-Kaname corners Hikari in the woods again, but this time Hikari calls Kaname cowardly. She suggests that Kaname fight Amane in a more dignified way.
-Yaya isn’t showing up for choir practice.
-Shizuma finds Nagisa watering the withering flowers in the greenhouse. Nagisa thinks that the flowers will bloom beautifully again.
-Shion reminds Amane again that she needs to decide on the Étoile entry. Amane remembers what Shizuma told her. Noticing that Amane might be reconsidering, Shion tries to get Hikari to persuade Amane to enter, but Hikari refuses.
-That night, Yaya refuses to talk to Hikari about why she’s not coming to choir practice.
-The next day, Kaname challenges Amane to a tennis match. Kaname surprises Amane by serving an ace to start. Amane gets serious and the two have a heated match.
-Hikari finds Yaya sitting by the fountain. She once again asks Yaya why she’s not coming to choir practice. Yaya declares that she’s not singing because her song and feelings can’t reach Hikari’s heart anymore.
-Kaname claims to hate Amane since she’s always losing to her. She’s wanted to win, so that’s why she tried to take something of Amane’s – Hikari. Their tennis match starts attracting quite a crowd of girls. Kaname wants to know why Amane isn’t trying to be Étoile, and Amane replies that she has no interest in it. As it turns out, Kaname actually thinks that Amane should enter to become the Étoile. She tells Amane (in English), “You are the chosen one.”
-Hikari starts crying and apologizing for causing Yaya pain. She says that she’s worried about Yaya, she doesn’t want to see Yaya in pain, and that she likes Yaya’s singing. However, Hikari also admits that she likes Amane. Yaya knows this and says that that’s why she can’t sing anymore. Hikari refuses to let Yaya stop singing. She remembers how Amane had held her hand to Amane’s chest, so does the same with Yaya’s hand, explaining that her chest is warm because it’s filled with feelings for everything including Yaya and Yaya’s singing. Hikari thinks that Yaya’s singing is not just her thing, but as something that would warm everyone else’s chest too.
-Kaname makes Amane realize that she should become the Étoile not for her own sake, but for the sake of all the girls who admire her. Momomi has since joined the crowd and now realizes that Kaname has feelings toward Amane.
-Amane wins the tennis match and finally decides to try to become the Étoile. Hikari and Yaya had been called over by Tsubomi, and now Hikari enters the tennis court to take Amane’s outstretched hand. Yaya sings for everyone.
-Shizuma learns from Miyuki that Tamao and Nagisa are Miator’s candidates to become Étoile.


-This episode was like the Prince of Tennis, Strawberry Panic style. Especially fitting since Amane is portrayed as a “prince.”
-I can’t listen to Kaname tell Amane “You are the chosen one” (in English) without laughing.
-The whole Yaya angst thing was just a bit too much for me. Those parts started bordering on corny.
-Kaname may not have been so much a bad guy after all, but I still don’t like her character.
-I’m betting that Amane and Hikari will become the next set of Étoiles, not Tamao and Nagisa, especially not if Nagisa is supposed to be with Shizuma.
-More ShizumaXNagisa next week.


  1. Yeah. I wonder how long does Nagisa/Shizuma fans has to suffer? Anyways, judging the screenshots from the preview, it looks like Miyuki set up Nagisa and Tamao for the Etoile selection. If that is true, I wonder what she’s up to.

  2. Miyuki seems to be the person that knows Shizuma very very well ( inside out ) maybe just mabye she trying to force shizuma into some form of action .. hope nagisa dun blow it =(
    well 4 more eps to go ^^ hopefully its a wonderfull ending of SHIZUMA & NAGISA ^^

    Three cheers for Shizuma x Nagisa !!! Hip Hip Horray !!!

  3. That’d be nice Do, but Shizuma’s graduating and she’s not allowed to run for etoile again.. so I don’t think Miyuki could do that. But even if she is allowed she’d only be etoile for a couple of months and then she’d have to leave. -_-

  4. Title for episode 23 is: Maze

    From what I can tell Nagisa gives Shizuma the key to that house and starts running away and Shizuma says something

    Maze could mean confusion and Nagisa could be confused with her feelings and it’s like Shizuma walking threw a maze to reach Nagisa.
    Might be out there but just a guess. ^^

    Can’t wait till summary and next week episode. =D

  5. >> Gstrike

    My guess is that the reason why her face is in the net so it’s easier for the audience to see her face and expression, rather than being covered by a net. probably more convient as well

  6. Nagisa return the key but I think she’s crying because Shizuma said something too. I wait for a week coz I want to see Shizuma and Nagisa’s scene on this ep. but what the heck with 1 minute scene and they still didn’t say anything that can make this mess situation between them better. And I have to wait for a week for the next episode which seems to be worse.

  7. Okay I’m gonna guess what happen in the preview. Nagisa told Shizuma that she and Tamao are entering the Etoile together. Shizuma thought they’re now a couple and told Nagisa “Gamba te” which means good luck I guess. Nagisa realize Shizuma is not reaching out to her at all and cried in front of Shizuma. After that, Nagisa returns the key and leave a shocking Shizuma behind. I want to remind everyone this is my prediction, thats all.

  8. Do, please speculate more! I need some speculations since many believed that it’s Tamao/Nagisa era and I can’t lie to myself that this might happen since Nagisa/Shizuma had nothing yet. I’m dying of waiting here!! Nagisa quickly kiss Shizuma already!!

  9. I think Nagisa and Tamao can be just best friend from this situation but if they really want to make Nagisa/Tamao’s ending I think they should change Nagisa’s feeling first. However Tamao and Nagisa has nothing devolop too compare with Shizuma/Nagisa but just a few episode that they want to make us suffer more. So I think the next episode will tell us more that is this the end of Nagisa/Shizuma or not.

  10. OMG!! This episode looks good!!
    I never thought that Kaname felt something towards Amane. That was quite a shock.
    I don’t know what will happen next but I bet Shizuma will say something that’ll hurt Nagisa again. Something like: “Do your best in the Etoile competition”. And that’ll hurt Nagisa in someway. ;_;

  11. Don’t worry NagisaxShizuma fans. I have faith that there will be a NagisaxShizuma ending.
    Ok so the next episode is called Maze. This could mean confusion or something. I don’t get how it’s related to Nagisa and Tamao entering the Etoile together. Ok starting from my last comment, aftering the greenhouse scene, Shizuma will have a talk with Miyuki and asked her if this was her idea which Miyuki will say “yes”. I assume Miyuki forcing Shizuma to go after Nagisa and confess to her like “I love you, Nagisa” and having Shizuma notice Nagisa and Tamao entering together is the only way.this is still just a prediction people. Wow, I usually don’t make a comment this long.

  12. i think that nagi will give shizuma the key cause she have tried to trow it away at one point.. so she will give it to shizuma cause she dont wanna have the feelings anymore, and runs away from a chocked shizuma, that might even finaly realise what she feels about nagi..
    just a

  13. damn this ep looks good i wish i could see it……..nagisa and Shizuma are going to end up together its obvious if not they will just stay good friends i honestly just dont see tamao and nagisa together… know it was would be cool if the series ended like NagisaxShzuma TamaoxChikaru AmanexHikari YayaxTsubomi KanamexMomomi

  14. Yeah Onmi, with think the same way…

    If this thing is gonig to be a Shizuma/Nagisa ending; the Etoile have to be another pair; most likely Amane & Hikari. The preview remind me of MariMite LOL

    That was cruel, c’mon, poor Yaya is suffering for her unrequired love from Hikari, and then Hiraki come and tell all those things. I know it was with her best intentions & because her feelings belong to Amane, but I was cruel…

    Only 4 more episodes to GO!

    Syaoran Li
  15. Well that put Kaname’s whole obsession with Amane into perspective doesn’t it? Where did this TamaoxChikaru pairing come from? Those two had like zero or next to zero interaction with each other. Don’t these things have some basis behind it. TamaoxChikaru make about as much sense as TsukatoxShimako from Marmite.

  16. yeah!!! this episode looks very intresting but…everyone seems to be talking about next weeks episode…hmm I wonder why lol…well its quite easy…its a Shizuma X Nagisa episode the one we all have been waiting for…but why did Nagisa have to run away!!! She should have kissed Shizuma or something but no she has to and run…why couldn’t Shizuma just rape her there on the spot damn!!!

  17. I must have to say Kaname have steal the show for this ep.

    I don’t really like Kaname before, but this ep changed it all. I don’t like her, but I don’t hate her either and infact I think she is pretty cool, better than Amane for sure

  18. -Shizuma learns from Miyuki that Tamao and Nagisa are Miator’s candidates to become Étoile.

    So now it seems that Tamao & Nagisa have a high amount of chance to become Etoile.

  19. well i want shizuma to be the etoile forever!!! but she is graduating so its likely that it won’t happen…but what will happen I think that Amane ans Hikari might win the elections which i don’t want them too but the way things are going i the tide turns in there favor…Amane and hikari need to be more intimate with each other they haven’t even kissed yet and that bugs the crap out of me…But what i’m more intrested in is how things will turn out with Nagisa after Shizuma leaves do u guys think that they will be fateful to each other if they end up togther!!!

  20. I think that they’ll still see each other if they were together before Shizuma graduated. 😀 OR Shizuma might be like the “sister” and get incharge of that shcool….But likely not.

  21. i think this serie will end before shizuma graduate but i might of been wrong so i don’t know but what i know is that nagisa and shizuma will be together thats all i think everyone can guess that right and the next episode would be interesting right so yeah.

  22. After what happen with Yaya & Hikari (I insist, that hurts a lot…), we can expect anything from those final 4 episodes…

    But, as a fan, my hopes are with Shizuma & Nagisa… snap out Nagisa-chan

    Syaoran Li
  23. Kaname should ‘steal’ Amane from Hikari and then Hikari should get with Yaya! mmmmHmmmm 😀 That would be ideal. And Shizuma should stop moppin` around cause she`s stronger than that. This series sure has a lot of loose ends concerning the love like octagon. This also sorta reminds me of Maria-sama ga Miteru.

  24. I want they stop make me suffer like this, I want more Shizuma/Nagisa’s scene, not only about 1 minute like this episode. At least let they talk for more and make it clear about their feeling.

  25. This may not be a hint, but during the scene with Nagisa and Shizuma, the color of the flowers where Nagisa was watering were red and white. Also the what Shizuma said was like “will it die?” or something then Nagisa said something like “no it will bloom once again”.

  26. I’m with you terelildevil… maybe if Nagisa & Shizuma can make up with each other… maybe the scene that supose to happen in episode 12; taht happnes with Kaori in episode 19, can happen with Nagisa.

    Syaoran Li
  27. LOL Syaoran Li!!! I’m praying to God that Nagisa loses her Virginity to Shizuma!!! “Oh Great God of Yuri hear this wishful fan’s prayer… let Nagisa’s innocent purity be taken by Shizuma…AMEN”

  28. Damn I’m bored!!! Can’t the episodes come any faster!!! Does anyone know of anything fun I could do!!! lol Hey why don’t I go and take a nice walk in this damn heat…hmm yes that sounds nice I think I will!!!

  29. nagisa is a sweet kid, but she has a bit of growing up to do at times ~ the way she’s handling this is really weird, with little consideration for shizuma’s feelings…it never occurred to nagisa that perhaps the reason she was invited to the villa was to somehow support shizuma in letting go of her past.. dunno, hopefully this will conclude well between them; i love shizuma, she deserves to feel love again.. c’mon nagisa, get with the program & admit your feelings for her – the suspense is painful.. =p

    good series overall, i’m liking it – tamao-chan forever.. 🙂

  30. damn i think there is something wrong with Tokyo Toshokan’s search…man I really want to watch episode 22!!! DAMN IT…oh and Do why was ur prediction only half right for ep.23!!!

  31. From summary info, they said that Miyuki decide to set Tamao/Nagisa to enter the Etoile’s selection but Nagisa can not forget her feeling to Shizuma. They meet at greenhouse and Nagisa get unexpectwords….and it seems Spica even they set Amane/Hikari to enter the selection but it seem something happen too.
    I saw the picture, I think Shizuma will make it worse.

  32. Oh Great more Drama…How exciting!!! Should I just watch the raw on youtube or wait for the fansub…that is the question…hmm…I can’t decide…I think I’ll wait if the fansub dosen’t come out before sunday then i’ll watch the raw!!!

  33. WTF…so i just got done watching ep.22… less then 60 seconds people, that’s right they gave us less then 60 seconds of Nagisa & Shizuma…and in those 60 seconds the only things that pops into Shizuma’s head is to talk about some freaking flowers that no one gives a damn about…no she did’nt even talk long enough for it to be considered a conversation I mean come on people what is this load of crap…if Shizuma settle her deal with Kaori’s death and she’s over it the WTF is she waiting for…she should quit all this sentimental bullshit and do what she’s gotta do…ok on that note moving on to the whole Hikari issue…THANK GOD that she finally told Yaya to move along with her sorry ass now maybe she can go and find someone else better then that “sick,skinny,I need to be protected” Hikari I mean Yaya was to go for Hikari anyway…I’m geeting really pissed off with Shizuma right now…if she dosen’t make her move…I REALLY HOPE that Tamao get’s Nagisa so that will teach her a lesson!!! Oh and those two evil bitches from Spica actually do have human emotions other then lust and there constant desire to (in my opinion) take over the schools in a dictatorship…and what are those emotions you may ask…love and envy and admiration…well the love part could be one sided!!!

  34. Oh my god do u guys know what i just noticed that both Nagisa and Shizuma’s names start with the same first letter that Natsuki and Shizuru have from Mai-Hime…is it just me or is there something going on with the names of these yuri couple…the names even sound the same at the start when ur about to say them…lol!!!

  35. well, the scene between nagisa & shizuma gave the key phrase that everything will be good between them by the time the series reaches its conclusion…the discussion about the flowers is symbolic of the bond between them ~ it’s subtle, but just noticed that shizuma wasn’t referring to the flowers.. something to consider, if anything..

  36. I love hikaris character, she is so deep and she finally stood up to that evil piece of work. But I hated aname caving in to kananmes threat of more rape like things for hikari, thats not very brave is it? WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT BECOMIMING AN ETOILE? No I’d do away with it had just have MP’S so to speek (senators for any americans) who decide things by majority. And sare the work evenly. What I liked about aname is now dead, her individuality of not wanting to be ABOVE PEOPLE, but now she is, how tragic. AM I the only one that thinks that? Also dose any one else think that tamao and nagesia should be a couple. Any one else dislike Shzuma? And the angst thing was very deep, to whoever wrote this blog to be frank its not our fault u dont understand love. Why did she come back? To save her friends heart, to help yaya move on. But YAYA and Heikari would be such a better couple.

    Jack Dee

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