Attention Please is about a girl named Misaki Yoko, played by Ueto Aya, who wants to become a Cabin Attendant because of a guy she likes. She somehow passes her interview and is sent into flight attendant training. However, her wild personality is very different from all the other trainees, and she soon develops several enemies. The teacher, Mikami Tamaki, is also very strict with her because Yoko has a hard time doing things the right way. Yoko does make some friends in the class, but after an embarrassing incident, she’s forced to re-examine her goals. She visits the guy she had feelings for, but he tells her that the comment he had made before about how she’d look in a uniform was just a joke. She also finds out that he’s got a girlfriend now. Yoko throws away the ring he had given her and spends the next day moping around. Her training instructor Mikami finds her playing basketball with some kids and lectures her about the real meaning of the job and how she’s running away. Yoko decides to return to her training because, even though she doesn’t understand what it true means to be a cabin attendant, she won’t lose. The episode ends with Mikami pointing out that Yoko’s fly is open.

I’ll be honest: I watched this show because Ueto Aya is cute (even though she can’t sing worth crap) and because I have fond memories of the last airline drama I watched (Good Luck!). This first episode takes place mostly in the training center of Japan Airlines (JAL), so it’s not quite the same as the in-flight drama that Good Luck! had. Yoko is a very tomboyish and wild, which causes her to stick out like a sore thumb amongst all of the other girls who want to become cabin attendants (CAs). There were some pretty funny moments, and so overall I thought Ueto Aya did a good job with the character. It was obvious that they were going to break off her ties with Tsukasa (the guy she liked) so that she could figure out if she really wants to become a CA. I’m not entirely convinced that not wanting to lose is a good enough reason to pursue the job, but this is only the start of the show. Aside from Yoko, the other important character is Maya Miki playing Yoko’s instructor Mikami. She fits very well into the stern-teacher-who-is-concerned-about-her-student role, but like I said, it’s too early to see how her character will grow.
Incidentally, the theme song is 「OH PRETTY WOMAN」 by Kimura Kaela, which is a cover version of the Roy Orbison’s original song.
Attention Please made a good first impression, and I’ll probably be tuning in again next week. But like Gal Circle, I probably won’t be blogging it; this is more of a one-shot introduction entry.


  1. I am going to follow the show too… to be honest, I am following it cause there’s Nikishido Ryo. Waiting for the subs to come out, the show serisouly reminds me of Good Luck with the cabin attendant thingy. Hope it’ll be good.

  2. I ‘ve also watched Good luck! before:) Yoko is so wild , I still can’t figure out such a girl like her can turn out to be pretty “lady”…
    PS:to the webmaster,you get so much time blogging Animes, why cant’ spare some for this one…|||

  3. Ah, my first time posting here. I usually just lurk x3

    Ueto Aya is really cute and I like Nishikido Ryo (one of my favorite NEWS members and loved him in 1 Litre of Tears ;___________;), but so far the story doesn’t really interest me much. I’ll wait and see what the second episode is like before deciding to watch it. Thanks for introducing this series!

  4. I so wanted To WatCH This SeriES!! I WAs OnlY in JapaN for 2weEKs on The 1st Day i Got TheRE i supposeDlY WitnesSEd The EndIng Of The seriES!! WaHHHHHH!! I rEally LikEd The EndInG THo!! hahahahaha…


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