-Hauenkua and Hien are dead thanks to Hakuoro. Genjimaru got one-shotted/vaporized (with gibs) by Dii. Kuuya seems to have lost it after seeing what was left of Genjimaru, including his eyepatch.
-Dii calls out Mutsumi from Kamyu, transforming her. Mutsumi has no problems handling Hakuoro’s monster form, and refers to Dii as her father. At the very end, as Mutsumi and Dii are flying away, she asks why Hakuoro didn’t choose her and says “bye-bye” to her other father.
-With this, the ED image makes a bit more sense. I would guess now that the blue one is Hakuoro, the red one is Dii (the two halves of Witsuarunemitea), and Mutsumi/Kamyu is the bird in the middle.


  1. Did Dii completely “blow” genjimaru away? Looks like all that was left was a puddle of blood.

    I don’t know why but it seems like the moment this series incorporated mecha and a sci-fi past, Utawarerumono’s been receiving a lot of hate.

  2. No she doesn’t. But she completely breaks down after Genjimaru’s death and the Amaterasu destroying Kunnekamun’s capital. Looks like all of the screenshots aren’t up yet. Be patient. The ep’s last screenshots should be telltale enough.

  3. Nope. She is carried away from Kunnekamun’s ruins in a completely broken state. She has a nervous breakdown complete with mental regression. And she is completely catatonic during that last scene – the way she was moaning or uttering inarticulated sounds shows how mentally crippled she is. In the game she reverted to a toddler’s intellectual level due to the trauma she incurred.

    BTW, it sorta made me laugh when I heard Dii’s VA speaking (didn’t watch ep23 so I didn’t hear Dii speaking that much). I never thought I would hear Durandal’s voice ever again although it fits Dii’s character (and the VA, in 95% cases, always voiced bad guys – most notably Char Aznable of UC and Gilbert Durandal of Gundam SEED Destiny).

    BTW, one thing that should be noted: see that screenshot with Genjimaru stabbing Dii – just before the s-shot where you see him flying away in shreds? There is some ghostly apparition behind Dii. Guess what it is? 😀 Yup, you were right in your assumption, Omni. Thanks for the caps, by the way! Keep it up!

  4. Ok, now we all see why this show is named “Utawarerumono” or “The one being sung”, since we can see who THE ONE is. At least it’s anything but “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”, lol.

  5. more experiments like he ones at niwe’s palace im guessing gil, although whats the point of them is the question ;O

    perhaps its linked with the artificial humans in the flashback of the last episode?

  6. >>> she asks why Hakuoro didn’t choose her and says “bye-bye” to her other father.

    I wonder if this statements are fully explained in the game, but I can’t see how I’m supposed to understand this within the context of this anime series.

  7. Awesome episode, featuring the best boss fight in the series thus far. It would seem apparent, though, that all these half-truths and insider knowledge the characters are spouting (especially at this point in the story) are likely indicative of how we will never get the full story on what is going on in the Utawarerumono timeline. I’m guessing we’ll see the jellies in the next episode, with (obviously) the finale following after that. Two excellent weeks of Utawarerumono ahead.

    All in all, this has been a great series. It’s proven to be far more [entertaining] than a mere advertisement for the game (unlike Fate/stay night).

  8. *Spoiler*

    Kuuya didn’t break down because of the shock of seeing Genjimaru die. Because she opposed Dii and Mutsumi for wanting to bring more destruction to the world, she was punished. Mutsumi used her powers to revert Kuuya back into a child. Right before Mutsumi destroys the castle, Mutsumi says “I will not forgive people who go against father, but I will not do anything to you because that man (Genjimaru) wished for it. but in exchange, you shall lose something important to you.” The ‘something important’ is nothing more but Kuuya’s palace and her personality.

  9. So, does this Mutsumi person head over to the dark side or something? Is Dii good or bad, is Genjimaru good or bad, is Kuuya good or bad? Sorry,I’m not very up to date with the alliances in this anime. Can someone help me out please?


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