-Hachi eventually got a message from Nana saying that she’d be staying at Ren’s for the night.
-After their night together, Reira admits to Shin that she’s half American, but hides it so that people don’t attribute her looks or talents to that. With everyone telling her not to ruin her image, she finds that being human is tiring.
-At band practice, Shin scolds Nobu for only doing things halfway when he went to see Hachi earlier.
-Shin is having trouble smoking because he seems to have lost his necklace lighter.
-Gaia music is interested in the band and will be coming to Blast’s next live concert to scout them out.
-Nana mentions Nobu to Hachi, which reminds Hachi of what Nobu said about surpassing Takumi. Nana admits to having seen Takumi and Hachi together on that previous night, but claims that she left that night because Ren called her. Nana also announces that she’ll be staying at Ren’s for two weeks since the band is on break.
-Hachi is insecure in her relationship with Takumi, but Nana actually tries to vouch for him. Hachi hadn’t thought that Nana would encourage her that way, and that’s why she hadn’t told Nana earlier about it. Nana admits to hating girls who follow the newest fads, but she saw how Hachi had been crying to Takumi, so she wouldn’t scorn Hachi.
-Hachi knows that Nobu found out about her relationship with Takumi and asks if Nana told anyone. Nana did indeed tell Yasu, but she remembers that Nobu and Shin learned about this from Takumi himself. Ren had told Nana about what happened at the party, but he also thought that Takumi might actually like Hachi.
-Shin gets another call from Reira and goes to see her. Before he leaves, he tells Nobu that the one thing Nobu can beat Takumi in is love.
-Shin arrives at Reira’s place, and she wonders if he intentionally left his necklace lighter at her place. She tries to use it to lure him into her apartment, but Shin simply holds out his hand and says that she has to pay in advance.
-While Nana is taking a bath and singing to herself, Nobu meets with Hachi on the waterfront outside her apartment building. He finally confesses that he likes her.
-Reira meanwhile didn’t intend to have Shin come over to sleep with him, so Shin decides to leave without his lighter. Reira chases him to the elevator where the places the lighter around his neck. Shin admits that the 100,000 yen price was a lie. Although he usually gets a large sum, no one has ever paid him that much in cash before. He figures out that this must be the first time Reira has bought herself a man, and because he feels so awkward from all that money, he agrees to spend another night with her. After the door closes, separating them, Shin leans silently against the elevator wall.
-Nobu knows that Hachi hasn’t been coming to their studio practices because of what he said, but he tells her not to worry about him and that everyone is lonely without her. He is relieved when Hachi agrees to do so, and says that that’s satisfying enough for him. These words make Hachi many times happier than Takumi’s words.
-Back in her room, Hachi realizes that if she wasn’t with Takumi, she would have definitely fallen for Nobu and would have become his girlfriend. But she also knows that if she sees Takumi again, she’ll sleep with him again. She’s not sure what she really wants.
-The next day, Nana leaves before Hachi wakes up, having left only a brief note. When Hachi does get up, she wonders if Nana will be coming back in two weeks.
-In retrospect, Hachi thinks that even now, there isn’t a day when she doesn’t wish for Nana to be across from her at that table. Her heart calls out Nana’s name many times.

-It’s good to see an episode that features ShinXReira so heavily. They’re one of my favorite couples in this series, especially with Hirano Aya voicing Reira.
-As much as I like Nobu more than Takumi, I think that Hachi really needs to change herself before she can have a stable relationship. In that sense, I think it’s better for her to be with neither of them, even though I know that it’s only going to get more entangled from here on out.
-With the new season starting, there’s a chance I might drop Nana for a different show. It depends on how the new season starting next week with such Wednesday shows as Negima!? and Yoakena (see the fall preview for more information) turns out.


  1. I vote for Nana over Negima, even with Shinbou directing. Delay a day if you must. Nana is a great story. I understand that josei/shoujo may not be the preferred genre of most animephiles, but it is mine, and this is so much more interesting, deep and mature a series than 90% of all anime. I mean, real human beings versus magic students or fairies or monsters? No contest.

    The opening monologue in this epsiode proved to me that Hirano Aya is as good as SHnY made her seem. It gave me chills.

  2. Delay a day if you must.
    Well if I could I would, but…
    Let’s go over the schedule:
    Bleach is moving to Wednesdays. In addition, there are a couple of Wednesday shows I’m looking forward to. In other words, Wednesdays are no good.
    However, Thursdays are even worse. There are no less than eight shows I’m very interested in for Thursday. I might even spill one or two into Friday. No chance there either.

  3. Ooops, I totally glazed over the part about dropping NANA.

    It’s really your choice, but you will definitely be missed!! I always like checking out your NANA summaries because the fansubs are kind of slow and I don’t have enough HD room to get the raws as well.

  4. If you drop nana You will be missed. I am always coming here looking for the summeries, since i don’t speack Japanese…This is the only way that i can know what is going on with this killer anime…But like the others have said it is up to you…I am hopping that the other anime are worth it…Thanx for your hard work…

  5. I understand you have lots of shows to summarize / screencap, thanks very much for all your hard work.
    Since Blood+ ended, Nana is the only anime that I watch now.
    I hope that you don’t drop Nana, but if you have to, I understand.

    I vote to keep Nana ^_^
    Thanks very much

  6. I’m okay with Negima … but please don’t drop Nana. I’m a student and I don’t have time to watch the series (I read the manga though) so I skim through your posts to find out which episodes I should watch because of my limited anime time. Anyway, about this ep: Hate hate hate Takumi. He’s shite. Plus he and Reira look like they have a thing don’t they? Gah.

  7. why is there no summary on episode 25 ?_? (really quite disappointed)tis website have posted the most NANA summaries, i am looking foward to more summareies on NANA, please don’t drop it, pretty PLEASE…………..

  8. please please pleaseeee! don’t drop NANA!!! you’re the only one I know that does episode summaries for the show and my life would be incomplete without knowing what happens to NANA!!! also I’m really amazed by how much work you have been doing… I can never imagine myself having that much time… keep up the great job!!!

  9. Hachi is the posterchild for rebound dating… One relationship goes sour, and soon she’s back on her feet…
    Anway with Negima, I’m sure that you have your hands full. Guess we’re gonna have to do things the old fashioned way and just watch the episodes as they come out 🙂

  10. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!!! i cannot believe Hachi dumped Nobu because *if u havnt watched it yet* SHE GOT PREGANT! even though she knows that she doesn;t have to assume that nobu cant support her becuase HELLO hes FREAKIN RicH! she knows she loves him and he luvs her back so y she going to hurt him by marrying takumi becuase he is in trapnest?! GOD the Trapnest is the DEVIL’s CURSE!!! WAAAAAAA nobu has to go and beat up takumi and get hachi back…. i hate these kinda shojo, waaaa. does someone agree wit me?

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