ayaka (絢香), an artist that debuted earlier this year, releases her second single melody ~SOUNDS REAL~ on May 10th. Her first single, the ballad I believe, reached the number three spot on the Oricon charts. In comparison, melody is a faster paced pop song. ayaka’s has an absolutely stunning voice, but I think I believe shows that off better than melody does. And yes, she can actually sing well live, unlike some other popular female artists. She also looks gorgeous in this PV, more so than I remember her from her previous PVs and performances. Overall, melody is a catchy song, and ayaka is definitely a rising star to keep an eye on.


  1. She will succeed by not singing the weird, non-mainstream style KOKIA and Lyrico (other killer vocals) have pioneered. It’s too bad, I think those 2 is pwned by inferior production. I like classical and all, but what they do is just odd.

  2. She sing in a very different way than usual j-pop women singer and I like it

    Very good song anyway, with good PV (she’s cute =)), thanks for making me discover it Omni
    Keep the PV section ^^


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