A group of rebels attack some Na Tunku soldiers who are moving captives off a ship. The rebels succeed in driving off the soldiers and freeing everyone. The man leading them declares this a victory for the Karurauatsuurei. Meanwhile, at Hakuoro’s castle, the group is enjoying a meal together. Oboro doesn’t want to eat his greens until Yuzuha makes a comment about him having things he hates to eat. In response, Oboro gulps down the greens and gets sick from it. On the other hand, Touka is carefully picking apart Hakuoro’s fish even though Eruru tells her that there’s no poison in it. And Karura reacts to the door opening by slamming her weapon down, scaring the soldier who enters. He has brought a report to Benaui of the Na Tunku revolt. As Benaui is reading it, Hakuoro’s remembers that Na Tunku is where Karura was from. She, however, has no reaction and just continues drinking.
That night, Hakuoro is paid a visit by Karura wearing some very special robes and with her hair let down because she has a request. Hakuoro knows it’s about Na Tunku. He wants to help, but he also does not want to involve his own country in another war. Karura surprises him by saying that she’s willing to give herself up entirely to him. Hakuoro asks her if she knows what she’s saying; if he asked her to die, she’d have to die. And Karura is willing to do just that if that’s what Master desires. Seeing the resolution in her eyes, Hakuoro agrees to help. Karura thinks that their contract is complete, but Hakuoro doesn’t feel that his agreeing has anything to do with her willing to give herself up. She takes off her robes, revealing her underwear, and then approaches him seductively on all fours. Just as she’s hovering over his body, Eruru walks up the stairs and sees them in the compromising position. After an awkward moment, she slowly backs down the stairs again.
The next day, Eruru ignores Hakuoro at every turn. Though he’s frustrated, there are more important matters at hand. Kurou reports that the rebels are doing very poorly and that it’s only a matter of time now. Hakuoro uses this information to indicate to Karura that they shouldn’t intervene after all. She says she understands, but that night, she shows up in him room. When he wakes up, Hakuoro realizes he’s upside down, being carried off by Karura. She’s taking him on a trip, which he realizes is to Na Tunku. Outside, Karura is seen by Urutorii, who has suspected that Karura would do this. Hakuoro thinks that he’s been saved, but in fact Urutorii quickly gets her bag ready to join Karura. Hearing the commotion, Eruru also comes outside. The girls tell her that they’re going on a trip, so Eruru rushes off to do something. Aruru then comes and pokes Hakuoro. Upon hearing about the trip, she brings Mukkuru, Yuzuha, and Kamyu too. Touka also joins in, and Eruru completes the group after she’s packed her stuff. The next day, Munto and Oboro are panicking about the girls being missing. Taking this even harder is Benaui who can only repeat to a phrase to himself about everyone running away.
During the ride there, Urutorii repairs relations between Hakuoro and Eruru by having the two of them sit together at the front of the wagon. Eruru tries to make small talk about the weather and the scenery, but Hakuoro eventually tells her that the earlier incident was a misunderstanding. He explains everything and says that he didn’t want such an important person to misunderstand – Eruru is his important family. Soon after they make up, Mukkuru senses something and Hakuoro stops the wagon. They are indeed surrounded and in front of them appears Derihourai, the leader of the Karurauatsuurei. Hakuoro introduces themselves as travelers who want to help in the fight, but Derihourai turns him down because this is their fight. That night, Hakuoro asks Karura what they should do since her little brother doesn’t want their help. Before she can answer, an old man, who was with Derihourai earlier, rides up to them. Karura identifies him as Katumau and thanks him for keeping his promise about Derihourai until now. Katumau wants to go with her to tell Derihourai who she is, but Karura insists that there is no longer a woman called Karurauatsuurei in this world; she’s now just a woman named Karura.
Hakuoro suddenly notices that there’s a fire burning in the distance. The Na Tunku forces have attacked the rebel camp and are slaying everyone. It seems that Derihourai was betrayed by one of his men named Tamua who was concerned about his own family. Of course, the Na Tunku soldiers kill Tamua anyway. They charge Derihourai, but Urutorii opens up with a volley of her magical powers. Touka then jumps in and kills a pair of the riders. The soldiers hear a rumbling behind them and see Karura standing over a field of dead bodies. The Na Tunku have no choice but to retreat. Katumau attends to the dying Tamua, who tries to explain that he only did it because of his family. Derihourai thinks that this is a fitting end for the traitor, a statement that earns him a punch in the face from Karura. She tells him that this was natural for such a person and asks Derihourai to see things from the weak person’s standpoint. But since words don’t seem to get through to him, Karura decides to use her body to teach him how a weak person feels. With a single punch into the air in front of him, Karura is able to send Derihourai tumbling backwards. With Derihourai lying on the ground, Katumau asks the group formally for their help. Hakuoro walks over and tries to offer his hand to Derihourai, but the man refuses it and gets up on his own.
Meanwhile, at the Na Tunku castle, the leader Suonkasu is remarking to himself that his beloved Karura is finally coming back to him.


Well that was another hilarious episode, courtesy of Touka’s eating habits, Karura coming on to Hakuoro and Eruru catching them (and Eruru subsequently ignoring Hakuoro for the next day), and the entire harem everyone leaving for Na Tunku as if it’s a vacation. I wonder if Hakuoro is going to keep considering Eruru his important family or if anything else will ever develop. Of course, that assumes that Hakuoro survives the end of the series and ends up with someone. Anyway, it was also cool seeing everyone in the harem schooling the Na-Tunku soldiers, particularly since we get to see Urutorii using her powers (a gravity type spell it looks like).
This being a Karura episode, there was of course special Karura fanservice, though obviously no ero scene. Just imagine what they could do with this series with an R-15 rating! 🙂
Next week, the showdown with Suonkasu.


  1. ZOMG!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They didn’t go on with the Kurara p*** scene!!
    Well…it’s not like I expected it to happen…but LOL nevertheless. I’ll keep a vigilant eye on the fansubbers. This is a must-download.

  2. OMFG! They skipped the ero-scene but that was to be expected anyway.

    This was the long-waited Karura episode… It’s in this kinda case that I’d like the producers to really change from the game scenario and see Karura hook up with our dear Seijou.

  3. That evil dude is gonna be called Stoner pretty soon. Hell, his name starts with an ‘S’. Niwe’s was laughter, Suonkasu will be the state of stonage and all that.

    Hell he even grows his own poppy flowers, it seems. 😀

  4. Nah.. Hakuoro’s wise guy, he wouldn’t let his harem goes by just for a moment’s fun..

    But getting pushed, chased and dragged around, indeed the worst emperor ever (in a funny way).. 😀

  5. That was a good excuse for Karura, she well knows that she didn’t have to do that to get Hakuoro’s help. She so wants his body. 🙂 I have not seen the episode yet, but it seems like Karura some kind of royalty. We have already Eruru’s and Karura’s hentai scenes done, we got a few more to go 🙂

  6. Seeing Hakuoro’s hair and feet dangling while people go about like nothing is wrong with the situation is hilarious.

    It would have been real interesting if Derihourai was really Karura’s son.

  7. Ooo~h, Karura comes on to, Hakuoro.
    Interesting way to introduce the mature themes of this anime…
    Not to mention it’s surprising start with the Oboro and Twins thing…

    Did i mention that Derihourai is hot? =^___^=

  8. >>KiraTakuto

    Hakuoro just guessed so.
    In this episode, he said to Karura;
    “So what shall we gonna do? Your little brother said that he wouldn’t need our help….. You don’t deny he is your brother.”


    1.Her name karura could be a shortened name, or nickname of Karurauatsuurei, the army’s name.
    2.Both Karura and Derihourai are apparently of Girigiyana race/tribe, and the boy bears a close resemblance to her, even for the same race.
    3.After seeing her “Whatever it takes” attitude, there should be a legitimate reason for her to make Hakuoro help the army. To help her family could be the one.

  9. In the game of Utawarerumono, Hakuoro and Karura do get it on, and it’s pretty hot @_@

    I’m playing the game alongside of watching the anime, since my Japanese is limited, I can follow the storyline of the game by watching the anime as well


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