One night, a pair of guards at Hakuoro’s castle hears a noise and turn around to find a female intruder who has apparently stumbled over some logs. As the girl runs further into the castle, more guards join the chase. She eventually arrives in Hakuoro’s room, and he helps her out with the guards after he heard her say the name Kuuya. He figures out that she’s a messenger and she realizes that he must be Hakuoro. It’s clear from the way she talks that she’s not used to doing this, but this girl, whose name is Sakuya, gets her point across that Kuuya wants to see Hakuoro. By chance, Eruru sees Hakuoro leaving the castle with Sakuya, so she follows them. Kuuya ends up blaming Hakuoro for being slow, but she also asks Sakuya what happened to her hair. It seems that Sakuya didn’t notice that her hair got chopped short when she was running away earlier from Hakuoro’s guards. In any case, Kuuya wants to talk to Hakuoro about giving him a mistress. This surprises Eruru so much that she yells and falls backwards, alerting the others to her presence.
After Eruru gets introduced, Kuuya returns to talking about a mistress, specifically Sakuya (much to Sakuya’s own surprise). Kuuya claims that Sakuya is skillful in bed, but what she actually means is that Sakuya is skillful at making a bed. Hakuoro tells her that those two things are different and he also points out that if Sakuya wasn’t around, Kuuya would be bothered. Kuuya realizes that he’s right and decides to rethink all of this, much to Sakuya and Eruru’s relief. In any case, Kuuya is really glad that Hakuoro came today because they won’t be able to meet again for a while since her country is close to war with another. Eruru is clearly worried, but Kuuya vows not to lose and thanks Eruru for her feelings. It is sometime later that Hakuoro learns from Benaui that the country moving against Kuuya’s Kunnekamun is Erumui. It is a small country made up of a collection of small tribes. However, the one they have to worry about is Erumui’s ally Noseshechica. Benaui also mentions that Kunnekamun has an unknown strength.
Oboro then alerts Hakuoro to a situation that’s developed with Aruru, who has apparently suffered a bite to the neck. It seems that Kamyu is the culprit and is now missing. Aruru, however, isn’t angry and wants to help find her friend. Oboro tells Yuzuha to return to her room while everyone else searches, but Yuzuha insists on waiting with Mukkuru until Kamyu is found. By nightfall however, they haven’t had any success. Seeing the full moon, Hakuoro gets an idea of where Kamyu could be. Just as he suspected, he finds her alone by the lake. As soon as she sees Hakuoro, she goes crying to him because she feels that she’s different from everyone – she’s the only one with black wings. She reveals that these wings are proof that she inherited her great ancestor’s blood, but also that people keep their distance because of them; Kamyu didn’t have any friends before she came here. She doesn’t want these black wings and instead wishes for white ones like her sister. She also doesn’t want Aruru to hate her since Aruru is her very first friend. Hakuoro comforts her and tells her not to worry.
They then hear Aruru behind them, saying that she’s found Kamyu. Hakuoro tells Kamyu that everyone was worried about her because they’re all friends. Aruru happily holds hands with Kamyu on the way home where the two find Yuzuha still waiting for them. Unable to hold back the tears, Kamyu starts bawling uncontrollably. Meanwhile, the fighting between Erumui/Noseshechica and Kunnekamun has begun. The conventional forces of the former find themselves facing against a handful of giant metal suits of armor. These armors plow right through the men, completely annihilating them and raining blood down everywhere. Covered in this blood, the Noseshechica leader charges Kuuya’s armor and promptly gets chopped in half. Kuuya slowly realizes that someone died by her hands, but then hardens her attitude and marches forward. Word quickly reaches Hakuoro that Noseshechica surrendered after only three days. When Hakuoro retires to his room that night, he finds a serious-looking Sakuya waiting to take him to Kuuya.
Hakuoro arrives at the usual meeting spot, and sees the giant armor that Kuuya uses, which she calls the Avu Kamuu. Kuuya expresses how happy she is to be able to meet with Hakuoro again. She then starts to describe what happened, portraying the enemy as weak and herself as strong. By the time she starts talking about gaining control of villages one by one, Hakuoro has heard enough. Kuuya realizes that Hakuoro already understands and admits that this was her first battle, her first time feeling what it’s like to kill someone – thinking about the pain and the responsibility. It is sometime later that an Erumui man comes to Hakuoro asking for help. It seems that the leader of the Noseshechica was the one who pulled Erumui into this, and the Erumui had no desire to attack Kunnekamun. Urutorii doesn’t know how much help she can be to him, but she promises to be the emissary to Kunnekamun.
However, when Urutorii goes there, Hauenkua, the guy in charge, doesn’t really care to negotiate with her and laughs when she mentions the god Witsarunemitea. They in Kunnekamun consider Witsarunemitea to be the Nugisomukami, and Hauenkua isn’t about to listen to the words of someone who worships this god. Urutorii wants him to pass this on to Kuuya, but Hauenkua says that this matter was entrusted to him, so his words are the emperor’s words. With an evil laugh, Hauenkua leaves and goes to another room where the body of the Noseshechica leader is lying. In this room is also the winged man Dii who used to be at Niue’s side. Hauenkua seems to want Dii to make the body move even if it cannot. Back in Tousukuru, Eruru knows that war is going to start again and wonders if Hakuoro can’t talk to Kuuya to stop it. Hakuoro, however, thinks that Kuuya already understands perfectly. Benaui then reports that Kunnekamun has invaded Erumui. Hakuoro remarks that finally it has started.


So I guess the rabbit people have giant mecha that completely plow through everything. It’s oddly appropriate. The way that battle went reminded me of the destruction that Karura can cause, except on an even larger scale with more blood. And speaking of which, I bet Hakuoro’s harem would be one of the few groups capable of stopping the Avu Kamuu, should it ever come to that (and I think it will). If it does, Hauenkua seems to be the evil one in Kuuya’s group capable of starting something. I’m just glad his evil laugh isn’t as annoying as Niue’s. Hauenkua does seem to be up to something with Dii and wanting Kanhorudari (now dead leader of the Noseshechica) resurrected.
Sakuya steals the show early on this episode with her comedic run through Hakuoro’s castle, her bungled introduction, and this face. And some more fun was had at Sakuya’s expense thanks to Kuuya wanting to give her away to Hakuoro. It’s a shame the rabbit people aren’t all like her.
Next week, looks like Onkamiyamukai (Urutorii and Kamyu’s country) is going to get involved in all this.


  1. The vampire thing has probably been put there so as to pave the way to THE final arc. It might sound and look out of place right now but it will *more or less* take its importance for the few episodes to come. Just consider it as as the staff’s warning that Kamyuu is OBVIOUSLY more than she seems to be. Simple as that.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Just finished playing the game, just wished the game had been voiced over cause I did not understand the
    later parts except for those I’ve already watched. Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Oh and I was wondering why she had long hair in one part of the previous episode’s preview and short hair in another part, and I was wondering if it was an animation gaff or something but now I know why and LOL. 😀

  4. >>jj
    I agree there wont be any kind of English version of the game.
    As for the bed stuff, it was in this episode. What Kuuya actually wanted to say is Sakuya is great at making a bed, and Hakuoro pointed out her cacology.

  5. Every single person has animal ears and tail in that world, there is a reason for that.
    Hakuoro alone has normal ears, but he wears a strange mask which he can’t pull off, there is a reason for that.
    Kamyu sucks blood on full moon night, there is a reason for that.
    Eruru loves Hakuoro from day 1, there is a reason for that even.

    You will see all those reasons till the end of the series. Just stay tuned.

  6. Huh. I thought that Benawi’s ears were rounded, but when I check the art I notice they’re slightly pointed (disappointing!).

    And yeah, I think the winged people do not necessarily have tails or unusual ears. Munto has pointy ears, but it seems that Urutorii (and Kamyu?) do not. There’s a surprising amount of variation in appearance in Uta-peoples (just look at the number of slightly different ears).

    However, Hakuoro is the most ‘human-looking’ of the Uta people. Except for the mask. And except for when he does his ‘monster-mode’ shtick, like when he dealt with Niue/Yue.


    Okay, so hardly anyone has a fully human appearance in the Uta-world. Freaks! All of them! 🙂

  7. Eruruu looks so shocked because of the “good in bed” comment, judging from when she made that face.

    Caution: this concerns the end of the story – don’t read unless you already know what happens.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. ” you mean to tell me Eruru’s afection towards Hakuoro isnt natural! ”

    Actually there a few reason to explain that, one of them is natural I guess, as for the rest u have to wait till end of the series.

  9. ‘Oboro then alerts Hakuoro to a situation that’s developed with Aruru, who has apparently suffered a bike to the neck.’

    Wow that must’ve hurt, it would bad enough if she suffered a bite to the neck, instead she suffered a BIKE, which must be 10 times worse

  10. Apparently, it’s fixed, mikemil828.

    Regarding the character’s strengths, I think it’s funny the battle version is accurate in that regard too.
    Though, the mounted units easily get higher score than the non-mounted. Speed counts. I also tried the author character. Weird specials.

  11. Why is Hauenkua’s evil laughter less annoying than Niwe’s Kwak one?

    I guess that’s because he is voiced by Akeno Watanabe, the same voice actress for our beloved twins with whatever gender, Dorii/Guraa.
    Maybe we won’t see much Dorii/Guraa as long as Hauenkua lives.

  12. sakuya is cute! And to answer sh4dowreaper, she was shocked when kuuya said that they were to discuss about hakuoro’s concubines, which are royal prostitutes. There was a complete misunderstanding however, kuuya had no clue what she was talkind about when she said concubine.


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