-Almost all of the civilians get evacuated.
-The terrorsts attack, killing most of the defenders.
-Our heroes band together as the resistence.
-Aya gets shoved into a locker after her shower by a mysterious person. After the fighting is over and the terrorists haven taken the station, she’s discovered by Karen.
-Ryouta, Sayaka, Shuhei, and Cellaria vs. Karen and enemy footsoldiers. They kill several soldier, Celleria gets shot in the arm, and Shuhei is able to easily hold his ground against Karen. They’re able to get away by locking the door behind them thanks to Kazuhiko at the door’s controls.

Bleh, it didn’t get much better. They’re supposed to be in this tense situation, but the show then features fanservice of Aya, complete with the fanservicey music.
After much consideration, I think I’m going to be dropping this show. It’s been a pretty big disappointment.


  1. hm… while I’d really like to disagree and persuade you to continue… I get your feelings. Ep 2 was heavily disappointing… so maybe this one too. Still I’m giving it a few more episdoes before dropping it.

  2. What a … disaster of a show. The animation is pathetic and the storyline sounds like none of the writers did the remotest bit of research before just making stuff up. No one is acting like they’ve had the slightest training for the jobs they’re supposed to have …. arrrrgh. Anyone who has a clue about this sort of stuff is cringing.

    I can’t treat this as serious action/drama OR fanservicey silliness. What a waste of interesting character design.

  3. Wow… I can’t believe we’re at ep.3 out of 13 and the plot isn’t developing much.

    This show is entirely fanservice with some little plot development in-between. However, as I was about to drop this show for good, this episode just makes me hang on to it till the next episode.

    If the characters and the show really get to it during next eppy, I’ll still be on, otherwise, bye bye SL.

    PS: Yuu is HOT ^^

  4. The Anime is getting more intense at the later stage.. Can try watching Ep 8 & 9 its getting better… 😉 At first I also thought its moving abit slow.. But it’s getting into it. 😉


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