Really quick news item:
There was an announcement on the official Age Soft website about the decision to make another Kimi ga Nozomu Eien anime. This time it’s apparently going to be the “Haruka Route.” The reason I say “was” is because the announcement image (seen at right) was up on their site for reportedly only three hours before it was replaced by the Mitsuki birthday image that’s currently up. There’s no other news about it at this point, though I am hearing a lot of people wondering why they’re doing more KimiNozo before they animate MuvLuv.


  1. I hope that’s not true, since I’m not a Haruka fan and it seems like MuvLuv would be a more interesting watch than a different route of Kiminozo. I guess I can keep dreaming that after Kanon maybe Kyoto Animation will get to do MuvLuv…

  2. YES YES YES WOOT GOOO HARUKA ^^ i stopped watching the first kimi after they went the other route and now that they are doing Haruka i can be extremely happy as i wanted her to get the attention ^^ GOOO BANZAI any idea when its comming out though???? i want now

  3. Bah. I’ll need to rewatch KGNE to reorganize my thoughts about it, but I thought one was fine…

    Personally, I’d like to see an Akane route be put out (no, I didn’t watch Maniax yet).

  4. I’d definitely watch this. Either MuvLuv, a new KGNE, or some offshoot, the franchise to me is worth watching. Personally, I wouldn’t mind another KGNE with the Haruka storyline. I never played the game so I’d like to see how it turns out.

  5. Ohh yeah!! More drama, angst and suffering…

    Man, I have to notify of this to my best friend… he almost kill me after watched the first series… I can still hear his words so clearly “I DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU”. Poor Robert, her girlfriend bumped him 3 days before I gave him the series… =) Yes, I know, I’m a good budy.

    I’m looking forward to this new project

    Syaoran Li
  6. Another KGNE.

    Time to stock on the fire fighting supplies. We will have the biggest fire season every, when this show ges on air.

    The shuffle wars won’t even come to the carnage unleash by KGNE.

  7. Wow! Well I was rooting for haruka at the beginning but TakayakixMitsuki was much more credible. Wouldn’t that scenario most likely happen in real life? I don’t care much if they go the Haruka route but I’d prefer MuvLuv or Mitsuki again! ^^

  8. Mituski ending was the way it should be

    I dont get why everyone see’s no wrong in Haruka
    but the hate for Mituski is too much for the internet to hold

    Haruka’s mind: Oh your my sister’s boyfriend but she’s not around right now
    so I wanna be with you,so love me not my sister while her sister is “insert Spoiler”

    Mituski’s mind: I feel responsible for my friends “insert Spoiler” and I always wanted to be with her boyfriend but he wont have feelings for me unless I sex him up.

    they’re both similar the only difference is the sex and thats only because of the age difference between both girls

  9. Yeah, Muvluv needs more attention. It would make things much more interesting to animate Muvluv Alternative than the oringinal story since the original is so damn similar to KGNE in many ways. =/

  10. I guess, since Kanon is undergoing a remake Age felt the time was right to redo KGNE?

    I just find it really odd they’re re-doing KGNE of all things, just with a different path. I am hoping its just a joke/hack.

  11. OMG my heart’s braking why?¿, my the psicologycal that series provoke me are many but haruka’s road uhm seem to be nice

    i like if the get to the storry …….. can’t wait for that .XD

  12. This is a bad idea IMHO. What would be the point of the story to go the Haruka ending? Wasn’t the whole story about moving on in life, that there are things you can’t go back to, nor should you want to? KGNE would have to be so rewritten/changed to give the Haruka ending plausibility and purpose to the point where it wouldn’t be a remake anymore. It’d be a different story, so why not just call it something else and use different characters and/or situations? I don’t think they can just say, Takayuki chooses Haruka and leave it there. They’d need to address all the ramifications of the decision.

  13. damn your right Hoshi

    I remeber the people just not the names
    I dont even remeber Takayuki’s friend’s name

    wait a sec how will that work
    if they dont change the story around completly

    will Takayuki just drop everything and be with her?

  14. no the charm of KGNE was that it was somewhat real
    it’s not the same old “oh the first girl I confess to will be with me forever” thing

    Bad things happend, people’s emotions make them do stupid things ect…..

    changing the ending would be wrong

  15. I don’t see the need to remake another KGNE when it’s just about another goddamn route with another girl.

    In short, you want to see different routes, go and play the game. I don’t need to watch what’s basically the same show, just another “what if..” scenario.

    Now, if they were to animate MuvLuv…

  16. To make a Haruka’s ending doesn’t mean that they will make that she will finally be with Takayuki, that’s not the only reason for the anime for sure. They may want to show the time she suffered about it blablabla


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