Back when I had surgery in mid-June, I had taken a few days off from blogging even after I had gotten back from the hospital. During those days, I thought a lot about what I was doing and the future of this site. It was a struggle about whether or not continuing to write was worth the time and effort.
Taking my personal life out of the equation for a second, I have to explain that for me, running a site like this has had its ups and downs. On one hand, I love introducing people to the latest and greatest bleeding-edge stuff. I’ve always said that my favorite times of the year are at the beginnings and ends of seasons. Finales are exciting because they are the culmination of so much time and emotion invested into a series, but even more exciting for me is exploring new shows and then being able to share my thoughts with a community of people. And aside from anime, I also love talking about the newest music videos or whatever crazy thing the Japanese variety shows are airing.
On the other hand, however, blogging does take a lot of time. The advice I always give to new bloggers is to not write summaries unless you’re really really motivated because there’s nothing that will kill your interest faster in blogging than that. For me personally, I didn’t mind so much because I was both highly motivated and I had plenty of time to kill. But just like everything else, there were times when I hated writing summaries (such as almost every week of Fate/stay night) and times when I just couldn’t write them fast enough because of how much I wanted to tell people what happened (the latter half of Mai-Otome is a good example of this).
However, I’m at a point now that I don’t have quite as much motivation and I definitely don’t have much time. In those days after I had my surgery, I had decided not to stop and instead to continue blogging until I went back to school. Well, today is finally that day – the first day of my final year of college. I have a lot of work ahead of me, especially since I’m going to be applying for graduate school soon. Still, that alone wouldn’t have stopped me. The truth is that I really just feel like I need to take a break from blogging. I’ve felt this way for a while now and the school factor is what made that day today.
Does this mean that I’m quitting for good? Probably not. I’ve been blogging for some four years now (not all on this site), and so I can say with almost 100% certainty that I’ll be back to doing it again eventually. But how long that “eventually” turns out to be, I don’t know. It could be a week, it could be a month, or it could be a year. I also don’t know if I’ll come back to this site, some new anime site, or even a site on a completely different topic.
What I do know is that Random Curiosity is the most successful site I’ve ever created. To put it in numbers, I’ve written 1056 posts which have gotten a total of 19,680 comments. This site averages about 18,800 visits/51,000 page views per day, and during this past July, it logged around 147,000 unique visitors, amounting to over 300GB of bandwidth used during that period. It’s thanks to Maestro that this site exists with AnimeBlogger‘s free hosting, and it’s thanks to the support of the community and thanks to readers like you that this site became this popular.
In closing, I have to say that while writing this entry, I felt the urge to scrap the entire post and rethink all of this at least three times. But for now, I really am going to take a break. And so, to each and every one of you who reads and relies on this site, I’m sorry. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself longing to blog again when next season starts or maybe even sooner, but there’s no way I can guarantee that.
All I can say now is つづく…? (To Be Continued…?)


  1. You’ve done a great deal for me in terms of influencing what anime I decide to watch. You definitely have full and detailed reviews of anime episodes. If this is truly the end, then I wish the best of luck to you. I will certainly miss having an anime guide although I think I should start making decisions for myself :p Thanks for everything up to now.

  2. Omg nuuuuu my #1 anime blog site I visit everytime I go on the Internet. X(

    Well, I suppose you could do what some other bloggers are doing: season preview and first episode impressions. Also, the summaries could be a little shorter.

    In any case, this site was VERY successful (holy crap 3.7 million hits). Cheers to your life and school.

  3. Hi! I understand your thought…what i can say it’s that you site is a point of reference for me…I like the grafics…the content and the anime of course… ^_-and your way to present them to us…
    and now that i ‘ve decided to open a mine blog and add your site on my blog roll …i “arrive” here and read your post… ;_;
    I’m very sad…but what it’s important is what you want to do with your time…
    I will hope to read you again…soon or later…
    Bye bye and thanks for your great blog!
    Sorry for my english!!!!

  4. I’m going to lose my source of great reviews… T_T

    Hope you would come back and blog when you are free or have the time. ^_^

    I’m sure going to miss your great reviews, hope you will be successful in your future endeavors.

  5. Back when I found this site, I hadn’t even heard of anime blogging, let alone blogging, but since I did find it, I’ve never bothered looking for others. It might just be coincidence, but this site’s always been blogging the series I’d been watching and introduced me to quite a few I hadn’t, not only due to the massive amount of screencaps, but also summaries and impressions and your sheer dedication. For such I thank you, and good luck with school and life in general indeed.

  6. Will be miss your blog heaps! Your site was great for all those episodes that I wanted to watch but had no subs! Thanks for the great work you’ve done so far and I hope that you’ll do well in school! Good luck!!

  7. Things like this happen eventually, can’t be helped. Thanks for keeping me updated. Goodluck in life.

    If you ever get back to blogging, you could just post pictures and a few points on the main events. Since that’s what i come here for.


  8. You have done a FANTASTIC job and pls don’t be apologetic for taking a well deserved break. The anime blog community will no doubt be shaken with the loss of a vital pillar but will continue to draw on your examplary dedication and consistency in reporting anime to grow.

    I really hope you be back but even more so, I hope you’d be well in life. So take care and keep that flame for anime burning bright.

    See you around. 🙂

  9. I am sorry to see you quit, but all good things must sometime end. It is like a good anime, you enjoy it while it last but you know that some day it will end. I thank you for all the time you spent writing your summaries. I always look foward to read your summaries to get anything I missed, It helps a lot even when you know some Japanese . I wish you the best luck with your studies and hopefully you get the time and motivation to come back. Ja ne!

  10. Just wanna tell u that u deserved the break! Thanks for all the info on the animes and all the best 🙂 I will always visit this site in the future hoping to see u blog again..;)

  11. man….that’s quite
    I’ll miss your blogging…-_-, don’t say goodbye, just see you around
    as soon as you be rigth call us back XD
    btw, quite nice job….you really got potencial…..^_^

  12. Goodluck with your life, we’ll miss you T_____T;; It would be great if someone could temporarily replace you on this blog and continue to blog about anime until you come back, but tis too much trouble ;'(

    Now… to wonder off to another good anime blog (any recommendations?) or shall I create my own?

    Enjoy your time resting without blogging, you probably need it!

  13. Hope to see you back soon, Omni. I had always looked forward to your blog posts on the latest summaries to my favourite series, and it’s a shame that you won’t be blogging as regularly as before. However as a fellow blogger myself, I understand the time, dedication, and effort required in blogging – qualities that could be better spent on more important things, such as your studies and your health.

    God bless and hope to see you again. We’ll always look forward to your return to anime blogging. Cheers.

  14. Thank you for your work.
    We all know real life takes priority over everything
    Good Luck and I wish you the best

    P.S we would still visit u even if all u did was post screen caps and short one line summaries ^_^

  15. Awww…. good luck with your life. I’ve been visiting your site ever since you start blogging Bleach.

    BTW, I was wondering if you know a site that gives infomation or list of new animes for next seasons? That would be appreciate. thx

  16. well its a sad thing for i just discover this website and was beginning to like it for the fast and new anime that you summerize in the site EXATLY the same day the anime show your site has the screen shot provided AMAZING so i hope that you’ll still continue blogging and get your motivation back 😀 but if its a no choice (its sad but…)then THANKS FOR THE BLOGGING AND GOOS BYE

  17. i’ve been continuously reading your blogs for almost a year now even though i’ve never commented a single one, but now since you’re taking a break i have some few words (:
    thank you for your never ending train of information on new anime episodes and good luck. I will truly miss being able to read your episode blogs. hope you come back? cya

  18. If you need time for other else more important then dont write the summaries. At least keep posting the screenshots. Any case you could hire someone to do partial the job for you 😛

    Tiberium Wolf
  19. Ouch – that’s gonna be a major loss for the anime world ^_^;

    Kudos for your impeccable work throughout all the years, Omni. You’ll be SORELY missed! Take your time off, take a few relaxing breathers and come back in a limited form when you feel like it.

    The reviews will definitely have been the real killer. How about you return to screenshots only and merely bullet items? Like 5-6 lines per episode? That’s much easier to do!

    However, if you decide to take a real break, enjoy your time and come back whenever you feel like it!!

  20. T_T
    Randomc is the first animeblog that I’ve visited and imho, even after seeing tons of other anime blogs, Randomc is the best. My day is never complete without visiting this site. There were times that I would visit this site every 30 mins during midnights to see if Omni has already blogged about the latest episode of an anime that I watch which was just shown in Japan (I live in South East Asia). Omni, you’ve deeply influenced my anime life. If you blogged an anime, then there’s a fairly good chance that I’ll also watch it. If you blogged that an anime pawns, then I’ll surely watch it. Some recent examples are Ouran and Suzumiya Haruhi. Maybe if not for you, I would’ve heard about them later.

    But I guess it really can’t be helped. Farewell… for now… (I hope). God bless and goodluck Omni!

    The Crappinometer
  21. Like everyone here, I’ve been faithfully following your reviews and I thank you for everything you done for us. Best of luck on your senior year and grad school applications.

  22. Your anime blog is the best among them all and I do come to visit daily for my dose of anime updates. But yeah, everyone has his/her own things to deal with and can’t be blogging most of the time. I can understand your situation, and a break from it is a good thing. Wish you all the best, and hope to see more of your blogging soon 🙂

  23. Thanks alot for the awesome reviews and screenshots…Truly one of the best blogs out there…To the legendary Omni, all the best in your undertakings and return to blogging when u feel like it =)

  24. well… i guess it had to happen.. cant be helped then..
    i always wondered how u had so much time to watch and blog everything u do!!
    the least i can say is that i’ll miss u so much ^^
    that’s all, and good luck, get a break.. and come back!! XD

  25. Bueno…i dont know writte what im feeling XD ( english is still hard to me ) but i can tell that i look this site 2 times each day ( morning and night ) and i was starting to make good friends, that is the important…take yur time,come back if yu want and if yu dont want to…dont come back ( i miss yu personally ) , but Thanks for all the time and … well i stop XD in spanish:

    muchas Gracias y espero volver a verte 😉

  26. Wow. Seeing so many insightful reviews, it appears that this (apparent, future) departure from anime blogging has really made an impact on your reputation. I could do no more than wish you luck on your arrival into graduate school and possibly into the lfe of work. Get back if you can soon, as I, among the rest of your dedicated readership, will be welcoming you back. 🙂

  27. A lot has been said, you will be missed. I wish your future good fortune and pray for your return.

    “Ad Astra Per Aspera”


    Aww HELL! who am i kidding!

    *breaks down in tears*

    Shinn Agami
  28. This is a sad day. Checking out your blog isalready part of my daily routine. I’ve sampled some of the other blogs in the links but none of them even come close to yours.

  29. hi friend
    I am from México and since that you write on Suzuka I Always enter in your Blog for see news of the Animes that I want see and I like you the type of web that you put and the images and reviews, then that god bleed you with all you want and I hope see soon for this place, good luck my friend

    can you recommend for me other site of Anime Blog?

  30. three cheers for RC!

    great run, will miss your anime blogs. I can say I was introduced to a lot of new series that I would never have considered thanks to you.

    Good luck with life!

    time to fast track my language studies now.

  31. Will miss your regular entries, esp. since your site is one of the few sites i have on RSS feed. Nevertheless, good luck with ur studies. Have a great and memorable senior year. Hope to see you back and blogging again.

  32. You have all the Right to do anything you want.. if Break’s what you wanted.. then a Break it is! Doing Blogging Really needs much motivation and liking. But that Fact that you’ve got to some serious stuff on Real Life meant that you need to focus on studying of whatever thing you’re then from now.. So just do what you want okay? 🙂 Don’t feel bad about leaving the blogging for awhile.. I’m sure Our Dear Onmi’s not gonna forget his Anime Hobbies right? Best Regards and Wishes from us! Ganbatte..

  33. Thanks so much for all your time! I love your site and I really wish you the best in college! 🙂 I really found some great animes through your site, I will miss you, but I know you will be doing something very important to you! So best of luck and we shall meet again!

  34. The first thing I thought was “wow…” But I can understand your feelings. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and I seriously couldn’t understand how you could do it… it certainly felt godly the way you could cover so much anime. Only two blog sites really impressed me: the first was Momotato Daioh’s a few years ago, and the second yours. Your presence in the anime world is giant, and we’ll seriously miss your work.

    I hope that you can find some time to return or at least blog on a limited basis. But whatever you do, I wish you luck. If you’re concentrating on your studies, I’m sure you’ll do a superb job. Ganbare~

  35. This is actually my first time commenting, but I’ve been coming to this blog for a very long while now. And this entry makes me a bit sad. Really.

    Although what you choose to do is entirely up to you, and if this is what you’d like then I can only respect your decision. I come to this blog 3-4 times a day to check for updates and such, and you have many interests in anime that I also enjoy. I’ll really miss your blog as I have not seen any other blogs that come close to this, no disrespect to other bloggers but Omni simply was someone I could relate too.

    So after months of coming to see your opinion on things after watching an episode of anime, coming to check for what anime has aired, check to see updates on future series’s and thoughts and opinions, I guess that’s all over now. But I hope you do well in whatever you’re going to do from now, and stay in good health.

    And, I also secretly hope a killer series is gonna come out next season and you’ll come back to us. Come on, it’s bound to happen ;D

  36. omg! you quit? i wish you a happy life! your blog were the best of all! it’s thanks to you that a i watched zegapain, or zero no tsukaima (i’m in love with this serie), inukami, NHK… thx to you to your great job. you need to rest? no problem, rest as you like, but came here again!!!! pleaaase! i love this blog, but i don’t want your life suffering in cause, so, enjoy real life! ^^

  37. Your blog has always been a huge help to me in my attempts to decipher raws. I’ve been a fan of yours for some time and will continue to be one even if you’re not writing.

    Of course it’s up to you what you do with the rest of your life, so I won’t try to stop you even though I’d love to keep reading your stuff. I wish you luck in school and with your health.

  38. I’m pretty sad to hear this news… Take a break if u must BUT don’t quit. I’m going to miss u! Take care of your health and study hard too! Sigh… My English has improved becos of your blog! Do come back FAST!

    Yumi Natsue
  39. Oh, one more thing… I don’t know if you’ve been to Japan before, but if you ever visit Tokyo, I”ll be glad to show you around (though with your level of Japanese, you’ll be able to find your way around just fine). Just email me (maybe a month in advance so I can take time off from work).

  40. well, farewell ~ but not good bye.

    I been reading your bloger for almost a year.(tough, i didnt give alot of comments) you are always going great jobs.
    anyway take care of your self and good luck with whatever you upto.

    thanks alot for this great blog

  41. well, I’ve been reading your summaries for a long time but have never posted till now. But I couldn’t let you leave without a ‘thank you’ for all your great work. I can’t tell you how many horrible workdays were made bearable by sneaking peeks at your witty, amusing blog and reading your fantastic summaries. You will So be missed! But it was wonderfull while you were here 🙂 Good luck with school, work, and life. If you apply half the dedication and intelligence to life you applied here, I’m sure you will have no need of it. Je na! 🙂

  42. Hey, your blog has been a great source to me – a light to guide me through the masses of anime that swamp the world and has introduced me to fantastic series such as Fate/Stay night, Zegapain, Suzumiya Haruhi, Blood, Innocent Venus and loads more.
    It is a massive individual acheivement to have kept up blogging for so long during so much (I should know) so well done and you can keep your head raised high that you have acheived so much and there are so many people dependant on your blogs.
    Just hope you drop us all a line when you decide to start up something new or start adding to another site!

  43. Despite this is my first time posting here… I’ve been a lulker in this site :] Omni, You’re Awesome =D You definitely don’t need to give us An apology, in fact, all of us should be sorry, for making you spend so much time on this blog =] All the best for your studies =D Come back soon :] We miss you 😉 You’ll soon find your motivation again 🙂

  44. Well, if that’s your wish…

    Good luck, have good health, do great on college, and most of all, thanks for all the things you’ve done for the community. ^__^

    Oh, and don’t stop being a fan. XD

  45. Random Curiosity has been my favorite anime review site since I accidentally surfed into it.
    Thank you for the wonderful reviews and all the best.
    I’ll still keep checking back everyday… so do come back soon!! ^_^

    Ganbatte kudasai ne!

  46. I have to gave you my proper goodbyes (I hope for just a period of time)

    I really enjoyed every thread and blog of you. Thanks to your page; I can keep on touch with my favorite series, those that I couldn’t wait to see subbed and those that I only can see in here. Is a shame that you have to take a long break, but I understand how important is that last step in college (I’m a real failure right now in my career, so I don’t want to see others in my situation). So, if you can come back someday, that would be great.

    It was a fun ride until now… after one year of passing by your blog.

    Syaoran Li
  47. your blogging has been one of the best part of my anime experiences, especially my blood+ obession.

    So thank you, and good luck to your life in all that you do, but i got to admit, i hope you stick just a little longer ^_^

    Elegant Destruction
  48. Well, first of all thanks, I discovered your blog back in 2005 while browsing on animesuki’s forum.
    Thanks to you I also discovered lots of great anime and drama like densha otoko or zegapain, I also discovered the anime blogging community thanks to you.
    Good luck for your studies !
    Otsukare sama deshita !

  49. noooO~! dun leavee.. ill miss all yur rants abt animes n stuff. on well, since u got sch it cant be helped i guess. wiish u all de best for yur education =p.. if ya going to continue do drop us all fans here an email or sth alright? i bet everyone hopes u will do so.

  50. T_T waaaah!!! i’ll miss your blogging so much… its been a habit of mine to visit this site everyday… huhuh… T_T but i understand your situation, i hope we’ll hear from you again… you’ve been doing a great job in this site. good luck man!

  51. It’s gonna be a shame losing you for a while. You were always the first to blog with the shows. But!
    Education comes first! and breaks are ALWAYS good! We’re all going to miss your blogging Omni!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your schooling!

  52. I’m definitely going to miss you, but I also understand where you are coming from. Managing a popular site is a full-time job. Your health and education is definitely more important. I’ll keep visiting and hope that you shall return someday.

    Until then, good luck and good health

  53. hey, great site.

    i’ve only watched a few series (Full Metal Panic, Last Exile) and it’s mostly for violence/animation haha. But I have to thank you for getting me interested in Welcome to the NHK, which is the first series I’ve ever watched for the character development. It’s got me thinking about what I really want my future to be…. so thanks.

    oh and GRAD SCHOOL…. that thing I’m doing right now…. make sure you REALLY like writing & doing research for the area you are going into, because you’ll likely be working 12-16 hour days, seven days a week. i know it sounds sureal, but seriously, the dichotomy between weekdays and weekends will be completely abolished for you. Me and the other Masters students always joke/reminisce about the good old days when life wasn’t just a neverending stream of days spent working. hahaha

    but most important, make sure you meet (and like) your Masters/PhD supervisor or committe (whatever you guys do in Japan) BEFORE YOU COMMIT 2-5 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE TO THEM… because ultimately, they are the ones who decide how enjoyable the whole thing is. I just went in head first, and the experience has been less than stellar because I didn’t plan enough. As a rule, avoid extreme Type A personalities… 🙂

    but if grad school is what you want, then good luck with it!!! just make sure to plan ahead!


  54. Thank you very much! Thank you for such a great work over these past year, Omni. Keep up with your life, do the thing you, yourself, concern the most important first. Hope you have a good life, man!!

  55. haha, it was bound to happen eventually…
    You’ve done a great job on this blog, and simply put, your summaries were the best around.

    Good luck to your studies, and maybe one of these days, we’ll see the continuation of Random Curiosity.

  56. Well, selfishly putting it… I hope you will continue to blog about the latest series again at some point. More importantly, you have to do what you can to stay as healthy as possible. I know with school and other things going on in your life that some things have to give. Glad to know that you are planning to go to grad school. Good luck to you in that endeaver and I hope you are accepted into the program you wish to go into. Reading your blog has been great for this past year. I’ve relied on your opinions, summaries, and screen caps just like many others to decide whether to watch a show or not. Also, it was nice to discuss and share thoughts with your numerous readers. I’m going to miss that. Well, I just want to say thanks and good luck to you until next time, where I hope you will continue Random Curiosity.

  57. Thank you very much for your effort, your site is very good, I open every week, however, it may good for you to end this blog , I would like to say “Thank you” & “Miss you” , I hope you will fine and good luck forever 🙂

  58. I know I commented only once before, but I hafta say Omni that I thank you for your reviews. I always read them when I found out about this place and every day it became a habit of mine to check the site to see what was coming out and stuff.

    I understand your decision and I hope that you’ll come back at some point. But I also understand if you are done. ^_^ Its been fun reading your stuff and again; I say thank you for your reviews.

  59. Dear Omni,

    Random Curiosity is and was the only blog I’ve ever readed.
    I completely understand, that you have less time because of school, I myself graduated this year a few months ago and I know what it means.

    Ignoring your “sorry” (because you spend so much of your free time for this blog!) I’m saying sorry myself.
    Sorry, that I’m only able to say “thank you” for such a great anime blog!!!

    I wish you the best and hope that you’ll be able to get good marks in your exams!
    I’ll be in Japan next year for some time, maybe we can meet, then I hopefully can do something more than just say “thank you” like invite you on a good coffee or anything else 🙂

    Best wishes and in deep gratefulness

    Christoph Wiewiorski
    Administrator of

  60. Man, i always thought about what kind of person you are, a mean, you used too much time doing this and making summaries is not easy and such a great work is more dificult. I just wanna say thanks. You made a huge work here and don’t quit doing this … You can post some short reviews about new animes or ending animes. You know you’re the best doing this.

    Good luck in general.

  61. Good luck on your graduate school application. I totally understand how you feel because I also have to do one myself next school year. I really admire how you could manage to blog this much during the past few years (I wouldn’t be able to do it because college obligation). However, I regularly check this website and I’m sure I’m gonna miss your blog.T__T Thanks for all your hard work.:)

  62. hmm, i had been following your blog quite a bit for the reviews, which was also why i picked up anime blogging on the same animeblogger domain as you. A pity that real life had to take precedence, but i wish you good luck in whatever you do. =/

  63. sorry to hear that this blog is going byebye. it was definitely one of the best in keeping up-to-date with the latest shows and it also helped than omni has similar tastes in anime to me! ^_^

    but all good things must come to an end I guess. Hope you pick up again soon.

  64. ^^, thanks for the excellent reviews all this while. It’s nice to get to know a dedicated blogger such as you where i can leech information of animes. Things happens and i wish you all the best in your undertakings, may you come back someday with a degree at hand ^^v *nja~

  65. Muchas gracias for your great blogging, i will really miss it. You influenced my choice of anime, and thnx to you i have seen great anime´s. Good luck to you, study hard!! And let us know how you´re doing :))))

  66. Take care Omni this is the first site i always visit and it introduced me to a lot of anime and the entire anime blogging community. I’ve always appreciated your summaries and screncaps! Thank you so much and good luck!

  67. Oh man! The first anime blogsite I’ve visited is coming to a close. Anyway, it has been awesome following all ur detailed reviews of animes and such. 1056 posts isn’t an easy feat, even if it’s done over a span of 4years straight. Congrats! And happy ‘retirement’!

    All I can say now is: Good luck in ur life!

    P.S.: No need to apologise. To have come this far is an achievement that few can attain.

  68. Awww…so sad but i respect ur decision. Anyway like others, I been a faithful reader of ur blog and actually I read it almost everyday. Thanks for everything u have done for us and all the best in wateva u do… =) Take good care of urself… and if free, we will certainly hope for any kind of entries u make. =) Thanks!

  69. i loved your site!
    always with the best summaries
    i’ll certainly miss going on the internet each time, and automatically clicking to your blog~
    i loved how you always cover so many shows, and your blogs and impressions help me decide which anime to cover~
    thank you for all your hard work~
    good luck!!

  70. Well Omni been reading your blog for quite some time, It sad that probably closing this chapter, but also I understand that you need to use your time on other activities..

    Have fun and relax a bit. Many thanks for all the time you took writting every summary in this site, your summaries were excellent your blogs were very detailed but never spoiled the fun of watching the episode.

    Kudos for that!

    And specially Thank you for introducing me to many new series that I never had a clue that existed

  71. I have to say that I am very surprised you managed to summarise as much as you did!

    I would just like to say thank you for making the long hours sitting at my work station all alone a considerable site more interesting!

    It was almost like watching the episodes myself, your descriptions were so vivid!

    Enjoy your school life, real life is just around the corner 🙂

    Good luck!

    Lushita xx

  72. Hey, thanks for everything. I enjoyed your blogs and reviews and whatnot and you’ve done a great deal of work for us with your snaps and summaries. But it seems like you need to deal with your own life, so go for it and best of wishes in the future!

    And if you’re going to continue this, do it at your pace and limit your anime selection so that you have time for both anime and college.

  73. aw we’ll all miss your blogging for sure. i go on this site everytime i’m online but i guess this is it for now. your site is the best out there. thanks for everything!!! take care now and hope to hear for you soon =)

  74. wow, i wasn’t expecting this. i understand college is important so i understand. i’ll miss your reviews because i go to your site everyday! =) i personally hate writing so it is time consuming. good luck with college and everything else you decide to do! when you do come back please inform us! ^__^

  75. Well what can i say that it hasn’t been said already ,your blog was different from others more like special since you always updated it regularly not like the others blog in animeblog >_> anyway good luck and if you still have some time to spare post the new releases for each section if you could

  76. Have been reading your blog for quite sometime and although i dun usually post comments … i really thank you for all your excellent reviews~ ^_^ and hope that you have a good break~~!!! last but not least — WE LOVE u!!!!!

  77. Thank you for the help you give me in this years with your summaries. Surely I miss Random Curiosity a lot, as there are few others animeblog as good as it. Anyway it was fun, good luck and let me say:

    See you space cowboy, someday, somewhere…

  78. I never expected this. You’ve introduced me to a heck of a lot of anime that I probably wouldn’t have tried out without this blog. Good luck in life and thanks for creating this blog. When you come back to blogging, make sure to announce it everywhere!

  79. hi omni. even though i don’t post often i always come here to check out the anime u blog and i have to say this is THE best blog ever and beleive me i’ve seen a lot of blogs 🙂
    good luck and have fun with you rlife and may you make the best of choices in the coming future ^^ wow i’ve never been that deep in my life XD
    btw thx now i have ot find a new blog to see my weekly Blood+!! :@ :@ lol j/k j/k
    good luck on everything and hope u come back one day ~_~

  80. Good luck – we’ll miss you and your blogs – you were a daily check when I logged into my PC.

    Hopefully, at some point in the future, you’ll return. For now – vaya con dios!

  81. You are one of the first blogs I started reading in a serious way…
    Well. I really liked your summaries a lot 🙁
    I only hope that some day you will continue blogging. If that ever happend, be sure I’ll be there reading your entries 🙂

    Good luck with all your stuff.

  82. i can tell what you’re going through and i wish you the best of luck. your blogging really introduced me into dozens of new anime and some that I was reluctant to watch untill i saw your bloggings. =) i’ll be waiting for your new bloggings. this site is permanently on my fav list =P

  83. Don’t go! please don’t go! I trust your BLog site more than any other anime blogging site becasue you tell it how it is. Most of the other sites i’ve been to just “beat around the bush” when it comes down to it. But you tell “in good detail” how an episode goes.

    I can understand needing to take a break here and there, but please don’t be gone for too long. It’ll get boaring around here! Please be back soon!

  84. Well, If that’s what you decided to do, then; GOOD LUCK!! ^_^V
    I’ll miss your reviews and screenshots! This was the 1st anime blog I visited, so it’s kinda sad that a great site like this will close.
    Hope you have success in your other projects.
    However, it’d be nice to see you post a review sometimes… ^_^

  85. Well, whatever you decide to do down the run later, I wish you luck!

    This has been my favourite anime blog site over the past year. You really did a good job and I’m glad your site was so successful (sp?). Good luck this year in school and when you come back online be sure to tell us!


    nowhere man
  86. I found this site a few months ago, when I first heard about Blood+
    I have looked forward to reading about Blood+ and Nana on here each week =)
    For all of your time and effort, thanks so much for all that you’ve done.

    Good luck with everything; best wishes. =)

  87. Good luck with college and your life. I know how it feels to have such an interest like blogging and school getting in the way,it gets anoyying and boring but you stick with it…just like me. But you did a great job, I came to this website everyday, you got me into many new animes that i love and this is my favorite,most handy, and best website I know, and go to. So I thank you, and I hope you come back soon ^.^

  88. thx for those wonderfull screenshots that you´ve put so fast on your blog my friend.I hope you the best luck on life and on your recovery!!I know everytime when me and my brother will be watching new stuff on the animetion side you´ll be doing the same so recover having fun and graduating at the same time man!!

  89. Everyone needs a break sometime…thanks for putting in as much work here as you have- it’s been greatly useful to me even back in the days when I was a mere lurker in the blogworld. Best of luck for your final year in college and grad school applications 🙂

  90. Good luck with your life, and stuff. You’ll be missed, and your blog is for sure the best one I’ve ever read.

    Don’t bother with blogging if you don’t wanna, but I think most people here have grown to like you, so it’d be nice to hear how you’re doing with your exams and whatnot. 🙂

    See you.

  91. OMG this is so freakin´sad!
    What are we gonna do without you?!
    I don´t have to mention that your site was the best blog I´ve ever seen and this will create a big hole for all of us.. (I still don´t know where Iwill read my summaries next week)
    Anyway, good luck with your life and come back when you really have the feeling to truly want to..
    I will definitely miss u!! T_T

  92. Thank you for your hard work. I am a big fan of your blog, though I rarely write any comments. Your blog gives me wonderful summaries and makes me download many great animes.

    Take care and hope to read your work again.

    Oran Kittithree
  93. Omni good luck with your last year as an undergraduate. As a graduate student, you’ve made a good decision to put school and the application process before anything else. I’ve applied to graduate school on two separate ocassions and it is a VERY VERY VERY stressful couple of months (maybe 3-4 depending on if you have interviews to travel to).

    Best of luck to you with school and whatever you decide to do next! I hope you continue to blog in the near future!

  94. Definatly one of the best anime blogs ever…Ya intoduced me to pretty much all the anime I am currently watching. GL man, hope ya come back. but if ya dont…GL with life i guess…/cry

  95. Aww. I’ll miss yoooooooouuuuuu. Your blogging is always really high-quality and I’ve really appreciated it! And I’ve always thought your enthusiasm made the site stand out a lot. Good luck with everything!

  96. yo…
    I wish you great luck. resting is good. don’t push yourself.
    I hate the feeling of ‘need’ to do somthing. if you feel like taking a break – take a break.
    if you feel like leaving it – leave it. nobody will be angry with you…
    and if someone is getting pissed off of this – i’ll kill him!! >,

  97. espero que estes bien!!!! i hope you are OK!!!!

    tu blog es genial y me da mucha pena que termine… pero si es lo que tu kieres, te deseo lo mejor!!!!

    (i don’t now how to write this ^.^)


    yamila elizabeth
  98. nnnnnoooooooo Omg, please don’t stop blogging. You and Memento are both the best bloggers out there on the web. Cause of u I had even more great interest in different generes of anime. I mean college,work and health is really important and everything and I hope u gradulate. But please at least blog once and awhile. Also finish this seasons anime too. Plus I have to say u really don’t have to make your summeries, as detailed as u have them. Just a small one will due, not to mention the main reason I come is for the screencaps. Tell us ahead of time if u are going to stop or not update that much. I have noticed alot of bloggers have stopped. Good Luck either way. XD

  99. Hi there,

    You are such a great blogger and I am really sad to see you go. Although I may not agree on all your comments on the animes, I do enjoy ready them. We Chinese have an old saying, “Start it in a good way, and also end it in a similar mannar.” Before you take a break, it would be nice if you could finish blogging this season’s animes. This site must be an invaluable memory for you and us. I truely hope you can leave no regrets on it when you look back in the future!


  100. If it weren’t for this blog site I never would have been introduced to Fate/Stay Night and a ton of other anime. I’ll really miss the summaries for Blood+ and Bleach, as I have been eagerly awaiting them every week. I hope all of us that come to this page can all come together again somewhere else, because it’s been fun. Omni, honto ni arigatou. Itsumo osewa ni natteimasu.

  101. I relied on u for quite some time but u’ve got to do wat u want, so good luck and i hope u’ll go back to blogging soon. thx for all u’ve done i’ll miss u and this web.

  102. its so nice to see so many people care about something…. well i miss you and the site but ill get over it… like 6 months…….awww hell im still gonna miss it after 6 months ^^; hope you come back and if you dont well have a good life and live it well…..

    time to get back to my crappy blog which is nothing compaired to this

  103. END?
    Does that mean this site is gonna be scrapped or will not be updated for *some* time?
    I visit this site everytime I go on the net starting from the day I stumbled on it accidentally and had been glued to it ever since.
    As this is my best place to pick what anime to buy I will miss it very much.
    Excellent Job with this site!
    Do your best at school Omni.

  104. Hey, I dont know what to say. Just thank you so much. when I heard that you are going to close this site. I feel so bad. because checking out this sites already become part of my surfing routine. and I would definitely miss it. But I agree with your decision.and I wish you the best.

  105. I’ll miss your recaps terribly but alas, everything must come to an end, even if we don’t want it to. You deserve a break, even if it’s just to watch anime without having to blog about it.

    Of course, like others, I’ll happily await the day for you to come back. But even if that doesn’t happen, you and your work has been and always will be appreciated.

  106. Wah! I was not expecting to see that at all when I came here… hoping to see another post by Omni. 🙁

    Well I’ve never posted here before but your site is the first place I visit when I get online, and I have been reading your blog for about as long as I can remember! I was always too shy to post anything ^^;

    Your summaries helped me out a BUNCH while watching raw anime. So I’d just like to say thank you, and… goodbye. T___T -sobs-

  107. I really am…dissapointed?
    But I am not surprised or in any way thinking poorly of your decision.
    I’m only dissapointed for more selfish reasons. (Won’t be able to keep up with the anime’s you’ve been summarizing…xD)
    But all in all, I’m glad that you’ll be getting some free time from the blogging world. I know it’s not easy. ^_^ Thank you for the time and effort you put into the site!
    I’ll miss your updates!

  108. Visting your site is like a routine for me in the last couple year. Your site help me alot to rekindle my love with Anime. Defintely, I will miss your blog.
    Wish you all the best and take good care of your health.

  109. You’re the best blogger anywhere Omni.

    I am of course very sad you’re taking a break, but it shouldn’t matter at all what we strangers think about your decision, because it’s YOUR life, and it would be exceedingly silly to disrupt school (and impact your health!) for the sake of your readers.

    Do remember to say ‘hi’ once in a while though. We’ll miss you. 🙂

  110. I have to say this is without a doubt one of the best anime blog sites I have ever read. I enjoyed your reviews and you also got me interested in some great series. Whether or not this is the end I just wanted to say thanks, and that you will be missed. Good luck in school and in life!

  111. I just wanted to say thank you for what an awsome job you did for this site. because of your summaires etc.. I started to acctualy watch these animes, some i never heard about brefore. ^_^ Hope you come back soon! have a good break!

  112. damn i’ve been here for a while dough i don’t post often but this is one of the best blogsites if not the best. you’ll be missed omni. hope to read from you in the future but till then i wish you all the best in real life.:)

  113. Its a shame. I can’t read about Ouran Host Club anymore. (WHY?!?) Although, its better to go on with life n’ all, I’ll sure miss the summaries before the subbed version of my anime(s) come out. But, I guess it can’t be helped.
    I hope you come back soon and finish off the Ouran series.
    Keyword being “hope”.

  114. I’ve been a random lurker ever since FSN finished but I’ll still miss your regular entries. You truly deserve a long overdue break and when(if) you do come back, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

    Good luck with college!

  115. honestly yo, your the best blog.. you do it fast, and you are only one i know that blogs and able to watch raws, that helps alot because most summer shows are subbing slow.. it’s sad that you wont be able to blog as much, but thanks alot for what you’ve done.. even though reading your blogs often spoils myself lol but it’s so good 🙂

  116. Thanks so much for spending your time to bring us lowly fans so many awesome summaries and screenshots. I must say, I’ve never found a blog as high in quality and commitment as this one. You will be missed.

    Good luck in college. Have fun with life!

  117. Well, good luck in college as well as in life. Thx for providing me with lots of anime info over these past few years. I’ll definately miss this site a lot XD

    Once again, good luck in the future dude~ And hope you do stop by and blog sometimes ;P

  118. Wow. All I have to say to you is good luck. I have been watching your blog now for a few months, and I really enjoy reading your comments on some of my favorate series like Tsubasa Chronicles and Bleach. I also use your blog as a slight refrence on what to download, and what just simply to watch on youtube. You have introduced me to many good bands like Bennie K. And when the subs take forever for tsubasa I would watch the episode raw, then read you summery so I knew what was going on, sort of just to further my knowlede of the japaniese language. I have to say that I will miss you and that you are such a great person. Now I need to go and find another blog that is bloging tsubasa. But I am sure there will be no one like you. Well I suppose it is goodbye for now, but I hope not forever


  119. My friend…I’ve been watching this site grow so much for quite some time now and I dont blame you. All the crap you have taken this year must be such a obstacle. You have really made a name for yourself in the world…now its time for you to take life back into your hands, back to reality. I really enjoyed your blogging and your time that you have shared with us and what your opinions on OP’s and ED’s and the episode impressions. There is nothing to say except I salute you for giving us something that we can look afforward to everyday. Thank you! God Bless Omni and take care!

    -Jason Isenberg-

  120. Loved your blog. Thanks a lot mate for all the wonderful posts!

    Good luck with your life and with your final year at college. Having just completed the final year myself, I am more than aware of tha amount pain that’s about to come down on you.

    Hope to see you back, whenever that may be.

    Cheers and once again, Good Luck!!

  121. Thanks you for all your time and effort in the past years. It was also a bonus to read, not just the summary, but your final thoughts about an episode. Well, I’ll definitely miss your blogging! I wish you best of luck in your final year of undergraduate and your application to your graduate school!

  122. Eeek! ur site is the best anime review site that I’ve EVER found that carried such a wide variety of anime n the hottest n newest series that come out from Japan at each moment. Ah! I’m gonna be lost for awhile, hehe. But I guess that means I should force myself finally to take Japanese in college, huh. 😀 Too learn the whole language n not just from what I’ve learned from anime thru out the years. Good luck wit school n life. N come back whenever ur up to it cuz I’m sure alot of us will continue to check back here for the day that you return or find a link to n e other sites that u might start. Thanks much for ur wonderful reviews!!!

  123. Yeah, go out there and discover the world. Outside of Random Curiosity is looking bright and sunny, Omni. 😉

    Heh, I actually think you could have started a oneman fansub with all the time spent on those summaries lol. Well, good luck to you, sir. I hope to see you back next season so that I can listen to your interesting outputs on first impressions. ^^b

  124. Your blog was one of the very first anime blogs that I followed. I like the way you presented your ideas and the format the you followed in delivering your blogs. You were also one of the fastest to bring screencaps for episodes. Your recommendations influenced me a lot.

    You will surely be missed. Cheers and Godspeed!

  125. Damn…I’m really crying…you have one of the best DAMN sites that I have ever KNOW…BUT I understand what you said…I just started collage too so I know what your talking about…I am really going to MISS coming to this site…But TAKE A WELL REST…I LOVE UR SITE and ALL UR HARD WORK…GOOD LUCK and Take Care!!!!

  126. I would like to convince you to stay, but like Hagu says, that is not fair, and I can’t take your life.

    I wish you best of luck on life, and thank you for updating Zegapain so much ^_^. You have the honor of the first site I visit every day when I wake up, and that shall not change =P

  127. Thanks for all the support everyone!

    Truthfully, this first day of classes has actually been a bit boring. I got back from my classes/my job this evening and basically have been sitting around catching up with friends and watching TV. And yes, I am still watching anime even though I’m not writing about it. Utawarerumono 21 was alright, but I’m looking more forward to ep 22. Strawberry Panic 21 was very much a MiyukiXShizuma episode, though they ended up just friends. They’re good series, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out not blogging, at least for the moment. On the other hand, I actually had to restrain myself from writing about the two PVs that came out today – Suneohair’s Split and BENNIE K’s Endless Love – both of which were awesome, especially the BENNIE K one which was animated.

    Still, I expect things to get really busy really fast once projects start getting handed down in my classes and at work, so don’t let what I just said get your hopes up 😛

  128. Thanks a lot for everything you did. This will be my first post on this site and now im hoping that it wont be my last. At first i just took all this for granted. And you know how they say that you never really learn to apreciate something untill its taken away from you. This time around, i feel the need to truly thank you for all that you’ve done and sacrificed to make our lives a little easier. Thank you!

  129. I’m sorry you’re quitting, however I fully understand you. Sometimes, on seeing te amount of summaries and pictures you used to post, I kept wondering “just how old is Omni? How can he have this much time on hand?” true, I’m generally extremely busy, but still to follow so many shows and even blog about them…

    Well, I can’t wait to see when you’ll be coming back. So… until then. Take care.

  130. Your site has been a great source of weekly anime reviews ,and summaries [especially for Blood+ , and Bleach] I will truly miss it =(

    But like what many others said, you definitely deserve the break ^^ So all the best to you in your future endeavours =) THANK YOU for the wonderful summaries!!

    Take care and God Bless. Hope to see you blogging again in future!

    Lorraine C.
  131. You have provided a great service to the anime fan community. You’ve helped make many of our anime watching experiences far better than they would have otherwise been.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  132. You introduced me to so many animes I would not have checked out if it was not for this site. I have to thank you for that. =) Hope you come back to blogging eventually. I love this site.

  133. Dear Omni

    I love your website. I love your way of expressing your thoughts. I’m very sad BUT I want to see you happy, relaxed and stress-free so I wish you all the best…

    Hope to see you around soon! Doumo arigatogozaimasu for all the good times!

  134. Man, Ill miss your blogs, you did a good job in writing a detailed review for many animes. This is #1 anime blog that I like to visit, but I do understand your circumstance. Thank you for your time, blogging and God Blesses You ^_^

  135. Well, it was inevitable for a time like this to arrive. Cheers for all the effort and time you’ve put into gathering pics, writing those excellent summaries of yours and giving us a better insight to the joys and thrills of the world of anime. It was certainly nice coming here now and then to check up on things, but I guess an end must come before a new beginning can arise. I hope one day you’ll eventually come across memories of the old days, and come back to take over blogging once more and share your thoughts with the rest of us out there. Until that day comes, I wish you all the best of luck with all that life yet still ahead of you.

  136. Sorry to hear all this, I would have great interest in your summaries and opinions on anime as well as the occasional update on j-pop and the like =)

    Your updates will be missed, and i like everyone else wish you luck for the future =)

  137. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!dont go!!!
    your site is the first site in my favorits,i come here few times a day to check whats new…also,for a year now every time i watch BLOOD+ raws,i come here to see what did i understand corect or not..

    please dont go!!!your the best bloger ever!!

  138. Thanks for you great site. It was a pleasure reading all those entries and good luck in the future! GABARE with your final year of college. I will be checking back often to see when you will start blogging again but until then, Hontouni ARIGATOU!

  139. This site has always the first site i would go to everytime i on my computer, you have not only infulence me on what and i choose to watch. really.. thanky you u omni for what u done this past years.. and its the time to say goodbye.. well goodluck to your school life. i hope i could see you blogging again..=PP this site stays in my Favorties. Hontoni Argiato

  140. Monday 4am, August 21 2006:
    I was online surfing said to myself why not check AGAIN on what is on Random Curiosity.
    I saw 1056 END I read quickly my heart pounding I was…. I quickly went to bed woke up by
    10am. In school August 21 2006 I could feel I wasn’t right I felt deeply sad, I asked myself
    what is bothering what, I didn’t want to know the answer because I knew.

    Tuesday 3am August 22 2006
    Came here saying to myself that was just a bad dream, I KNOW today Mr. Omni has something
    some anime blogged waiting for me. Alas It was no dream it was real , It was really the end. I reread
    your 1056-END carefully AGAIN… It is the end

    Forgive me this is my first time ever commenting, many atimes I have wanted to say something
    but I felt inadequate inferior, what could I say that was meaningful. But today after reading over 200
    comments I know I am not alone in being a first time commenter and together with all the regulars
    you have done each and everyone of us a public service. I am deeply grateful.

    Best of luck this year with college. I will remember you in my thoughts, I have this image of you in
    my minds eye as a nice person, thank-you. There is still some good in this world

    Time; 3:34 am Tuesday August 22 2006 NY Bye Best of luck
    Forever Loved by all your visitors both the commenters and the shy visitors around the World

  141. Aww ill miss your reviews, ever since i found this site ive pretty much only used it to see if something was worth watching, n fo rsome reason i found your writing appealing

    x_will misses u_x

  142. Noooooooooo don’t leave us Omni!!!!! (T__T)
    your blog was the first one I checked for great anime reviews. I’m really gonna miss your posts! Anyway I wish you good luck in all you do. Thanks for everything!!!!

    Mata ne! (⌒▽⌒)ノ

  143. I have to say that you are the most delicate blogger that i have ever seen in the internet. even when you are on the sick bed, you have keep us upated on anime.

    I can understand how you feel and will abide to your decision even though i will miss this website alot. The anime that you have introduce are the best one that i have ever watched.

    Take care of yourself, good luck for your studies, and remember….

    when you blogged again, tell us about it.

  144. Too bad for me… It came to a point that visiting this site has already become my hobby just this month & now this… (T_T) Anyhow, I would still like salute to this OMNI guy (whom I just knew right this sec.) for those latest reps of my fave anime!

  145. Ever since I’ve got to know of your website, I never once miss reading all the new animes throughout the seasons. I know I will be sad but it’s your final school year and many things have happen this year. Thank you so much for blogging, Good Luck in your exams and Take Care of yourself. When you are ready to blog, I am for sure would return to read them. ^__^ Once again, thank you!

  146. argh another great site gone.This is what i hate moste when a good site ends.It’s like losing a good friend in a way.But that is life i guess.Looking forward to when you come back.Good luck with life and all.

  147. I just wanted to say, when the time comes for you to make a stand on your decision to continue to blog, I daresay it will be the best for yourself and for everything you’ve worked for, and thanks for for passionate blogging…Kept me updated on the cutting-edge stuff for anime, at least.

  148. Wow, this is unfortunate. Still, thanks for all your great work Omni; I visited this site at least once every few days to get your opinion on new anime. Good luck with your studies!

  149. You were the best Omni, really. Your blog fueled my interest in anime and it was your blog that kept me watching anime after anime despite my hectic schedule. But I always believe that a well-deserved rest recharges and reanimates a person, and so I chose to see this as a prelude to something better, something bigger. Cheers!

  150. Thanks for your blog – it’s been great.

    It’s a shame that you couldn’t continue until you finish off Utawarerumono – I just watched eps 21, and OMG!! Especially the preview for eps 22 – it is totally unexpected and totally blew me away @_@.

  151. All the best with the other things you’ve got in hand. I don’t frequently post, but your site has affected my choice of anime quite a bit over the last few months.
    Consider rostering a few people to post here, that way this site can keep its vibe.

  152. Thanks for posting all the summaries of some of my favourite animes! Been reading your blog for the last two years and it’s always been a refreshing break from daily chores of life. Best of luck for the Graduate School applications!

    Hontoni, Doumo Arigato!

  153. Hey good luck with grad school. Really enjoyed reading your summaries everyday.( I’m gonna miss it).
    It was really informative and helped me pick out the anime’s i like.

    By the way I’m from Sri Lanka (a little island south of india). Know that you have a worldwide readership should you ever start blogging again!!

    So take care man and do your best!!

  154. awww im gonna miss this site! i go on it everyday just as a daily routine…its saved in my favourites and the first thing i click =D well i hope you come back to blog soon! good luck with your last year from me to you ^^b

  155. Reading your blogs has been a great pleasure for my past 1 and a half year, not to mention how my preferences and scopes of anime genres grew while reading through your wide coverage of animes.

    Being a non-Japanese in Malaysia mixing with so many others (japanese friends) who mostly don’t even take glimpses on animes, it has been quite limited for me to find people who would be able to share interests as well as opinions on the latest dramas that Japanese animes provide. Your site happens to be the haven that makes so many of us, who are scattered so far, to gather, and thus we are able to do that today.

    I believe without this site, definitely alot of us wouldn’t have known so many other prominent (regular whould be a better word) blog readers over here who are enthused into following every week of, say Blood+ or Zero’s Familiar? Definitely needless to day, we wouldn’t have known each other and shared so much interest and excitement over such wonderfully done animes?

    Omni, I believe not only you have created a very successful blog, but also a very successful community of people who enjoy anime, that even a normal anime forum couldn’t achieve..Kudos for your effort for so many years and may you achieve what you have wished for in your life.

    ps: Curiosity, any chances of electing a co-writer? 😛

  156. I understand what you’re going through. It’s my last year of college and I know how stressful it could be. Thank you for all the time you spent on this blog and good luck!

    Kai Yukari
  157. Thank you very much for all your blogging Omni. I throughly enjoyed reading your summaries, especially blood+. It’s unfortunate that you have decided to stop, but I fully understand your reasons.

    Good luck with your new life. 🙂

  158. :'( 私は右の!!!!!!!!!! すべてであることを望む (i wish you will be all right!!!!!!!!!!) ps: i’ll will miss your blogging -_-
    thank you so much for your blogging! :'(

  159. Thank you so much for you detailed blogs of Blood+, Ouran High School Host Club, Utawarerumono, Nana, Bleach, and Fate/Stay Night. I don’t know what I would do without your Blood+ blogs, but I’m sure everyone will manage. Good luck with your last year of college and applying for graduate school. Please try to come back when you have the time to. Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve done.

  160. I feel like crying myself to sleep tonight. This is the first site I load everyday just to see what’s up. But, now you’re gone I won’t have a fun read every morning. I’ve only read for a year, but it was a blast. Is there any chance someone else will take over?

  161. It was good while it lasted, although I have to admit I very rarely read any of the detailed summaries – only viewed the images, skimmed and read the summary of the summary and user comments… I think if you just did the screenshots and a short paragraph, it would be fine.

    In any case, best of luck with your studies.

  162. Well, it is a sad thing that you are going to stop blogging, but i think it is true what you say. It´s best for your personal health and life. I will really miss your weekly post about Bleach and School Rumble. -_-

    Ever since i visted this site in autumn 2004 i have always been seeing the reviews and comments.

    Have a good time with your life.

  163. I’ll be one of the many who will miss your blog. You have given very detailed descriptions of each and every anime episode that I’m very grateful for.
    All the best for your future endeavours ..

  164. I will miss your blog! I visited it nearly everyday to read your thoughts about various episodes and it was thanks to you that I was introduced to series like Utawarerumono and Kamisama Kazoku. Enjoy your break! I’m (selfishly, I know) hoping to see you back soon!

  165. i’m really going to miss your blogs they were truly the best especially the screenshot and summaries.

    I like this site so much but i can understand what your doing through because you work on this site everyday, when you probably had alot more important things too.

    So any way the point is that i hope you have a GREAT last year of college and that it isnt too stressful for you, and i also hpoe you have a good life ahead of you.

    By the way thank you for making this wonderful site,all the great summaries and getting the screenshots!!!

  166. Your blogs were excellent, I always checked them out at least once a week.
    Really made me look forward to some of my favorite shows.
    Probably the best Anime blog (or any blog in general) I’ve ever visited.
    Thanks for the time man!

  167. Oh no! Now how will I know what’s worth watching and what isn’t!?

    In all seriousness I loved your site and will miss your blogging. I haven’t always agreed with your opinions, but I have always valued them. I will say that your site has greatly influenced what I’ve watched, and I always found the season starters really helpful. I also found it really exciting to share Mai-hime and Mai-otome with you, or rather having you share it with us, your readers. Prior to coming to your blog I had read a different one that also stopped being written. When I found yours I stopped reading all the others I came across. I guess you’ve got a pretty stong following but I think it’s because you did such a great job with everything. The summaries were thurough, though I think they didn’t quiet have to be as long, and screencaps are always enjoyed by all, but I really like seeing your impressions on the episode. Stuff about the music and even the quality of the art and animation, I really liked that the most. Thanks for everything.

    I’ll check back every so often in hopes you’ll write again, so until then…

    Good luck with school and Stay Healthy.

    Angel Mercury
  168. Thank you for your marvelous summaries, I’ve really enjoyed them and I always went here to get my share of summaries sadly I only discovered this site a few months ago still I’m grateful for your hard work and I wish you the best of luck in your life 🙂
    I hope I can get to see more of your summaries soon 🙂
    Take care 🙂

  169. I think what we are doing here is just to top the total comments to 20,000…
    Or at least make a happy 300 in a single post =3=

    Good luck with study and all, man your blog is amazing …

    Hopefully this is not turning into an iQuit phenomena in anime blog sphere

  170. Its been fun, Its so sudden I dunnoe what to say…=(. But yeah, you’ll be back one day. I do wish it’ll continue, but you do have your priorities in life to fulfill. =D. Erm, good luck i guess, il still be visiting ur site though. LOL just incase you decide to blog again! WAHAH

  171. wow… I can understand. I’m going to miss seeing something new whenever I visit your blog each week.

    Thank you for all the stuff you’ve done (especially all those wonderful summaries); I really enjoyed finding something new I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. If it weren’t for you and your blog, I wouldn’t have been exposed and interested in so many different anime series. Good luck (and stay healthy) and I hope that you’ll return to blogging in the future.

  172. Sorry to see you go. You were always my go to site for the latest anime updates. Your posts were always so incisive, clever, descriptive & eloquent. With the massive amount of anime blogs out there, yours was the only one that I checked on a regular basis.

    Alas, all good things must come to an end. I’ve never commented on your site before…but I felt it would be remiss not to personally thank you for all your time & effort. It was indeed a job well done. Hope you’re back in the not too distant future. good luck w/ your future endeavors!

    peace, livity & potted plants

  173. I’ll miss your blogging. I’ve been visiting this site about once a day and I thank you for being such a great and timely blogger on all the weekly anime shows. You write great summaries and I really hope that this is just a break and not a permanent leave. This is my first time commenting on your site.

    Good luck in your final year of college! I’ll miss you!

  174. Just want to say THANK YOU for all the efforts put in, for the benefit of all of us.
    Your site is THE MOST informative website for anime, in fact is the best. (That’s why this link is in my favourites!) ^^

    But am definately sad 🙁 to see you go, yet at the same time, happy that you have something more important to do FOR YOURSELF.

    Moving on, i wish you all the best in your studies and excellent health!!! Please do take care of yourself.

    I will look forward to see you back online again!

    Thank you

  175. So sorry to read you’ll stop blogging anime even though it’s true that it takes a lot of time.
    Are you going to shut this blog too? The archives are like gold mines of information and you’ve influenced so much my choice of anime, it would be sad to lose them.

    Good luck for your last year and applying to Grad School! Wish you all the best! Thanks for all your time and efforts!

    Hope to read you some time soon!

  176. It really is a shame that you’re not going to blog anymore. I used to go to your site daily to read how anime I otherwise wouldn’t have the time to see turns out. If you ever do start blogging again, I’ll be sure to make this a daily visit again, if not, have a good life man and goodluck with whatever you’re trying to major in.

  177. It’s a sad thing that you decided to quit blogging for at least a while and I will miss it , but I guess everybody can understand your reason 🙂
    And if this thing is so much fun to you , maybe you should think about a job in this direction ^^
    Good luck with everything and take care =)

  178. Just wanted to say that I think you had the best blog of all the ones I’ve ever seen. I’ve enjoyed coming to you site to see what new shows there were out there and what was the episode of the week. Although I’m an anime fan myself, I don’t normally have the time to watch and catch up on shows so I relied on your site to fill me in. Thank you for all your hard work. Now I just want to say good luck in your endeavors and may you have a prosperous future awaiting you when you graduate from school.


  179. good luck in college~~!! pls do not waste ur future for us ‘the ppl who u dont know but is really addicted to ur site n will still root for u in evrythin’ ^^

    oh n THANX A LOT! i watch all the animes u post….n drop all of the ones u did too….XP

  180. T.T dude you have done a excellent job for the anime community with your reviews and me and all other thank you. As you enter your last year in college i begin mine. If i start a blog i will totally dedicate it to you and in your honor.

    anyway god speed in your future. …..See you next time Space Cowboy…..

  181. Thank you so much for everything. You really “are” one of the best anime blogs on the Internet. I watch it for over a year. And it was thanks to your blog that I saw a lot of the anime that I watch. Best witches and good luck in the future.

    PS When you decide to continue blogging. If you decide to do it in another site. Could you let us know on this blog. I really want to read more of your work on the future.
    I’ll keep Random Curiosity on My RSS Agregatos just in case. 🙂

  182. I’ve been following your blogging for quite a while and this is the first time I commented. I just wanted to say that I loved your blogging, because it’s packed with goodies XD. I hope you enjoy your break and come back soon. 😀

  183. hey man i really have to thank you for all you have done… thanks to you i was able to find awensome series and with the screenshots i could decide if i download it or not… and i own you one 😛
    Good luck, i hope you can come back to the site sometimes…
    and i hope this website to DONT DIE!! it will be super sad… i almost visit this website 3 times a day 😛 i hope you can find someone to take over the site… i would be glad to blod instead of you but i dont have time for that…
    well that all, i want to read a lot more of your works in the future and i will keep Random Curiosity as my Home Page for see if you posted any new blog

  184. log on the computer… click… open browser… click…

    this ritualistic routine of mine shall be sorely missed! 😀 frantically clicking on the website.. in the hopes of seeing the weekly episode summary of FSN, Otome, Shuffe, FMP .. i cant even name them all.. being updated. Thanks for all the hard work, patience, typing!! hehe

    i would just like to say.. you.. by doing this .. have become immortal my friend.. you shall be surely and sorely missed!.. and yet.. we will all look back fondly at how we were.. well.. obsessed over what was.. and what i hope in the future will again be.. omni’s anime blog aka random curiosity…

    btw.. after all this melodramatic talk.. i would just like to wish you all the best for all that you do in the future… and may you remember.. the force is with you! 😀

  185. I’ve lurked up until now, but it looks like this is my last chance to say something. Omni you’re the best! 315 comments (and counting…) can’t be wrong.

    Nothing I can say expresses how much I’ve enjoyed this blog or the tremendous influence it’s had on my watching habits. For a long time it’s been, ‘if it’s Omni likes it, I’ll love it”‘ and that’s usually been true.

    Best of luck with your studies and stay healthy. I hope to someday read more of your posts.

  186. As a person who just completed professional school, I would like to extend my sincerest wishes for success in all your future endeavors. While I have no idea what your intended course of study is, I have personally found your writing to be very lively and informative. Best of luck in the application process. I know how stressful it can be.

  187. Damn. I never commented but I guess I might as well comment now. Your blogs are well written. I loved checking out the upcoming Blood+ eps here before they were available on fansub. Thanks and good luck to ya.

  188. i just wanted to say that whenever finishing a nana, honey and clover, or ouran host club episode, i check this blog to see your thoughts on the weekly installment. previously, also hana yori dango. this is the only anime blog i make a point to read. from the number of comments you’ve received on this entry alone, i’m sure you know that you have a lot of faithful readers, and i’m happy to be one of them. good luck with your last year of college, and everything else–you deserve this break. be sure to take care of yourself, and of course we will always welcome you back (if you so choose).

  189. Thanks to your detail summary I have gained interest in the anime Blood+ again. Surely, it will be a great lose to the anime society without your input. I bit you farewell and good luck. Hope next time I come back to random curiosity, I will see you bloging anime once again.

  190. My, when I read that, coming back from vacation, it really shocked me.

    But hey, it’s not as if I wasn’t expecting that. You did a lot for us and you deserve the warrior’s rest. Whether you come back or not, two words: おめでとございます



  191. im 330th post….

    if that doesnt show you how much people really care for the blog, omni, and anime in general your blind, deaf, mute, and stupid………

    >>about poll

    lol lots of people want to help but cant cause of language restrictions

  192. Like many others, I found this site extremely useful for previewing upcoming episodes or season first impressions. For the broken record, your blog summary was very detailed and well-written. It really influenced me on whether to pick up the series and drop it. Of course, can’t forget the screenshots :p

    This site is also one of the first site to check out whenever I open up my web browser

    Nevertheless, we really enjoyed your hard work on this blog. Good luck in all your future endeavors! By your free will, come back to work on this blog whenever you feel like it! Like many others, we look forward to hearing more from you

  193. All things come to an end — transience is the only permanence.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading and posting in this blog since I’ve gotten into anime and I’ll miss the Yotsuba title page 🙂 This was one of the handful of blogs I’d check to see what a new series was about so I’d say your efforts got a gold star and free internets.

    Have a good break, if you come back — it’ll be great if not, gambatte and banzai etc.

  194. Yours is the only anime blog that I regularly read … Oh well. Good luck Omni.
    Could anyone recommend alternative places to get my fix ? One as good and up to date as this one ?


  195. I usually don’t comment, but this was the only anime blog i’d ever go to read summaries.

    Thanks for all the help. You were always up-to-date and consistent when it comes it comes to writing summaries. Thanks for everything, and good luck.

  196. As someone who visits this blog religiously, while it’s sad that you will be taking an extended-maybe permanet-hiatus I can understand. I will miss the weekly Blood+ fixes I get here. Takes care and thanks for the good times ::sniff sniff::

  197. ya i sure miss the old times, and same here i revisit this site everyday too. Hope that there will be a sign of the site reopen, but on well still the same. Hope u get well soon, thank u so much for providing the summary.

  198. Hola desde Puerto Rico. Greeting from Puerto Rico.
    WOW!!! On the day of my b-day you write that it may be the end of this blog how sad but I understand your reasons but let me tell u that this site was the my introduction and source for anime blogs. Wher will I go now? There is not another site that can compare to yours. BELIEVE IT! Your summaries and comments are the best. The site is awesome in layout and organization. If u comeback great and if not thanks for your great insight on new anime for me to watch, your dedication and hard work for us to be able to read.

  199. I’ve always visits your blog in time when I haven’t much to do. And those time come very often. You will be miss as you probaby know, seeing that they’re 300+ comment wishing you farewell, begging you to reconsider, etc etc. With that said, let me get this out of my system


    anyway, good luck to whatever you may end up doing. 😉

  200. this is my 2nd post about this topic…. T_T I still cant get this site out of my system! your site gives me reason to come to the computer when i haven’t much to do..and i still love it! =] god luck in whatever your doing now..& we would love to see you come back soon! thanx!!!!

  201. Ahhhhhhhh! i checked my calender is not april fool! i can’t say anything cuz real life is more important and i really liked the Mushishi, Honey & Clover and Host CLub reviews Thanks alot! Wish u good luck ! btw will u remove the site?hope not!

  202. I have followed your blog about 1.5 years ago. Your blog was the first I ever came across and because you’ve done such a great job keeping up with each episode summary & impressions, I kept up with you. Not only were you prolific, you were ON TIME. There are a lot of anime impressions I like to seek after I’ve watched the episode. No one in the blogging community was really actively following Zegapain and Angel Heart (you seemed to have stopped there too..).

    I understand how when life and reality kicks in, sacrifices have to be made. I was an undergrad at Vanderbilt for the past 3 years until starting this August, I joined Vanderbilt’s MBA program (it’s a 3/2 program, 3 years undergrad, 2 years MBA -simple enough) and life is a lot tougher with much higher expectations. Anime and gaming took a huge hit.

    Although you may no longer have the time to keep this blog up as before, I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy anime and whatever you like.

  203. waaaaah!!! i’ve search the net almost d entire day to find a blog site like yours… piff… no luck! man, i will really miss your blogging. you really did an awesome job! i’m still hoping that you’ll be back soon T_T

  204. Hello,
    I’m so sad you have to end this wonderful work you did, I read your site since 2 years and I’m coming here every days and I have to say that I’m really fond of reading all your articles, you did a great job ! Even if it in a limited format, I will be very happy if you continue 🙂 because I really appreciate your work ! and no one can do this work as best as you do ! 😉
    See ya !

  205. I saw your poll and honestly don’t force yourself on this blog out of guilt because you have like 300+ people here complaining and crying.
    You’ll regret it and it’ll be extra stress on ya
    just let things go for a bit, and see how much time you have and maybe in your spare time do an ep or 2. remember that school comes first because if you fail school, no one here is gonna fund for your retake of classes or pay your apartment rent ^^;

  206. Thank you so much for all your great reviews, it was a lot of fun, especially when “huge spoiler, don’t read!” tags would appear. Ah, the good times of Mai Otome and Canvas 2 ep. 24 to name a few…

    Enjoy your well-deserved break, I’ll gladly come back if you decide to blog again when you feel like it 🙂

  207. Thanks for writing all those summaries. Really helped man. Make sure you have a nice and long break before doing anythign else =). lol, sometimes its nice to just and do nothing. Well, thanks again for all the blogs, see you around!

  208. It was because of Random Curiosity that I started watching RAWs. Your comprehensive summaries enabled me to get the main gist of an episode before the fansubs were released( since I prefer to watch quality subs over speedsubs).

    I am sadden to see the current hiatus, but I understand the need to avoid burnout and to allow yourself to recharge your enthusiasm.

    Thanks for all the hard work and effort you placed into this site. 🙂

  209. well it’s a feat that you bother to stay tuned to every anime episode, kudos to you. Thanks for providing me with a weekly dose of Blood+ XD. But anyway concentrate on your studies. you dont have an obligation to this website. but well, if you have time you could post summaries of the more popular animes.. like Blood+! All the best for your future endeavours!

  210. Yup, you shouldn’t blog stuff you doesn’t want to. Why did ya blogged Fate/Stay night if you didn’t want to? Poor you, you always have so much updates. Updating the site everyday is a mass time killing issue, hopefully we’ll see updates every week, which is good enough, I think.
    I hope you won’t say good bye forever, but you should not force yourself. (Ah man, now I have to find another anime blogger who writes as much as you, will probarly be a mix of blogs.)

    Live on!

  211. Your summaries have been the most fantastic stuff I have ever read around the Net. Wishing you the best in your studies and your life outside of blogging! Although I was pretty much a lurker around here, I visited very often, so thanks for all that you’ve done! ^^

  212. The first thing I do when I go on the internet is go to this site, so I already miss your entries. No need to apologize, you’ve helped us a great deal with your blog entries, especially when there are no subtitles available. Every person deserves a break. Good luck in college, and hope you come back soon. :]

  213. well it is sad but understandable. School needs a lot of work and also that’s your real life. Hope to see you running this site even in limited version like weekly updates which would only take couple of hours each week not each day compare to before.
    Good luck with your school and thank you for everything

  214. I love this website. I always look forward in visiting this blog everytime I search the net. It is my no.1 source of episode summaries(esp BLEACH).

    Thanks for all your endeavors in providing summaries and all.

    I wish you good luck in your career in life. God Bless .^__^.

  215. I love your site and that makes me sad to hear you’re taking a break. On the other hand, I think your reason is very understandable. Thanks for everything.

    Best of luck. And hopefully, we’ll all be able to enjoy more of your writings again. Sooner or later…

  216. i have a suggestion
    why don’t u have a sort of audition for another (or more if u want) blogger for ur sight
    u could basically “hire” the one u think is the best
    u could even review the posts before they’re up or have someone else do it for u
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee don’t go
    this site is toooo amazing for it to just stop
    and i only just found it a few months ago!


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