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This site is now powered by WordPress 2.0.4, and the theme has been changed to Water, created by The Undersigned. This is a much more minimalist theme than the previous Boredom! , but I rather like it. Some of you may recognize that the header image is Louise Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc de La Vallière from Zero no Tsukaima – specifically, it’s an image from the second novel.

But I’m sure the question on everyone’s minds is what I’m doing transforming this site after I went on my “Break.” The answer is simple: I’ve been incredibly bored. The first week of school has been relatively uneventful and so I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs for most of this time. I did manage to finish Xenosaga III, and that’s partially what motivated me to work on this. That game had such a great ending that I really wanted to blog about it, but I felt like I couldn’t because I had put this site on hiatus. In retrospect, my mistake was probably thinking that it was better not to write anything at all rather than to cut back on the writing.

Anyway, I am back now, but in a limited form: I am both cutting back on what I write about and how much I write. In other words, less series and shorter entries, though it depends on the show and how much free time I have on any given day (for example I doubt my Blood+ entries will get any shorter). Some shows may just get screencaps along with a few summary points and my initial thoughts. I can’t say yet what shows I’ll still be writing about and what I won’t be; it’ll all depend on how my schedule for these next few weeks works out. In addition, I won’t be making up for everything that I missed – think of it as me literally having taken a break/vacation for the past week. And the warning here is that as the months progress, entries may or may not become sparse. Basically there are no guarantees for anything like there was before. I still really don’t know how much time I’ll need to be spending on my classes and my research work yet, but it’s probably going to be a lot. Still, the point is that I have free time right now that’s completely going to waste, and I hate sitting idly with nothing to do.

I also realized that it would probably be best for the site and my readers if I didn’t do this alone anymore. So, if you’ve wanted to write about anime and you think you have the time & motivation, then consider this an opportunity to blog on a site that has an established readership in the tens of thousands. I’m going to be a bit lenient on language skill, so if you really are a good writer with a lot of time & motivation, I won’t necessarily ask you to write about raw anime. Interested? Send me an email (see the Contact Me page). Please include a sample entry on the series of your choice: no screencaps needed, just a write-up – you could follow my format and do a summary + thoughts, or you could do something creative. Surprise me. 🙂


  1. Welcome Back!!!I’m glad that you decided to continue this site… It’s really ok for me that you will have shorter entries. Having this site on complete hiatus makes my day not the same… I’m looking forward to your Blood+ entries… By the way, like the new look of your site…

  2. Omni you’re back! That’s great!

    Since you’re back, may I suggest a few pointers :
    – Keep the screencaps, it doesn’t matter if it has a summary or not
    – Keep the summary in point form if you didn’t want to write long paragraphs, if the episode does have a summary. They are more than enough to get the episode summarised

    And those that are interested in helping Omni, good luck! Omni does need help afterall.

  3. hi friend
    I’m glad that I see you again and I hope that you continue the reviews of the animes that the people like so much

    gretting from MEXICO and God bless you

    Jezreel Malpica Anduce
  4. Welcome back! I knew you were going to be back, but I didn’t think this fast! How about a list of the show you think you going to blog? I am sure you going to do Zero and Blood but besides that I don’t know what else.

  5. yay! I usually don’t comment at all, but since you’re back, I’ll make an exception 😉
    hahaha you’ve been doing a great job this entire time!
    I miss seeing what comes out from your site T.T
    Anyways, I would help with blogging, but I only get to see from sub groups XD
    on top of that, school didn’t start for me yet, so I’ll see how things turn out
    I love School Rumble ~ that’s something I’m motivated about, as for time, not sure yet..
    I’ll let you know

  6. Welcome Back!!! you just made my day even if it’s limited it’s something i’m gonna star visiting every day from now on I’m from Mexico know that you’re famous around the world.

  7. You’re just like me… I know you would be back in no time

    Take it easy; the last year in college is more important than everything else right now, so make this without regretting it later, if you have free time, good for us, if you don’t, nothings happens. Like an old body said: “We write because we like to do it & we have fun with it”. If you love it & you have fun with it… DO IT!

    You’ve reborn like the phoenix, that fantastic creature, coming again & again from is ashes to bring a new light.

    Okaeri nasai

    Syaoran Li
  8. well,well welcome back its good to see you motivated in blogging again even though its cause your bored lol well even though you decided to blog less series and shorter entries but as long as you got the sceencaps and the latest review of anime ITS GOOD FOR ME 😀 i hope you’ll still remain some of the anime im still watching(ie zero no tsukaima,honey and clover 2 and etc)KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB AND THANKS FOR RETURNING

  9. Wow, I can’t believe no one has said this yet. Guess I’ll have to: Is it just me or does the pic of Zero no Louise in the banner looks like Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED DESTINY? XD lol

    Onto more serious matters…
    Welcome back, No Life King. *bows*


    PS. Extra points to whoever knows from what anime the “No Life King” reference is from

  10. Hmm, web.
    It’s a nce thing you still want to keep the blogging up.
    But let me warn you: The last 6 months in school are hell (I forgot how much I was learning cause it was TOO much..)
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to your summaries 🙂
    Ah, and the new style is very nice ^-^

  11. Great to hear this. : ) I was also thinking a community of anime bloggers would be more stable since most anime blogs tend to shut down after their owners get busy. Can’t help out directly in this (;_; hands full with fansubbing), but the best of luck!

  12. YAHOOO!!! welcome back!!! i really miss you’re site that’s why not a day goes by whithout me visiting it… my prayers have been answered… you are back! ^_^ i’m so happy!!!

  13. I usually don’t comment here, but I’ll make an exception 🙂
    Omni! It’s so good to have you back, even if it’s in a more limited form! 🙂
    I personally don’t mind if your entries get shorter (though maybe not the BLOOD+ ones? That’s good news ^^), it’s such a pleasure to read you that just having something to read is enough 🙂
    So, welcome back! ^^

  14. Hurray!
    I am so glad that you are back!
    Th only thing i want to say now is “BANZAI, BANZAI, BANZAI!” ^_^
    I don´t care if this blog is smaller, because your impressions are just so splendid.

  15. Hey, it’s great to see you back. But remember not to let anime hold back your life. If you don’t feel like writing anything, then don’t force yourself. Just concentrate on the screenshots instead, you’re one of the few bloggers who put lots of screenies for almost every episode of the series you’re following.

    I’m sure most of us came here to have a “preview” of the episode through your screenies or what a series looks like before watching anyway.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. yeay !!

    Dude, I really hoped you would go back to writing !!
    I ‘ve been here a few months almost everyday, and I always loved your thoughts about some series.

    Welcome back, greetings from this Belgian Bleach fan !

  17. They said people will never actually be gone, hey it’s true ! XD

    The new theme look promising, two small defects in IE(or any Trident based browsers) though: the title need more padding-bottom, the comment form(textarea) should have its right border.(both viewable in firefox) and not the I am overwhelming this, the category list in header looks a bit looooongggggg …

    “Random Curiosity is back online, Now with UGC(user generated content) !”
    Welcome back and best luck with Web 2.0 !

  18. I read your summary of Zegapain every week because the slow sub,
    when i visited and wanted to see the newest summary,i saw you say you were tired.
    i felt very sad,but still visited every day.

    Welcome back!

  19. I knew you would be back! You obviously love blogging anime. There is so much passion shown in your work. But, sometimes, doing the things that give us joy can become drudgery. When that happens, it’s always a good thing to take a step or two back and assess ourselves. It has been said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This doesn’t just apply to people.

    So please, feel free to cut back or take a break anytime. We, your readers, may grumble or whine like 5 year olds, but that arises from our enjoyment from your work and our admiration for you.

    The invitation to co-blog is extremely tempting. Perhaps after I have had a chance to brush up on my writing skills, I may come on bended knee and ask for the opportunity.

  20. I’ve tried going on a hiatus a couple of times, but failed to actually follow through with it (fortunately) due to my desire to continue writing. The addiction of blogging is just way too strong to stop, and I’m glad to see that you’ll still be blogging. =)

  21. Great to see that you are back Omni. I hadn’t broken my habit of going to your blog, and when I was like “am I at the right place” and found out you were back, you should’ve seen how big my eyes go. It was like Christmas for me. ^_^ Anyways, welcome back!

  22. As always, I’m late.

    It’s good to see you back Omni. I’m really happy at it but studies come first buddy. The last year is the last year. It’s a pain in the ass but it must be done. Do not throw away your time, I know what it is since I’m starting my third year at the University in a month.

    So, as another member said, we’ll see you if you have time. If you doesn’t, it means something has topped RC on the priority list.

    Best of luck with your studies.


  23. Yeah~ Good ol Omni… Back to soon? hahah.. NVM! ^_^
    I’d thought you won’t be forgetting your hobbies too soon.. uhuh~

    I don’t mind the blog changes after you’ve got busy in awhile.. so just do yer stuff!

  24. sweet! and i would love to blog about anime, but i could never do raws and i have practically no time to write (let alone sleep) with my schedule
    best of luck to all u guys who are auditioning!

    so glad ur back ^-^

  25. Ah welcome back! The urge to leave is such a hard task to do ;p plus if you’re so bored this is the best time to do something like this and I have to say this is an impressive layout and I really love it :). Anyway lots of more work to get to so take care ;p.


  26. I’m glad to find you’ve come back. As you said, you don’t have to blog so much as you used to do. Just as much as your time and schedule allow you to do. Even that is much better than no new entry to me. Thank you for coming back.

  27. OMG! Your back! YAY!! You know I was in withdrawal when you were gone. Who would blog about anime series that I never even heard about? I keep on checking back and forth on your site everyday. XD It became a force of habit now, I cant go to sleep without checking your website site. So imagine my surprise when this website was o longer accessible. I thought you really threw in the towel. Now, your back! ^_^ welcome back.

  28. I have a major suggestion for you, Omni, please the font-size or change the line-height. The current font size and line height makes it hard to read. But other then the readability , I really like the new theme and it helps that you have a Zero no Tsukaima picture.

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