-Hauenkua wakes up from a nightmare of the previous battle and goes crawling to Dii.
-Kuuya finds out that Hakuoro has something strong enough to defeat about Hauenkua’s Avu Kamuu. Genjimaru thinks that they should stop fighting, but Kuuya is convinced that they shouldn’t withdrawal.
-Genjimaru confronts Dii, but Dii seems to have been previously acquainted with Genjimaru, causing him to realize who Dii really is. Genjimaru thinks to himself that it’s too early and wonders why Dii woke up so soon.
-Eruru sees Aruru playing happily in the laundry. She remembers Hakuoro’s monster form and how she had promised to give herself up to it. Overcome with emotion, Eruru hugs Aruru and says that she’s giving up everything for Aruru.
-During a strategy session, Hakuoro’s mind wanders and he finds himself staring face to face with his monster form. It ends when Oboro knocks him out of the daze.
-Hakuoro wonders what Eruru saw on the battlefield that day, but when he tries to talk to her, she doesn’t even let him finish his question before she changes the subject and walks off. Hakuoro tries to stop her, but he goes through a dizzy spell.
-When Hakuoro opens his eyes again, he’s inside a technologically advanced room. A girl who resembles Eruru comes in, but she doesn’t see Hakuoro. Instead, she addresses the man on the nearby table whose voice sounds like Hakuoro and is wearing a mask like Hakuoro’s. Beside them, a holograph of a scientist named Mizushima appears, and he refers to the masked man as “Iceman.” It seems that Iceman also cannot remember his past. Mizushima also refers to the girl as “3510,” an experimental being, and suggests that Iceman give her a name. Iceman decides to call her Mikoto, and she’s very happy with it. Mikoto then says the name Hakuoro, but it’s at this time that Hakuoro gets waken back up in his own world by Eruru calling out his name.
-Genjimaru and Sakuya are fleeing from a pair of Avu Kamuu. Genjimaru hides Sakuya in the forest and goes to fight the two armors by himself. He is single-handedly able to defeat them both through brute strength and by aiming for weak points that aren’t heavily armored.
-Kurou brings Genjimaru and Sakuya back to Hakuoro. Genjimaru believes that Kunnekamun continues walking on the path of destruction and wants Hakuoro to attack. Hakuoro reminds him that although he’s doing this for the sake of loyalty, what Genjimaru is doing still amounts to rebellion. Genjimaru thinks that his loyalty lies in correcting his monarch’s path. Hakuoro decides to trust him and go forward with the plan.
-Eruru is bandaging Hakuoro up, and Hakuoro remembers how Eruru was doing the same when they first met. Eruru is in turn reminded of the earthquake back then and the events that followed (with Aruru and Hakuoro’s monster form). Hakuoro wants her to stay by his side from now on, and Eruru has no choice but to agree.
-Before they can attack Kunnekamun, Hakuoro’s side decides that they need the strength of the scattered tribes. In order to unify them, they need the help of the Oruyankuru (Kamyu and Urutorii’s father). It seems that he’s still alive, so Hakuoro sends everyone out to go save him.
-After watching every leave, Eruru puts Yuzuha back in bed because she started coughing. Yuzuha comments on how Eruru doesn’t seem very unenergetic, and then takes Eruru’s hands, which Yuzuha thinks have become cold. Eruru wonders if it’s because of what she noticed, but Yuzuha suggests that Hakuoro will be able to warm her hands up because a person’s hand’s warmth is gotten from the person that they love.
-Eruru is later combing her hair and crying softly to herself when Urutorii comes by to tell her something. Urutorii says that by nature, “that” has nothing to do with a person. “That” has led them from old times. Eruru realizes that Urutorii knew all along about Hakuoro. Urutorii explains that her people worship Witsuarunemitea, so watching over it is their mission. Urutorii tells Eruru that her heart is her own, not anyone else’s thing – it can’t be tied down by a contract to a god. It’s better for her to live as her heart feels. Eruru cries briefly in response to these words, but then faces Urutorii with a smile.
-That night, Eruru leans on Hakuoro’s back and then asks him to repeat what he said the previous night about staying by his side from now on. He does so and she agrees to it, this time with her heart behind it.
-The troops bring back Kamyu and Urutorii’s father. He tells Urutorii that she now has the position of Oruyankuru.


-Old man Genjimaru really is the most powerful, able to defeat two Avu Kamuu by himself. He also seems to have figured out who Dii is, although we, the audience, are still in the dark.
-With the scene between Urutorii and Eruru, they seem to be implying that Hakuoro is some form of the god Witsarunemitea. What Urutorii told Eruru basically amounted to Eruru following her heart instead of the contract that Hakuoro’s monster form made her agree to. Still, that ends up being the same thing – staying by Hakuoro’s side.
-More confusing back to the future/past this episode, this time with the man who has Hakuoro’s voice and mask being referred to as “Iceman.” We can assume that Iceman is Hakuoro in a previous state of some sort.
-Next week, it looks like Hakuoro will be going ahead and attacking Kunnekamun and Kuuya.


  1. ooo snap. I told my friends that Hakuoro WAS that scientist, and when he got shot the blood went onto the beast, transferring his “spirit” or whatever as well, becoming current Hakuoro.

    That’ll teach me.

  2. I don’t think Old man Genjimaru is that powerful, he just know the weakness of the Avu Kamuu. It is easy to defeat those things if you are fast and know where to hit. Now everyone in Hakuoro’s side will learn the Avu Kamuu’s weaknesses and there goes the Avu Kamuu army.

  3. I don’t think Old man Genjimaru is that powerful, he just know the weakness of the Avu Kamuu. It is easy to defeat those things if you are fast and know where to hit. Now everyone in Hakuoro’s side will learn the Avu Kamuu’s weaknesses and there goes the Avu Kamuu army.

    No, Genjimaru is about sheer power. In the game he didn’t actually destroy Ayu Kamuu, but he knocked them down. They kinda exaggerated a bit in the anime.

  4. the next episode preview made me notice the most glaring weakness in this anime

    they’re trying too hard to make Eruru tag along everywhere just for the sake of tagging along.

    and it’s especially painful in the anime since she does nothing except stand there in awe

  5. Well she will be needed to “tag along” to a certain location since her hair ormenent is actually a master key, I am not sure if in the next episode they will go there or not but if they are going to meet Kuya (the rabbit ear empress) its likely they will try to talk her out of the war and not kill her and Eruru is the only one besides Hakuoro that meet her during the night trips.

    And no, she certainly does not tag along everywhere since she was keep outside the battles for quite some time and only “tag along” since episode 13, before that she quite stayed outside the actual battles.

  6. The emphasis is NOT natural.

    I didn’t notice this in the game. I certainly did in the anime.

    In the anime I get the impression that Eruru is only good for grinding medicine and they’re painfully trying to stick her into scenes to make her seem like a main heroine.

  7. Hehehe, I think the fact that Eruru is prominently shown in the OP credits, especially in the last part of it, pretty much makes it obvious who the main heroine is supposed to be, lol…

    As for her significance in the story, keep watching… there’s a reason why she’s the main heroine, and it’s not just because she looks like Mikoto…

    – T

  8. Gentlemen. Perhaps you missed it the first time, but I HAVE played the game.

    My point is you can notice a forced emphasis on her in the anime. It was more natural in the game.

    But even without knowing the game it should be obvious on how jarring things are.

  9. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with emphasising on Eruruu. To me, there’s nothing weird with it.
    So far I’ve only had 2 problems with the anime: the graphics of ep 14 is a load of crap with all those unnatural movements and faces were drawn lame, and the other: ep22 was a little overdramatized. But despite that, this is my favorite anime. One of the favorites of all time ^_______^

  10. *Pretty much all spoilers*

    This series takes place in the faaaaar future. First we get all advanced, then we enter a dark age, then the genetic hybrids (animal people) repopulate the earth.

    The scientist is Hakuoro, for all intensive purposes. Hakuoro’s body and non-transformed personality are ultimately the scientist’s. He was shot and the fallen god Witsuarunemitea made a contract with him when his blood touched it.

    So now scientist Hakuoro and Witsuarunemitea are fused, are you following so far? Okay.

    So he wakes up later and they call him Iceman. They’ve been using his DNA to create beings which can live in the Earth’s destroyed environment to live on it and help heal it. Since his DNA now has that of Witsuarunemitea, that explains why the hybrids look like animals. A bunch of CRAAAAAZY SH*T happens, and basically Iceman separates the violent half of his spirit from his body. Since Hakuoro is his body, Hakuoro ends up with the more benevolent half of Witsuarunemitea’s spirit while the more violent half possesses Dii.

    That’s pretty much the most confusing part in my opinion.


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