Sorry for the lack of updates on Utawarerumono. I’ve been rather busy, and so I made the decision to give priority to Strawberry Panic these past few weeks. These final Utawarerumono entries will be done eventually…hopefully.
-Yuzuha died. T_T


  1. The god that wishes for self-destruction sacrificed itself to bind away/destroy the god that wishes for destruction. I think that’s what happened happened to Hakuoru judging from the screens? Hakuoro is not dead but is sealed away? Not sure about Dii but maybe the same. I don’t approve of diecide (god slaying) anyway but the Japanese may. Anyone?

  2. I think in the game that is implied he returns without being a god/missing link/whatever.

    Of course in the game he end up having sex with pretty much every single one of the girls with one of then (the sick one) having his child …

  3. It does seem like he is more a presence than a person judging from the ending sequence. I’m kinda guessing here so I could be a bit off. Or is he that Old Guy/Hag/Whatever? If he is then eww, eww, ewwww!

  4. Without watching it I cannot say … this still images help but for example you dont see Foquet in Zero no Tsukaima final episode still images despite she being very much present in the episode.

  5. Dii… dead…
    Yuzuha… dead…
    The twins… gender stll undecided…
    Benaui… smiled for more than a millisecond…
    Kuuya… still a baby…

    I loved Utawarerumono. I completed the game. And I pray to God that the person who came up with the ending to this series is hung, drawn and quartered for the way they totally rushed through the whole thing. Yuzuha died… for what?

    Oh and Hakuoro doesn’t come back at the end. Eruruu’s just thinking about him and smiling at the camera.

  6. That last line of the game/Anime always gets me…

    “Hakouro-san, I realize it’s okay now… you’re here with me.”

    Although we’ve all already established that Hakouro and Eruruu will meet when she dies, as when the contract of life is completed, all souls return to Witsurumitea.

  7. “I loved Utawarerumono. I completed the game. And I pray to God that the person who came up with the ending to this series is hung, drawn and quartered for the way they totally rushed through the whole thing. Yuzuha died… for what?”

    Disregarding the game, the anime of Utawarermono, the entire series and the ending was very well done. Because you have played the game, you judgement of the anime became biased. You need to separate the game from the anime, because it is the anime we are talking about here.

    “Yuzuha died… for what?”

    Nothing really. In the anime, Yuzuha is just a secondary character designed to gain sympathy from the viewers. She was sick, so she eventually passed away. Again, separate the game from the anime, and you will see that the farewell scene with Oboro and Yuzuha’s tomb was also very well done.

    “Oh and Hakuoro doesn’t come back at the end. Eruruu’s just thinking about him and smiling at the camera.”

    It is suppose to be an open-ended ending. The viewers need to decide that for themselves.

  8. Yeah its more of an open-ended one, but if you watch carefully that sequence you will be inclined to be more positive I guess. It appears Eruru noticed someone was standing behind(her ears took some hop), then turned, and smiled. Of course you can believe it was that long-forgotten Nuwangi kid, although I dont think Eruru would give him that big smile after all those incidents.

  9. v1cious…. those modern people are from the past, like 1000s years ago from the current timeline in the anime. according to the game, regular humans were wiped out due to some incident(probably nuclear accident, i dont know). the remaining survivors took underground shelter but as many years passed by, their DNA starts to mutates resulting them having animal characteristics. with all the technology destroyed, humanity had to start over. i hope that answer your question. if not, go to animesuki’s forums. ^.^

  10. Nobody knows for sure who was actually standing behind Eruruu. Of course, the majority of fingers would point at Hakuoro, but Leaf never finalized this, thus it was never 100% certain. Besides, Eruruu’s reaction was way too fast if Hakuoro without his mask, was standing behind her. Nuwangi is certainly out of the competition since he got mysteriously stabbed to death by some mysterious guy after he was released by Eruruu…

  11. >>> v1cious…. those modern people are from the past, like 1000s years ago from the current timeline in the anime. according to the game, regular humans were wiped out due to some incident(probably nuclear accident, i dont know). the remaining survivors took underground shelter but as many years passed by, their DNA starts to mutates resulting them having animal characteristics. with all the technology destroyed, humanity had to start over. i hope that answer your question. if not, go to animesuki’s forums. ^.^

    Close, but not really accurate. I haven’t played the game, but AFAIK regular humans became unable to live on the ground because they devolved to have very little immunity to germs. The animal-people are created and used as slaves by the regular people. Hakuoro brought the animal-people to the surface when he escaped from the underground lab. That’s why the regular people are the “creator” (worshipped by Kuuya’s race), and Hakuoro is the “liberator” (worshipped by the rest of the world).

    For more details, search on the web for game spoilers.

  12. I love the song too.
    I realized that Suara actually sang “Now I want to hold you tight” or kinda like that exactly when Eruru and Hakuoro hugged and kissed. Oh geez. Talk about complete planning and attention to detail. What an awesome anime.

  13. cclragnarok, your summary is incorrect.

    Human beings living in shelter did not mutate into animal-like humanoids.
    The old-human beings were no longer able to survive in the surface world,
    so they “created” humanoid races with animal-like characteristics, based on Iceman’s DNA.

    Mutsumi is the closest clone to Iceman’s (Hakuoro) DNA, hence her supernatural power.

  14. i just love it when people try to rationalize anime they always come up with the most crack pot theories and the when the real one comes out there like totally off….

    im just gonna point out that you guys are trying to rationalize if a dead god is alive or not and wether a girl with a tail will see him again….honestly its anime some of it shouldnt make sense….(unlike higurashi) some of it should make sense

  15. This episode reminded me of Evangelion – -b
    Whether Hakuoro comes back or not is entirely up to the viewer’s belief, however it’s strongly implied that he does come back in the game’s ending (Urutori, Kuuya, Mukuru, Kamyu and Aruru all sensed him, whereas Eruru probably turn around to see him).

  16. I personally hate sad endings, but there are times u really have no choice and with utawarerumono following the game ending is the most fit and proper way to end the series. As much as I hate to see such sad ending I just don’t see any other possible way to really end this series, sure the writer can create an original ending but it just doesn’t seem appropriate with the direction this anime is leading towards. Sad Sad Sad but is the right ending for the right anime series.
    But I love that Karura and Touka combinations, seems like they goner be having a lot of fun later on. Remains me of the odd couples.

  17. The ending was pretty sad, for me I’d suppose. Oh well, another great anime ended, besides Ouran High School Host Club and Strawberry Panic.
    Maybe it was some random person she knew when she turned to smile gleefully at the end, hahaha. She’s that kind of person anyway, cheerful and thoughtful. =)

  18. Best ending (and anime) iv’e seen this year.

    In that scene where we see Iceman(Hakuoro) and Mutsumi from the past, i got a really heart warming feeling, then those soldiers came and Iceman is told that Mutsumi has been dissected. I was like “GOD NOO!, FU**ING BASTARDS”.

    Very sad ending, i was crying a little through the whole ending sequence. BTW: I MUST HAVE THAT SONG!.. I got chills through my whole body when they kissed and with the song, it was absolutely brilliant. (Im in for the Hakuoro reappeared behind Eruruu ending)

  19. Before Utawarerumono, Scrapped Princess was my favorite, but now I equally love them ^^ though you can see many similarities, they are different.

    That insert song at the end, Kimi ga tame coupling with all those sad pictures… had me in tears…beautiful….Suara has a damn good voice!!
    There are stories which simply can’t end with a happy end without blowing up the whole tale. I don’t know Utaware belongs to this category, but this was a fitting ending.
    Poor Yuzuha -.-

    On the other side: imo the last eps were a bit rushed. But even with that, this is a fav.

  20. Dii was a scholar-priest of Onkakiyaryuu.
    Since Urutorii, Kamyu and Waabe seemed to know him very well, possibly he was also a tutor of Urutorii, like Munto for Kamyu, or maybe he was kinda cousin of them, or even both. He suddenly disappeared 5 years before this, in attempt of researching Witsarunemitea. That was supposed to be when his body was taken over by the other side of the God.

    As for the ending song, it is included in Suara’s just-published album Yumeji which also includes Musouka and Kimi Dakeno Tabiji(upcoming PS2 game’s opening theme).

  21. >>WTF there better be second season T_T btw i think erruw and hakuoro are related “talk about incest”

    Technically, Hakuoro is VERY DISTANTLY related to everyone else in the world, considering his genes were used to create the ancestors of everyone.

  22. They’re splicing small strands of DNA from Iceman into normal human chromosomes. He’s about as related to everyone as everyone born with 5 fingers are related. The only only known exception it seems is Mitsumi.

    What I still don’t understand is why Mitsumi sided with Dii… Why did she accuse Hakuoro of not choosing her in the episode 24.

  23. regarding to a post above, what happens in the game? tell me it’s not real that he like slept with all the girls? i mean he doesnt just like eruru??? cuz dat would suck if slept with all the girls

  24. Not a bad ending. I mean it was less of a sad ending then I’ve seen out of some shows. Though I have to admit when I heard that Mikoto had been disceted I was all behind those guys getting turned into blobs, they so had it coming. I suppose we can leave it up to viewers to decide what she saw at the very end of the episode. Overall I liked the show and it was really interesting.

  25. He did sleep with all the girls but it’s more like he was forced to sleep with them : each of the girl, with the exception of Urutorii maybe (because she was litteraly “comforted” by Hakuoro after her failed attempt to save a baby), used a strategy to make Hakuoro’s will shatter into pieces.

    So yeah, even in the game, you can consider that the one he loves is indeed Eruruu.

  26. OMG! T-T I dont’ want it to end! I love a happy ending! SEE! We need more anime endings like Utawarerumono! I can’t believe it’s really over and poor Yuzuha. But the way Eruruu acted at the end…It looks like Hakuoro does come back. Why would Eruruu be so happy and Aruruu be all, seeing something strange! I’m pretty sure he comes back. (dont’ correct or ish be angry.)

  27. Anime series didn’t mention who exactly Mutsumi was. She called Dii/Witsarunemitea and Hakuoro-Iceman/Witsarunemitea “Father”, but that’s it. No further explanation.
    In the PC H-game version, iirc, things went like this.

    In his laboratory days with Mikoto and Mizushima, Iceman suddenly had a telepathy conversation with another experimental sub-human being. Iceman didn’t know who it was. It claimed that “she” was a clone daughter of him DNA-wise, with code number 63. She wanted to be given a name like Mikoto. So he gave her a name, Mutsumi. She had very strong super-natural ability, or ESP.

    Mikoto’s baby with the white ring apparently is an ancestor of Eruru, while Mutsumi is an ancestor of Urutorii and Kamyu.

  28. Jade Maehara:
    The Twins (archers) are female if you saw the anime in one of the episodes they’re with Oboro naked in bed after being drinking…

    Hakuoro is not back, they all think about him and smile or get melanchollic because he was a nice god/man 😛

    As usual ppl, don’t watch an anime specting too much in the end, just watch it and feel what the writers want you to feel. After that let it go and smile, just like Eruruu did 🙂

  29. ei the twins are males (read mastress’ summaries yep they stated that they are males even going further showing themselves to oborro lols) and hakouro did indeed return to the village even was almost stated by the game… and we never got to see yuzuha’s child though

  30. I believe that in the end Hakuoro comes back, asides from the game which apparantly he did, i think he did come back in the end. There are speculation that it must be just his “presence” and they might be right, but that would mean he’s dead, which of course he isn’t. He is a god after all and so when they sealed and stabbed him (by all his comrades), it was just so both the destructive part of the god (Dii) and the part which wants to be purged (Hakuro) could both be sealed back to sleep. However unlike Dii which only wants to arouse chaos, Hakuoro has something to go back to now, which is of course Eruru, since Hakuoro realized Eruru’s love like Mikoto, before he thought that when he was saying his farewell that Eruru never loved him and if she did it was just a lie made by the contract. Of course Eruru, denied this telling him she loved him and asked him “How long is for awhile?” which she asked when Hakuoro said he will sleep for awhile. This means that Hakuro will return no matter what, so with that long explanation I am sure Hakuro returned in the end (given by with a lot of people sensing his return: Kuuya, Aruru, Mukuru, Urutori, and Eruru with her smile as she turned around in the end)^.^ thus a happy ending pplz.

  31. Although the twins are officially shown as males in the game.
    But in the anime the issue was not brought up, scenes also hint that they are females.
    Remember that we cannot bring the anime and game together. So i guess their gender is up to viewers?

    And i would like to think that Oborro was in bed with females and not males,naked.

  32. well, I really hope the final vol DVD’s omake does have a scene that clear up the issue whether Hakuoro is back or not.

    Rightnow only 4 DVD are out..
    (upto ep 19), a little to go till 26..

  33. I definitely loved this anime. The reason i started watching it was when i saw a picture of Eruruu and Aruruu with their awesome ears and tail and i said to myself that it was so cool that i had to find out what the story was about. Needless to say, i got WAY more than i expected. Great story…it really was. Expecting a feudal Japan…i was terribly wrong.

    The last episode was really great. However i almost cried when they took away Mikoto and her baby from Hakuoro, and i heard they dismantled (for a more humanly term) her. I was happy when Eruruu kissed Hakuoro though. Yuzuha’s death really hit me hard though.

    The thing i love about anime and stories like this are actually open ended ones. I like the happy endings, so im going to believe Hakuoro came back to Eruruu at the end. That smile and ear twitch just sealed the ending for me. Sad it had to end though…this is one of those series that i wish it was 52 episodes :(. Great while it lasted though! 😀

    Eternal Blaze
  34. I think Hakuoro does come back in the end.

    Without the mask.

    Because Hakuoro himself was NOT the god Witsuarunemitea, merely a HUMAN who allowed it to possess him in exchange for his life. It’s pretty clear that Hakuoro’s non-transformed personality is that of the scientist who fused with Witsuarunemitea. Witsuarunemitea took the form of his mask. Witsuarunemitea basically just wanted to rest peacefully, so now that both his evil and good side are sealed away, he can do that. But Witsuarunemitea DID make that contract with Hakuoro when Hakuoro was just a scientist, and the terms of the contract were that Hakuoro would LIVE!

    Meaning I think that Witsuarunemitea used its power to send Hakuoro back to everybody, not as the fusion of the scientist and the god, but as just the scientist as that is the person that everybody loved, not Witsuarunemitea. Meaning he finally won’t have his mask due to separating with Witsuarunemitea.

    Doesn’t that make sense? Honestly I can’t see how you could possibly interpret it any differently once you take all the facts into account. Can you all seriously not see it? I feel like I’m taking CRAZY PILLS here! What have you got? NOTHING! YOU’VE GOT NOTHING! Okay that’s enough quoting Zoolander for one day…

  35. Ok trying to sum everything up…


    Hakuro is really a god who was captured for scienctifical purposes by the human race. The humans probably had something happen on the surface and realized their fragile bodies were unable to survive on the surface. Utalizing Iceman’s mask they hoped to live on the surface again, but the holographic guy (don’t remember his name) released all the genetic experiments (resulting all the people we see in the anime) including Iceman but Iceman, his girl, and his child were all captured. Iceman was merely captured while the others were disected. Upon learning this Icemen became furious and imobolized (I think) all the humans at the base. He asked to be killed or purified and Mutsumi attempted to but it had no effect on Iceman but kill most or all of the humans in the base. Then Iceman split into two parts resulting in Dii and Hakuro who then became sealed in the soil and slept for a long time; sometimes waking for short periods.
    As for the rest I guess the rest of the escaped experiments worked up for awhile and soon into a fuedal system seen the in show. Some of the humans may have survived and just mated with the experiments because it seems like Benwaii is human.
    Also it showed satelites so I don’t know what happen to the humans there or they might have just been manned remotley or by AI.

    Answers to other questions.
    The twins are girls because of a few things. They have a tail and most guys don’t have tails. Their ears are down normally, and implys they are girls because from they are females’ ears are bent down. Kinda sterotypical but, they are archers (I dunno if that counts). And finally, they slept with Oborro for gods sake.

    Yuzuha was gonna die from the very first time she was seen. Even if she didn’t die at the very end I doubt she would live longer than a few more years. Especially with the loss of Hakuro.

    And a few other observations:
    Eruruu is probably a decendent of Iceman and Mutsumi seeing as she has that Ring in her hair which was seen in a flashback as a gift to Icemans child. I find it disturbing that she kissed her great-great-ect.-grandfather…

    Humans are very pathetic and stupider in the future. Lol. But people should’ve seen that one coming.

    Hakuro will most definatly wake up again at one point or another because history repeats itself. After he wakes up, who knows?

    At this point Hankuro’s little country he liberated (I always forget the name) at the very begining is without a doubt the most powerful nation. Oborro is probably going to have a much worse time stamping than Hankuro or Benwai ever did. Combined.

  36. Ugh.

    The TWINS ARE MALES, THEY ARE EFFING MALES. They tell you in the game itself and even the CREATORS ACKNOWLEDGE IT IN FANBOOKS. They’re guys, Oboro was bum raped. Sorry.

    Disturbing she kissed him? Listen, we’re all related somehow, because organisms and whatnot, all originated from the same place, yo uknow. He’s just as much related to her, as you are related to your girlfriend / wife, ect. I’m against incest, but there really isn’t any in Utware. Yuzuha yes, she will die in any version, but in the Visual Novel, she had Icemans kid, then died, and Oboro takes care of it.(Gods Child , anyone?)

    And as said, Hak himself isn’t Utaw, what happened was, he was shot, and died, but as he died he screamed inside his head that he didn’t wanna die(This happens in the game)and Utaw, being the vicious bastard that he is, granted this to Hak, in exchange for using his body(As his was all destroyed)

    What then happens is, Hak is found years later, frozen, and that’s what you see in the anime. That’s why he’s Iceman. Of course, there are a few questioning points, but overall if you play the Visual Novel, it’s mostly cleared up.

  37. Alright, here’s how I look at it. Hakuro came back in the game at the end, so it’s likely he came back in the anime. However the end is geared to be very sad so it’s not confirmed with the intent of felling that way. As for the twins… I read that in the game they were confirmed males and in the anime they were confirmed females. The reason for this is when they were found out to be males in the game some people were disappointed. This is backed up when that freaky salesman shows his stuff saying “Jewelery for the ladies,” and it shows the twins trying stuff on. Also in the scene with Obaro they cover most of the twins but still give them female shape. Scrawny boy shape is not the same as female shape. So while their not to well endowed as far a girls go, they do seemed to have been changed into girls in the anime for the sake of the fans in order to make them more popular.

  38. I like the game and the anime. I will talk about the main thing people are talking about on here:
    Twins: Yeah…..I guess yaoi is not popular. I’m glad they are female on the anime. It really freaked me out in the game. I liked how they put it of course. Humor is the best key.
    Ending: The anime had a great ending. I actually thought it was teary happy ending. I cried anyways. This anime is precious to me. Probably one of my favs of all time. The game is awesome. Not only is it long, but the game (only if its not a huge part of it all) is really fun. Like Fire Emblem. I liked the twists and the attachable characters. So…….if I am correct, the lab part was put in the past. And the whole plot is basically the future? No wonder there were robots….I’m trying to figure out the timeline…….its still a little cloudy. I’m still trying to figure this out. Overall though, what a great anime. Its anime though that should not be taken lightly and should be considered serious. Its not an anime for people who want an anime to just “entertain” them. Its like a mystery novel that must be uncovered. Anyone know where I could get the game’s OST? email me with that info:

    Nick VanderKooi (Lee-kun)
  39. One last thing. I knew that Yuzuha would have died. She has an unexplained illness that you know she will die. I did like her though. Poor girl…….

    Anyone what’s the hint with the doll or was that just for show? Hakuoro’s final seal really hits you hard. The poor guy. And………if anyone disagrees that Hakuoro is not back. You will get punched…not by me……but….by “her”…..eeeeee! Here she comes……! WAHHH!!

    Nick VanderKooi (Lee-kun)

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