-Hauenkua leads a group to attack Hakuoro’s castle. While Hakuoro’s troops try to hold them off, the civilian population flees. Conventional weapons still have no effect on the armors, so Kurou employs ballistae. These slow down Hauenkua until he catches one of the projectiles and starts destroying everything.
-Against everyone’s wishes, Hakuoro goes and confronts Hauenkua alone. Hakuoro taunts Hauenkua into chasing him, luring them away from the castle and into a ravine. Unfortunately, Hauenkua uses his armor to toss a stone that causes a rockslide that throws Hakuoro off his mount.
-Hakuoro is able to avoid many of Hauenkua’s swings thanks to his tessen. During this time, he starts having memories of a figure encased in rock, its body cracking up. Right as the eye of that figure in his memory lights up, Hakuoro gets hit by Hauenkua’s armor.
-Aruru and Mukkuru protect Hakuoro, despite his pleas to have them run away. Though the tiger is more agile, Hauenkua is still able to hit Mukkuru, knock Aruru off, and slash her. Aruru lands on the ground with a thud and Hakuoro sees a pool of blood form beneath her head.
-Eruru enters the area just in time to see Hauenkua crush Hakuoro and Aruru with his armor’s leg. Hauenkua starts laughing evilly, but he then sees that his leg is now encased in black fog. A large arm appears and throws the armor to the side. That arm belongs to a large beast unlike anything they’ve seen before. As this beast is killing both of Hauenkua’s guards in a bloody fashion, Eruru realizes that Aruru is dead.
-Flashback to a scientist in a lab with a giant fossil. Another scientist enters the lab and explains that this is the origin of evolution – the missing link. However, this scientist also shoots the first one with a gun, splattering his blood over the fossil. The fossil appears to absorb the blood, causing its eyes to light up.
-In the present, the monster tackles Hauenkua and rips the armor’s arm off. It ejects Hauenkua and then destroys the armor. Nearby, a black fog has surrounded Eruru and Aruru, and somehow Aruru has been magically healed.
-Eruru remembers that a while back, she had been searching for Aruru when there had been an earthquake. She had found Aruru lying motionless on the ground and had called for help. The same black fog and monster had approached her and asked her if she wanted Aruru to be saved. Eruru had indeed wanted this and had even agreed to give all of herself in exchange for her sister.
-The current Aruru wakes up and refers to the monsters as “Father.” Eruru slowly realizes that the monster is actually Hakuoro.
-Hakuoro wakes up in bed, but he’s still got his monster hands. He then wakes up a second time and everything is back to normal, including his hands. Eruru brings him some tea and explains that Kunnekamun retreated, so everyone is back. Hakuoro is still worried about Aruru, but Eruru shows him that Aruru is happily playing outside. Eruru leaves Hakuoro wondering if that was him previously.


The shit really hits the fan this episode. In addition to Hakuoro’s true form coming out and causing a bloody mess, we get to see a glimpse of his past as a scientist or archeologist of some sort. It seems like his blood and soul was absorbed into the fossil, but there’s still no answer yet to how that led to the current situation. In fact, the fossil and Hakuoro’s beast form don’t look that much like each other, though there is a clear resemblance between Hakuoro’s mask and the fossil’s face.
I guess this means that Aruru has come back from the dead twice now because of Hakuoro’s powers. Hopefully there won’t be a third time. There is also the issue of the contract that Eruru entered into with Hakuoro’s beast form. She seems to be acting more distant at the end, and I wonder if that’s because she remembered the contract or because she found out who Hakuoro really was.
Next week, more on Dii and more about Yuzuha.


  1. Nope, she doesn’t. But I guess that, once again, only Eruruu (and Aruruu) witness Hakuoro’s transformation?

    BTW, the fossil-and-archaeologists caps seen here do seem a lot out of place but in fact we were given the mother of all spoilers.Show Spoiler ▼

    I guess this marks the beginning of the flashback arc. 😀

    Awesome episode, really. Hope to see a summary soon, Omni (that is, if you’re not busy with Strawberry Panic right now). Cheers!

  2. Yuck. Hakuoro’s transformed state looks pretty hideous, and I do not mean cool; it’s fugly. Hopefully it’ll look better in the latter incarnations we’re bound to see.

    Oh, and for those of you wondering what on Earth is going own with the science fiction stuff as of late, here’s a clue:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Aruru: “It’s merely a flesh wound.”

    … now is it just me, or does this mean that Hakuro’s secretly from the future, or some alternate dimension, and was a mild-mannered archaeologist before being ‘crowned’ with that fossil mask?

  4. If you guys are wondering what the whole scientists/archaeologist thing is about, here is the EXPLANATION:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Those who keep asking about the guns and scientists should just watch the series unfold. If you really wanna spoil yourselves looking for the reason they’re there, go to wikipedia and type in utawarerumono, and check the backstory – altho doing so would be MAJOR spoiler indeed.

    This wasn’t a “fantasy” anime to begin with 🙂

    – T

  6. Thank you Renegade334. Without your explanation those 2 pictures will leave me wondering all night long.
    I think it’s the nose/mouth that givves “Godzila” Hakuoro a bad impression and the color as well…….Purple, I’m thinking Evangelion here 😛

  7. //Eruru and her unstable hyper sensitive emo is starting to get to me. Next thing we know her mind will recess because someone dropped their spoon…//

    She both just nearly had her little sister die on her and the guy she likes turns out to be a 50 foot tall super monster, give her a break.

    //So shut up, loser.//

    Yup, an insult really adds much to your argument…right

  8. Fugly or not, that “Godzilla”‘s got the muscles and brawn to beat the shit out of the Avu somethin. I can’t believe people still know Godzilla… and I thought I was the only Toho Godzilla fan.

  9. Oy not sure if anyone knows this but ther’s a utawarerumono DVD special on Tokyo Toshokan. I DL yesterday. It’s about 7 min long and it’s SO…funny! I recomend seeing it!
    (if you haven’t seen it already plus skip to the end of it :))

  10. Judging from the previous screen, I think that’s Yuzuha’s and Eruruu’s hands. As for the invading bunny people and their gundams, I wonder how their Emperor will handle this. And more importantly, how badly will Hauenkua be punished for trying to kill Hakuoro, since Hakuoro and Kuuya are kinda friends…possibly…maybe…probably.

  11. Just for thouse who diden’t know:
    the dvd specials for Utawarerumono are scenes that are in the game,
    if you played the game you probally know what they were.

    o and the scene was dam funny, i nearly choked on my ramen
    – “Oboro Shield!”

  12. Oh look, the secret of Hakuoro is lifted! He’s Unit 01! ^_^

    Quite alot of zOMG effects in this one. And I’ve got to admit that in the end I really wanted to see our bright-blue-longhaired psycho’s blood. Happens very rarely with me…

  13. Sorry for the double YesY should have had this ep subbed a long time ago but for some reason they’re not keeping up, so I watched the Your-Mom sub, I’ll download YesY’s when it comes out.

    Sol Fighter
  14. hey its better to wait for a quality sub then a lousy your-censored (dont like to say that word) fansub release couse its so lousy in the speed sub category unlike the great Dattebayo llc fansub

  15. yeah. I’m totally curious about this Dii guy, he has made a move – well of what i’ve seen so far. And man i want Hakuoro or the whole gang to just gang up and slaughter them all – the kumm whatever even the princess (except for the guy who wanted to unite the land, he seems still a bit decent but not the conquer guy – have no mercy on him)

  16. sorry for doubling posting, i might i havent seen Dii make a move yet. I wanna know why hes so special – theory but is he the red beast???…not the hidden power one…the one that looks like Hakuoros transformation

  17. Okay, I’m just going to spoiler this whole thing.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. The thing I enjoy most about this episode is the relations to each of their characters. But what made this episode so great was the planning on making Hauenkua a coward, you really do hate this guy because of it. Another thing is how the ENTIRE arc was made for this episode and Hakuoro’s transformation. The mecha’s themselves made for their size and to back up Hauenkua’s bullying/cowardly nature. Notice the first thing he does after he faces an enemy his size is send in his lackys, just for judging on whether to run or not, the next thing he does IS in fact run. Eruruu, being the physician or healer also brings back someone from the dead, this is obviously not a coincidence. This epsiode in general gave me some Evengelion memories, unit 01 and the beast 😛 but it really shows the potential in this anime, episode 14 still being my favorite for the art change, [first time i’ve seen an anime change their art for the plotline.] but this definitly is my next in place.

  19. I thought I was watching Utawarerumono, but it looks like it was actually Escaflowne, when Van goes psycho. The similarities are astounding. 🙂

    Mecha, check. Protagonist full of rage, check. Insane bad guy who deserves to die and sounds like a girl with a crazy laugh, check. Scenes of henchmen being slaughtered, check. 😀

  20. *Spoiler Alert!*

    If you look at the face of the scientist who gets shot closely…

    Hmmm… who do we know who has a jawline like that? Whose upper face we also never really get to see…

  21. For me this anime start off great, but with down hill when hit ep.20. It had way to many plot holes in the series instead staying in one it when into different storylines that I don’t should not been part of the it in first place. Finally, to many battles and people kill each other off too much.


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