then they had a fun little romp together

    I say, that does indeed look like a fun little romp.
    Bonus points awarded for making Amane look less butch.

  4. I don’t know anymore…

    …since Canvas2 (one of my favorites) I can expect everything on the final episode. Maybe Nagisa and Tamao win the selection, maybe not, and if they don’t win, there are no guaranties that Nagisa would return to Shizuma. At lest here nobody was imposing nothing over the main character (like everyone does in Canvas2 over Hiroki)

    Try to make a good ending, it doesn’t matter the outcome of the main couple (if you can say that). But… if Kami-sama is good enough with us… maybe a miracle can happen.

    Syaoran Li
  5. But you can say a series is good or bad only for a few episodes my friend, it has to be good or bad for it’s entire long…

    I want… for just once… a happy ending in ashoujo-ai series that I ever saw… for the main couple that they featured of course.

    Syaoran Li
  6. So I made a bet lest week on when and how Amane will get her memories back. I won! Yay! Well it wasn’t alot since I was low on cash last week and didn’t put alot down. But I can naw say that watching Strawberry Panic have made me a little wealthier in life. Hehe…


  8. “terelildevil” I really think you trully are desperate for a hentai scene ;)!!
    Well , as a very smart person asked me before ” yuri ” shows started growing like today:
    ” ISN´T THERE ANY MEN ON THIS SHOW!!!? ” -> obviously with a large revolt angry 😉 😉

  9. I don’t understand why everybody wants a sex scene.

    Anyways, I’m surprised that nothing notable happened (or so it seems from the screen caps) between Shizuma/Tamao-chan and Nagisa in this episode. Not the best thing to do, wasting the second to last episode on an uninteresting pair like Amane and Hikari. But, whatever. Shizuma getting all angsty is starting to get REALLY old now. *sigh* What a waste of a character. She began the show so strong… now she’s reduced to a pathetic sympathy-case.

  10. More to the point of Etoile, why the hell is Chikaru not in the running? That has to be the biggest error ever in recent anime history.

    Not concentrating on Le Rim (or whatever) is such an oversight.

  11. After a few hours writing a shoujo-ai fanfic… my head begun to hurt a lot… maybe for the lack of sleep recently, or maybe becasue my favorite couple in this show is far away to be real… c’mon, do something with the plot… this angst is killing me… if you want to put Nagisa with Tamao, ok… do it, but make it very clear at least…

    Just one week more… let me handle God

    Syaoran Li
  12. whoooooaaa didnt see that comin……………………………………..o wait i did but never expected amane and hikari 2 uhhhhh………….yea u kno, but then again this a yuri wonder how the series will end considering the elements of anime like these

  13. Hey do you guys think that Shizuma and Nagisa will KISS by next week…and if so who do you guys think will be the one to do it first Nagisa or Shizuma…back in Episode 12 Shizuma kissed Nagisa first…will history repeat itself or will Nagisa be the one to do it!!!

    AND WHO EVER IT WAS THAT SAID THAT I WAS DESPERATE FOR A HENTAI SCENE IS SO NOT TRUE…I just want then to have some hot,sexy,yuri/shoujo-ai,sextual intercourse…which is so not the same thing…umm yeah its like a totally diffrent thing you know…lol!!!

  14. I hear the Yuri Oo
    Well, it looks like a nice epiosde, but I’m much more curious about next week and the final. Indeed nice screen of Chikaru btw.
    Well, slowly all the series I’m watching are coming to an end. Hopefully the one of S. P.
    will be a satisfying one.

  15. Now I think Shizuma let Nagisa go, I don’t mind anymore if they will make Tamao/Nagisa ending but please give some hint that Nagisa change her feeling for Tamao and stop make me feel like she still love Shizuma. And my hope already gone after Miyuki announce that they will enter the Etoile contest (Tamao/Nagisa) I thought she had a good plan for Shizuma, what kind of friend she is, I don’t understand.

  16. Last episode next week eh…

    I’m still praying very hard that they don’t dish out a Canvas2 ending…

    My gut feeling tells me that Amane x Hikari will win the Etoile selection, but i’m still hoping that Tamao x Nagisa will win 😛 (that is, if they don’t withdraw halfway)

    Anyone else has any idea what other pairs might win the Etoile selection? It seems like there’s only 2 schools taking part out of the 3 schools though…

  17. Yeah! That still bothers me…

    After all the angst that Miyuki gave Nagisa with the story of Kaori and then how she had her hopes put on her to bring back Shizuma to normal; is so stupid now that Miyuki said that her mission was complete. WTF is that! A sudden change of heart maybe, or maybe after listening to Kaori’s letter, something else triggered inside her mind, cause there’s no other explanation for her behavior towards Shizuma and Nagisa. First of all, she wants them happy and then… she wants to take her duty as President with the Etoile crap. As some of you say, if the ends have to be a Nagisa/Tamao paring, at least let us know that Nagisa has strong feelings for her friend and not only a way to escape reality.

    Still, to me, Miyuki will be always a bitch, never a good friend.

    Syaoran Li
  18. I used to respect Miyuki but now I have no words to say after she didn’t seem to hae a good plan to help them. Even she said this is the best for them but Shizuma is still her best friend at all, it’s too much to do this for her. Whatever even I quite like this series but I have some problem about the plot coz I don’t know why they pull mess on Hikari/Amane but resolve it in 2 episodes, this is watse my time coz Spica is totally clear that Hikari will be with Amane. Somehow Shizuma and Nagisa look grim since episode 18, this pass more than 7 episodes and it’possible that they will pull canvas 2 ending on us. I think director may hate Shizuma that much, first they kill Kaori after she could get over her past her best friend force her to do her duty without care about her feeling and now they’re taking Nagisa away from her…. cruel I curse Miyuki who brought this mess up.At least if they really want to end Tamao/Nagisa do something to make it clear that Nagisa forget about Shizuma and start to love Tamao in that way.

  19. oooo.. thanks so much for the summary! Awesome episode, with such a beautiful meaning beneath the scenes. Esp when amane and hikari are finally together, allowing kaname renew her relationship with momomi. What a touching scene between the two!

  20. It seems like everyone is agree with that change of mind in Miyuki. How, if she was always concerned for Shizuma, she pulls that crap about the Etoile selection over Tamao and Nagisa. Where those tears when she heard Kaori’s will a lie? -If that is the case, what a damn traitor to Shizuma and her own ideals.

    Episode 26 is called “A beginning”, would that mean a begging in one relationship, or maybe in one decision. Too hard to say until that day

    My hatred is still with Miyuki. What a friend…

    Syaoran Li
  21. I feel really sorry for Shizuma. Look at the persons around her. Miyuki is a bitch, disguised as her best friend. Nagisa is her so called “lover”, running away from her when she was in sorrrow. No one comforts her. No one talks to her. No one makes cookies for her. She has to fight her painful past all by herself. Where are all admirers of hers mentioned in the previous eps? Gosh, the directors hate her that much.I now understand why she exists in this stupid show because she is a tool of fan services that attracted the audience in the first place. Now her deal is done.

  22. We known their game… but we’re helpless… Damn it!

    I don’t have much to add after everything that I said before but… my heart still think bad about Miyuki. And Shizuma, why is she being so helpless, screw everyone, if she loves Nagisa, anything else is crap. Etoile, school, graduation, all that time would be crap for her… and Nagisa, why is she so calm about it… Look forward… WTF

    Six more days to find our answers.

    Syaoran Li
  23. OMG you all really need to quit hating on MIYUKI She is NOT a bitch she is just a really strong character who does bitchy things which is expect of somesone with a strong will like her,she’s the only one who has common sense in the series, I mean if Shizuma wasn’t bothering to go after Nagisa then that’s her problem the same for goes for Nagisa,in all honesty Miyuki was just going with da flow (this is waht was going inside Miyuki’s head)”if your not going after Nagisa then that’s on you, but don’t expect me to stand here feeling sorry for you for a decision that you made without anybody forcing you” that’s the way I think Miyuki was thinking I mean for real, her life dosen’t revolve around Shizuma 24 seven she just didn’t want to be stuck in the same place for seven straight episodes you all know that if she had not done what she did we would still get nothing but emo Shizuma in her room!!! So if you all say she’s a BITCH then fine think what you all want BUT she is a LOYAL BITCH cuz I know that I would have left Shizuma’s emotionally depressed ass back in episode 18!!!

  24. Alrite, so far I had just been lurking around this site, but this requires a post.

    OMG WTF.

    I have yet to watch the episode so I don’t really want to spoil myself. But… Hikaru and Amane r nakeed? Then theres also one Yaya? Wtf.

  25. it seems that the position of etoile is obviously made up of a love couple: Hikari/amane, kaname/momomi, and shizuma/kaori (in the past). The odd man out would be nagisa/tamao. It makes me wonder if theyre foreshadowing something, cuz if there are they didn’t really play it up well in the story or is it just a coincedence?? I don’t know. Reguardless I was really heartwarmed by this anime!!!

  26. What is the matter with their love?

    I don’t see any problem for Shizuma and Nagisa to be in love and continue with their relationship after Shizuma graduating school. They can always be together weekends or when Nagisa has vacation. Don’t tell me that Miyuki use her only to get better Shizuma and nothing more; what a scum if that’s the case. And Shizuma, she always knew that her time in the school was short and still felt in love with Nagisa (if that is true too).

    Hikari and Amane found their happiness… but in the other way… can anyone really tell if some of those three deserve true happiness. Tamao was expecting someone since a long time ago. Shizuma was trapped in her past and her painful memories until Nagisa showed in her life, and Nagisa, is she really in love with one of the two?

    Syaoran Li
  27. Syaoran Li
    In all honesty Nagisa is just at that age where she doesn’t know what the hell she really wants…for one thing she is totally clueless about Tamao feelings for her…she has no idea of Tamao’s love and she’s so damn naive….as for Shizuma, Nagisa is just to unsure of herself and that is what is causing the problems for her, so as to who she loves I would go with Shizuma cuz she is in the dark about Tamao and Tamao never did confess her love to her well at least not when she was awake…can you imagine the drama that would have brought…it would have been so good if Tamao had told Nagisa then things might have moved a lot better…..sigh….oh well!!!

  28. Am really glad that Hikari and Amane had a happy ending. I dont really care if they win the Etoile title. If they did, it would be a bonus. But if Beach Sand & Ball Blue wins, then it’s disaster. I just feel like slapping some sense into Shizuma. WTF is she thinking. This dumbass Quiet Horse should just grab Nagisa into her arms and confess her love….all dat angsts….sheessh.. Anyway i am still keeping my fingers crossed for Shizugisa ending. Psst i think miyuki is secretly in love with Quiet Horse ne…

  29. Oh fuck! Shizuma is such a dumb-ass! The sorry Nagisa *snief*

    But Amane & Hikari…oh damn it! That was so naughty 😉
    But i hope in the last epi. Shizuma & Nagisa find to each other! I pray fort that!!!!

  30. terelildevil
    I don’t think Nagisa will love Tamao even she knew Tamao’s feeling, the scene that Miyuki told her that she and Tamao will enter the Etoile contest, Nagisa didn’t want to enter with Tamoa, she also said that she really like Tamao and Tamao is her best friend but…
    So I think if Tamao confess that just make Nagisa uncomfortable and guilty more but I don’t think her feeling will change to Tamao. Even she change her mind to enter the contest later but it because Shizuma words push her to do that.
    And about Shizuma, Nagisa love Shizuma for sure and I think she know her feeling now after ep.17, the problem is she don’t really know what Shizuma think about her now, you sae the scene she sit in her room and think about what Shizuma feel for her. Now Nagisa think that she was refuse by Shizuma. Her problem is not the same as Hikari/Amane couple, it’s more complicate.
    And for Miyuki, I didn’t hate her, I like her character but this is too much to do this with her best friend. I know she had to complete her duty and think the best for all of them. But if she didn’t have any good plan for Shizuma, she had no right to decide their fate. On ep.23 she said that Shizuma had to accept her decision “coz you said I leave it to you” and she still asked Shizuma to coach them. I think this is cruel even you want your friend to complete your duty and forget about Nagisa coz on ep.25 she knew it well that Shizuma forcing herself to do it and after seeing that dance she still said cruel words for Shizuma so I start to dislike her a little.

    and Syaoran Li I think the graduation thing is a big problem between them coz they will leave Astrea hill where have only women to face the real life. You forget that those two are girl, nothing comfirm that they can continue their relationship for long but if they really love each other it should be ok. I like to think that Miyuki will want to test them coz now I still don’t know the real reason why she choose Tamao/Nagisa. I still didn’t get the answer.

  31. the only ones that are getting screwed over are Yaya, Tamao & Shizuma ~ all of which should end up in a yuri threesome together to make up for loneliness the storywriters put them through.. =P this story is getting weird – better have one hell of an ending to make the difference.. =/

  32. Hey Fern I totally agree with you and I know that Nagisa would never love Tamao going back to what you said that would just make her feel guilty and uncomfortable, I just thought that it would have been cool if it happened because it might have made Shizuma envious and try to take Nagisa back….as to the whole thing with Miyuki I love her cuz she is just so my way or the high way and I see a lot of her in myself yes…. I’m a bitch when drastic times come along lol

  33. I’m cheering for Shizuma and Nagisa. Nagisa still has feeling for Shizuma and it was very obvious in this chapter, beside, she said it’s the last dance. She dance so happy with Shizuma, different from Tamao. Dancing require the two heart.

  34. At the rate e epidodes are progressing, i kinda guess e finale would’nt really be a perfect clousure. But either way, shizuma should end up w nagisa and spica should win e etoile election. As for tamao (bias-ness aside), i think she should just give up as its in fact very obvious that what goes on between her and nagisa is purely friendship since the very first episode. Just check out their dance, the aura emitted from shizuma and nagisa’s is completely different from hers & nagisa’s. But i guess luck should be on our (fellow shizuma x nagisa fans) side as e opening theme ends w the sweethearts holding hands. And Shizuma should really move on since she’ve read Kaori’s letter. And most importantly, the person she love (i guess) now is right in front of her. So there’s really no point for her to keep harping on the past and let the opportunity for a new beginning w Nagisa slip past.

    I’m really glad momomi & kaname are reunited and back on e right track. They look really gorgeous together 🙂

    Maybe Tamao & Yaya should get together since they’re stuck in a similar situation ha. And the plot should not neglect Le Rim. Even as a subplot, its still too undeveloped. But oh wells, all we can do now is pray for a splendid grand finale =D

    Zyane T.
  35. yeah a grand finale should really grand. I don’t want to see craps. I want to here Nagisa and Shizuma exchange their vows. Forget about who the new Etoile is. I want to see them in a very very very very romantic scene. It’s a must!!!

  36. terelildevil
    I think now Shizuma will not get jealous anymore, if that happen she will only look and let Nagisa go. And t’s not good idea if Shizuma get jealous coz she was bash by many right now so I think it will be better to keep her stand still and let it will be Nagisa’s turn to do something but I guess Nagisa may not do anything, it’s true that Shizuma still angst but I didn’t see Nagisa was in that mode now, she seem to be fine anyway there’s nothing resolve yet hope we will get satisfy ending even it will be the rush ending ^_^

  37. omg this is so lame can’t monday be here already so that we can get this over with….by the way sice SP! is over next week does anyone know of any new shoujo-ai series that are out or will be out besides Simoun which will end next week as well???

  38. i don’t think theres many yuri or shoujo ai series anymore cause japanese people make more yaoi and shounen ai and boys with girls relationship so maybe about a year later or 2 then they make i serie of yuri/shoujo ai.

    do you guys think that nagisa and tamao would win the contest.

  39. In one of the pics where Amane is kissing hikari and there is a window in the background where u can see the stars…ook in that pick look at Amane hand, it looks so weird. 😛 and i think the another pic in which Shizuma and Nagisa are dancing, look how perfectly Shizuma hold nagisa 😀 and the way she is looking in Nagisa eyes 😀 (it means she is using her eyes to tell Nagisa I love u, cant u see it!!!)

  40. I’m about to watch the sub for 25 i most likely will watch the raw for 26 on monday when it comes out instead of waiting for the sub….arggg OMG 3 days until the finale…I can’t wait!!!

  41. Oh God, I’m so hopeless… I feel just like crap after seeing episode 25 finally…

    C’mon, Shizuma saying that it was best for Nagisa, and nagisa talking about forgeting the feeling of beeing lvoed… WTF?

    I don’t care anymore if the end turns a Tamao or Shizuma’s ending, just finished already…

    Syaoran Li
  42. Whoa! After watching ep 25, i’m so overwhelmed. It gave closure to yaya, kanamexmomomi, amanexhikari and about time too. Finally… But the dance between shizuma and nagisa showed how much they really liked each other and judging by the preview i hope it will be a shizumaxnagisa ending.
    But one thing i don’t understand is why the spica prez cried, was it because she liked amane? or she felt guilty for forcing her dream on amane?

  43. yeah it hella looked that Shion had a thing for Amane but they had to go and show it on the second to last episode…but then pt might have a point as well that Shion cried cuz she was forcing all her dreams on her whatever i don’t give a damn anymore what ever the case maybe Strawberry Panic is going to have a bad ending….Im much looking forward to the ending of Simoun much better shoujo-ai, but i will be fateful and finish off Strawberry Panic maybe just maybe we might get good ending but i doubt it!!!

  44. well yeah i need to quit my bitching and just shut my mouth wait for monday to come around,see the last episode and then bitch about it if it leaves me angry and yes Bull ur right a good ending does depend on a persons taste but then a person could have a taste for crap when the rest off the world knows that a certain movie,series,tv show etc. sucks…so if that’s to vague for you then maybe you haven’t been watching this series close enough for one thing you sould know that the main plot/problem/climax should have been dealt with to lead to a conclusive resolution but we are still stuck in “what ever will happen between Shizuma and Nagisa will they make up…the world may never know…until monday!!!”

  45. That’s the problem with having a school/dorm without any penises – the female students will turn upon one another for their sexual desires.

    And I wonder how they did it without dildos… possibly just with fingers and tongues. Or grinding the genitalia together.

    yuri yuri
  46. i’m curious as to why yaya got overshadowed by her in all honesty. the *action* between hikari and amane was nothing compared to the hug between yaya and hikari. is there some fan discrepancy against underdog pairings? (cough* to all those who say *”I WANT SHIZUGISA AND AMAHIKA”*).

    it’s *my* belief that in pursuit of their puppy loves, nagisa and hikari really leave their closest friends in the dirt, hurt and worried sick. forshame. =(

    + amane is the biggest freaking stoner I have ever seen. god =/

    yaya x hikari forever s2. true love. and yet among the masses, many seem to disagree, and i’m curious as to why? ^__~


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