Some random thoughts in my head for this first day of August:

  • GameFAQs‘ Best. Series. Ever. contest ends today. This final match is the FInal Fantasy series vs. The Legend of Zelda series, and so far the voting has been really close. I admit that I have a vested interest in seeing Final Fantasy win (the bracket I filled out in the spring is doing very well, but hinges on FF winning), so Please go vote for Final Fantasy! 🙂
  • I’ve been listening to Five for Fighting’s “The Riddle” lately. I absolutely LOVE the lyrics to this song. You can watch the music video on YouTube (or if you’re anal like me and just want a good sound quality version, you can listen to and not watch the Sailor Moon AMV that uses the song lol).
  • I’m almost done playing Xenosaga III. The story is really good this time around, and there are tons of cutscenes. It’s very much the final episode of the series in the tying-up-storylines sense. I’m in the final chapter right now, having played about 40 hours (and done pretty much all of the extra bosses and minigames), and probably have another 5 or so more hours to until the end. Obviously not nearly the length of Final Fantasy XII, but that’s a game in a different class. On that note though, I still haven’t finished playing FFXII (there’s just way too much I still have left to do in that game).

    1. The way Square series has dominated the series is a shame, especially Kingdom Hearts. How does a “series” that includes 3 subpar games beat 20+ years of tried and true Castlevania games? Rabid Square fanboys and fangirls that infest gamefaqs. There hasn’t been a good Final Fantasy game since VIII or IX. There hasn’t been a good Square developed game (thus excluding anything from the Enix side after the merger) since Vargrant Story.

    2. I betrayed my own nickname and voted for Zelda xD
      (I’ve got to play to FF games when I’ll have time… And even finish it… I went till the last CD of the 7,8,9, and lost my save each time xD The only FF I’ve been able to beat were FFT & FFTA xD)

    3. I voted for Final Fantasy anyway. I really like playing the Zelda games but they were never in my top 10 video games.

      How is FFXII, BTW? I heard the normal story is 20-25 hrs and the complete game is around 100 hrs… I can’t wait after trying the demo out (still haven’t gotten to DQ8 with all the other stuff to play). I know the demo is only a little of what the FFXII gameplay truly offers but I already like it. I have a feeling it’ll be one of my top 3 FF games… FFXIII is also the sole reason I want to buy a PS3.

    4. The demo for FFXII is complete crap compared to the real game. I hated that demo, but loved the actual thing. The normal story would take you longer than 25 hours I think. I admit that I was doing a lot of the optional stuff, but the game is still HUGE. I’d estimate more like 40ish hours for just the story. But then again, it’s been a while since I touched the game, so my memory isn’t so clear.

    5. Final Fantasy is way overrated. There series does have good games, but the key word there is some. Whereas ALL Nintendo developed and produced games Zelda have been top notch. Again, I stand by my opinion that Square (and again, I’m excluding Enix here) has not developed a really solid game since Vagrant Story or Chrono Cross. Both FFX and FFX-2 were overrated, other games were either ports or remakes, or other games just flopped (Front Mission, SaGa). Either way Final Fantasy had it’s run in the 1990’s from FFIV through FFVII or FFIX, the rest has been built on all flash and no substance. Zelda has STAYED strong since day one in 1986. And before anyone comes out and says I’m being blinded by nostolgia, let me say that I played both series as a kid and as an adult, but overall, like Castlevania and Metal Gear, Zelda has been doing great for much long and CONTINUES to do so. Kingdom Hearts is young and flawed and Final Fantasy in the 21st has faultered.

    6. Now that the contest is over, I have to say that I don’t really care to argue which game is better than the other. I think they both are strong series and either deserves the top spot. There are a lot of people on both sides who are fervent believers in their series, but I’m not one of them.
      Keep in mind, the point of the actual GameFAQs contest was NOT about what you think the best series ever is, it was to determine how you think other people who visit that site will vote. I along with many others filled out brackets a few months ago, and I only got one pick wrong (in the first round I wrongly picked Halo over Castlevania) all the way until the championship. Of course, I misjudged the number of Zelda/Nintendo fans/FF Haters vs. FF/Nintendo Haters/whatever, so in the end my almost perfect bracket was completely worthless.

    7. Omni- I actually clocked in around 80 hours for FFXII and I haven’t finished everything in the game… otherwise, I’d say it’s a huge range between 45-65 for actual gameplay (and not very many sidequests being on the lower end of that).

      Anyway, you should beat it! It’s ridiculously awesome.

      And for the record, I love FF and Zelda almost equally… so I didn’t vote. Heh.

    8. GameFAQs is actually filled with righteous, obnoxious Nintendo fanboys. I have a 6 year old account there, and I’d know – whenever a Nintendo game/series/character loses, everyone rants about how FF fanboys this and that and how it’s a sad day for videogaming because their favourite lost. Apparently if you like FF the conclusion is that you’re 13 and you’ve just started playing videogames…

      It’s annoying, let people have their own tastes, ffs. I like Zelda better than FF, but I voted FF in an attempt of making this kind of people mad.

      Well, this post is useless anyway. :p

    9. OMG, how can Zelda be chosen as the best series ever?

      The Final Fantasy series, even if it is still arguable deserves the title better and I’d say some others series have marked my little mind. I’d think of the Seiken Densetsu series, the Phantasy Star series… Or is it me getting biaised ’cause I don’t like Zelda as much as some other series, especially since Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past.


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