There were some server issues this morning, so the site was down for a few hours. Everything should be back up now and will hopefully stay up.


  1. Hmm, if the time comes contact me^^ There are much better and faster server for that price in Germany^^ One of my, well lets say better earning relatives, has even his own private IBM server with 10mbit connection..

  2. For the record the downtime was because of a hardware failure on the server all the sites are hosted on. Dreamhost moved everything over to another server as quickly as possible but it does take time to do so (not to mention we aren’t the only people that were on that server).

    We’re happy to host anime/manga related blogs, just drop me an E-mail (you can find my E-mail address on my blog at ) if you’re interested. 🙂

    And all donations are greatly appreciated. The way the donation system is setup all donations go directly to the hosting fees, they can’t be used for anything else. 🙂

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