Shizuma and Nagisa take the long walk through the autumn forest to get to the vacation home. Halfway there, Shizuma stops and suggests that they eat what Tamao prepared. The sandwiches inside remind Nagisa on how she had to cancel her date with Tamao to come here. She comments on how peaceful it is, and Shizuma tells her that there’s no one else around, just the two of them. Soon, however, the clouds gather and the rain starts coming down. The girls run the rest of the way to the house and Shizuma gives Nagisa the key (the one she got from Miyuki) to open the door. Shizuma comments on how it’s been two years since she was here. The two go inside and Shizuma goes off to prepare the shower. Nagisa ties the key around her own neck and then looks around the house. Shizuma lets Nagisa have the first floor shower, and when Nagisa expresses her concern, Shizuma says that she’ll be using the second floor shower. Once she gets out of the shower, Shizuma stares at a picture of herself and another girl, thinking about how long it’s been. Shizuma apologizes and then turns the picture frame face down.
With the rain coming down and the waves crashing outside, the girls drink coffee in front of the fireplace. Nagisa asks Shizuma a why me question and Shizuma simply answers that it’s because it’s Nagisa. With storm outside as severe as it is, Shizuma decides that they can’t go back today and will have to spend the night here. She calls up Miyuki at the dorm to tell her their situation, and Miyuki relays the information to Tamao. Shizuma then leads Nagisa upstairs to a room that’s not currently being used. It was the room of that girl, the other Étoile – her name was Sakuragi Kaori. Shizuma says that if Kaori were still alive, she’d be the same age as Nagisa. Back during that time, it was a stormy night too, the time when they loved each other. Shizuma wasn’t sure if it was really love or compassion or what, but she knew that they needed each other. When Kaori died, the world grew dull in color for Shizuma. That color only returned with Nagisa. Shizuma says that when Nagisa came, she was able to stand up once again. Before she goes on, Shizuma decides that they should change out of their bathrobes.
After putting on a nightgown back in her own room, Shizuma tells the picture of Kaori not to worry because she’s ok if she’s with Nagisa. When she brings a nightgown over, Shizuma notices that Nagisa is wearing the key around her neck. This sparks a memory of another necklace, one with a red stone. Then, when the room gets illuminated again from the lightning outside, Shizuma briefly sees Kaori standing in Nagisa’s place and even hears Kaori’s voice. Shizuma drops Nagisa’s nightgown and tears start flowing down her cheeks. She falls down into Nagisa’s arms, crying out Kaori’s name. The more Shizuma says “Kaori,” the more Nagisa also starts to cry. When Shizuma finally notices Nagisa’s tears, Nagisa runs out of the room and out of the house. Shizuma slowly follows her out to the nearby cliffs and puts her arm on Nagisa’s shoulder. Feeling that she’s no good, Nagisa apologizes and then runs back inside. Shizuma takes a few steps after her, but then just stares at the house with a shocked look in her eyes. The next morning, the storm has stopped and Shizuma wakes up in her own room. Nagisa is not in Kaori’s old room, and in fact, Nagisa’s uniform is gone. Back at the dorm, Tamao and Miyuki have been waiting for the two girls’ return, but they only see Nagisa walk up. When Miyuki asks about Shizuma, Nagisa simply shakes her head and apologizes. Much to Tamao’s dismay, she then collapses. Back at the vacation home, Shizuma is sitting on her own bed, staring at the photo of her and Kaori.


Wow, tons of drama and melodrama this week. There was a lightning bolt or wave crashing against the cliff for every important moment. But they also used some great piano pieces during those scenes. I’ve had the last five minutes of the episode on repeat because the music was so powerful in addition to all that raw emotion. This is one of my favorite episodes yet.
It seems that returning to this house was a bit too much for Shizuma as she has a breakdown about Kaori. The red necklace Shizuma had a vision of was a mirror of the blue one Shizuma wore when she tried to rape Nagisa previously. Anyway, Nagisa can see how much Shizuma still loves Kaori and can’t forget her. I think that Nagisa knows that she can’t be just a replacement for Kaori, which is why she ran away. So moving forward, Shizuma is going to have to show that she can love Nagisa as Nagisa and let go of Kaori.
Next week, I think they’re going actually explain what happened two years ago.


  1. DAMNIT NO YURI SCENES!!! Why! Why no Yuri scenes!!!! nice showers scenes at least.

    Oh well. i guess they’ll come soon enough.

    Wow Kaori and Nagisa look alot alike. no wonder Shizuma latched onto her.

  2. well after reading the summary now..i think shizuma has not thought about nagisa’s feeling, not very well….i know she couldn’t handle being back in the house where she and kaori once were together and it all ended up shizuma having to only thought of kaori…feels like nagisa was only there…just there. now another mystery..wether shizuma actually loves nagisa..or only thought of nagisa as kaori >.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is so devastating :,[ WHY SHIZUMA WHYY???? Poor Nagisa AND Tamao. Reading this was a stab in the heart. I thought they were going to get closer and bond, not fall apart like this. Devastating I say.

    T-owwwwwwwww L.

  5. arggg…damn it all to hell…yes its clear that Shizuma still can’t forget about Kaori…and now the the big question did Shizuma go after Nagisa because she’s a lingering reminder of Kaori or does she true love Nagisa but is just having trouble showing her…either way great twist…and yes darkredeyes u did say this was going to happen and its because of u that i couldn’t wait to see it for myself!!!

  6. Hm, Shizuma has to get clear about her feelings. Does she love Nagisa because she remembers her of Kaori or does she love Nagisa as the person who she is.
    The whole drama is just about to start..
    Well, next week we’ll hopefully se what happened 2 years agoand get also a better impression of Shuzumas and Kaoris relationship.

  7. Ooooo, that was nice ^_^

    Do-ra-ma to the hilt, accompanied with some wonderful piano pieces which they had saved for this occasion. Very atmospheric episode, I’m delighted. In fact, so good that the upbeat ED never felt so much out of place before.

    While content of the episode was mostly centered around Shizuma, the most interesting part was on Nagisa: She really completed her development of falling for Shizuma this time. And was then crushed by Shizuma’s pain about Kaori and her own latent feeling of being insufficient.

    Unlike before, when Shizuma reached out to touch her, she wasn’t hesitant, scared or “I can’t move” anymore, she was smiling and enjoying it. Also, Shizuma’s breakdown would have USUALLY caused Nagisa’s caring nature to stay and comfort her – but the realization (at least, that’s what she concluded for herself) that she was NOT the Kaori Shizuma needed, and the pain about having her own romantic hopes crushed like this, made her run. Miyuki’s “Shizuma, mada…” at the end was a bit mean ^_^; … but yea, she’s definitely taken hold of Nagisa’s heart, even though she might not even realize it yet. Let’s see how she avoids having hers broken. I’m glad we’re in for another round (and I still maintain my bet that their first real MUTUAL kiss will be initiated by Nagisa).

    Wonderful stuff. Whoever had the faith and tenacity to sit through the weaker earlier eps now reaps the rewards.

  8. WOW mentar I’m with you. I bet Nagisa will kiss Shizuma and she’s the one who took the big step.

    Erm since I can’t understand their dialogue yet, I can’t tell whether Nagisa already in love or not. After reading Mentar’s comment, I’m starting to have these butterflies flyin freely in my body XD and believed that Nagisa already in love with Shizuma {yay!! at last…}…

    I loved dramatic episode like this one ^.^ But really, I hope Nagisa won’t avoid shizuma for like 4 episode coz I’ll definately die thirsty :'(.. Now what’s left to show us is that Nagisa and Shizuma should confirm to us they love each other…prolly on episode 20 that will happen and Mentar our bet might prolly win here ^_^

  9. I don’t think that Shizuma has “done” anything to Nagisa in a conscious way. She was overwhelmed by her grief from the past and didn’t really register what pain this caused to Nagisa until it was too late.

    It’s also not that Nagisa would be mad at Shizuma or anything, otherwise she wouldn’t have APOLOGIZED when she fled Shizuma at the cliff. It’s rather that she’s heartbroken that she’s not Kaori, and that she doesn’t feel like she ever can be like her.

  10. argh. i feel i could cry without even having watch the episode. Lol.

    okay i have a feeling that there will be so much more drama in the next few episodes.
    *forsees the future of strawberry panic*

  11. perhaps she apologized for being such a crying baby. and still I think nagisa is just lack of confidence and feeling she’s no where near kaori who shizuma really loved. All nagisa hoped for is she could be THE ONE for shizuma.

  12. Hmm, I could, but it’s not allowed, or can I post links to sites like animesuki? (no direct torrent links)
    About the Nagisa discussion. As you see, there are plenty hints and many possibilities, so we can just wait for the next episode, then things hopefully will clear up. I’m especially curious about what happened to Kaori. There’s the smell of drama in the air *G*

  13. awww, I don’t want the next episode about what happens to Kaori, I’m really curious as to what will happen to Nagisa and Shizuma. =(

    But I still can’t wait till the next episode. ^^

  14. if you want to watch it then try community on the right and click tokyo toshokan and put strawberry panic on the search bar then there will be episode 18 but it is in japanese no english title and it is a bittorrent ok. bye

  15. wow..i see a lot of great comments here….nice to read all ur thoughts on this eps…

    im not those types that will enjoy these kinda eps dat much….so i cant say im goin gaga over it…..but when i saw nagisa cry…..dat made me hold my breath…..she’s sooo beautiful when she cries ^^

    no yuri scenes!! lolx

    ah but some fanservice in the shower part there….that makes up for it…=p

    kaori reminds me of chiyo-chan a lot…cant help it..XD

    hmm but i REALLY didnt expect nagisa to say sry n run off….being the usual “nagisa” dat we see in the earlier eps….i thought she was gonna comfort shizuma in some way…..ah well…i was wrong…

    ooo but for miyuki n tamao to actually stand at the front door waiting for them….im really impressed by the friendship that they have btw each other..

    great eps!!! i hope they dont wait so much time telling us bout the past….im more interested in the future…hehe

  16. I would be SO MAD if the next episode is about another couple. Especially Amane and Hiraki (I forgot how to spell her name) [I’m sort of anti-them anyways because Yaya is soooo SAD :[ and she’s usally very happy and upbeat]. In the manga, Kaori doesn’t look like Nagisa… does she? Maybe it’s the long hair throwing me off.

  17. your right in the manga kaori dosen’t look like nagisa. i think the next episode would be kinda funny if nagisa is ignoring shizuma and shizuma got mad and start doing the kissing or raping thing.

  18. LOL. i doubt shizuma wl kiss n rape nagisa if nagisa was ignoring her. I doubt nagisa wl ignore shizuma anyway. 😛 i’m hoping it’d be the opposite. nagisa kissraping shizuma.

    overall fr this episode, really draggy. hope it shows mre nxt episode.

    and Yea! I’d also be damn Mad if they showed another couple instead! Altho i doubt they will.. or will they..
    6 more days till the next episode’s out. *waits patiently*

  19. lol I have to yes to those of u who said they be mad if the next episodes where based on couples rather then on the actual storyline…I got really pissed off when they did that right after Episode 12…they totally went on for two whole episodes without telling us what happen to nagisa and shizuma right after they kissed…no they had to go and show us Amane and Hikari instead…but i did like Yaya going all full-throttle on Hikari lol…

    but yeah as for nagisa ignoring shizuma,i don’t remember who it was that posted it but they said that nagisa was going to ignore shizuma and that because of that tamoe and nagisa where going to get close which i don’t want to happen…don’t get me wrong i like tamoe and all but i like shizuma and nagisa better but I would like to see how all this will turn out…i’m actually curious as to see how tamoe and nagisa will get closer

    also i just watched the episode and it was great…nagisa looked like she was ready to get it on with shizuma…to bad shizuma had that break down (sign)…they could have down god knows what…lol we all know what they would have down…all alone in a dark mansion with no one around,stormy night and a fire…yeah they looked like they where ready to get there freak on lol …damn the yuri moments that could have happened!!!

  20. Well I heard rumours about nagisa and tamao are gonna get closer too. and my mood was like go down till h*ll. God I’m all for shizuma/nagisa coupling. I don’t wish to see tamao and nagisa though..but I agree with terelildevil about how likely they’re gonna get closed.

    But really I wish nagisa should really get her FACT right first. Like is she really in love with shizuma. then go on….yuri her up. I’m so sick for bragging. I’ve with this series from the first day it aired and me getting tired of nagisa doing this ‘findin out’ thing while shizuma doing this ‘get closer and stopped there and stepped backward’ thing… *sigh*

    If they start to show other couple, I’m gonna faint. Coz amane x hikari was damn boring in anime. manga was so good. also, they already start dating and has fallen in love. what else more about them right? So I think they’ll focus on nagisa, shizuma and etoile thing. when battle, we’ll see other couples which that time I think my heroine has made up and choose to be in love and in loving relationship.

    I went to school to chat with few friends, most really liked Tamao x Nagisa 🙁

    Sorry if my english went out little bit coz I’m not good yet.

    Overall, NAGISA x SHIZUMA forever~~~~~

    SP fan
  21. ->LOL at terelildevil’s comments… agree on how there were so many perfect scenes for yuri action there… >.i dont think they’d show another couple in the nxt eps (PLS DONT!!)
    ->as for nagisa’s pairing up….i dont mind if its either shizuma or tamao…i really like them both….cos im the type dat loves the perfect ending….i dont like anybody getting sad…..=p

  22. I just can’t see how anyone can not get sad. I mean Yaya has no one already and that’s SUPER sad. Also, if Nagisa got ‘down and dirty’ with Shizuma, she would definately tell Tamao because they’re close and that would hurt Tamao. Man! This anime is a heartbreaker. Also Miyuki also has no one and neither does the other two presidents. The only happy ending I see starts with an “O” ends with a “Y” is 4 letters long and has a “RG” 😛

    T-owwwwwwwww L.
  23. Sorry, I mean “OG” in the middle and I also realized my first sentence has two negatives in it which is totally incorrect, but it goes to show how sadden I am by this episode :'[

    T-owwwwwwwww L.
  24. this episode is sad but I bet next one will be interesting and leads us to happy which needs to wait for 7 days after next week’s episode….I’m looking forward…since nagisa fell ill, I’m sure shizuma will come to take care of her….let’s see 😆

    SP fan
  25. but i don’t think tamao would let shizuma in and maybe tamao will always be with nagisa so there no way shizuma can go see nagisa. it is so sad to see nagisa heart break and i agree with those who say tamao and nagisa will get closer

  26. thank you to all who lol at my comment…but to change the topic I’m just going to say what has been on my mind about those girls in strawberry panic who need to step up and quit all this “should i tell her i’m in love with her Bullshit”…let’s start with Yaya…yes the best friend who slowly started to develope feelings for Hikari to bad the dumb bitch encourage her and told her “If u want Amane to notice u join the choir” in one respect she might have used this to get closer to Hikari to bad her equation didn’t balance out…then when things go smoothly 4 little witty Hikari and Amane, dumb ass Yaya finally decides to act…to get to the point the train left the station because Yaya took forever to get on..and she knows it!!! So she has no right to be all gloomy for her stupid mistake and datz the only reason she’s beating herself up because she knew that she had a chance and she blew it sky high!!!

    Next Tamoe…yes another best friend case…this seems to happen a lot in this series…the only diffrence is that Tamoe’s lucky ass is gonna catch a break because of all the events of episode 18, if that stuff had not taken place it would have been the same thing all over again just like Yaya!!! And it would have served them right for being so stupid…all this Nagisa-chan “beating around the bush crap” god i just can’t take it!!!

    I’m going to sleep now so i think i’ll stop there!!!

    Sorry I get cranky when i’m tired!

  27. maybe shizuma would do that but i don’t think she will cause if she did nagisa would be even more heart break cause tamao is her best friend and the one she love is doing this so she wouldn’t be stubid to do that.

    lol for terelildevil for cusing so much but i think he/she has the point

  28. have anyone listen to strawberry panic drama lyrics i did and in one of those part tamao slap shizuma in the green house for hurting nagisa and i think that this might happend so maybe whatever in the drama lyrics might happend outside in the episode.

    so did anyone listen to it yet.

  29. I don’t know what to make of this, but did anyone else notice the black ribbon on Shizuma’s wrist in the picture?

    I say… something or other.. *mumble mumble*

    ..coincidence maybe..

    Bara Fenshi
  30. hey terelildevil i know you want to find out so here is the web for the drama lyrics 1-6

    and here is 7-12 end

    there this girl name akayuki and she listen to it in some language and translate it back to english so you could read it. thats how i understand what there saying in that drama lyric.

    so you should thanks to me and your welcome see yaa

  31. ^ if only i saw those lyrics sooner…..then i would have understood wat they were all talking about…..but the sp drama cd is soo nice to listen to!! parts btw nagisa n shizuma is my fav ^^

  32. haha terelildevil but true she is sexy. wonder what will happend in the next episode hope it include some yuri scene. man i can’t wait till monday and the next day for the episode.

  33. Oh thank you pt 🙂 That means Nagisa has Shizuma’s heart. I don’t know if I could write here now so I put under spoiler tag

    Show Spoiler ▼

  34. Well I don’t think Nagisa got the key. I mean how the heck shizuma gonna lock her villa house right? On nagisa side, she can see the key on her neck once she change her clothes and of coz she’ll give back the key as she knew that shizuma needs to lock the door. Erm just applying some common sense here. Some people said to me I shouldn’t apply senses in the anime 🙁

  35. @ pt

    In order to do the spoiler tag, I typed You message here I don’t spell correctly because I’m afraid it’ll turned out to have spoiler tag again. I hope my explanation did somehow help you 🙂

  36. i thought that nagisa left the key in kaori’s room before she left cuz i thought that i saw a necklace on the bed…but I’ll go back and see the episode to make sure…since u all say that nagisa left with the key

  37. ok so i like fast-forward to like almost the end of episode 18 and it seems like under the cloths that shizuma gave nagisa there’s a shape that looks like a necklace or then again it just might be a crease from the bed…i couldn’t really tell but i’m going to go with the theory that nagisa took the key since most of u seem to think so!!!

  38. how dare u mess with the laws of nature Tamoe and Nagisa can’t be a couple there to good being friends…but now that i think about Shizuma did seem pretty jealous of Tamoe when ever Nagisa mentioned her name…mmm Tamoe and Nagisa…Intresting I’m looking forward to the love-triangle now lol!!!

  39. i’m looking forward to it too but tamao x nagisa seem quiet interesting and i do like when shizuma get jealous she look so cute like in episode 12 about the horse i think she punch the horse thats why the horse yell.

  40. What about possible ways of how Nagisa starts to fall in love for Tamao? I personally think that Tamao could touch Nagisa’s heart by showing Nagisa her “collection of Nagisa”

  41. NO WAY FILLET! I won’t let that be. Nagisa belong to only Shizuma. Also we got a clear pattern here that we need to abide by like Nagisa is in love with Shizuma. In episode 20 you’ll see, nagisa definately will confess to shizuma 🙂

  42. Well I go for shizuma and nagisa…they are pretty obvious a perfect couple. Next episode will proof this.

    My comment on the episode is, the episode is too draggy and actually too much thunder which is rather disturbing. Overall Nagisa and Shizuma interaction was really good especially on Nagisa side of view. It sure took her long to know she likes Shizuma.

    Sign off -.~

  43. Nagisa Loves Shizuma…Nagisa is just in denial, I mean for crying out loud Kaori is freaking DEAD!!! She ain’t coming back from the dead…so Nagisa needs to get her rear in gear and make her move on Shizuma…all this “oh does she love Kaori more than me” is nothing but bullcrap…come on Nagisa can so like make Shizuma forget Kaori!!!

  44. @Do

    I thought you forsee Nagisa is dead too. I’m sure will cancel my plans going to Japan to hunt for SP collection if that happens. Well if Nagisa dead I want Shizuma too or else…

    SP Fan
  45. @Do

    Nah don’t be sorry. We all know Nagisa is gonna be with Shizuma 🙂


    I can’t wait too! I’ve been longing to know about Shizuma past from April and at last they show it

    SP Fan
  46. That was really interesting.
    I remember seeing the scene when Shizuma raped Nagisa.
    That bit was a little much for me but yes.
    Its good to understand everything thats going on with Shizuma.
    She sometimes can be a strange character.

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