-Miyuki informs Tamao that she’s one of the candidates to be Étoile for Miator and that Nagisa is going to be the other. Although Tamao is happy to hear this, she’s also very worried about Nagisa because of her relationship with Shizuma – she doesn’t want Nagisa to be hurt anymore. Thus, Tamao is unable to bring herself to tell Nagisa the news.
-Miyuki reports to Shizuma that Nagisa will participate no matter what. She’s made it her mission to see this through.
-Shion tells Amane that tomorrow will be when she and Hikari get to officially announce their participation in the Étoile selection.
-News of this spreads to Remon and Kizuna, who rush to go tell Chikaru. Using puppets, Chikaru wonders who Amane will announce as her partner and thinks that it’ll be Hikari. Chikaru is also interested in who’s going to participate from Miator.
-Nagisa also hears of this and tells Tamao. She wonders if no one’s going to enter from Miator, but Tamao still doesn’t tell her the truth. Nagisa finally finds out when Miyuki comes by and tells her. Nagisa says that she loves Tamao and wants to be with her all her life but… Miyuki knows that Nagisa can’t forget about Shizuma, but she thinks that Nagisa should forget Shizuma since Shizuma herself already accepted that Tamao and Nagisa would be entering. After that last bit, Nagisa runs out of the room. Tamao chases after her, but can’t find her.
-Nagisa ends up heading to the greenhouse where she finds Shizuma staring at the stars. Nagisa denies that she wants to enter the Étoile selection. Shizuma comments on how well-matched Tamao and Nagisa are with each other, and she thinks that Nagisa will make a great Étoile. Nagisa still refuses because it would be lying to her heart. She admits to still having feelings for Shizuma, and although she stops short of directly confessing, Shizuma still thanks her for it. Shizuma asks about the key, which Nagisa happens to be carrying with her. Shizuma then leans in as if to kiss Nagisa on the lips, but kisses her on the forehead instead. She says goodbye and tells Nagisa to forget her. Nagisa starts to cry as she clutches the chain of the key. She eventually lets go and runs out of the greenhouse. Shizuma drops the key as she watches Nagisa leave.
-Nagisa runs to a pond in the woods and remembers what Shizuma just said to her. As a cold wind blows by, Chikaru wraps her arms – with puppets attached – around Nagisa. She blows on Nagisa’s hand to warm it up, triggering Nagisa to start bawling. For the rest of the night, Nagisa lays in Chikaru’s lap in the middle of the forest.
-The next morning, Chikaru brings Nagisa back to her room where Tamao has been waiting all night. Tamao blames herself for everything that’s happened and suggests that they go to Miyuki to refuse. However, Nagisa has decided that they should enter the Étoile as Miator’s representatives after all. She feels refreshed after having cried so much and thinks that she’ll be able to forget Shizuma. Nagisa says that she doesn’t want to stand still in the same place forever and that it’s no use always sticking to the past.
-Tamao hugs Nagisa from behind, and Nagisa answers by holding Tamao’s hand – Nagisa wants them to enter the Étoile selection together.
-Shizuma learns from Miyuki that Tamao and Nagisa are going to be entering after all. After Miyuki leaves, Shizuma can’t control her feelings anymore. She throws the key away, breaking some glass, and starts wreaking the room, cutting her hand in the process. Miyuki hears this going on and runs back to the room, but Shizuma locked the door. Although Miyuki is frantically calling out Shizuma’s name, the Étoile tells Miyuki that it’s nothing and collapses on the ground, crying quietly to herself.
-Sometime later that afternoon, Amane is riding towards Hikari, ready to tell Hikari her true feelings. Hikari sees Amane riding over, but then the stirrup breaks and Amane gets thrown off Starbright.


-Whole lotta angst in this episode, with Shizuma pushing Nagisa away to the point where Nagisa finally decides to try to become Étoiles with Tamao. Still, there’s no way they’d have built up all this ShizumaXNagisa without letting those two end up together somehow…that is unless they pull a Canvas2 on us. Boy wouldn’t that be interesting…
-Amane getting injured is an interesting twist, but I doubt it’ll ultimately change anything (i.e. Yaya won’t magically win Hikari over). Just now Amane will have to wait until probably the very end of the series to confess to Hikari how she really feels, and Hikari will go through a lot of angst in the meantime. I still think Amane and Hikari will be the next pair of Étoiles since the end is most likely going to favor ShizumaXNagisa and that would make everything kind of work out.
-Chikaru wins plenty of respect for having comforted Nagisa and spent all night taking care of her. Looks like she will be counseling Hikari too next episode. Only three more episodes of Strawberry Panic left!


    1. I was like you but concerning Misaka Mikoto and my favorite character, Kuroko Shirai!! I am crazy about Kuroko. However, I think the writers do not have the courage to develop and evolve a deep intimate loving relationship between Kuroko Shirai and Misaka. I am so disappointed by the introduction of a spiky haired goif ball n Scientific Railgun. I quit watching!

  1. hehe… I ask Omni some questions.
    And Shizuma told Nagisa to forget about her…
    Tameo-chan hugging Nagisa is because she agreed to enter the etoile race/selection.
    Shizuma threw the key at the window due to depression and why? I don’t know.
    can’t wait till the subs!!!!

  2. OMG!! What’s happening here!!??
    I had a sudden flashback of Candy Candy, if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.
    Also what’s up with Shizuma, and the hand, is that blood?
    BTW, Chikaru-sama looks wonderful hugging Nagisa….

  3. OH MY FREAKING GOD WHAT THE F%$# is going on so much drama… god this show just keeps getting better and better I have an exam tomorrow and i can’t study now thanks to this…Shizuma,Amane…is it me or does Amane have a cursed foot…god what will happen!!! I’m gonna die from a heart attack…mock my words if there’s a show that throws curves at you its gotta be this one!!! I’m so gonna fail my exam now!!!

  4. AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! DAMNIT CANT THE SUB COME ANY SOONER!!!. well terelildevil your not the only one who cant study. i have to, i have to know what has happened. forget my statistics test.

    random conscience
  5. Heck, that mean Tamao/Nagisa to be the Etoile after Amane fall off that horse. I admit that I hate her on the horse but now I want she get back on that horse now. And about Shizuma, I have not any idia why she told Nagisa like that and after that it seems she was depress again. But I still believe that will be Shizuma/Nagisa’s ending somehow after Amane fall off that horse the situation has changed.

  6. How can anybody say that Tamao’s chances w/Nagisa have gone up w/Shizuma doing what she did (make her cry)? That practically GIVES Nagisa to Shizuma. Generally, if it goes to something emotional like this in the end of the series, the two people will likely end up together. That said, I genuinely hate the Shizuma and Nagisa pairing. To me, Nagisa’s feelings for Shizuma seem to be more like adoration and respect, rather than more meaningful feelings.

    And Miyuki’s expression towards Tamao/Nagisa seems to be more like she’s mad at them for sneaking around or eavesdropping, rather than disapproving them as Etoile candidates.

  7. According to someone who got spoilers for episode 24 through 25…things will be getting better for shizumaxnagisa 🙂
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Shizuma told Nagisa “Gambate” and said that Nagisa and Tamao will be great Etoile and Nagisa is going to tell her feeling to Shizuma but she stop and Shizuma cut her off and asked the key back. Words that make Nagisa gave up might be “Goodbye please forget about me”
    And she really gave up now the scene that she told Tamao and decide to enter the Etoile’s selection, see? it work to ake Nagisa forget about her. On this episode Miyuki is cruel to told Shizuma like “thanks because of you, you did good job” heck that piss me off. But this episode is great and interesting after a few boring episode.

    Looking backwards to the some earlier episodes of Strawberry Panic, I never realized that this show will be this good.
    And it become too rushed because we only have 3 more episodes to go.. *sniff*

    1. Because Miyuki had done it on purpose, she knew that Shizuma had returned to her state of depression and easily manipulated, because it was obvious that she knew very well that Shizuma would let her do for the choices of the candidates without suspecting that this- Ci would choose Nagisa and Tamao while hiding behind her title of president to cover and justify herself in front of Shizuma, because she would spank three stones, firstly she would separate Shizuma and Nagisa, secondly she would have a possibility of having Stars again of Miatre and thirdly by putting Nagisa and Tamao together she would take her revenge on her past because Tamao for Miyuki has always been a mirror reflection of her in the past

      And this isn’t the only time Miyuki has done some manipulation, remember during Carmen’s show where she arranged to give Amane a supporting role in an effort to downplay any voting intentions for her by particularly the students of the Rim, and by choosing the vice-presidents of spica to make a number she could hide her motivations of scheming for the election of Star

      Miyuki is the closest thing to an antagonist since the second part of the series

      maximilien alomar
  10. Wow! Miyuki is being such a total BITCH! I am hoping for TamoaxNagisa end because I don’t like Shizuma very much, but nobody deserve to be treated the way Miyuki is treating Shizuma.
    Miyuki should have chosen some other partner for Tamoa, instead of Nagisa.

  11. Well, this pretty much seals the deal FOR a Shizuma/Nagisa ending. I don’t mind at all though 🙂 … executed very well.

    Miyuki really fumbled the ball on this one. She probably didn’t even realize it before she heard Shizuma turn medieval.

  12. Haha, I agree w/Mokka. Everything is SPELLING Shizuma x Nagisa for the end, and if that’s how it ends, then this story is more one dimensional than ever. Really, after this episode, Shizuma x Nagisa fans should be plenty happy, especially if they’ve seen anime that’ve gone down this road before.

    Little known fan : idiotic moves akin to what Shizuma did to Nagisa = obvious set up for the two in question to get together, after a little angst. Unless the writers pull off a Canvas and/or decide to build up more characters as opposed to just Nagisa and Shizuma.

  13. Btw, I’m so willing for a Chikaru and Tamao ending, even though it’s completely out of the blue. >.> Nagisa’s starting to bore me to the point where I think Tamao is too good for her.

  14. Ahh shut up Kuro. Nagisa and Shizuma pairing it’s over and it’s now Tamao and Nagisa. I’m happy that the anime is here now. Shizuma doesn’t love Nagisa they way Tamao does. Nagisa x Shizuma’s fan should now come and join Nagisa x Tamao. Shizuma could be with anyone and I dont care

  15. >> …that is unless they pull a Canvas2 on us.
    OMG, NOOO!!! I will sulk for one whole week if they decide to do that…

    Oh,and i actually thought that being very good friends is enough for a pair to be entering the Etoile selections… Didn’t actually think that they needed to be romantically involved as well…
    Don’t be mistaken, i’m all for ShizumaXNagisa(and i’m their die fan) but for for Etoiles would be Tamao and Nagisa…

    And it seems to me like Shizuma got hurt(both physically and mentally) more than when Kaori died…

  16. Loody: No way. This episode pretty much guarantees that we’ll have things resolved with a Shizuma-Nagisa ending.

    Poor Tamao-chan. I hope that she won’t JUST be burned in the end and will receive some form of compensation.

  17. Loody : As much as I want that to happen, (and if you look at animesuki forums, I’m one of the more vocal Tamao-Nagisa supporters) it just doesn’t bode well. Generally when things get angsty between a pair, they’ll probably end up together. That is, of course, if the writers are going to follow the same cut and dry formula they’ve been doing so for the rest of the season. But, who knows. Maybe Nagisa will get over Shizuma and the rest will be up to Tamao-chan.

  18. ok people…this has a huge Shizuma X Nagisa ending!!! You all know that Shizuma didn’t go all crazy just because she told Nagisa to forget about her…she went crazy cuz she knows that Tamao loves Nagisa…if they enter together she knows that eventually Tamoe will win over Nagisa’s heart and that pisses her off!!! The one thing that I want from this series is that I will like for it to end with a Yuri Bang!!!

  19. Shizuma is not a dumbass, she just thinks its best for Nagisa to stay away from her since Shizuma have already lost her first lover before and she doesnt want to go through it again. like it shows that she got angry after knowin that Tamao and Nagisa are running for Étoile, she loves her but probably dont want to get hurt. and also she probably thinks she is older than Nagisa and Nagisa has just started a new life, relationships will come and go and she doesnt want to interfer in her life. Shizuma is just a hopeless romantic. I think she really wanted to tell Nagisa that she loves her too, when she was kissing her on lips instead she kissed on her forehead, she wanted to show her affection but what if it reminded of Kaori, like she have those visions whenever she is near Nagisa, and she knows if she says Kaori name again, Nagisa will truely be hurted again, and she cant even do that also. she’s just mixed up in this dilemma. I just think she should take a chance, forget the past and make Nagisa her’s. coz they are perfect together, even from the first episode, they had some attraction towards each other. Tamao isnt the girl Nagisa really should be with. ya they about same age and height, but she is more like the bestfriend than a lover. i just dont see the chemistry btw Nagisa x Tamao.

  20. shizuma needs a hug too, a misunderstood being walking a lonely path through the halls of Miatre ~ perhaps love can be a nice thing, but why do many make it more complicated than it needs to be? regardless of how this series turns out, i’ll love her no less ~ she’s special, to me anyway.. ;p

  21. ^Only reason you don’t see the chemistry between Nagisa and Tamao-chan is because the writers completely nerfed her in terms of development. It’s not their fault, but the writers. The same could be said about Chikaru. GREAT character. Total lack of development. Anyways, in actuality, Tamao-chan cares for Nagisa way more than Shizuma ever did, but again, not too many people realize this b/c of the lack of appearances. Nobody else went out of their way like she did to support Nagisa. Also, yes. Shizuma *is* a dumbass. When they were about to *do it* in Shizuma’s room, she asks Nagisa “is this your first time?” to which she says “yes” and that’s when Shizuma does the most boneheaded thing ever. She says “Oh… because this isn’t my first time.” That was SO STUPID that I literally skoffed at the screen. To me, that’s such a turn off. Anyways, why must it take all of this for her to realize how important Nagisa is to her? She couldn’t figure it out on her own? I hardly consider that a worthy suiter. Tamao-chan, OTOH, has supported Nagisa, even when she was going to Shizuma blindly.

    My only gripe about Tamao-chan (aside from the lack of development) is that instead of going out to search for her, she just sits in her room and waits for Nagisa to come back in. Staying up all night shows great dedication, but I think going out (against school rules, no less) shows an even greater sense of care. But I guess that had to be done in order for CHikaru to make her long awaited return on screen.

    To the end, I will support Tamao-chan and Nagisa, because they *are* a better pairing and because I wish for a series that isn’t as straightforward. I’ll probably gag if Shizuma does end up w/Nagisa. A happy ending between the two would be SO freaking boring and expected.

  22. Hey Hey Hey…enough with the bad comments about Shizuma…yes we all know that she *is* a dumbass for letting Nagisa go but let’s look at things form her point of view…she was already deeply in love with Kaori and felt the pain of lost…a pain that she didn’t confront for 2 years…it was a defense to keep her from suffering but because of Nagisa she was forced to come face to face with it and figure out that it was time for her to move along…something that will take a some time…I mean you try falling in love with someone then losing them and then find someone else who takes your heart and you are still freaking
    dealing with the death of ur previous lover and then lets see how you all feel!!!

  23. ^Shizuma, when speaking to Nagisa during episode 23, had already overcome the Kaori ordeal. It was when Nagisa told her about the Etoile situation that she just let her go. I dunno why people are neglecting that Shizuma had already let go of Kaori and was ready to start anew. In episode 23, Kaori is a NON FACTOR.

    So, I call Shizuma a dumbass not because of what she went through, but because she genuinely was one. She’s done a lot of boneheaded things.

  24. Yes I see your point Kuro…Shizuma has done a few things that have caused her to look like a dumbass…and yes she did settle her deal with Kaori’s death in the last episode…but oh WTF I’ll just say it Shizuma is a DUMBASS she had the perfect chance to get Nagisa back and the dumb bitch goes and says ” oh please Nagisa just forget that I ever tried to rape you back in episode 12″ I mean come on…then she goes all emo back in her room cuz she knows that Tamao is gonna go and tap some ass and we all know who i’m talking about!!!

  25. Man. I want Yaya and Tamao to hook up. They both need someone.
    But, I still want a ShizumaxNagisa pairing. And I’m starting to really like Amane and Hikari together. Everyone always bashes Hikari, but I personally like her somehow even though Yaya is better!

  26. i dont know but i want them together!!!!! ShizumaXNagisa i guess im emotionally attach to Shizuma lol tas why i want to see her happy and have things her way and i know deep in her heart she wants Nagisa soooooooooo BAD.

  27. Finally I catch with you guys

    I don’t think that Shizuma has an easy-going personality with her feelings to Nagisa, but as many of you say before, to many things had happen in her life with Kaori, is hard to hr to try and start again something as strong as a relationship with someone that reminds her very clearly her past. Too much insecurity for everyone over Strawberry Panic! For example; if Nagisa truly loves Shizuma, why she can’t tell her feelings, it doesn’t matter anything if she lost her anyway.

    I was happy with Canvas 2 ending (because I hate how every character in the series tries to push “I forget his name” to Kiri). Well, if writers want to make a different outcome, we have to wait 3 more weeks, until September 25th Episode 26: A Beginning.

    A Beginning… For whom

    Syaoran Li
  28. It will be a ShizumaxNagisa ending….tomoe’s reason for being in love with nagisa is very weak and very undeveloped….NagisaxShizuman FTW

    I will throw a pickle at Kuro if we get such a dumb ending as a nagisaxTomoe pairing.

  29. Why don’t some still think that nagisa like Tamao in that way, she said it cleary that she like Tamao the most and Tamao is the most important friend for her. it’s ture that Nagisa didn’t realize that Tamao love her in that way or even she knew I think she stil love Shizuma if Shizuma didn’t said that stupid. Shizuma is really special for Nagisa the way she address her with respect tone (I don’t mean that she add sama after her name but I mean every word she said if you understand japanese you know what is it) It’s not just admire or respect but she really love her if not she didn’t cry too much like that. I admit that Shizuma hurt Nagisa badly but because they love each other that’s why Nagisa get hurt and in real life best friend couldn’t hurt you the way lover did. Tamao couldn’t hurt Nagisa and sure she never will but the fact that they’re best friend if Tamao has someone she love and Nagisa know I don’t think Nagisa will think about it too much like the way she feel for Shizuma. And I don’t understand why it become that Shizuma who hurt Nagisa coz from ep.18 I saw Nagisa ran away from Shizuma, in the situation on ep.18 I think she should stay by her side instead running away. Whatever I don’t mind that Nagisa will end up with Tamao coz she really great person I love her too somehow I still see the fact that Nagisa never see Tamao in that way no matter she know Tamao’s feeling or not, IMO I think the writer show it cleary that she didn’t feel for Tamao in that way (I mean now) they may change it later but I don’t think they will coz if they want to show that Nagisa love Tamao in that way they will gave a hint so I think we should accept it that Nagisa love Shizuma and now she still see Tamao as her best friend even she realize Tamao’s feeling or not.

  30. Sorry for double post but I think Kaori was out of this relationship after ep.22. There’s nothing about Kaori anymore. The problem that still remain is Shizuma’s feeling and Amane’s injure. Now I want to say “Gambate Tamao-chan” and For Amane “Don’t die so easy” For Yaya, she already gave up and I think she should fine someone other than Hikari.

  31. No I supported Yaya/Hikari and Shizuma/Kaori but both couple has fail -__- however I want the writer stop hurting Tamao, actually I like Tamao more than Shizuma somehow I also think that Shizuma is a really good person too because she love Kaori so much and I think she never hurt Kaori too so if she didn’t have problem about her past I think she and Nagisa can be happy together like she did for Kaori and now she already resolved it. From kaori’s letter, she’s happy until the day she died, if Shizuma’s really suck why Kaori love her that much. Tamao and Shizuma is not in the same situation so I don’t want to say that who better than who but I think both of them love Nagisa and want Nagisa to be happy, that’s all.

  32. yaya & tamao? now that would definitely make for an interesting couple…both are very affectionate & seek love in the wrong places, but if they noticed each other, it would be a beautiful match, especially with yaya’s affectionate charms.. 😮

  33. lol I think that Yaya and Tamao would be an intresting pairing since there hasn’t been a couple from two of the three schools so a mixed would be nice!!! Hmm…Kaede and Chiyo…lol!!!

  34. How could the entire series revolve around ShizumaXNagisa just for her to run off to Tamao? She is definately more of a friend figure. Shizuma really loves Nagisa, I think, but knows she’s going to graduate and wants Nagisa to be happy and be Etoile with Tamao.
    The thing is, Nagisa hasn’t truley admitted to liking Shizuma in that way. There’s alot that need to happen before this series can end.

    I do think it was stupid of Shizuma to go and brag to Nagisa in episode 12 that it wasn’t her first time. I mean, what the hell? The girl DIED and you’re bragging about scoring with her??

  35. I know Nagisa will ultimately end up with Shizuma. Only Shizuma rocks her world, beats her heart, could make her cry, run to, each time skin contact she’ll sure to blush and many more. All this Tamao can’t do to Nagisa. Tamao is all good friend figure. Just like Amane and Hikari, Shizuma and Nagisa are meant to be together. The whole show is about them 😀

  36. i also think tht shizuma told nagisa to forget her cuz she’s gonna grad. and also pressure from miyuki, that ‘you should respect my decision cuz u din wanna care abt it’ thing and she also doesnt want miator to lose the election rite. miyuki’s behaviour here kinda pissed me off since she’d always been shizuma’s best friend but she doesnt even noe shizuma is abt to breakdown?! wanna smack her. haa. And i emphasize, they CANNOT make a tamaxgisa ending cuz it would realli suck, not cuz i dun like tamao but cuz the writers haven been giving her much development and always been protraying her as a best-friend-who-loves-you-alot-and-will-be-ur-friend-forever character (juz like miyuki). so like if they’re gonna make a twist, they’d have to rush it in 3 eps..while talking abt the election and amanexhikari too. no time for that now. so its decided, it will be shizuma x nagisa!!

  37. Hey People!

    Nobody here is wondering what’s going to happen to Amane… after all, that fall could be serious… like Christopher Reede ten years ago (Rest in Pace man).

    Over the webpage you can read a bref summary of episode 24, the perspective for Amane is unknown, maybe she survive, maybe not…

    Shimatta! This is too much for me.

    Syaoran Li
  38. Amane will be all right…I don’t think Nagisa and Tamao will win the elections…Which kinda pisses me off cuz in a way I wanted Nagisa to be Étoile…just like Chiyo-chan said back in the series that she would make a great Étoile…oh wait no she didn’t she just wanted her to stay her Big Sis even if she did become Étoile…but yeah this is my prediction for how the series will end…Amane and Hikari win…Spica is all like what now Bitches…Miator(I forgot how to spell it) is all like damn we lost…Nagisa and Tamao are a disgrace…Shizuma and Nagisa make-up and she asks Nagisa to move into her Villa over the summer…Nagisa is all like I don’t know if I can to that what will Tamao think…and then where left with a big ass open ending that will Hopefully end up with a second season!!!

  39. meaning Nagisa not wanting to move in with Shizuma? Or she have this mixed feelings over Shizuma and Tamao, what I meant was she realise she want both of them? like lesbian wanting or what? terelildevil, please confirm, I’m dying

  40. I didn’t get much from the spoiler of epi 26. All I got was the Etoile battle was over.

    I don’t remember about Shizuma asking Nagisa to move in her villa.

    This is what I got when I use google translator for 26.

    Last story


    The hill of [asutoraea] entered the day of [etowaru] selection finally. Exhausting all power because it becomes star and [etowaru] which shine with apex of 3 schools the [etowaru] candidacy which you challenge to competition. And as for her who finish all items …….

  41. Why I think Shizuma will be enter the contest instead Tamao after know Nagisa didn’t love Tamao, Shizuma can not enter? check ep.17, it seem she can but she will suppose to be not enter isn’t?
    And the spoils from ep.26 is not confirm yet coz the official doesn’t seem to release it yet so we have spoils only 24-25, I don’t think we should believe for 26 spoiler that much.

  42. Sorry for double post but I will hate it if Amane/Hikari become the Etoile, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate their couple but I just thik that Amane doesn’t deserve to be the Etoile. So they should gave it to Miator.

  43. In case your all wondering the post that i put up was MY OWN PREDICTION on how the series would end AND NOT the actual ending of the series…that whole thing with Shizuma asking Nagisa to move into her Villa was just wishful thinking on my part…but hey who knows maybe my prediction my come true…But as to the question that Pony had… if i had to guess I would say that Nagisa might move in but just doesn’t want to leave her Best Friend all alone…since she’s that type of caring person!!! But she will move in!!! Again this is just MY OWN PREDICTION!!!

  44. I read in some sites, and suggested that is Amane/Hikari is the next etoile. So, I hope this won’t be true, Amane is a boring character. I never like her in Anime but in Manga, she’s pretty interesting. So I guess Tamao/Nagisa should win the Etoile since they are no better candidate. If ever Chikaru should enter the battle, I hope she wins 😀

  45. I went looking around other forums and right now it looks like everyone thinks that there’s a 95.9% chance that the next Etolie is Amane and Hikari…I’m going to go sullk in my coner and slit my wrist!!! I HATE Amane and Hikari they are going to be so boring as Etolie…they are both way to freaking shy…I can see it now…(Hikari)”Amane should you think we should make a speech”…(Amane)”I don’t know Hikari I was never into talking in public”…(Hikari)”Umm…ok then will just have to figure something out…(Dama this is going to take awhile I have this phobia about talking to a lot of people,crap what if I faint again oh well Amane will save me)…(Amane)”yeah we sure will…(I hope Hikair faints that way I can use her as a sub and not make the speech…yes its a perfect plan hahaha!!!)


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