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ED: 「Sherry」 by dB
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The ending song isn’t bad, but it doesn’t really seem to fit the series. Maybe something with a bit more rock would be better for this series.

I guess the R-15 rating should have tipped me off that this wouldn’t be fun and games. The basic premise to Tokko is that the main character Shindou has joined the police force during a period of particularly brutal crimes. His parents were killed in an bloody incident five years ago and he now lives with just his sister. Shindou keeps having a dream of that day when he and his sister found his dead parents (or what was left of them) and of the girl holding a bloody sword. He finds out that there exists an elite section in the police force called the Tokko that’s rumored to carry swords. Shindou witnesses one of them first-hand when the exact same girl from his dreams comes and saves him when some zombie-ish humans attack him and his fellow officers.
Animation is decent for the first episode. I’m not a big fan of the character designs, especially given how good they looked in Fujisawa Tooru’s original work. But the main reason I won’t be watching this is because of the excessive violence (people getting shot in the face, heads crushed, decapitations, blood everywhere). It’s just not the series for me.


  1. I competely understand you Omni, that’s also nothing for me. Too violent, don’t like the character design also. And the story is nothing for me. I need something funny, last time I watched such a serious series was Basilisk.. I was disturbed for over 3 weeks.. (call me sensitive, ha, ha >.

  2. This is done by the same guy that did GTO, when I first read the manga I was quite shocked. I just came across a few pages of it one day and thought to myself hm… the face style looks familer and when I read the auther name on the cover I was like WTF@#$ how can it be him!?!

    Only read up to vol.3 and the turn of event kind of reminds you of bleach.

  3. yeah, i liked elfen lied (which also had nudity and lots of violence) but that was because it had a nice “romance” backing, the story was alright, and the violence wasn’t ALL the time; however elfen lied was something i couldn’t watch everyday, i quickly finished it and moved on (again it was good but i can’t handle excessive violence/gore)

    so i probably won’t watch this…

  4. Why couldn’t they do Rose Hip Rose?

    And what’s with the Pandemonium Box? This ain’t “Hellrasier” For crying out loud. There are 8 movies of that and it’s enough. We don’t need a manga to rip off it.

    Demon Eyes
  5. Hmm I’m not sure how they’re are gonna go through with this series. The manga only has to 3 volumes and the 3rd one is like it’s own complete different story. To quote pnyxtr from AW, “There isn’t enough story to fill a crumpled up paper cup.” To make it worst, Fujisawa Tooru is currently working on Rose Hip with Rose Hip Zero, so I don’t foresee any new chapters in the near future.

    I agree with Omni on the character design. I was excited when a heard that Tokko was gonna be animated… then I went to their website and saw the character designs, and I’m like “bleh.”

  6. I recently read the first two volumes from the manga, scanlated by Anime Waves.

    When Omni mentioned me this, I decided to give a try to the manga and got me hooked up.

    TOKKO I view it as as niponised vision of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead.

    It is more like Blood + Gantz + RE4 + Evil Dead.

    The creatures that possesed humans or turn devils are called Phantoms. The only way to destroy the possessed humans is through dismemberment, particularly with a sword. A parallel how deadites and yokushuu are effectively wasted in both Evil Dead and Blood.

    I’ll give a chance to the anime, now that the manga has me got all monkey business on me.

  7. this show is tame, compared to Godzilla USA ( Really, at least they don’t use dead fish here )

    given the premise that this is based on the cult favourite TOKKO, which is itself based of ‘Evil Dead’ ( i was thinking ‘Hell Raiser’ ), the starting few scenes made it seem non-commital to faithfully following the chara designs… but that soon proved false…

    i’ll be watching this one just to see how the voice actors play. Suzumura Kenichi and Orikasa Fumiko play the lead roles

    the OM character behind the TOKKO in the title means: it came from without …

  8. You do have to give the show credit for not being the umpteenth yuri, mahou shoujo, or bishojou game adaptation series out this season. Along with The Third and Black Laggon, this season has some pretty decent action series out.

  9. I didn’t like Gantz, even though I did watch it. It wasn’t the blood and gore that turned me off, it was more like the series in general, and how the “story” progressed. I didn’t like most of the characters and the ones that I did… well died obviously… however the story in TOKKO seems interesting, the zombie-ish people and the face bugs made me twitch at the sight of them. This also has a Bleach turn of events feeling that was previously mentioned, which makes the series more likeable since it isn’t all just fanservice

  10. I liked this. I am expecting a lot from the creator of GTO. The first sequence is mad as f**k, there is a really intense chase scene with some music like Aphex Twin that absolutely mashed my head. Gonna be good i feel though, Rukia’s voice from Bleach is the bird too.

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