Under the influence of the potion, Louise doesn’t even want Saito to leave her side to do the laundry because she thinks he’s going to see another girl. She finally lets him go, but tells him to hurry up and come back since she’ll be lonely. The night before, Montmorency had explained that Louise had indeed drunken a love potion, but “Monmon” (as Saito calls her) didn’t know how long the effect would last. In any case, Siesta now walks over and sees Louise clinging to Saito. Louise, in turn, becomes quite jealous of Siesta. Saito tries to explain himself to both girls, but succeeds only in losing both of them. He chooses to go after Siesta and tells her about the love potion. However, she thinks he’s lying since potions that change people’s hearts are prohibited by law.
Saito returns to Louise’s room thinking that she would be angry, but instead he finds her waiting for him on her bed wearing only her nightgown. When Saito tries to get her to put some clothes on, she pulls him onto the bed and gets him to feel her beating heart. This causes him to fall off the bed, but he gets back up with a determination to return Louise to normal. Saito pays a visit to Montmorency and Guiche, demanding to know how to fix Louise. Montmorency eventually tells him that they need spirit’s tears, which are hard to get. By blackmailing her with the potion law he learned from Siesta, Saito manages to coerce Montmorency into revealing that there’s a water spirit at Ragdorian and into coming along with him.
The next day, the group arrives at Ragdorian and finds the lake flooded over the town there. The water spirit there at first rejects Montmorency’s request, but when Saito gets on his knees and sincerely asks, the water spirit explains that she’s been under attack. Saito agrees to deal with the attackers in exchange for the water spirit’s tears. That night, the group hides out in the forest and sees two cloaked figures approach the water. Saito is about to go attack them by himself, but Guiche stops him and suggests that Saito attempt a surprise attack while Guiche uses his magic. The two go through with the plan, but their opponents are able to stop them both, even when Saito had his rune activated. With Saito down, Louise steps up and uses her magic with the usual explosive results. The blast blows off the hoods of their opponents, revealing them to be actually Kirche and Tabitha.
Realizing who the other side is, both groups trade stories. It seems that Kirche and Tabitha are after the water spirit because of Tabitha’s orders. Saito decides to have Montmorency call up the water spirit again so that he can ask it why it’s flooding the area. As it turns out, the water spirit is actually angry because its treasure was stolen – the Ring of Andvari. The only thing that the water spirit can tell them about the person who took it is that his name was Cromwell. Saito promises to return the ring, and the water spirit believes him because he is the Gandalfr. As proof, it passes them the tears that they wanted, the ones that will return Louise back to normal. Of course, the group still doesn’t understand the Gandalfr angle.
Unfortunately for Saito, Louise kept all her memories even after the effect of the love potion was removed. She’s about to beat him up again back in their room at Tristein, but the two are interrupted when Henrietta floats in through the window. Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, Fouquet and another man are with someone whom Fouquet refers to as Cromwell.


Louise under the influence of the love potion was quite entertaining to watch, especially when Siesta got pissed off. I wanted to see more of Louise and Siesta fighting over Saito, but oh well. I do have to say that the neck biting thing was really cute and for whatever reason it reminded me of Haruhi biting Mikuru’s ear. It’s a shame Louise changed back to normal at the end.
Louise and the love potion get resolved here, though I wish they had given us a bit more to follow up with on Tabitha’s story. I’m once again left wondering if Tabitha and her mother are going to get a happy ending or if they’ll just be forgotten as the series enters its last set of episodes. Although there’s the whole Ring of Andvari/Cromwell/Fouquet/Mysterious Man thing left, I wouldn’t really call this another to-be-continued episode. Still, they certainly appear to be setting up more and more for what appears to be the final arc.
Next week, Louise and Saito will meet that mysterious man and we’ll learn more about the political situation in the world of Halkeginia and the country of Albion.


  1. @MarcosV:
    don’t jump with conclusion yet or else it will happend as a while ago a rumor spread that a second season of Suzumiya Huruhi was going to be created and in the end was just a rumor.

    Damm that picture 22 remember me a bit of rukia from bleach

  2. bakaro – it wasn’t 100% rumor, it was just a missconception. Newtype Japan had “Haruhi Returns” on the cover, and ppl thought they meant it was getting a new season, but they actually meant that it was returning to the magazine. Or, are you talking about something else?

  3. Hahaha, Louise in lovey-dovey mode? Sounds interesting. However, I’m unable to support such things.. Lousie\Saito? Nahhh… Siesta\Saito! Double S woo! But I digress, I anticipate the sub for this episode. Hooray for action!

  4. Louise looks SO different when she’s looking longingly into the distance. Much, much cuter – it’s like she came out of a different anime entirely, when she loses the arrogance and anger which usually twists her features into a scowl or glare.

  5. Call me crazy, but I think I just saw Louise getting…”forced down against her will” by some Unidentified Mysterious Animal in the preview…

    “Saito no baka! Baka baka baka! *hits Saito weakly multiple time*” – A line that would fire up hearts of many loli & ツンデレ fans if said & acted by Shana.
    It sure as hell would work for me…

  6. Yeah, its Cromwell.
    Fouquet probably is Caroline Matilda of SAXE-Gotha (also known as of Wales – – At least I’m not aware of any “South Gotha”, and haven’t been able to find one either – BTW.
    Wonder if the reason for her fall form noble status is the same as well (having an affair with a commoner, while being married to a king…)kinda doubt it, as they change quite a bit with all characters, but who knows.

    Anyway, guess this has been Vol. 2, now 10-13 Vol 3 – Show Spoiler ▼

    (Spoiler for Vol 3)

  7. Fouquet probably is Caroline Matilda of SAXE-Gotha (also known as of Wales – – At least I’m not aware of any “South Gotha”, and haven’t been able to find one either – BTW.
    Yea, my research also suggests it’s Saxe-Gotha, but in the episode they specifically said 「サウスゴータ」 and the 「サウス」 most directly translates to “South,” which is why I said that (as did Froth-Bite’s translator) in back in episode 7.

  8. i thought louise keeping all her memories was a good thing… coz that way she will know why she ran away when siesta and saito were bathing together in the 1st place… i am so wanting to see louise turning deredere… but anyway i predict the final arc involves saito choosing between home(siesta) and louise… so whos got money on the table for this climax?

  9. iwill bepretty much dissapointed if the series end with 13 episodes… theres still the mystery of jet-plane, gandorf, tabitha’s family, the sword, and siesta in gakuen outfit O_o.
    the novel is still on going… and i say there will be a movie or a 2nd season for this.

    except they’re going to screw the plot like.. mahou sensei negima ./cry

  10. on another note… it seems there will be a 2nd season.. or most likely like “girls bravo”

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. damn you Montmorency! You ruined Satio’s time with Siesta!!!! I am glad though thatt he spell was countered. that way Louies can explain what happned to Siesta.


  12. what’s with guys in anime? whenever the girl who abuses them the worst suddenly starts liking them or more, they freak and want the girl back to beating the crap out of them constantly.

    [this is a general commentary on guys in shows like this, not specifically just this one]


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