OP Sequence

OP: 「太陽のかけら」 (Taiyou no Kakera) by 白石涼子 (Shiraishi Ryouko)
Watch the OP!: Mirror 1

ED Sequence

ED: 「ぐるぐる ~himawari version~」 (Guruguru ~himawari version~) by eufonius
Watch the ED! Mirror 1

I’m surprised how well the animation quality held up for the second episode.
I’m going to hold off on writing this entry until I get some other stuff done, which may mean a long delay. I’m honestly still considering whether I want to keep blogging this series.
Overall, this series doesn’t interest me enough to keep blogging. I’m just going to wait for Tsubasa Chronicle to start back up for my second Saturday show.


  1. Slow first ep and sleep inducing second ep. I wouldn’t blame ya if you dropped this along with soul link. Next week mecha and ninjas I’ll watch it if only out of sheer curiosity.


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