It’s autumn, which is a time for many things, including the Étoile selection. Rumors are flying all around the three schools about who’s going to be entering. Lulim has no one, whereas Amane and Kaname are the talk of Spica. Amane still isn’t interested, so Kaname is turning out to be the front runner. At Miator, a clueless Nagisa learns about the Étoile selection from Tamao, who explains that the candidates have to pass various trials. After the two of them are passed by Shizuma and Miyuki, Nagisa catches Tamao staring at her. Tamao immediately changes the subject by asking Nagisa if she wants to go autumn-leaf viewing together. Nagisa agrees, so Tamao promises to make a boxed lunch for them. Later, they are walking back together, Chiyo starts having delusions of Nagisa asking her to be her partner for the Étoile selection. Her delusions boil over into to real life, causing Nagisa to ask what Chiyo meant by “partner.” Chiyo reveals that are actually two people who enter as a pair to become the Étoile. But then question becomes, why is Shizuma alone?
That night, Nagisa asks Tamao who the other Étoile is. Tamao simply tells her that it’s someone who died. She doesn’t reveal much more than that, so Nagisa goes to Miyuki the next day. But Miyuki isn’t willing to talk about it yet either. That night, Shizuma finds Nagisa playing the piano in the moonlight. After Shizuma sits down and the two play together, Nagisa admits that she’s been practicing. Shizuma reveals that the song they were playing was the favorite of “that girl”. Nagisa realizes that “that girl” is referring to the other Étoile. Shizuma then invites Nagisa out to go autumn-leaf viewing tomorrow, but Nagisa already has her promise to do the same with Tamao. When she asks if Tamao can come too, Shizuma refuses. Shizuma plans to take Nagisa out to her vacation home and tell her about “that girl.” Nagisa agrees, but then she returns back to her own room and has to tell Tamao the bad news. Tamao is unhappy, but she also knows how much Nagisa wants to learn everything she can about Shizuma. At that time, Shizuma went to Miyuki’s room and unbuttoned Miyuki’s shirt. As she’s doing this, Miyuki comments about how that Shizuma has changed. Beneath her shirt, Miyuki is wearing a necklace with a key attached. Shizuma takes the key and says that she’s been waiting for a long time. She thanks Miyuki for taking custody of her heart, causing Miyuki’s eyes to tear up.
The next day, Miyuki and Tamao see Shizuma and Nagisa off as they’re driven to Shizuma’s vacation home by car. Tamao insisted that Nagisa bring the boxed lunch that she had already prepared.

The start of this episode was a bit on the boring side compared to the great Carmen the girls put on last week. A lot of it felt like just rehash about who’s going to be running for the Étoile selection. Maybe Chikaru’s will surprise everyone by making a run for the Étoile position. Or maybe Kagome and Percival will… Actually, the most interesting parts of that first half were watching Percival play cards (anything with Kagome and Percival is adorable) or maybe Chiyo’s delusions of entering the Étoile selection with Nagisa. Fortunately the overall episode got more interesting with the realization that there are supposed to be two Étoiles. They do beat around the bush a bit more though, not really telling you much about the girl. There’s some grand cover-up about the other Étoile’s death that no one wants to talk about. I did enjoy the Miyuki and Shizuma scene, which really showed how close the two used to be. I imagine the key is to something related to the other Étoile and I’m hoping next week will have some good revelations. And maybe there’ll be some more yuri since it’s going to be Shizuno and Nagisa alone in a house together. 🙂


  1. o.0 wahhhhhhhhhhhh????????? WHAT HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED?! OH NO! I MUST KNOW BEFORE I STUDY FOR MY MIDTERM TOMORRORW! AHHHH!!!!! Please tell me or I’ll die (or wait impatiently until saturday) 😛

    T-owwwwwwwww L.
  2. Could it be that the “key” that Miyuki has, is the key of the room of the girl that Shizuma loved the most?? (I don’t know if you already know, but not to spoil someone, I won’t metion it)
    And Miyuki was helping her to forget about her?
    BTW, this episode looks awesome!! Can’t wait to watch it!! XD

  3. Arrggg…I need to know whats going on… from the looks of it, it would seem that we finally get a glimps of Shizuma’s past…we also get to see that one girl from the second opening…and that key could it be the key to that one room that Miyuki told Nagisa to stay away from…I’m thinking that Nagisa reminds Shizuma of that one girl from her past…its getting so good please add the summary soon XD!!!

  4. Well… in the last pics Shizuma is smiling, and Miyuki is crying… but what I really wonder is what Shizuma said to Nagisa with such a serious face. Oh, and of course where the two of them are going in the preview (for whatever reason)

    Looks like a good ep from the caps here and on 2chan.

  5. MAN I MUST SEE THIS EP…………..i already know whats going to happen next because of the manga but i wish it was next week already to see what happens next in the anime

  6. the summary is not that much and the info isn’t that great
    I’m sorry I can’t write dissertation length summaries for all 14 shows I’m currently covering. Maybe you’d like to try it sometime.

  7. The animation here looks pretty nice, I haven’t really watched this show much as I hadn’t had time between studying and my other anime. Btw Omni, no need to let the negative comments bother you, we all know how hard you’re working to get everything out – continuously everyday. Keep up the good work!

  8. well i’m sorry i didn’t know you do 14 show and where did you get the pic and the summary anyway

    ahh, let me help. omni takes the screencaps and writes the summaries himself. he does not get them from places. and the reason they’re not up “immediately” is because… he has a life *gasp*

  9. hoho…the undressing part was miyuki after all…

    anyways i watched the raw even though i don know jap…but i understood like 50% of it ^^

    i would like to point out that omni did an awesome job writing the summary….since i read it after watching the eps i understood all of the important parts that is shown in the eps dat i didnt know… big props to dat…XD

    about this eps…..i feel more n more sad for Tamao n Yaya….they are both going through the same thing n wheneva i see their sad expressions it just tears my heart apart there……

    oh n i kinda regretted reading the 1st 7 chapters of the manga…kinda spoiled a lot for me there….didnt know the story would kickstart straight at the etoile selection..

    ooo n next week!! shizuma n nagisa are stuck bco of the rain n they are WEARING PAJAMAS! wat would happen?!?! waaa….the suspense n the wait is killing me!!! 😀

  10. Screencaps?
    I guess he has a tv-card in his pc. So with player software like vlc it’s not a problem.
    And it’s logical he’s doing all by himself -_- This blog would’ve never become so popular if it wouldn’t been his own work.

  11. It`s 2AM, I just finished my homework but did not study for the midterm. What do I do? READ A SUMMARY OF STRAWBERRY PANIC OF COURSE! lol F*CK SCHOOL! ViVa Strawberry Panic. Who needs a life when you can live vicariously through Shizuma 😀 I life/school/etc.

    T-owwwwwwwww L.
  12. well lets see more of nagisa that reminds shizuma of kaori..i wonder if shizuma actually loves nagisa for who she is or that she sees kaori in nagisa. well next episode..more alone time between shizuma and nagisa, but probably more talking then more yuri. anyways looks like tamao’s upset again v.v; poor tamao and yaya :[

  13. Shizuma is Davy Jones

    Her old flame left her and she couldn’t take the pain
    She ripped her heart out and locked it in a chest which can only be opened by a special key

    In the next episode she will summon the Kraken with her vampiric powers

  14. thanks for the summary it really helps out…now that i know whats going on its clear that girl was someone special in Shizuma’s life…And the whole thing where there are actually two Étoile, I was not expecting that… also i’m just wondering how many of you here are actually girls…XD

  15. oh, so it was Miyuki, hahaha I’ve only read the first chapter of the manga and once I saw that it revealed a lil too much than I wanted to know, I didn’t read anymore cuz I knew it might ruin the anime for me. 😀 gah! I can’t wait to find out what happens from the rest of the anime series!

  16. So at last we this episode has confirmed that Nagisa indeed in love with etoile. I can’t wait for more yuri action since they’re both alone yummy!!!

    Nagisa x Shizuma No. 1 Fan ^_^

  17. WOw i love shizuma and nagisa are good relationship… It’s make me beat lolz! lolz! i cant waiting next episode… pls hurry new episode 18… i want to know about what happen next! XD.. Beauty Story!

  18. Intriguing…Mmm…I still think she’s dangerous but intriguing would work…yes that would do nice…what the hell Shizuma is just Shizuma and where here comparing her to actors lol!!!

  19. hehehe true XD

    I’m a girl and I love her (shizuma) so much 😛 Too bad she’s not even in reality if not I’m sure will have a house for only “Shizuma’s Collection” ^.^

  20. well why don’t we all just start a Fan Club dedicated to Shizuma…lol…yeah now i’m starting to feel like one of those crazy devoted fans that stays up until 2am just to watch all of Strawberry Panic in one go…what the hell i already did that so am i a crazy devoted fan…lol

  21. let’s hear it then…can’t be as bad as my name … i was… for guys information being Sarcastic with the name lol…but yeah something elegant and lovely would do…hmm…i just came up with another name but lets hear random’s first!!!

  22. Well to me Shizuma is like a lovely red rose… beautiful yet dangerous, because a rose is always surrounded by sharp thorns…so i was thinking of a name around those lines…but i still want to see what random has to say so until she post i’ll wait!!!

  23. Well to me, shizuma’s has a very sexy voice, nice body, tall too, also nice pair of eyes. Everything about her just so tempting. Also because of this I’m with her *got tempt and stucked there*….maybe this was just me.

  24. lol yes charming would be nice lol…but back to what random said… yes Shizuma has a sexy voice, nice body, tall too, and also a nice pair of eyes… no questions asked the girl is an all hottie…I’m in Love with her…lol ok so i need to take a breath…I just hope that the next episode will be uploaded soon!!!


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