A group of ten Inukami under Kawahira Kaoru (Keita’s cousin) gathers for a meeting. Their leader Sendan takes roll call of the Inukami (Igusa, Tayune, Gokyouya, Tensou, Furano, Imari & Sayoka, and Tomohane) notices that one of them is missing: Nadeshiko. Once she finally arrives, Hake comes and tells the girls of a job from Kaoru. The girls are all excited about the job after hearing Kaoru’s name, but Nadeshiko says that she wants to stay and watch over the house. The rest of the girls go to an indoor pool where there have been some mysterious happenings. They meet Youko and Keita, who were also called there for the job. The target turns out to be a water creature whose droplets can burn through clothes. Youko and Keita are easily able to destroy it by enveloping it in flames and evaporating it. As it turns out, the owner of the place had mistakenly called in Youko and Keita when he actually only wanted Kaoru’s Inukami. Youko and the rest of the girls don’t get along, so she drags Keita home thinking that the job’s done. However, the girls soon figure out that the monster is still around. All of them (except Nadeshiko who has come but still doesn’t want to fight) gather around and do a group technique called “Purgatory.” After the job is truly over, Nadeshiko says a prayer for the monster because she believes that it was still a life. Meanwhile, back in his apartment Keita is happily waiting. Earlier, he had made a request to Hake about getting a cute Inukami to help with the housework. That Inukami turns out to be none other than Nadeshiko, whose old group was more than happy to get rid of her.

Well I believe this is the first episode without lots of male nudity. You’d think that with a monster made up of acid that burns through clothes there’d be a lot more fanservice, but that wasn’t the case (for better or worse). This episode is more about introducing Kaoru and his Inukami. Well actually, we hear all of this stuff about the Kaoru, but we never actually get to see who he is. The girls go wide-eyed every time his name is mentioned, so you’d think he’s something special, but I get the feeling they’re going to keep him under wraps for most of this series. On the other hand, we get to meet all ten of his Inukami. The person of interest is Nadeshiko, and I’m a bit curious what her purpose is if she doesn’t want to fight or do anything other than housework. Hopefully there’s more to her than the maid stereotype. And if the preview is any indication, Youko is going to have a field day next episode trying to keep Keita’s hands off of Nadeshiko.


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    If there’s a post with a つづく at the end, that means I haven’t finished writing the post yet. Usually I put up the screencaps well in advance of the summary and impressions. Unless I note otherwise, the full write-up will be done within a few hours after I first post screenshots.

  2. Still love the show, with or without the men… ^^; Glad they didn’t go over board with fanservice for the girls, the show from the start had some fanservice (the guys aren’t fanservice) but I thought it was all in good humor, not like “lets go see shana get changed” lol ^^; (no ofence shana fans, just an example)

    Hope you keep blogging the show Omni, the character interactions are really nice here, and dont seem forced and all ansty & Dramatic or really predictable in a way. Although its not groundbreaking in alot of ways its so different in alot of other ways its nice.

    One of my fav shows this season. You cant tell what the show is like from looking at the screen shots lol so before people judge it the should give it a goo first.

    ~ :) ~
  3. I’m shocked too. Its not like I expect it to be subbed. Its just that alot of other shows which are getting like 6 fangroups subbing them, and here this anime isn’t subbed when it really is a well made anime, if you like the content.

    Just a question, I was looking around to see how long the show is going to bad but not luck.. 🙁 Does anyone know if the show is to be planned to be 26? or 13?


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