-With limited time, Miyuki is pushing Nagisa and Tamao to dance well, which is one of the things they’ll need to do to become Étoiles. Miyuki even asks Shizuma to help coach the pair.
-After practice, Tamao and Nagisa run into Chiyo and the other girls, but they aren’t allowed to talk about what they’ve been doing on Miyuki’s orders. The two learn from the other girls that Hikari and Amane’s participation in the Étoile selection announcement had been postponed, though the girls don’t know why.
-At that time, Hikari, Yaya, and Shion are by Amane’s side in the nurse’s office. Although Amane does not appear to be hurt physically, Hikari refuses to leave her side. When it seems like Yaya and Shion have finally convinced Hikari to go get some sleep, Hikari stands up and cries a tear on Amane’s cheek. Right then, Amane opens her eyes and sits up. She seems fine at first, remembering that she fell off Starbright, but the girls soon realize that something’s wrong when Amane doesn’t know what Shion is talking about when she brings up the participation announcement. What’s more, Amane claims that she has no interest in being an Étoile and that she doesn’t even have a partner.
-The next day, Hikari follows Amane to school at a distance. Amane eventually turns around and recognizes Hikari only as one of the girls from yesterday. Since Hikari doesn’t have any important business with her, Amane asks to be left alone. Nagisa, who is watching from nearby with Tamao, takes pity on Hikari, since the two of them know what happened after some eavesdropping the previous night.
-The rumors start spreading through the school about Hikari and Amane breaking up. Yaya hears a lot of the gossip and lashes out at the girls for gossiping when they don’t know the truth.
-Nagisa and Tamao ask Miyuki to postpone their own candidacy in light of recent happenings, but Miyuki rejects the idea because she believes these are two separate things and insists on them entering the Étoile selection no matter what happens.
-Amane finds the yellow scarf from Hikari in her coat pocket, but doesn’t recognize it.
-Chikaru goes to comfort Hikari, suggesting that Amane’s heart has only been covered with snow and that Hikari as the sun would soon melt it. When Hikari takes refuge in Chikaru’s chest, Chikaru suggests that Hikari just needs to believe in Amane. By chance, Amane walks by the two in each other’s arms and excuses herself as if she was interrupting something.
-Shizuma is at the greenhouse still watering the withering flowers, remembering how Nagisa had said that they would bloom again.
-Hikari joins Amane by the lake. Amane pulls out the yellow scarf, but doesn’t say anything, and the two just stare at the sunset.
-Before their dance practice, Nagisa asks Tamao why there are two Étoiles instead of one. Tamao thinks that a person cannot live alone and goes on to explain that an Étoile has to be gentle, strict, and a leader. Nevertheless, any one person can’t be perfect, which is why there’s someone else to supplement all the points where that person is lacking. Since Nagisa came to this school, Tamao has felt that Nagisa has helped her a lot, which is why she truly feels that a person cannot live alone. Nagisa realizes that this is why there are two Étoiles – so that they can help and support each other.
-Shizuma had been standing nearby and listening in to the pair’s conversation. She walks out from backstage and urges the girl to practice. Shizuma specifically says to Nagisa to prepare herself and tells her to become Étoile. She then corrects herself and says that Nagisa must become Étoile. Under Shizuma’s coaching, the two girls continue practicing their dance. Shizuma has decided that making Nagisa into the Étoile is her own final duty as Étoile. Miyuki comes by later and smiles when she sees Shizuma helping Nagisa and Tamao.


-This episode made me want to bang my head against the wall. First Amane wakes up because Hikari cried a tear onto her cheek, which was cliché and/or cheesy enough by itself. Heck, they might as well have had Hikari kissing Amane to wake her up, fairy tale style. Anyway, then we find out Amane has amnesia, which makes everything all the more frustrating because now it feels like we’re back at square one (at least temporarily).
-It also doesn’t help that there’s not much direct ShizumaXNagisa relationship development this episode, though I guess you could say that they’ve indirectly patched things up now that Shizuma is helping Nagisa (and Tamao) become Étoiles.
-I take back what I said before about Hikari and Amane becoming Étoiles while Nagisa and Shizuma end up together – at least the first part of that statement. If I had to guess, I’d now say that it’s looking like the end might have Hikari and Amane becoming a couple finally and Nagisa and Tamao becoming Étoiles with Shizuma’s help. ShizumaXNagisa ending is still pretty high probability, but not entirely guaranteed happy, especially since Shizuma will be graduating. Who knows what’ll happen…
-Oh, and I can’t help but wonder if Hikari really had to rub her head in Chikaru’s chest like that. 🙂


  1. (sry for double posting!!! but forgot to add reason is because I want Shizuma x Nagisa at the end!) Oh also sad about Amane and Hikari… But they get back together, that I know. ^^ but Shizuma and Nagisa… T.T

  2. Hmm, I think Amane and Hikari will likly to be together at the end, winning Etoile or not. While Nagisa and Tamao isn’t likly to be together. Why? cause Tamao have BLUE HAIR, it seem like all blue hair girls in the anime, have are the type that “I love you, but if you doesn’t love me and love someone else, it’s ok, as long as you have happiness, I will be happy for you too.” thiny.

    Seffyn, I am with you.
    If this anime ended with a bad ending I will join you in cursing the script wirter.

    Ok where’s my voodoo doll?

  3. You know, I’m rather optimistic about the relationship between Nagisa and Shizuma in this episode and later. It’s apparent that Nagisa still has the hots for Shizuma and vice versa. But. It’s just the stupid Etoile Election that they could not be together for the moment. After the Etoile Election, I can almost see Nagisa saying this to Tamao,

    Nagisa: ‘Sorry, I know we’re in the Etoile Election together but don’t read too much into ok? The one I love is Shizuma. Let’s be friends ne?’ *batting eye lids*
    Tamao: ‘?!?!?!?!?! Et tu Nagisa?!’

    Oh, Chikaru ftw =).

  4. Im so mad……. damn it i want it to be Shizuma x Nagisa but now im having doubts ……if they dont end up together im so going to end up hating the whole freaking series two ep left………

  5. I don’t know if I should gag or not about this episode. Normally, towards the end of the series, things escalate… not so w/Strawberry Panic. Things just keep getting crappier and crappier. It’s like the writers are just pulling crap out of their asses to end this series. Well, good riddance. I’m going to the manga, which hopefully won’t be so damn generic and poorly written.

    And why is everybody doubting Shizuma and Nagisa in the end? As much as I dislike the pair, that’ll probably happen. Nothing in this anime has presented even the slightest bit of unpredictability. And Shizuma x Nagisa is as predictable as it gets. Or an open ending. Either way, it’ll be a crappy ending, especially after ALL this crap I read.

  6. Heck! What did she think on her head? I mean Shizuma why she help Tamao/Nagisa about the Etoile contest. This episode waste my time too.
    From the spoiler somewhere I read it seem Amane and Hikari still run for the contest but how can they win, even I don’t want Amane become the Etoile but after Shizuma help Nagisa/Tamao about the contest I don’t like it.
    And IMO, how can Tamao/Nagisa suit togerther in that way, I don’t understand coz how much I tried to think I see that they’re just only best friend at all, Yaya and Hikari look better than Tamao/Nagisa if we want to see them in that kind of relationship. Shizuma you’re a idiot

  7. So what are they promoting now? Nagisa/Tamao pairing? I thought this episode will be better to watch but *sigh* I can’t hold on much longer. Is yaya and tsubomi will ever hook up together? Almost ending they make Amane amnesia? Are they kidding me?! Also my dream of seeing at least a pair (any pair will do) DATING seems to me is in the DRAIN! I want to meet with the creator and plot writer to have biggest debate ever!!!

  8. now now people don’t get all upset cuz yall ain’t getting what yall want…this is after all just an anime…but I just love the fact that their tring so hard to make it so “oh lets see what happens if we do this” and then try to make it look like we don’t expect the expected which could be one of many some thing Amane and Hikari will still run,some think that Nagisa and Tamao will win, others think that Shizuma should have slit her wrist and ended her damn life because she is a freaking idiot who wants to confess her love until the very end…but we still love her anyway cuz she’s so damn sexy…but still she should quit all this bullshit and just freaking do something anything…TWO MOTHER F@!*^ING Episodes left and there halling ass till the very end!!!


  10. LoL WTF!?

    Theyre like pissing off viewers and stuff! As much as I wanted to skip outon the rest of the series since episode 21 i wasnt able to, because its all just so damn funny..LOL!
    I cant wait to see what they have in store next, but hey, it could get worst, or better 😀


  11. This is why I don’t want the writers to hand in crap like this episode.
    It’s like someone took a crap on the scripts.

    Anyways if it doesn’t turn out to be a Nagisa x Shizuma ending, then I hope season 2 will be about Shizuma attending a UC. At least hook her up with a Nagisa/Kaori look alike with yellow hair and a Tamao….no Chikaru’s personally.

  12. I think it will be the better idea if they change Nagisa’s partner for the contest to be Shizuma, after finish this ep. I feel like Miyuki had some plan but what is it? However I don’t think there will be 2nd season, if they had it will continue Nagisa/Tamao and from animeland’s spoiler, it seem the contest will end in this season. Anyway the next episode, Nagisa seems to be more confuse coz I saw the scene that she sit on her bed and didn’t turn on the light.

  13. It will most likely be Shizuma and Nagisa. Honestly I don’t care to much about the pairings. My real gripe is the snail’s pace plot advancement. Having Amane lose her memory to delay the confession for a couple of episodes is pretty lame. Especially, considering the fact that they still have to resolve the Etoile election and Shizuma’s graduation.

  14. Omni: “Oh, and I can’t help but wonder if Hikari really had to rub her head in Chikaru’s chest like that”

    come on, if you were a lesbian and you had the chance of burrying you face in those Melons.
    Wouldn’t you take it.

  15. Shizuma hold Nagisa’s face and said something to encourage Nagisa and asked “You decide to enter the contest right?” and that make Nagisa made serious face. But I agree that we still have main problem even they will end up together I’m afraid that they will happy ending or not coz Shizuma will be graduating and that’s a big problem for Shizuma to leave Nagisa with Tamao.

  16. omg wads shizuma doing?! training them like that…cross fingers for shizugisa. and poor hikari, but surely like how amane magically woke up, she’ll magically recall hikari. If it isnt shizuma x nagisa i’m also gonna join everyone in the cursing

  17. Let’s start a petition for a second season and this time, we’ll have to actually start praying to who we pray to for script writers who actually know how to please viewer’s.

    Vote Shizuma x Nagisa XD

  18. Ahh… it seems that hikari’s predicament is really bad. Imagine after finally getting amane now she has forgotten her.. Even shizuma seems to be alright with tamao and nagisa partnering.. AND with only 2 episodes left… Bloody hell i really hope there’s a 2nd season or an OVA…

  19. I am not shock that this episode does not resolve issue but try to make more. Shizuma is helping Tomao and Nagisa because they would make great Etoile. They may not make a great couple but as Etoile they but are able to support each other well. Who know where this going. I pretty much has lost faith in this since about episode 12.

  20. I still can’t believe Shizuma would help those two become Etoile. At this point, there’s no way Shizuma would turn back and tell Nagisa she loves her. It’s all up to Nagisa do chase Shizuma now. I see in the new preview there’s a scene where Nagisa sitting on the bed alone and looking so miserable. I really want her to realise she wants Shizuma badly and get her back to love like what she did in Ep 3 where she made Shizuma play her part as Etoile. So Nagisa, I’m counting on you.

    Here a point that I don’t get is, whats with the Amane’s storyline? Miracle much? this is sucks 😐

  21. Can I officially say it is such a bullshit anime yet? First of all, from a couple of eps before, we know Miyuki is a faithful friend who is very devoted to Shizuma. Suddently she betrayed her best friend and sacrified her happiness for some stupid honor of the school. And Shizuma never really cared about the title “Etoile”. There are lots of hints here and there. If it means something to her, it is because she got it together with Kaori, which became a proof of their love. See what she did after Kaori was gone. She always tried to avoid the duties and skipped the meetings, etc. Now suddently she forced Nagisa to get it instead of her love even Nagisa didn’t want it. It is so lame and out of character.

  22. Something tells me that Amane is testing Hikari in some way. Like she’s pretending to have amnesia in order test Hikari’s resolve as an Etolie’ canidate. If she REALLY DOES have amnesia she wouldn’t have remembered about falling off of Starbride!

  23. I think if I were Nagisa I’d have broken down long ago and instead of staring into that Shizuma’s eyes I’d have hugged her straightaway instead of DRAGGING everything! And making everyone suffer more la. Lol.

  24. I agree w/kkccoo. Strawberry Panic IS a bullshit anime w/characters acting more and more retarded as the show goes on. None of the pairings so far actually make the slightest bit of coherent thought. If this show actually continues past this, it should be an OVA or something. Another 24 episodes would be too crappy to watch.

  25. I’m fairly new to this discussion — thus pardon my noobish remarks, if any.
    Amnesia on Amane ~ although I despise Amane and rather vouch for Yaya-Hikari, amnesia is… so cheap.

    Might as well throw a meteorite from the sky, burn it down to a pebble and knock Amane’s head into amnesia. I mean, why horse ? It’s going to be amnesia after all !

  26. Wow it seems that after this episode a lot of you guys are just ready to jump of the cliff…there are STILL two episodes left…quit all your bitching and watch it till the end…I mean anything could happen…so there is still a chance that things might improve…as to another season I don’t think so it would just kill the series even more…OVA YES…I could take that but another 20 something episodes…well maybe…I don’t know!!!

  27. Terelildevil…while it is true there are still 2 episodes left but with the mess that is the “plot” right now there is no way it can be adequately resolved in that time without…oh let’s say “rocks fall and everybody dies” or “suddenly Chikaru wakes from her sugar induced coma and discovers that everything was just a midsummer night’s dream”.
    Amane getting brain damaged? Wasn’t she dumb enough already? Miyuki going Evil Lacus? That would have worked only before the end of Kaori’s arc. It’s the 24th episode already. All the elements should already be in place for the final push. The seeds for betrayals and confrontations and sudden reversals should have long been planted. You don’t just sweep the board clean and start over this late in the game, not if you want something called a resolution.

  28. As for Miyuki I only hope the writers had her do what she is doing now with a different ulterior motive in mind. Namely forcing some kind of conclusion on Shizuma and Nagisa like she did with Shizum and dead Kaori…the smartest move possible at this point. I haven’t liked a shoujo-ai series peripheral character this much since Shizuka from Marimite who I draw alot of parallels to Miyuki. But with the level of intelligence exhibited by the writer(s) up to this point she may just be written off as suddenly developing power ambitions. A sad waste truly.
    It’s funny I’m only watching this show now for its side and periphery characters. Yet this show consistently neglects these people who are to a one more interesting than the 2 main couples.

  29. You’re right! Alter what happens with Shizuma accepting Kaori’s death finally (thanks to that peace of paper that nobody saw until then). It’s ridiculous that Miyuki wants at all means that Nagisa & Tamao win the race to become Etoile. She was the one who entrust Shizuma to Nagisa, and now she thinks would be painful to her because Shizuma is graduating? WTF

    Well, with 2 more episodes everything can happen.

    Syaoran Li
  30. I’m really hoping Miyuki is up to something. It must be, since the proof to this is that Nagisa and Tamao are not allowed to tell anyone about they are the candidate and been training for the Etoile battle. Now what bothers me is, they’re wrapping the battle in 1 episode and not like manga we could see stages of the battle. I wanna see that very much..hmmphh

  31. Poor Tamao. She deserves better.

    Shizuma. Needs to get over the past.

    Nagisa. Pure Emo (Insert puking here)

    Hikari and Amane. Way too cheesy.

    I’m beginning to like this show less and less as this soap opera of emo crap goes on.

  32. Actually Nagisa being an Etoile may not be such a negative development if she and Shizuma can iron out their relationship during the preelection training. If they can finally come to fully except each other’s feelings along with their respective emotional baggages then the title of Etoile will serve to connect them during their parting. Let’s face it Shizuma is graduating and Nagisa needs at least two more years from doing so. They are going to have to part for at least that long. Let Nagisa have something to keep her heart warm during that time. Of course this all hinges on if they can work something out now.
    This is, as I see it, Miyuki’s final gamble. She can help her friend and get her Etoile election to boot or cause that friend even more anguish and lose the title to that dekochin St Spica devil named Shion. Of course I might just be reading too much into this and this show is being written by a bunch of addled chimps smoking cheap cigerettes in a broom closet.

  33. Look guys stop bitching around. If you guys happen to hate this anime or anything, do me a favor, just don’t watch. Noone is pointing gun at your forehead forcing you to watch the anime. If this anime happens to be not like other anime, this is just a new way of telling story in the anime. Not your taste, not your type, just don’t watch. Why wasting you 30 minutes in life.

  34. THANK YOU Han!!! That’s right if you people are so mad that the damn series isn’t going your marry freaking way then stop watching it…but if you do decide to watch it calm down, stop all of your war-head missles from launching at the Anime Studio that created Strawberry Panic and let them at least finish what they freaking started…the only reason I can think of that many of you guys are still bitching is that you all KNOW that this series is a GUILTY PLEASURE and no matter how much you all hate it or love it you all want to know how its going to ends…wheater it be a good or bad or even a “WTF did I watch this for” ending!!!

  35. Cool Han. I totally with you. Maybe this is just a way they show the anime to us, perhaps the concept of the anime. This anime under genre of romance (fantasy and advanture are totally different). So it’s more like human implication in the anime. So we need to have patience and I agree we should all stop bashing especially bashing Shizuma. I’m sure she done something unacceptable, but hey she must have reasons. I’m sure we’ll get a good twist since the plot twist is so unpredictable (look at Amane case :x)

  36. Thanks Han I think so,if some of you don’t like it why don’t you stop watching this and I feel that some of you’re not fair person by saying this anime will be bad if it’s not end with Nagisa/Tamao. They show from the first episode that it may be end with Shizuma/nagisa or maybe it’s not but that’s not the reason that’s why this series is not good. I agree that something might not right on this series but you bash some characters too much and it’s annoying. In this case I think this anime is good enough to make you watch 24 episodes, just this one will end with nagisa/Shizuma didn’t mean it’s crappy. I don’t like Amane coz I support Yaya but I never think that this one is bad because it’s not Yaya/Hikari. And from the interview the director said it cleary that story will show about nagisa/Shizuma as main character.You can comment the anime but don’t think it’s bad coz it will end with the couple you don’t want please.

  37. What the hell is that for an ep? Hikari & Amandon´t get a couple for the etoile selection,because Amane lost her memories? Oh come on! What is that for a bad ass style?!

    Shizuma & Nagisa…oh man..i hope they find to each other! If there is no way that they get a couple…oh man…than this anime is sucks so much!!!!!

  38. there is no doubt that shizuma & nagisa will connect…nagisa’s blushing expression when shizuma held her face with eyes of attraction spoke volumes within a single moment – foreshadowing this moment is.. ^_^

  39. Yes Nagisa is still very much in love with Shizuma…she just hasn’t said it out loud…Shizuma is also in love with Nagisa and just like her,she too has not said it out loud…I want them to be together…I just think that they are perfect…I loved how at the start of the series all Shizuma ever did was try to seduce Nagisa and steal a kiss from her…I hope that they figure out soon that they want each other!!!

  40. Thank you everyone for being with me 🙂

    Apart from that, Nagisa and Shizuma will resolve soon. I just hope both will be new Etoile coz Amane and Hikari just don’t fit to be one. Maybe it’s just me, but still.. I don’t see it coming that Amane and Hikari could take care of the greenhouse. all I know is, Nagisa has been connecting to the greenhouse eversince she got into the school. She’s perfect to take care of the greenhouse.

  41. Well is there a rule that says she can’t run…I mean I know that Miyuki said that both her and Shizuma a graduating in March but what month are they in looks like november maybe…i’m not sure but they would still have time…like a few months!!!

  42. Let me think about it just for a minute
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I don’t know where is all that crap about Miyuki being means to Shizuma, for all I know, something have to happen over the two last episodes, I would not like some crappy ending… it doesn’t matter if Nagisa stays with Tamao or chooses to be with Shizuma.

    Syaoran Li
  43. Yeah I think Shizuma can be the Etoile, they didn’t say that she couldn’t. Just saying that she will not be candidate but it’s mean Shizuma can not. And from some info that I got when I bought DVD vol.1, there’re some clue that she can but I don’t know they may change the plot later coz I got that clue since the DVD 1 released

  44. Ok so I just got done with Episode 24 and to tell the truth Nagisa and Tamao didn’t look half bad dancing together…on that note I’m starting to get this feeling that the series might not have that good of a happy ending or better said its either going to leave us hanging or its going to have a rushed ending thats going to have a lot of us on the verge of of killing our selfs…that being said i would keep all sharp objects an other dangerous material out of reach for the last 2 Episodes…from what I saw on the preview, it dosen’t look like episode 25 will be covering much!!! I doubt that they are going to be able to sum everything up in one hour( 30 min per episode two left = 1 hour)…people its clear that the ending is going to be rushed!!!

  45. I so agree with you, it was sort of unnecessary for Hikari to intensely rub her face in Chikaru’s chest. It is frustrating to know once again there is a huge roadblock between Amane and Hikaru. Wonder how they will end this…only 2 ep left and I want to see more of them, I really hope that those who are in love with each other will end up together! As for those like YaYa, Tamao and others who are admirers or have crushes in “already taken” people too bad…move on cause their hearts are taken!

  46. What will the ending be like? I can’t stop myself from believing it will not be a miserable ending. Just make sure it’s not gonna be a cliff hanger ending coz that sucks. I have some intuition that it’ll wrap everything in episode 26

  47. I finally got to watch episode 24 and Nagisa and Tamoa do work well together and this reason why Shizuma saw when she overheard them. While I am not happy with the direction it has taken and more unhappy with this whole Hikari and Amane love drama. I will see the last 2 episode just cause I am curiose how they tie all this lose end together.

  48. Yes. Kaori and Shizuma’s sex was HAWT!! 😆 Actually Shizuma is a sexy lady, to me anything she do is HAWT 🙂 Her dressing always HAWT! Her voice god..HAWT! Her behaviour was elegant and HAWT! She’s damn HAWT!

  49. Sister Yukariko its all in chinese/japanies. i dont understand it..i get the feeling Nagisa will visit Shizuma for Etolie purpose, as probbaly the day before they select Etoile and say im nervous shit and shizuma comforts her and they make out lol or after being elected as Etoile , to thank shizuma for supporting her, then they make out 😛 but anyways thats my prediction.

  50. lol pt…it’s always the quiet one…you know the kids that sit in the back of the class room who never talk and when something bad happens no one ever thinks it them… yeah its them alright,who would have thought that those two had it in them to turn into whorse the second we looked away lol…actually I’m really glad that they finally decided to jump the gun and go for it!!! GO AMANE & HIKARI!!!

  51. people people listen here i have seen the whole season but don’t hate me yet i wont tell wot happens exept that youll all be happy unless you want rtamao and nagisa to be a couple btw hikari and amane for the win

  52. /spoiler THIS IS A HUGE SPOILER–UR WARNED– loool i almost cried at the end T_T it was sooo awsome…shizuma X Nagisa actually happened xD i kinda watched the whole season in one day–it was a 5 day download– and im addicted to it..big time..uhm…if theres no season 2–i’ll track down teh ppl responsible and well..make them pay O_O *eyes get all evil and glow red* *evil grin*

    Nagisa X Shizuma
  53. the ending was great.. shizuma realized that she really loves nagisa. she told nagisa that she love her infront of many students on the election day.. she take nagisa and bring her to the woods and they kissed… thats it..


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