-Kuuya is literally like a happy baby now. As Sakuya puts it, Kuuya has returned to being a child, forgetting her pain and having no anxieties.


  1. The contrasting between the two isn’t really blue and red, its white and black. Think it was that way in the game as well.
    Guess the red and blue in the ED just illustrates ‘conflict’ better.

  2. OMG!!!! only 1 more episode!!! ARRRR i hope they make more anime like utawarerumono. AND how dare they call it “Shadow Warrior Chronicle” in english, that kind of name is not worthy of this great anime

  3. Yes Aruru having your pet tiger attack the possessed body (arguable) of your good friend will most definitely convince her to come back to you. For Kamyu’s sake I felt relieved that Aruru can’t swing a sword. Sigh…I love Japanese logic…it brings us so many wonderful things.


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