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On the second day of the Ouran School Festival, Haruhi leaves home without any breakfast. The Host Club is once again in the Central Building Salon and Kyoya finds himself serving Éclair, who makes a comment about how he’s the third son and can’t become the heir no matter how hard he struggles. She also mentions what remains of Haruhi’s debt, so Kyoya calls Haruhi over. Éclair notes how Tamaki cherishes Haruhi, and that makes Haruhi wonder if Éclair is jealous. In any case, Éclair says that Tamaki isn’t coming because he’s under her orders not to show up here again. As the girls are talking, the other Host Club members are all standing around worried about Tamaki after what he had told them the previous day, but Kyoya breaks them up because entertaining the guests is the most important thing right now. After he sees Haruhi alone again, Kyoya goes over to tell her that because of Éclair, Haruhi’s debt is gone, so it’s ok for her to stop being a host whenever she wants. Haruhi’s eyes go wide with this news, and she remains silent through her shock. During this time, Kyoya’s father walks up to them and disdainfully calls this all worthless and a waste of time. Haruhi, however, finally speaks up and says that Kyoya is working his hardest along with the Host Club to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. She thinks that by being able to entertain others, their own feelings are enriched, and so she questions Kyoya’s father’s claim of worthlessness. Haruhi even says that she thinks Kyoya is admirable, but his father just walks away, having realized that Haruhi is the scholarship student that Kyoya had mentioned before.
Meanwhile, Tamaki’s father and his grandmother are in the chairman’s office discussing the danger of the Grand Tonnerre Company. By making them relatives, his grandmother thinks that the Suou family will prosper more and more. However, Tamaki’s father knows that Tamaki has no interest in being part of the Suou family, so he wonders how Tamaki’s grandmother did it. As it turns out, the deal was that if Tamaki became engaged to Éclair, it would be ok for him to see his mother again. She explains Tamaki will have to compensate for his father’s misconduct. At that time, Tamaki is in the Third Music Room playing the piano while Éclair is taking a shower. After she gets out, she hugs him from behind, but the two then get interrupted by his cell phone. Although Tamaki reaches for his phone, Éclair snatches it out from under him and checks it. But what catches Éclair’s eye is the photo sticker on the back of the phone featuring Tamaki and Haruhi together. She remembers how she had asked earlier if Haruhi was Tamaki’s lover, and how Haruhi had denied it. Éclair had thus considered Haruhi as just a person with no relation to Tamaki, but Haruhi had responded by saying that although she’s not Tamaki’s lover, she’s also not someone with no relation. Éclair ends up not answering the phone and instead dumping it into the nearby fish tank, suggesting to Tamaki that it’s better that he not talk to his friends lest he be left with regrets. It is at this point that a knocking is heard at the door and Kyoya’s father enters the room. The first thing he asks after sitting down is why Tamaki is here. Éclair thinks that it’s ok, and Tamaki immediately apologizes and takes responsibility for inviting Kyoya into the Host Club. As for Kyoya’s father, it seems that being here allows him to avoid the mass media, so it’s rather convenient. He explains that the Ootori family’s medical equipment company is going to be bought by the Grand Tonnerre Company soon, which means that Kyoya won’t get that company handed over to him as previously thought. Planning something on her own, Éclair has a request for Kyoya’s father.
By the afternoon, Kyoya has been trying to reach Tamaki via cell phone over and over. Nearby is Haruhi wondering why she’s dressed up as a woman whereas everyone else still looks male. With Kyoya unable to get through, Haruhi realizes that Tamaki never showed up at the Salon today. Instead of trying Tamaki again, Kyoya decides to call the Suou’s number two mansion and manages to reach Shima. The elderly lady figures out that Kyoya is calling about Tamaki and reveals the Suou family has forgiven Tamaki’s mother. She also recounts how Tamaki had felt that being around only causes more selfish trouble for the others. An angry Kyoya calls Tamaki an idiot and then tells the other Host Club members that Tamaki plans to return to France. Shima continues on the phone, saying that she thinks Tamaki’s mother wouldn’t be pleased if Tamaki left Ouran as he is now. The problem is, Tamaki is leaving this evening, but Kyoya realizes that the situation is even more dire when he personally sees Tamaki being driven off in Éclair’s car. The group heads off to the parking garage to chase after him, but they find themselves surrounded there by Ootori family private police, who are under orders from Kyoya’s father. At first, it appears that the Host Club is not going to be getting out, but then Haruhi hears the horse-drawn wagon approaching. Mori and Honey use it to burst through the line of police, and Mori tells the twins that they can use the wagon to catch Tamaki by using a bypass in the back. The private police are actually afraid of Honey and Mori, and that gives the twins enough time to ride off on the wagon with Haruhi. Kyoya, Mori, and Honey stay back and take care of all the private police, creating a giant pile of bodies once they’re done.
Riding through the woods, Hikaru is determined to bring back Tamaki because he knows that without Tamaki, they would have been left behind. It was thanks to the Host Club that they were able to meet Haruhi and become friends with everyone, and so he doesn’t want the club to end this abruptly. However, the wagon then hits a bump in the road and launches into the air, throwing Hikaru off and into a nearby pumpkin patch. In pain, Hikaru wonders if it’s really going to end this way. Moved by Hikaru’s words, Haruhi remembers how she hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning and how her father hugged her and told her that when she has to do her best, it’s not good to hesitate. With a determined look, Haruhi removes her wig and throws off her outer dress, takes the reins of the horses, and rides off alone. On the road, Éclair is asking Tamaki why he’s so silent, saying that as a host, he should be more entertaining. Tamaki instead asks her if it’s really ok for her to be engaged to someone she just met. Haruhi meanwhile catches sight of the car and has the horses jump onto the road. Both Tamaki and Éclair immediately turn around and see her, with Éclair being most surprised. Tamaki is more worried about Haruhi’s safety on that wagon, but Haruhi ignores his pleas and simply asks him to come back. Though she tells him that everyone doesn’t want him to leave, Tamaki still thinks that the Host Club was causing trouble for everyone. Haruhi in turn calls Tamaki a huge idiot and wonders if he doesn’t understand the difference between joking and being serious after having been with them for so long. As she stretches out her right hand, Haruhi declares that everyone likes the Host Club, and that she herself likes the Host Club. Tamaki reaches out to her, but gets held back by Éclair. During this short time, the horses sway left and right and the wagon crashes onto the railing of the bridge that they’re currently traveling over, causing Haruhi to lose her balance and fall off. After Éclair lets go of Tamaki’s arm, he tells her something and then makes the jump towards Haruhi. Tamaki and Haruhi are able to reach each other mid-air, and the two embrace as they fall into the water together.
Seeing the rest of the Host Club coming for the safe, but wet Tamaki and Haruhi, Éclair has her servant drive her off. The butler recalls that Éclair had for a long time heard from her housekeeper about the housekeeper’s son’s piano-playing. Éclair remembers how she had asked the housekeeper about there being such a gentle boy, and how Tamaki had thanked her before he jumped for Haruhi. She calls Tamaki an idiot because she was going to let him meet his mother again after so long, but she is also happy that he smiled for her. It seems that the opera glasses she had been using for so long are no longer with her; they are sitting on the ground on the bridge. That night, the Ouran School Festival ends with a dance. Haruhi dances with each of the Host Club members except for Hikaru because of his injured arm. Actually, Tamaki is about to dance with her, but Kyoya takes her first, much to Tamaki’s anger. Kyoya eventually gives her back to Tamaki, and the two finish the night dancing together, dancing under the fireworks. During all this, Tamaki’s and Kyoya’s fathers had a discussion about their sons. It seems that an unexpected backer showed up and purchased the Ootori medical equipment company before the Tonnerre Company. In fact, all management rights will be turned over to Kyoya’s father. When Tamaki’s father asks about the fund manager, Kyoya’s father reveals that it’s a student investor named “KO.” He figured out that “KO” stood for Kyoya Ootori – in other words, his own son. Tamaki’s father finds it a bit ominous, but he knows that Kyoya is one of the best. Kyoya’s father thinks that the one who’s really amazing is Tamaki, though he also knew that Kyoya was superior to his brothers. With Kyoya having used his own force to take something, find it unnecessary, and then return it under his father’s nose, Kyoya’s father realized that Kyoya found something more valuable, perhaps thanks to Tamaki. The two men then decide to get along from now on, just like their sons. However, Kyoya’s father has one more thing to affirm: he wants the scholarship student – Fujioka Haruhi – to be Kyoya’s bride. This is of course the one thing that Tamaki’s father can’t ever give them.
With the festival over, Tamaki explains that this Ouran Private Academy is first about prestigious families and second about money. Rich people have a lot of free time, and thus, the Ouran Host Club is about handsome guys with free time entertaining female students with free time and profiting off of it. It is a magnificent game unique to this super-rich school. Inside the Host Club Room, the members are gathered around Haruhi, who says that if you feel like it, please come to this Third Music Room to play at any time. Everyone in the Host Club is sincerely waiting for you to come.

Well as expected, Haruhi was the one to bring Tamaki back. The ending leaned HaruhiXTamaki, but it really did not develop any concrete romantic relationship between them. But given how the series had developed the two of them, I hadn’t been expecting anything like that. I guess the HaruhiXTamaki fans would want a kiss or something, but the embrace was probably as close to a HaruhiXTamaki ending as we could get. Tamaki and Haruhi are the implied favored couple, but there’s nothing saying that Kyoya or someone else won’t steal her away.
This final episode did a lot to make both Éclair and Kyoya’s father seem not so bad. We find out that Éclair came after Tamaki mainly because Tamaki’s mother worked as a housekeeper in the Tonnerre home, and had talked about Tamaki all the time. That doesn’t make some of her actions (like dumping the cell phone into the fish tank) any better, but we do get to learn of her easy-to-sympathize-with motivation at the end. I can’t help but wonder if the ending would have been better if Tamaki had been able to meet his mother again after all. And as for Kyoya’s father, he does admire his son very much, despite how hard-ass he may seem. One of the best and most surprising parts of the ending was the fathers talking about Haruhi becoming someone’s bride, which shows that they have great respect for her, even if they are kind of treating her like an object.
Overall, this is a good ending to a great show. I like how they came full circle with the ending by having Tamaki explain the Host Club just like he does at the beginning of the series. And having Haruhi and the Host Club members talk about coming to play at the Host Club and how they’ll be waiting (just like they normally say in the next-episode-previews) makes me almost think or wish that there will be more to this series.

Final Thoughts: Back in the spring, I had honestly completely under-estimated this series when I was planning out what to watch. But after seeing the first episode, I knew that Ouran High School Host Club would be amazing. And it was: with a strong cast that included Sakamoto Maaya voicing Haruhi and a lot of hilarious material to work with, this show had me hooked. I will admit that I much preferred the funny episodes to the serious episodes, but the character development was still welcome. My favorite episode was probably the return of the Zuka Club in episode 19, but a close second would be the Alice in Wonderland episode 13 that actually made me tear up a little. I once again commend BONES for the fantastic job they did with pretty much every aspect of this show. I have even more respect for them now than I used to, and I wish Ouran High School Host Club was a longer series.
Incidentally, DEATH NOTE will be taking this show’s timeslot on NTV starting next week. Find out more about it in my Fall 2006 Preview.

September 26, 2006 at 7:26 pm
  • October 25, 2006 at 8:52 amsuxer

    btw wad is the song title when tamaki senpai jump over to save haruhi from dropping down onto the sea?

  • October 30, 2006 at 11:59 pmlilcupidangel

    i love this anime soo much!! all the humor. it was worth watching…and im still in love with it!!

  • October 31, 2006 at 8:41 amsora

    the name I gave was actually one of my nicknames!. Tuthfully this site is great! Though for this chapter, I didn’t read it that much! I didn’t want to spoil the tension when I’m going to watch it! Its a great anime though so far I’ve only bought its fist volume, episodes 1-9. Hey what can I say, its the only available episode, the first voulume. I can’t wait!!! I chacked out more bacause I really love this anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my siblings loved it. I just had to watch this even though it involved me returning it cause the first one I bought was broken going to two malls!! It was tiring but when you watch it its worth it!! I really love this!!! I wan’t to buy its manga so I guess I have to save money a lot and its not easy ‘coz there are only a few mangas here in our area.

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  • November 3, 2006 at 6:07 amZixon

    Fantastic series, although I think the ending should’ve been a 1 hour finale since they seemed to have compressed a lot of material into just 30 minutes. There wasn’t too much of the cute little comedic scenes that were the best moments in the 26 series episode. Nevertheless, this show was fantastic and hope that a season 2 does come out. (Maybe after Tamaki and everyone graduates and Haruhi has taken over the host club hehe)

  • November 28, 2006 at 9:38 pmTifa Fujin

    I loved the ending!! It was probably the best ending out of all the animes I have watched… And Dward, Haruhi is now the “King”!!! Mwahaha! *Cough Cough* Queen *Cough Cough* Haruhi did get a lot of attention from the girls and the host club….

  • January 3, 2007 at 10:52 amHaruhi – Chan

    Hope there will be a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]]

  • January 20, 2007 at 7:57 pmDonna

    I wanted Haruchi and Tamaki to finally get together and kiss! Other then that I loved the ending lol

  • March 6, 2007 at 2:42 pmLex-Laramire


    He tells her thank you…. at least ZI believe that’s whjat he says.

    and he smiles at her which is why she cry’s because he’s kind and gentle like she’d been told.

  • May 6, 2007 at 10:26 pmLarxene

    the ending is really great!!!what does the father of kyouya means when he said he would make haruhi the bride of kyouya….i love the songs…..my favorite char. are hikaru and kaoru….would there be a second season? l would like to know what happened after that…

  • May 23, 2007 at 10:23 amtaker

    no movie ?
    If there is one i like to see the hitch vs host club :)

  • June 6, 2007 at 11:48 amabaraimel

    it`s shooooooooooo shweeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~*

  • July 5, 2007 at 1:27 pmMONTSE

    grasias por las imagemes
    por dar mas imagenes de ouran high school: host club

  • July 7, 2007 at 12:21 amCutie038

    I’m in love with the Host Club, but personally I think that Haruhi and Tamaki should’ve kissed at the end. That would’ve been the perfect ending:) But that is my opinion. I think they make a perfect couple. Tamaki is alway’s looking after Haruhi… he may be a little over pertective, but then he seems very deeply in love with Haruhi like he would do anything for her.

  • July 19, 2007 at 10:11 pmJess

    I hated the ending for Ouran High School. I felt enough had not been covered, maybe it was just I didn’t want the series to end! Or, at least, I wanted a proper kiss to happen between Haru-chan and someone! Like, Mori!!!! I wanted an episode seeing Mori’s ‘wild’ side… he is the best. Kawaiii!!!

  • July 20, 2007 at 7:42 pmFireChick

    GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!!! FUNimation has officially gained license to Ouran High School Host Club!!! Woooohooooooooooo!!! AND it’s scheduled for release sometime in 2008!

  • August 2, 2007 at 11:11 amclarry

    i reLLy lOve…Ouran ..haha dAh best…

    but i wisH dEr wAs a sEasOn 2..i want To wAtch mOre of Itz ep…

    but reLLy Gr8!!!aNIme..and kawaii..characterz…

  • August 28, 2007 at 5:07 pmMitoko

    They should sub the documentary of the cast on DVD as well,

  • September 2, 2007 at 4:26 amWaahh?

    What?! No kiss?!!!

  • September 5, 2007 at 2:54 amOuranFAN101

    If you love ouran and u want some more sign this petition!!!!http://www.petitiononline.com/1778487/petition.html

  • September 10, 2007 at 9:01 amindigoanexis

    thanks, finally i got to know the end of this fascinating story :p
    It’s just far from what i ever imagine..

  • September 13, 2007 at 4:48 amShiniken

    atauly, 2 me de ending is quite dissapoiting 2 me…..
    but i love de part where de song Shissou ply when haruhi is chasing tamaki
    de best part of all!!~~~~~
    over is de best!!~~~~
    hope season 2 wil come out fast!

  • September 17, 2007 at 10:07 pmdyza_lsk

    lurve the anime so much. i hope there will be 2nd season, if possible please make the live action too. hehehe. me and my friends have this fantasy…for live action actors since we dont have any assignments or work to do. hehehe…hope you will like our choice of the actors…

    haruhi – kimura kaela
    tamaki – hideaki takizawa
    kyouya – nishikido ryo
    hitachiin brothers – Tomohisa Yamashita
    honey – kokkei teppei (waT)
    mori – oguri shun
    renge – Megumi Sato (sakurako from hana yori dango series)
    nekozawa – matsuyama ken’ichi
    kasanoda – Yuma Ishigaki (minami fron gokusen 1 series)
    ranka – gackt
    kyouya’s older sister – Nanako Matsushima (fuyusuki from gto series)
    tamaki’s dad – takashi sorimachi
    eclair – mika nakashima

    lots of johnny in the list coz we have a limited list of japanese actors and actresses. hehehe.

    laugh if you want, comment if you want.

    i just want to kill my time in the lab. hehehe

  • October 13, 2007 at 9:59 amMitsukuni-fan

    gaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!!!! i wish they make more!!! more more more!!!!

  • October 24, 2007 at 11:10 pmrawrrr

    i wish there was a second season..

    This is my favorite anime series so far! my favorite episodes is the first one and the last one. tho all the episodes are awesome. The manga is good too. i hope a relationship starts to develop soon :D

  • October 26, 2007 at 4:18 amuzuke

    nice happy ending..
    im still waiting for season 2..will they come out?

  • November 8, 2007 at 7:40 amMori-sempai obsessed

    In reply to “Omg, if that is Renge on the 26th picture.. then wow, she’s looking friggen awesome.”

    Thats actually Haruhi all dressed up for the big dance, she just has a wig on. As for the coupling, I love Haruhi with Tamaki, but it would have been interesting to see her with Takashi. He’s the strong silent type, and the bond between him and “Hunny” is adorable. But I can’t complain with the outcome. It does leave me wanting another season though.

  • January 6, 2008 at 3:30 amLysberith

    Tamaki-sama said “Arigatou” to Lady Eclair during the mute period :p

    ayeee… kawaii da ne ;)

  • January 24, 2008 at 5:05 amYoruko

    I watched La Corda d’Oro and Ouran nearly back-to-back (since I was in a mood for reverse harem-esque) series and while La Corda left the plot screaming for a 2nd season, I personally think Ouran doesn’t need a full second season since most of it resolved pretty well already. Perhaps it would be nice if there were a post-anime set of 4-5 OVAs or a movie for Ouran.

    Meh, time to read the manga now I guess.

  • October 18, 2008 at 1:16 amkyoko

    I wish there was a 2 seaon grrrrr SUNRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 2, 2008 at 1:04 pmLololololz


  • November 28, 2008 at 4:46 pmHaiko-chan

    some of the episodes really makes me cry,but the manga version totally ‘like’ to cause me shed tears (-,-),especially when it comes to Tamaki’s lifestory.Parting from his mom,then can never see her again…
    As the manga still ongoing,now i understand why there’s just 26 episodes,and still there are many questions not answered.To know the real story of OHSHC,from start till the end,read the manga kudasai ne hehehe..
    ………no offense but i LOVE Tamaki…………Tamaki’s real name is;
    @%%~Ren`e Tamaki Richard Grantaine~%%@

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  • October 14, 2009 at 2:24 amLuke Kim

    Is there Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 or more episode than 25?? I hope there is more!!!!

  • November 19, 2009 at 12:24 amTuni

    What he says is “thank you.”

  • December 30, 2009 at 2:40 pmTaslima ;

    Its so amazing when she falls on him with that pretty dress she has on. So romantic. :) Ouran is a great anime ^.^ and i was literally crying when the show ended. :\ Only if, they had a second season! >:o

  • January 8, 2010 at 2:49 amNafez

    i wish that it had ended with just a snap shot of their wedding kiss <3

  • February 5, 2010 at 8:20 amSeraph

    If you read the manga, which has gone ALOT further with the story.

    You’ll see the host club going towards a more dramatic genre.

    With the relationship between Haruhi,Tamaki, Kaoru and Hikaru; Further involvement of Tamaki’s mother and the souh family; Honey and Mori senpai graduating…

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