When Nagisa had been crying on Miyuki’s back, Tamao had been outside that room listening in. But Tamao didn’t say anything afterwards and the next day Nagisa is very cheerful. Seeing her rush off to class, the other girls comment on how energetic Nagisa was, but Kagome notices something. During class, Tamao keeps worriedly looking over at Nagisa, but she seems to be just fine. Over at St. Spica, Hikari turns down lunch with Yaya because she has a promise to go see Amane. Yaya ends up spending lunchtime alone, feeding the pigeons on the roof of the school. At the same time, Nagisa and Tamao are walking along with their lunches when Tamao suddenly suggests that they go eat over by the lake. Tamao rushes Nagisa off the path and into the forest because she had seen that Shizuma was coming in the distance. Shizuma is actually returning from having gone to visit that fateful tree. She enters the dorms and goes to Kaori’s room, staying there through the evening.
When dinnertime comes around, Nagisa finishes eating quickly despite the fact that she hasn’t actually eaten much. Afterwards, the girls are all sitting together when Kizuna and Remon start talking about the rumor that the Étoile has been acting weird lately. Nagisa isn’t paying attention to what’s being said and is instead staring at the nearby piano. Upon returning to her room with Tamao, Nagisa apologizes and says that she forgot something. She runs back to the room with the piano and sits down, remembering how she had played together with Shizuma that one time. This in turn triggers more memories of Shizuma and cause Nagisa’s eyes to start to tear up. Kagome suddenly appears beside her and asks what’s wrong. Nagisa tries to act normal, but when Kagome asks why Nagisa is crying, the tears start to flow down Nagisa’s face. Pretty soon, Nagisa is on her knees bawling, unresponsive to Kagome comforting her with Percival. Tamao, who had followed Nagisa here, comes over and gives her a hug.
Nagisa cries through the night and doesn’t go to class the next morning. Tamao and all of the other girls spend the rest of that day being quite worried for her. Over at St. Spica, Kaname reminds Shion that the Étoile selection entries are about to begin. Kaname suggests that all Shion really wants is for the Étoile to come from Spica, and so there’s no need to insist on Amane. However, Shion thinks to herself that not anyone will be ok and refuses to give up until she gets a suitable person. Over at Lulim, the girls are telling Chikaru about Nagisa’s condition and Chikaru suggests that they make some delicious things to cheer Nagisa up. The girls decide on something sweet and get very excited, but all they know how to make is cookies. At this time, Nagisa is standing by the lake alone, with the key to Shizuma’s vacation home in her hand. She tries to throw it into the lake, but can’t go through with it. Instead, she just keeps clutching it and falls to her knees.
Tamao comes out of the shower that night and finds Nagisa already in bed. When Miyuki comes by, Tamao tells her how Nagisa is doing and then asks about Shizuma. It seems that Shizuma is currently sitting in her own room staring at the picture of herself and Kaori. During this time, the other girls have made a mess in the kitchen but finally succeed in baking a batch of cookies. Over in Hikari and Yaya’s room, Hikari is practicing her singing. When Yaya gets close to her to point something out in her choir book, Hikari backs away a little. Yaya apologizes for threatening her, but Hikari says that it was ticklish. Meanwhile, Tamao returns to her own room and finds Nagisa sitting up on her bed now. Nagisa says that it would have been better if she hadn’t come to Miator. In that case, she wouldn’t have met Shizuma and she wouldn’t have had these feelings. Tamao tells her not to say something like that and then sits down beside Nagisa.
Tamao tells Nagisa a story about a certain girl. Several years ago, this girl entered the dorms as a first-year of the school, but she had no roommate. This girl kept waiting, as the seasons and years passed, for a second person to share the room with. If someone came, surely every day would be happy. However, no one came. Three years later, this girl heard about a new student who would become her roommate. The new student was Nagisa and Tamao was of course talking about herself. After Nagisa came, Tamao was happy and every day was busy. Nagisa’s surroundings were always overflowing with cheer and smiles. Tamao thanks Nagisa, saying that she’s really glad Nagisa came to Miator – that’s why she doesn’t want Nagisa talking about how it would have been better not to have come. Tamao admits that the smile of the person most important to Nagisa probably cannot be regained, but Nagisa did give a smile to everything in her surroundings.
Tamao then makes Nagisa realize that everyone is wishing for her to get better because everyone likes Nagisa. To prove her point, Tamao walks over and opens their door, causing all the other girls to come falling in since they had been eavesdropping. With everyone’s support, Nagisa seems to return to normal and apologizes for worrying them. Nagisa decides that they should have a tea party, and they end up doing just that with tea and the cookies that the girls made. Afterwards, the girls return to their rooms, content with how Nagisa has become energetic again. As Tamao watches Nagisa sleep, she confesses that she likes Nagisa and leans in to kiss her.


Hrm, so this episode ended up being less about Tamao confessing her love to Nagisa (which did technically happen), and more about Tamao helping Nagisa out of a rut. It wasn’t as interesting an episode as the previous two weeks have been, and I feel like Nagisa got back to normal just a bit too quickly. Maybe it was just because the whole everyone-cares-about-you thing was a bit cheesy. Tamao did end up saying that she liked Nagisa, but only while Nagisa was sleeping. That was when Tamao apparently kissed Nagisa too, though we didn’t really get to see a clear shot of it.
For me, Kagome and Percival steal the show. Never mind that they’re adorable together, Kagome was the only person other than Tamao to notice that something was wrong with Nagisa. I’m always looking forward to seeing more of Kagome and Percival. On the other hand, having Kizuna and Tamao in the same room still freaks me out because it’s the same voice actress Shimizu Ai and it’s not something special like Riku and Diva. I’m just glad they didn’t talk to each other because that would have been really creepy.
As for next week, it looks like we’ll get more on the Étoile selection and maybe see how Shizuma is faring.


  1. Wow looks like a lot of the other cast members are really taking the stage in this episode…Tamoe finally made her move on Nagisa and for next week it seems like Kaori makes another apperence…What will happen to My Shizuma & Nagisa!!! A big hand for Kagome who looks like the hero in this episode…after this only 6 more episode to go!!!

  2. A dissapointing episode..they get all of us shizumaxnagisa fan’s all on pin’s and needle’s and it wasn’t really anything… I’m getting tired of how they keep doing crap like this, I just want to see Shizuma and Nagisa with some good romantic scene’s and a hot sex scene as well… Hopefully we’ll have some nagisa and shizuma~ness next week…

  3. lol onna…yeah they need to get the storyline moving alone and cut this second rate “lets focus on other non-important characters”crap…but then that’s just what they do to get us all fired up for next’s weeks episode!!! But we haven’t gotten the summary yet so hold on the dissapointing part onna!!!

  4. i read the summary for eps 20 – 23 … but my jap not very good .. so understand abit here and there
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. btw, i m not really sure i got everything correct
    but eps 23 is a confirm ‘CORRECT’ version of whats to come .. left 3 eps .. what will shizuma do ??
    it reallys boggles my mind >,

  6. pleease summaryyy! i wait all week to this! my god! tamao you!!!!, biatch!!! how could yooouu! shee waaas sleeep, jejeje i love shizuma & nagisa jejeje, tamao it’s like a tomoyo ¬¬ even have the blue hair too, thats strange ¬¬ jjejejeje



  7. it looks to me she didnt throw it …
    the picture seems to show she hold back at the very end .. she clutching to the key ?
    if she really throw it away than it means no more shizuma x nagisa …

  8. F@*&%$^# Mother F$%#*&^!!! What the F&%@!!! I Am Really Pissed off right now!!! How can they Make Tamoe And Nagisa the damn Etoile…Nagisa Better get her shit together and quit all this beating around the bush crap…if she dosen’t she is going to lose Shizuma for sure and, Tamoe is going to be a little Hoe and take Nagisa!!! Now I really Hope That Spica Wins the Etoile Elections…Stupid Shizuma she should just rape Nagisa and forget about Damn Kaori …god you think they get over all this sentimental bullshit!!!

  9. I’m still holding out for Chikaru to throw her hat into the Etiole ring…that having been said, a Chikaru-Tamao ticket would be so “on”! Think of the pathos, the drama, the sheer chaos. Anyhoo…I think Kagome and Oshibaru are the sweetest.

  10. urhmm .. when did i say i m a mr ??
    you suddenly make me so sad …
    Ah, I apologize about that (^^);

    It’s to be expected….almost in every romantic anime there is to be a bump or two in the road for the main couple to overcome, till episode 17 nothing really had tested the shizumaxnagisa relationship. In the end I still see a shizumaXnagisa outcome…I’m just going to have to bare with those bumps in the road that are being given. Hopefully by episode 24 things get back to normal between shizumaXnagisa..and I can end up enjoying the final 3 episodes of SP. nagisaxShimua in the end, FTW!!!! (^^);

  11. hahaha terelildevil you make me fall out of my chair.(cry even, twas a good laugh) but yes enough with all this crap in the series, but then again thats what makes us watch it. we cant wait to see what will happen next. and Do, youtube is the shiz, perfect place to watch it. chow…

    random conscience
  12. i also place my bet that shizuma and nagisa will end up together .. Show Spoiler ▼


    eps 23 – 26 should be VERY INTERESTING !!!! AHHHhhhhhh … !! the suspense and waiting is killing me …

  13. Show Spoiler ▼

    The waiting is going to be a killer though…..hopefully disgaea 2 can make the days go bye fast. ^^;

  14. HELL NO…………….TAMAO DIDNT JUST KISS NAGISA LOL that would have been funny if Shizuma was watching them through the window but nah im not going to worry about that little kiss……..besides Shizuma and Nagisa will be running for the Etolie competion and Nagisa is going to end up falling from the tower and Shizuma will come to her rescue……so its NAGAIS AND SHIZUMA FOREVER………

  15. YES THE SUMMARY AT LAST THANKS…but what can i say about this episode…umm let see, ah yes… its the biggest load of “lets put some worthless un-related storyline shit” in this episode…yes that about sums it all up…What the F@*% is wrong with these people…do they enjoy making crappy ass episodes just for fun… a three year old on crack could have done a better job than that…damn this really pisses me off…they go and put 2 good episodes in, and then it all goes down the freaking drain cuz some dumb-asses think they need to include the other characters that they have been ignoring for like half of freaking damn series…god i was born into a world where retards run the animation studios in Japan…ok I think I need to take my llegal drugs now!!! lol

  16. EWWWW. Walmart’s HORRIBLE! BOYCOTT/PROTEST THEM ALL THE WAY. Anyways, I love Kagome! She’s so cute. Her hair reminds me of my friend’s hair and we called my friend curly fries cause her hair looked like curly fries. Random but interesting in my mind. Anyways. I liked this episode. It was a little more cheerful than the last two, and I think that’s what some people really needed to ‘cool their jets,’ or not become manic depressive AHEM AHEM. Also, it helps to show how close these girls really are to each other and makes it more dramatic I think for whatever is to come. Also, I’m starting to like Tamao for her strong motherly personality. I hope they give her and Yaya and Miyuki someone in the end cause they deserve it for supporting those weak-ass EMOTIONAL characters. DAMN MOOCHERS!

  17. Uninteresting episode for me…sad….sad case. I hope next week will be better. BTW what heck?! hikari you b*tch! how could you do that to yaya-chan?!! It’s official I’m starting to hate the plot writers for taking such a long time to get yaya-chan and tsubomi-chan together. But taking a very very short period for…*mad*

  18. Kagome real brainy and she could be an Etoile if she let go of off that bear and have a little face expression and minus her only ONE tone when speaking 😆

    As for Nagisa, I feel she needs to stop for being such a brat. Can’t she see Shizuma needs help? Why don’t you talk to her? Hmm…

    As for Tamao..aww the kiss! I want to see 🙁

    As for Shizuma, wow she’s pretty. I like her mode. and next week she’ll be even worse angst mode and I love it. I love Shizuma-sama.

    Yaya…god! Why hikari do that? Yaya needs someone to be friend with. Hikari is not ur friend yaya-chan!

    la beras que
  19. Spoiler for Eps 21 – 23
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. -I liked this episode. It was a little more cheerful than the last two, and I think that’s what some people really needed to ‘cool their jets,’ or not become manic depressive AHEM AHEM. Also, it helps to show how close these girls really are to each other and makes it more dramatic I think for whatever is to come. Also, I’m starting to like Tamao for her strong motherly personality. I hope they give her and Yaya and Miyuki someone in the end cause they deserve it for supporting those weak-ass EMOTIONAL characters.T-owwwwwwwwwwwww

    Ok so I haven’t been saying the best things about this episode…but after reading what some of you guys had to say(T-owwwwwwwwwwwww) i kinda end up feeling bad about what i said…ur right we do have to give a hand to Tamoe,Yaya,and Miyuki for there great supporting roles …They should so like get nominated for an academy award lol!!!

  21. finally! watched the raw
    i didnt need the summary to understand anything….it was pretty easy to get this eps…

    ah..but TAMAOOO!!! im a sucker for the best-fren role (Tamao) than the other person who is very hot (Shizuma) who both like the same person (Nagisa)
    so sadly to say….my hearts been going to TamaoXNagisa which i know would never happen in SP anyways…..ah but at least i do really like shizuma ^^

    anyways…bout the eps….it has really made me realised out of all the sp characters….kagome is definitely the most beautiful one IMO……ah but stilll….i need more Chikaru goodness….her carmen role is still stuck in my head evrytime i see her….HOtNeSS!!

    ooo n lucky we get 2 bathroom scenes…1 w Tamao (FINALLY!) n another w Tsubomi…

    I was rite!! told ya tamao was gonna confess to nagisa….but i was disappointed cos she did it when nagisa was asleep…..ah n we didnt get to see the kiss!!! nooooo!!

    but even worse was the part w Yaya n Hikari……..oh pls hikari GET OVER IT!! yaya practically oredi apologised n she didnt do anything else besides being nice…….n hikari should be thankful cos it was a really hot person like yaya who kissed n felt her up….rather than kaname……im kinda getting bored of her n amane….their scenes are boring….

    i liked this eps cos all the little girls were in it….they make such a cute bunch together…n i thought it was really nice of them to bake cookies to cheer nagisa up….=)

  22. I just finished watching the episode…ok so it wasn’t as bad as people are making it seem…yes I know I was one of them lol and i also know that Shizuma X Nagisa fans are pissed that they didn’t meet at all during the episode but to tell the truth i think it was a good thing cuz we really do get to see the other side of the field with all the other girls…and I just fell for Kagome…She’s just so cute with her little bear and her cute face!!! And yes Hikari is being a bitch to Yaya…They need to find Yaya somebody soon…i think someone said that she will end up with that pink hair Chick I can’t remeber her name, did it start with a “T” yeah I think it did but oh well…And now I’ve come to see that Shizuma was really in Love with Kaori, it just made me so sad to think that she lost her now…(I’m Such a Two-Face…last week i said I hated Kaori for taking Shizuma away from Nagisa) but I know that if Nagisa gets her shit together she can pull Shizuma back to earth and away from “LALA” Land…And what can I say about Tamoe, she is going to end up just like Yaya she’s stuck in the “Friend Zone” now i’m kinda thinking that Nagisa should go out with Tamoe just to get Shizuma fired up which will happen but they won’t be going out instead there just going to be running for Etolie together!!! We need more action cuz i’m kinda getting bored lol!!!

  23. @terelildevil

    Yeah Nagisa and Tamao should get together so that Shizuma start to get jealous and win Nagisa back. I love to see this side of Shizuma. But wouldn’t be a little cruel to Tamao? I mean I’m not her fan but still I hope she could get on with someone else. What’s even more important and something I’m crazy to see is that Nagisa confront her feelings for Shizuma and get Shizuma. I love reverse thingy. I want Nagisa to chase Shizuma and give me some “sexy-shizuma-yurilicious-naive-nagisa”

  24. …lol b-sided…

    I want things to get moving as soon as possible with Shizuma and Nagisa…I want to see how its all going to end ONLY SIX MORE EPISODES TO GO!!! What’s going to happen…and by the way DID Tamoe kiss Nagisa on the LIPS or did she just Kiss her on her forehead cuz I couldn’t really tell…it would have been so HOT if the kiss would have been a close up…and it ended way to freaking fast…like 2 seconds and then the ending theme comes on so I wouldn’t really call that anything serious…At LEAST Yaya kissed Hikari when she was awake and even got a little rear/chest action lol!!! So the Score for “BEST FRIEND WHO FALLS FOR HER FRIEND” is YAYA 3 (Kissing and thouching her ass & chest ) and Tamoe 1/2 (kiss but no close up so where left with a big What the F%*$ did she kiss her on the lips or on the forehead!!!)

  25. Tried that and the translation was funny and I don’t get it at all. But the pictures really cool. I like to know what shizuma and miyuki chat about. anyway can’t wait for it to be aired too XD

  26. The summary said, Nagisa rocover from her depress mode but Shizuma doesn’t, she skip all her class and Etoile’s job. Miyuki who is worry about her try to cheer her up but it become that they have a big fight….

  27. woohoo…thank you for translating the going crazy for shizuma’s ‘mouth fight’. I hope in the fight there’s true words spilled from their hearts to their mouth and ended in their ear. Then let’s give me some huggies and straight back to nagisa and shizuma probs.

  28. Not that many comments on this episode…could it be that a lot of you guys started school again and don’t have time to post that much, now that you guys…Dare I say it… have “HOMEWORK”!!! lol

  29. yeah Do was right. This episode isn’t as interesting as the few previous episode. I can see people will be a little talkative whenever there’s Nagisa/Shizuma scene and Hikari/Yaya/Amane scene.

  30. I swear, I getting so F****** tired of Shizuma!!! FFFF@@@@####CCCKKKKKK!!! MAN!!! STOP THE DAMN DRAMA!!!! GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! I wish Nagisa could just sleep around or something!!!

    but that’s impossible ~,~ … it’s just as far fetched as Yaya & Amane hooking up… ( which I’m still rooting for by-the-way ^.^ hott, hott couple. Too bad both of them have a lolicon fetish *cough*Hikari*cough* )

    Anywayz, this series has too much melodramatic bullsh*t. I mean, I’m a lesbian & watching this makes me wanna go straight!!!

  31. To TBS
    I understand your pressure. But this show was targeted at men and straight people wrote the plot. You can’t have high expectations on this :). I do agree with you, Shizuma really needs to wake up and get things going. Something must resolve first. I reckon you should watch more anime particularly shoujou-ai so that you could understand that the plot was different than human series which in anime they tend to go very slow and patience is the key 😉


    She’s not a ‘ho’ and she’s not raping Nagisa!

    Man… this episode even makes her original stalkeriness make a lot more sense – she wasn’t just a crazy pervy lesbian eager to jump the new girl’s bones, she was incredibly lonely! So of course she was overenthusiastic about FINALLY having a girlfriend to play with!

    She’s also smart and studious and *sweet* and supportive and a very good friend and very forgiving – especially about the whole fruit sandwiches and cancelled date, *I* wouldn’t have taken that so calmly…

    *waves the Tamao flag*

    I expect it will still be NagisaxShizuma romantically, but I hope SOMEBODY pays Tamao some proper attention!

  33. Poor Tamao-Chan! I love her to death, and now I understand why she was so lonely! Kagome is offically my favorite. Kizuna and Remon are the cutest! And I don’t see why this anime was targeted to men. =/ IT’S SO GIRLISH!

  34. sorry i haven’t post any yet i been watching naruto and get iterest in it so i haven’t watch strawberry panic but yesterday i get to watch it and it was great kagome the hero and the others are helpful too.

    i didn’t like it when yaya teach hikari the choir cause she push yaya away cause yaya accidently touch her but mostly everything is ok.

  35. me too, the show is just sooo cute ^^ why on earth would it be targeted to men??? are there any guys here? anyway, i think we alll need some Shizuma x Nagisa romantic action soon… desperately waiting…. god, why can’t Hikari just get over with Amane? Yaya is so nice and sweet, i mean if i were hikari, i would just jump on yaya in our little room ^^ man she’s hot! i’m straight but i just can’t help it. of course shizuma would be great too 🙂

    Shizuma x nagisa and yayaxhikari forever!!!

  36. whaahahah NO MORE UPDATES THIS IS THE END!!! WE people who are fans can’t talk about the new episodes any more!!! WHAT AEW We GOING TO DO!!! I’m going to miss talking to everyone…pt…random…whahahaha!!! GOOD-BYE!!!

  37. They said about Shizuma didn’t do Etoile’s duty. Shizuma think that Miyuki didn’t understand her feeling coz Miyuki never love someone and that make Miyuki angry and said that she have the one she love too then Sizuma asked her Who? Miyuki become silent and then Shizuma stare at her and kiss.

  38. hey all my first time here posting..
    im as u a SP fan and i have just seen episode 21 the raw one that is..
    and i must say that it seems that Shizuma finaly comes to terms with her feelings for Kaori…

  39. hey do you guys think that tamao and nagisa will really go the the etoile battle cause in the manga it is shizuma and nagisa so i was just wondering and strawberry panic game is already came out but to bad it is not in english or will publish in america so i think i can not play it but i will think of a way. so yeah bye


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