The night before the Étoile selection, Nagisa is thinking about what would happen if morning never came and no one won or lost at becoming Étoile. At the same time, Miyuki is thinking about what expression will be on her face when someone becomes Étoile tomorrow and remembering long ago when Shizuma won. Early the next day, Chikaru, Kizuna, Remon, and Kagome are waiting in the snow outside the auditorium, first in line for their seats. Chikaru doesn’t actually need one since she’s a student council president, so she offers it to Kagome’s Percival. The girls are meanwhile all getting ready for the big day. As Yaya is tying Hikari’s hair up with a blue ribbon that represents Spica, she claims that Hikari is like an angel and urges her to do her best. Hikari goes when Amane comes to pick her up, leaving Yaya alone in their room. Over at Nagisa’s room, Tamao has tied the red ribbon into Nagisa’s hair. After Tsubomi and Chiyo see off the girls, Chiyo goes to prepare for tonight. Tsubomi is surprised that they would have a tea party after the Étoile selection, but Chiyo says that they should relax after a hard day just like always and she believes that they’ll all still be friends after this. Tsubomi ends up staying with Yaya instead of going to the auditorium.
When the Étoile selection begins, Amane and Hikari are the first on-stage. As the crowd cheers for the Spica pair, Tamao asks Nagisa backstage if she’s ok. Nagisa claims to be fine, but Tamao takes her hand anyway and asks Nagisa to look at her. The crowd cheers equally loud for the Miator pair as they did for Amane and Hikari, and then Shizuma goes up to hand a bouquet to both sides. Shizuma gets caught up in Nagisa’s stare, but Tamao interrupts her and gives her a determined look. Clenching Nagisa’s hand tighter, Tamao says that they’ll do their best for Miator’s sake. After another look at Nagisa, Shizuma leaves the stage and the auditorium. Still on stage, Amane lifts Hikari up and vows to protect her, an act which drives the crowd wild. Shizuma meanwhile heads to the greenhouse where she becomes flooded with memories she’s shared there with Nagisa. After the opening ceremony, the girls head to the dance hall where the two couples perform for everyone else. As she’s dancing, Nagisa remembers the one practice run she had with Shizuma, something which Miyuki is also reminded of.
By the time the dance is over, the votes have been cast, and all the girls head are in cathedral to hear the results, Shizuma has gone all around the school to places where she shares memories with Nagisa, including the piano and the tree in the forest. She starts running towards the cathedral and bursts in just as the results are about to be announced. Everyone is surprised to see Shizuma, who immediately calls out to Nagisa. She walks up the aisle and announces up front that she loves Nagisa. Nagisa is unsure of what to do until Tamao pulls her back for one last hug, saying that it can’t be helped. Tamao tells Nagisa itterasshai, and then pulls the ribbon out of Nagisa’s hair while pushing her away. With Tamao’s blessing, Nagisa runs into Shizuma’s arms and the two leave the cathedral after Shizuma briefly looks and smiles at Miyuki. Chikaru and Shion are surprised by Shizuma’s behavior, but Miyuki explains that that is Shizuma. Left alone, Tamao quietly says “Congratulations, Nagisa-chan, congratulations.”
Shizuma and Nagisa run until they get to the lake and Nagisa is out of breath. She wonders what they’re going to do from now on, but Shizuma blushes because she hadn’t thought ahead. But for the time being, Shizuma suggests that they run a little more. Back in the cathedral, Amane and Hikari are announced to be the winners of the Étoile selection. The two are presented with the Étoile necklaces, and Shion puts the red one on Hikari. Singing with Tsubomi and the rest of the choir, Yaya winks at Hikari, causing her to smile. Shizuma and Nagisa meanwhile make necklaces for each other out of flowers and give them to each other. With their arms around each other, the two girls kiss and fall onto the grass. In the aftermath, Amane and Hikari take care of the greenhouse, Yaya teases Tsubomi in the choir, Chiyo slips and falls while cleaning, Tamao keeps Nagisa back when they’re near Shizuma, and Chikaru and the other Lulim girls in the tea drinking club have a costume party. But back on that night after the Étoile selection, Nagisa and Tamao had been leaning on opposite sides of the door to their room until Tamao had said, “Welcome home, Nagisa-chan.”

Well, as previously predicted (even though I had a few doubts coming into this episode), Shizuma ended up with Nagisa while Amane and Hikari became the Étoiles. There really weren’t any huge surprises unless you count Shizuma bursting into the cathedral like she’s breaking up a wedding. Actually, I really enjoyed watching that sequence, partially because it finally concluded all of the relationships and partially because I thought they executed it rather well, especially with the music and the slow version of the first OP. Heck, by now I’ve watched the final seven minutes about ten straight times now.
The only problem is that it makes me feel REALLY bad for Tamao, who was almost literally left at the altar once Shizuma took her love. What ended up being one of my favorite parts of the episode was how Tamao sent Nagisa off with the itterasshai and then welcomed her back with the okaerinasai at the end. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but I thought it was a nice way to show how much Tamao really cares about Nagisa. I would say that it’s a shame that there wasn’t a Canvas2-style surprise with Tamao, but I think it’s probably better this way. After building up to this for so long, Nagisa and Shizuma finally get their happy ending, however short or long-lived it may be.

Final Thoughts: Remembering back half a year, I seem to recall this past spring season having quite a bit of yuri, anchored by this show and Simoun. At first, I blogged this series because it was one of those niche shows that was easy to write about. I didn’t think that the story got good until around halfway through the series, and it was a little after that (the vacation home episode) that the popularity for this show just exploded. Ultimately, Strawberry Panic isn’t the best show in the world nor is it the most unique (some of you may recall a similar series called Maria-sama ga Miteru), but it certainly pushed the envelope as far as yuri goes without an R-15 rating, and it managed to be quite entertaining once the story got going. As my friend Mentar would tell me, this is another example of a show that didn’t start off the best, but matured quite well. And as much as I hate to admit it, this finale did leave me wanting to see more.
Incidentally, the next anime airing on tvk in roughly this time slot (not quite the same) is going to be Pumpkin Scissors. See my Fall 2006 Anime Preview for more information.


  1. Oh em gee. I knew it was going to happen like this. From the screenshots it looks like there could be a *possible* chance of a second season. I mean they left off with Tamoe or whatever her name is with these like painful expressions. (It’s Yaya and Hikari all over again =-=)

  2. alter n all that..stupid of me to say BUT lol so being etoile with someone has to be one’s lover? I mean really, couldn’t it be 2 really good friends? Shizuma gonna grad. anyway, even if she and nagisa are together, nagisa can still be etiole with tamao for the rest of high school. But as my friend told me in this anime world, who ever they are partnered with for etoile means they are lovers. Ah well can’t have best of both worlds..haha
    can’t wait to see the eng subbed of 26. REALLY do hope for a sequel, usually if one were to come out, how long soon after?

  3. A year or so maybe, if there is a sequel. That’s only a guess though. Though to be honest a sequel might ruin it for me if the main characters wern’t still together (ie Shizume and Nagisa). Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Yes Yes Yes!!!! I’m So Happy Shizuma and Nagisa ended up as a couple YES YES YES and SAD SAD SAD for poor Tamao She got left out in the cold but oh well maybe she’l hook up with one of the other girls!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

  5. Eh… … … EHHH?!?!
    *Blinku Blinku Blinku*
    *works the math out on some scratch paper*
    *scratches head*
    *drops a decimal place and rounds down*
    Well the ending wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…
    *Wanders off whistling*
    3 months and counting ya’ll hear!

  6. Yeah it was but off in my mind I was hoping for a few surprises. Maybe I was a little decieved by th OP sequence. But I don’t feel this is the best way for Nagisa and Shizuma to be. Maybe my understanding of love is a little different from the writers. Anyway like I said I wasn’t dissatisfied with the end…

  7. I guess that i AM a little happy that Nagisa ended up with Shizuma although she didn’t win the Etoile selection. Besides that, why did the ending have to be open >.>
    Now if only if a second series came out 😀

  8. That’s what I’m talking about. This type of end means just a moment of happiness instead of a lasting happiness. A calmer approach to their relationship would mean that they can survive their upcoming seperation. Being too passionate does not work with long range relationships after all. Why else was Shizuma so hamstrung by Kaori’s death? Of course if there is a 2nd series then this would be more acceptable but honestly…13 or worse 26 episodes more of this? I’d like to lay it to rest already thank you very much.

  9. LOL Zzz!!! Yeah I see ur point on wanting to put the series to rest watching it for 6 months every Monday it does things to you lol, but you know it takes about a year or more for a second series to come out if there is one at all so you might forget about it for awhile and I’m pretty sure that you’ll want to see it after putting it off for so long and remember the MANGA is still NOT over and it has Shizuma and Nagisa running in the election! So if you are looking for something a bit diffrent you all sould take a look at the manga…unless your all feed up with the series and want to…as Zzz said put it to rest lol!!! But I would wait a few weeks remember that Strawberry Panic is over cry about it then get the manga…just a suggestion lol!!! Viva Strawberry Panic!

  10. I think you are all wrong, that ending means that nagisa choose tamao and not shizuma on :
    ” The very end of the episode, once the final credits are over, has Tamao and Nagisa leaning against opposite sides of a door. Tamao simply says “Welcome home, Nagisa-chan,” and the series ends” And so they are going to BED after and FIN 😉

  11. Thanks to that open ending you could make some guesses about their future. Like Tamao, because Nagisa being in a relationship with Shizuma; would be hard for her to stand by her side in that room (they have to keep sharing the room right?). And then, well only time could tell.

    I’m happy for the ending.

    Syaoran Li
  12. I think Tamao is like Miyuki meaning Miyuki might had a crush with Shizuma but Shizuma chose Karoi and Tamao likes (or loves) Nagisa but in the end Nagisa chooses Shizuma……overall if figure Tamao and Miyuki went through the same in some way…….but honestly i dont care because SHIZUMA AND NAGISA ENDED UP TOGETHER IM SO GOING TO BUY THE SERIES

  13. I can’t get over how cute Nagisa is with her hair down. I expected an ending of this sort, but I did not expect to feel so bad for Tamao. I really feel bad for her, especially because she was one of my favorite characters in this series. Actually, Yaya and Tamao are both my favorite characters in this series and they pretty much ended up the same way, ironic.

    All in all I wish a Canvas2 happened, and Tamao and Nagisa lost but Shizuma broke in and Nagisa was all like “I don’t care about you anymore! I’M GONNA ELOPE WITH TAMAO-CHAN” and Tamao was all suprised and happy and…

    You know, stuff!

  14. Yeah good show everyone. It’s been a blast watching this! Plenty of good Yuri but i was disapointed that there wern’t any R-15 scenes like in SHUFFLE! (I also wanted to see a panty shot of Chyio-chan when she fell while cleaning the room. oh well)

    all in all i give this show a 8.5/10. peace out!

  15. the part that i like the most was when shizuma is blushing, and like all you people i don´t like that tamao was so sad at the end, but it was pretty obvious don´t you think?

    and think yaya maybe can stay with tsubomi …what about that?

  16. I think this is beautiful ending so we shouldn’t think about the future too much, maybe they will run away together again after graduate who know? However I think Tamao was happy in the end, on the scene that she hide Nagisa from Shizuma and Miyuki before they play back the scene after the contest end..
    Or you prefer Miyuki’s idea to let Nagisa happy with Tamao instead so I think this way is better Banzai for Shizuma-sama.

  17. I’m with you Onmi, after all, the route guide us towards Nagisa and Shizuma.

    Maybe is unfair for Tamao who really loves Nagisa (you could say that); but seriously Shizuma was the one who developed more their relationship in one way or another. Maybe isn’t the most standing and beautiful way of build up their love, but as Nagisa was innocent, Shizuma tried not to take advantage of her (only episode 12 if I recall); instead she tried to open her heart to her little by little. Kaori’s death was painful for her I know, but she had to keep going with her life and thanks to Nagisa that was possible.

    Maybe it was short; maybe it was rushed and unsatisfied for us that wish to see them happy together many episodes ago, but finally, someway, somehow, they find the way. Now, if you think for Tamao, she has taken the roles of Miyuki and Yaya, supporting friend who loves her but can’t do anything about it.

    Omedetto! What a sublime way to end the series. Damn it! I was depressed since last week waiting to see this final episode and now I can rest happy.

    Well, I have a business trip to take… Matta ne!

    Syaoran Li
  18. Damm i really feel bad for Tamao…
    They should at least make Shizuma take Nagisa away where there’s not many people watching…

    Oh well, at least all the Shizuma x Nagisa fans are all happy now. 🙂
    Thank goodness they did not pull off a Canvas 2 ending…

  19. Somehow I really want to thank the director that they didn’t make Shizuma declare her love to Nagisa in english line like Kaneme did say that words to Amane on ep.22 “You’re the chosen one” when I recall it I still can not stop laughing.

    Anyway kiss scene is so wonderful

  20. well congraduate to those who know shizuma and nagisa will be together in the end and it is really great i think weveryone like the ending. so do i i think even tho haven’t watch it yet but anyway everyone is happy.

  21. I’m so glad that Shizuma and Nagisa are finally together. It’s a long way to go. I wish for more OVA and second season would be appreciated. I love Strawberry Panic and now I’m sad because I have to let it go. I want more Shizuma/Nagisa actions, Yaya/Tsubomi actions(yaya teases tusbomi made me happy :lol:), Hikari/Amane, Tamao/Chiyo, Chikaru/Kizuma (I think it’s about time).

  22. Sugoii….hikamane and shizugisa….
    Now am looking forward to Otome wa Boku ni koishiteru..
    Arigatou gozaimashita for all the SP summaries. Here’s a big kiss to you…hehe and i dont even know ur name ?
    Hope you’ll blog “Otome wa Boku….”. Gokigenyou…

    😉 😉 😉 😉

  24. I don’t understand about the last scene when Nagisa went back to Ichigosha, why they show us that scene after show what happen after that already. I think Tamao was happy however when I saw the last scene I can’t help but really feel sorry for her.
    Well if they plan to make 2nd season, it’s possible that will be Tamao/Nagisa because the ending is not really clear about the last scene. So I prefer no 2nd season and leave it like this for Shizuma/Nagisa supporter for more, I don’t want 2nd season ruin this mood.

  25. To me, I interpret the last scene as Nagisa felt bad running off from the cahedral like that (although Tamao was the one who told to do so when Nagisa hesitate). We must bare in mind that Nagisa never knew Tamao had some special feelings towards her. So she only felt guilty to leave Tamao in the middle of business. She don’t dare to enter the room. While Tamao just welcome her back indirectly conveying a warm welcome so that the situation isn’t cold at all. Tamao’s position same as Yaya but the situation is totally different.

    Apart from that,and if you notice, it was very very late at night coz everyone’s asleep. And also Nagisa not wearing her necklace made of flowers. Could it be she undress before? I mean got hooky with Shizuma?

  26. ^ That’s what I think too. The last scene doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, Tamao is just welcoming Nagisa back. I think that scene just emphasizes on the fact that Tamao really cares for Nagisa.

  27. obviously tamao can´t win against shizuma, even if tamao loves an care more about nagisa,
    shizuma had the advantage.

    I ask myself if this show had not been Yuri… it had worked equal with a history between boys and girls ………shizuma being a boy and nagisa a girl ????????

    i don´t like the yuri stuff, so it imagined that

  28. Though from the beginning of the series I vote for Shizuma-Nagisa,

    I felt really really terrible for Tamao. I wouldnt dare to imagine placing myself in Tamao’s shoes: standing right there on the stage — in front of such massive crowd, and getting someone you love so much and care deeply taken away from you.

    It’s so painful, it’s so cold. It’s merciless.
    I could really use some comforting, preferably from someone emphatic like Chikaru.

    It breaks my heart to pieces when I saw Tamao stood alone on the stage, then in the next scene she have to sit together in the crowd clapping for Amane, wearing the very same Miatre uniform… it’s just too cruel… it’s like the writers intentionally slam (read: butchered) Tamao.

  29. Is it just me or does every girl suddenly GROW huge brest when they take shower!!! I wonder what they put in the water to have that effect, maybe its cuz the water is so hot that it causes them to expand!!!

  30. I absolutely think that even if Nagisa was completely blind to Tamao’s feelings before they stepped onto the stage, Tamao’s tight grip of Nagisa’s hand and staring down Shizuma while on the stage would have been all the clue she needed to put two and two together. If not, then why did Nagisa hesitate before entering her room? She knew that she had hurt her friend; she knew that entering the Etoile election was important to Tamao and I even think that she knew why.

    As time went on, Nagisa seemed to stop coming to Tamao about matters involving Shizuma, especially after the election process began. When Shizuma broke things off with Nagisa in #23, Nagisa didn’t seek solace in the arms of Tamao … she ran outside because she knew that she could not share those feelings with her friend. Why would she not share those feelings if she did not know (on some level) that Tamao’s feelings were in direct opposition to Shizuma’s feelings for Nagisa?

    In the end, poor Tamao! She was humiliated in front of the whole school, AND lost the Etoile election, AND has to deal with her friendship with Nagisa being somewhat (not entirely, but somewhat) damaged in the process. That’s a whole lot of harshness right there.

    Amai Unmei
  31. She did the right thing. Bet you guys gonna be even sad if she’s faking it like Nagisa were in love with her. from episode 24 to 25 I’m sad for Tamao, she’s so sad when Nagisa was thinking about Shizuma. So what if she gets to keep her? She’ll be sad too. If she release at least Nagisa is not in bad mood mode and missing Shizuma, Nagisa will be normal and Tamao obviously gonna have advantage on that.

  32. Well if they are doing a OVA or a second season it BETTER be about Nagisa x Shizuma. If not I won’t bare to watch…if Nagisa gets taken away by Tamao… I’ll be extremely sad. But I still would like a OVA/Second season.

    Also if you like strawberry panic so much than read the manga folks. IT IS VERY VERY VERY EXTREMELY different from the anime. SO READ THE MANGA if you like strawberry panic!!!! 😀

  33. Even Though I felt bad for poor Tamao (hey the girl deserves love too!), Let’s face it poeple, the Nagisa X Shizuma thing was decided since the beginning. I saw the ending like 20 times over and i still can’t get over it. POOR TAMAO sobs…sobs..SHE WAS ALWAYS ALONE BEFORE NAGISA CAME…sobs…sobs…NOW SHE’LL BE ALONE AGAIN(not entirely nagisa still her roomate and friend). If there is a OVA it should belong to tamao. We can’t can’t just leave her like this.

  34. Tamao seriously could have Chiyo-chan. She’ll find happiness with her than Nagisa as Nagisa already in love with Shizuma and there’s no turning back. If they decide OVA/season 2, I don’t think Tamao would be with Nagisa coz you see, Shizuma never stop loving Kaori even Kaori dead for 1 or 2 years. So what about she wait for alive Nagisa for 2 years right? As on Nagisa side, she’s practically difficult to fall in love with anyone at all accept Shizuma. So she’ll always attach to Shizuma. But what I want is GIVE ME WHAT AMANE x HIKARI got (secks) to SHIZUMA x NAGISA….why they don’t have sleep together scene?! Is this some kind of suspense for fans to lurk for OVA??!!

  35. I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY yes this series ended with a good note…the emotions and love was just breath taking I think that the whole hindering confession of Shizuma to Nagisa was worth the wait I got so emotional at the end that I went back and watched it 5 times…I just can’t get enough of Nagisa beiing the one to kiss Shizuma first!!! GREAT ENDING, GREAT SERIES, AND GREAT YURI!!!

  36. I have to fight with myself to manage the urge of cry in this last episode.

    Thanks to my always reliable SRN, I saw the episode yesterday. My God; Shizuma almost lost the person she truly loves for stupid ideas. It was so sweet how both of them think in each other every time in this episode. “A beginning” a perfect title for the final episode of the series.

    Well, I have nothing more to say, more than I already said.

    Syaoran Li
  37. I was watching the sub of this ep…Amane said something like “I don’t particularly like this kind of victory” which indicates to me that Nagisa and Tamao did orginally won the selection, but Shizuma took Nagisa thus having TamaoxNagisa to forfeit the selection. And I do feel for Tamao

  38. Yeah in reality of Strawberry Panic, Tamao/Nagisa did win because the “dance” will determine whose the winner. And obviously Nagisa and Tamao dance so good which better than Hikari/Amane. But keep in mind Nagisa was actually dancing with Shizuma on her mind…

  39. yeah that’s what i thought to that they won, but because Nagisa got taken away by her Shizuma and left Tamao at the alter they ended up losing….kinda looks like one of those movies where the bride leave the groom at the alter to run away with her lover…but it would seem that Nagisa and Tamao did win,but that Shizuma coming in blew that fish right out of the water!!!

  40. Закончился так, как должен был закончиться.Но почемуто мне все равно показалась концовка грусной!Толи просто я очень расчувствоволась?!

  41. hey, just a questoin, love the show
    obsessive (is going to buy thier cosplay outfits ..the shizuma one/nagisa/tamao etc on the site for roughly 600 $)
    does ANYONE know if the finale song is available??

    becuz i hav the oST its definatley not on there im pretty sure
    or the song nagisa played on the piano when shizuma came in and remembered Kaori?
    cuz i really like those two songs, and i cant find them anywhere
    please email me with answer? 😀

  42. wow amazing…Strawberry Panic was so good that I was so sad when it ended. I REAAAALY want a sequel. I don’t care what happens, because whatever does will work out in the end. LOVE STRAWBERRY PANIC!!!

    Strawberry Panic fan
  43. awwwwwwwwww what the HELL was up with those last 5 seconds of that episode? *last four screenshots = pain in heart T___T* very nearly wrenched my dying heart out of its cavity. tamao was as sad as a beetroot with no beet colour. poor thing.. =[ and nagisa didn’t look all too happy either. I reiterate. what the incredible hell? boo at shizuma being random, and just taking nagisa on ” a whim.”

    not to mention my dear yaya.. arrrgh X___x i swear she hasn’t really gotten over hikari. However, cheers to tsubomi for keeping her company (albeit yaya x tsubomi = no! XD)

    I think the only thing that made me smile was chikaru. =]

    yaya x hikari
    nagisa x tamao
    miyuki x shizuma

    best friends = true love. =P

    *thank you omni for the blogging you did a great job blogging as per usual, cheers*

  44. my favourite charactors in strawberry panic:
    #1 tamao -ftw, shes cute, really smart, caring, with a kind heart…
    #2 chikaru – yea shes hot.
    #3 nagisa
    there are two things i reeaally dont like about nagisa, the main charactor of the show, 1st i think that nagisa doesnt express her feelings enough or just express them in weird ways i can not understand! she got me really confused in many episodes.
    2nd, i feel that nagisa did not understand one bit of tamao’s true feelings toward her or just didnt care, i think that nagisa hurt tamao alot in the end and left her that way, which should not have happend! nagisa should have atleast made up to tamao for choosing shizuma over her, then maybe i wouldnt have disliked nagisa and shizuma being together so much in the end.

    i really hope there will be a second season of strawberry panic, where tamao finds her true love, and it doesnt have to be nagisa.

  45. i hope there’ll be a sequel to this omfg-so-nice-anime.the ending isn’t very nice since it’s like an open ending so they better have a second season or else i’ll be really sad:(

  46. Eh, two years is not that long of a wait. Shizuma will wait for Nagisa. I mean if we went by the,” as soon as they graduate they leave the person”, Amane and Hikari would not stay together. Shiz will wait.

    As for Tomao, there are more fish in the sea. At least their friendship did not end. It is the same with Shiz and Miyuki. They will still be friends and there for them. And they will get over their crushes and move on. At least it did not end with them being bitter. Tomao will accept it like Yaya and still be friends.

    As for Yaya, it seems that her and Tsubomi might have a thing.

    In the end, it was a good ending for everyone. Even those who did not get their love, will get it oneday.

    I don’t see the ending as a prelude to another season or OVA. It was just shwoing that Tomao and Nagisa are still friends and that Tomao still loves her and wants to be friends.

    I doubt there will be a second season or OVA, but I may bite my tongue.

  47. I enjoyed strawberry panic since it started, hope there is a seacond season, ova whatever but they have to bring something else please the ending left me mixed feeling i was happy for nagisa and shizuma but sad for the poor tamao(left by her partner in from of all the school i think that shizuma waited until that moment to make a more dramatical apperance so nagisa couldn`t refuse 🙂 what a way to ruin the elections).Also it made me suffer because when i was wating the sub version it looked that the time was freeze or something 🙁

  48. i love strawberry panic! :] it gave me back that inspiration i lost a while ago but now i am back drawing my characters and focusing on my art and design corse at college. i love all the characters but my favorit ones are Shizuma-sama and Nagisa-chan :] i hope to see more of strawberry panic because it is amazing, iv watched it sooo many times its unbilievable but it just has to be done cause its so great.

  49. Hey here’s a note to all you people who say ShizumaxNagisa forever. I have 2 words for you.WRONG ANSWER! I love Shizuma however I have a few points to bring up. Shizuma is gonna leave which poses a problem for Shizuma and Nagisa. I mean Nagisa isn’t gonna drop out. And I feel for Tamao. Her heart got beat down to a bloody pulp. She will find somebody. What she did was right. You know the old saying”If you really love her let her go” and that is what she did. Tjis is why I love Tamao. By the way all Tamao haters keep what I said in mind. I hear there is gonna be a “Strawberry Panic OVA The Adventures of Tamao and Nagisa” so check it out. FYI Yaya and Tsubomi are together.

  50. ummm…i think that shizuma with the way of thinking she has wouldn`t end up her relationship with nagisa for only leaving school they could meet each other on holidays and weekends also shizuma has a villa :3 well i guess we will never know until an ova or seacond season comes up what a shame T_T,about the adventures of tamao and nagisa i think is a fanfic not sure..

    ronald reagan
  51. well i think it ended great and screw all the people who think other wise! and i’m realy suprised that shizuma blushed i mean she doesn’t blush it’s just not her…. i wonder if she was anything like nagisa??? mabey there was a lesbian hipnotic etoile before shizuma and instead of nagisa, shizuma was the victim…. just thinkin out loud here!

  52. I’m so glad that Shizuma and Nagisa got together again in the end!! The last three episodes kept me guessing and by the time ep 26 rolled in, I was starting to doubt if Shizuma and Nagisa would get back together. Even though I knew somehow that it would happen, I felt bad for Tamao too T_T

    AmanexHikari rock too! I want to buy the manga now, ne? ^^

  53. Well it looks like the creator of anime is not for “Best friends – True love” …
    Well too bad… But this end was really stupid… For example… Yaya, Hikari and Amane…
    Even if Yaya winked at Hikari and smiled… We all know she isn’t really happy…
    It’s like in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien… That blue-haired girl also wanted only best for her bestfriend… But she suffered a lot… This is same… Yaya must be very depressed… I’m really happy that Tsubomi was with her in last episode… Next… Nagisa, Tamao, Shizuma (somewhere even Miyuki)… If only Kaori haven’t die…Lot of things could have been better… But she did… The letter she wrote before death… In that letter, she said she want Shizuma to find someone… But again like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien… You want the best for your bestfriend… But you suffer… Also… Even if Kaori would have not died… There will still be Miyuki (who, hot it looks like – loved Shizuma)…Which means Kaori is probably suffering now in afterlife… But at least Nagisa and Tamao could have stayed together… Damn Shizuma for her randomness…. I wish U could have personality like Chikaru… It looks like she thinks that everything ended happily…
    And about last 15 seconds. in last episode…. My friend said that Nagisa only wanted to apologize to Tamao for doing what she did… But she’s still in love with Shizuma (but he is hardcore Nagisa-Shizuma fan so)… I don’t really know what Nagisa reall ment.. That’s why i read every comment here to find out… There are lot of intersting ideas….
    IMO –
    Nagisa x Tamao
    Yaya x Hikari
    Kizuna x Remon
    Shizuma x Kaori…. ;_; .. but if Kaori really want Shizuma to be with someone… Then it should be Miyuki… (but if she stay with her… And then she die… How will be Shizuma able to face Kaori after death when she will be in love with Miyuki?… That will be a lot of problems… So I still don’t see solution here)
    Amane x ? … Again I don’t know… No one really said it have to be someone from SP! … Maybe she can be with someone who wasn’t showed in SP!.. But NOT with Hikari… She liked Hikari because Hikari haven’t know about Amane’s fame… And Amane seeked for someone who don’t really know her… But again – I don’t have clear solution here)
    Tsubomi x Chiyo
    Kaname x Momomi … you see I’m also trying to put characters together who are in the same class… If I won’t do that.. It would be problematic for them later (Like Shizuma and Nagisa)
    Only left are Chikaru, Kagome and Shion … I know Chikaru and Amane are in the same class but… They just won’t fit together.. And looks like Chikaru is very happy to see Kizuna, Remon and Kagome together… But Kizuna is for Remon and Remon for Kizuna…
    So the only solution is… Chikaru and Kagome?… Again – not clear solution
    Well and about Shion… Hmmm.. I really don’t know…..
    About manga… I don’t even wanna comment… STUPID OMG

  54. Repairing some mistakes in last post:
    I wish •I• could have personality like Chikaru… It looks like she thinks that everything ended happily…

    Amane x ? … Again I don’t know… No one • said it have to be someone from SP! …

  55. Wow. OK, I’ve just watched fansubs for the whole series and I’m sad to say I didn’t really like the ending. Not so much the ending itself, but the way things were set up, with all those complex relationship webs – that just makes it impossible to end happily. No matter what happens, at least someone has to end up heartbroken. What really got to me was when Kaori died. I don’t know what was so special about the way SP portrayed this very typical love-and-death story, but I came out feeling that no one, not even the stupidest, basest, most lowlife criminal, deserves to have the one they love die so young. T_T But hey, it wouldn’t be the same without all the tragedy, I guess?

  56. “No matter what happens, at least someone has to end up heartbroken.”… Yeah.. T_T .. That’s why i hate SP! so much….. I was also sad when Kaori died ;_; … for a whole a lot of reasons… If she haven’t died, she could have stayed with Shizuma and Nagisa with Tamao… Well but there would still be Miyuki (who – how it looks like, love Shizuma.. or at least loved.)

  57. Desperately hope there’ll be another season; the end is beautifully executed. It’d be nice to know how things end for the others tho, and what happens when Shizuma graduates.

    It’s also highly amusing reading back through the blogs having seen the entire series now, and watching the majority of people absolutely slaughter the show for being nothing more than cheap fan service, right up until Kaori makes her entrance. Suddenly after that everyone was sitting up and paying attention 😉

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Still, here’s hoping there’s more. Will also be nice to see the english dub, although I don’t know if I could stomach someone else voicing Shizuma – she sounds perfectly tempestous to Nagisa’s innocence. But an offical take on the translations will be nice; each rip I’ve seen has slightly different translations, especially with the songs.

    “I wanted to believe, so I believed in her, and I promised there would be a tomorrow”

    Thanks for blogging this season – great job /

  58. OMG!!! I din love an anime b4!!!! My GOD!!! What a nice anime!!!!
    Shizuma n Nagisa are perfect couple!!!
    However, i feel sorry for the person who can’t get true love..
    Like Tamao, Miyuki, Yaya…

    Aquarius Heaven
  59. I Think It’s Beautiful How Shizuma And Nagisa Got Together At The End Of The Series. I Am SO GLAD Tamaoaoaoo Or Whatever Her Name Is Didnt. I Hope You Guys Realize She’s A Freaking Stalker. Earlier In The Series She Scared Nagisa And Recorded Her Scream Just To Listen To It. HAHAHA CREEPY. I Think The Ending Was Great But I Really Wanted A Second Season.. ]:

    Oh Well, ShizumaxNagisa Forever. [:

  60. This was a pretty good series although im left wanting another sigh* i didnt like how they left tamao she seems to be hurting 🙁 i wanna see what happens after between her and Nagisa

    =] =[
  61. Tamao dam that makes me sad, can’t forget about this anime :(.
    Every thing builds up throughout the series and the anime finally ends, Then I go to do something else and I just felt empty and sad…

    Does anyone have any news about another season?
    Also does anyone know the song name for the slow remix kind of thing that happens in the final episode?

    I have so much emotion for this series, it’s like there my real life friends and this is happening as lame as that sounds…

    Bugs me when series have unfinished endings :(.

  62. This was a wonderful Anime. The story evolved and what looked to be a pretty simple anime turned out to be a deep and extremely good one. I still don’t like the open ending. Yaya’s got her 1st year lovey dovey student. but Tamao-chan is as sad as she was before the story started. Alone again. Maybe Miyuki and Tamao would make a good pair? ^^

    This anime = 10/10

  63. just re watched the anime and i still think its ShizumaxNagisa Forever 🙂
    A lovly anime, its easily get 10/10 from me, cant forget about strawberry panic,
    strawberry panic allways gonna have a place in my heart 🙂

  64. I watched the last episode of Strawberry Panic a couple of days ago. I am now suffering from post-anime depression syndrome, lol. Contrary to popular opinion, I was actually hoping for Nagisa and Tamao to end up together, even though I knew it wouldn’t end up like that in the end. For some reason, Shizuma and Nagisa being together didn’t work for me. Shizuma seemed aggressive and only saw Nagisa as some kind of comfort to get her mind/feelings away from Kaori.
    Yes, many see Tamao as a stalker and her behavior has proved this. However, it wasn’t the “creepy” kind of stalker but the kind of stalker that admires someone (i.e. Nagisa) from far away, suffering from unrequited love. If you remember her past story that she told to Nagisa, she didn’t have a room mate for a long time and felt it was a blessing when Nagisa finally entered her life. She really sacrificed her happiness for Nagisa, just like Yaya did for Hikari. It was just really depressing for both Tamao and Yaya; it seemed like they had no closure to the series. The very last segment of the last episode was particularly depressing because it was like “adding salt to the open wound” because Tamao has to endure living with Nagisa until they both graduate. She is very strong indeed. I’m not sure a second season would be viable, but it sucks to have to rely on your imagination and only wonder how Tamao and Yaya and the others are doing “now”. Heh, I guess that’s what fan fictions are for…
    Two other characters I’d like to point out are Rokujou and Chikaru. They both stood out for me, and sometimes if I lose touch with reality, I sometimes wish they were real. I admire Rokujou’s firm and upright behavior, yet enjoy her hidden emotional instabilities (she was called a “crybaby” by Shizuma) that hints she has had some kind of feelings for Shizuma. There’s something about her that I find tantalizing or kinky, if you will.
    I enjoyed that one part where Shizuma goes all aggressive on Rokujou, “cracking open” her tough exterior by kissing her on the lips and exposing her vulnerable interior.

    Chikaru on the other hand, she was like the ultimate fantasy. Seriously. Her “maternal” nature is what did it for me. I could lie my head on her lap for hours on end, while she pats my hair, lol. Yea, it sounds weird and morbid, but that’s what fantasy does to you. She’s just so cheerful and optimistic. Having long black hair with flowers and a short skirt helps also.
    Sometimes I hate getting lost in this fantasy world because when I return to reality, I measure up the women in reality to the standards of the women in SB, argh!
    (chants to self….”must get back to reality, must get back to reality, must get back to reality…..”

  65. aww i really do wish for more to but.. i am sure there won’t be any more i watched the end episode like.. 1 year ago and it’s still with me xD i think its a good ending in the end to bad their won’t be any more 🙁

    :( ?
  66. i think it was to late for tamao she tried to get her to late she made nagisa reallly confused and i really wanted shizuma to get her in the end because she show’ed she really did like her by telling her about her other love i’m sure tamao will find some one else OR she will have to kill shizuma >:3

    go SHIZUMA !
  67. Great series. About time Shizuma realized her feelings for Nagisa. I thought it would have happened sooner after Shizuma read Kaori’s letter. Feel bad for Tamao but I think it was good she gave up on Nagisa(Taking off the ribbon as symbolism since she was still in love with Shizuma so much even after everything. I think its going to be awkward between Nagisa and Tamao because of Nagisa and Shizuma relationship. Nagisa didn’t want to pair up with Tamao originally since she only thought of Tamao as an friend and she just wanted to be with Shizuma.

    I see Shizuma and Nagisa staying together. Everyone at school knows how much they love one another especially Tamao. Even though Shizuma will graduate soon I expect her to be waiting for Nagisa. She’ll probably visit as much as possible as well. I think the only issues would be from their family and marriage. Since Miyuki is getting married when she leaves school. Shizuma bond with Nagisa will continue to grow.

    Too bad there won’t be an OVA or sequel. 🙁

  68. this show was amazing. I would have cried a lot more than I did at the end but technically we already saw Tamoe-chan letting Nagisa-chan go many times to shizumu. Which made it so that the ending was a bit less sad considering we had seen it before like with the autumn leaves how she promised to go see it we Tamoe-chan but ends up going with shizuma-sama to hear the story. Which she only gets to hear half later followed up by Miyuki-sama. The plot was great I love Yuri amines because they take there time and have delicate feelings, which is why I really love it. Although I am quite interested to see how they contact each other even after shizuma graduates. There is still a 30% possibility that Tamoe-chan gets Nagisa-chan considering shizumu-sama won’t be around as much with Nagisa. With that being said I think they could produce a new season if they wanted to, very unlikely but they could make a 2nd season consdering where they left off. Where they left off didn’t exactly tell us the end it just told us there relationships and who becomes Etoile. So there could and should be more.


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