With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the Ouran Host Club is having another special event. The girls are still going gaga over the guys, and Kyoya is even selling photo collections of each of the members. Tamaki is telling Haruhi how he’s feeling as beautiful as ever, but Hikaru and Kaoru steal her away by asking her if she’s decided her classes for the semester yet. They rub it in to Tamaki that they’re in the same class as her. Kyoya confirms Tamaki’s fears by pulling out a diagram that shows that Tamaki is spending significantly less time with Haruhi compared to the twins, taking up only 3% of her life.
Hikaru and Kaoru remind everyone that the physical examination is coming up, meaning that Haruhi may be exposed. Tamaki fantasizes about Haruhi as a girl being lovey-lovey with him. He considers this all to be a love-comedy between him and Haruhi, with everyone else being gay characters (“homo homo”). The other guys remind Tamaki that if Haruhi is found out, she’ll have to leave the club. It’s ok for the twins because they’re in the same class, but Tamaki is not. Realizing this, he devises a plan for the physical examination. Haruhi herself doesn’t seem as concerned about being exposed and starts thinking of different ways to repay the debt. In order to motivate her, Mori mentions ootoro, the fatty tuna that Haruhi didn’t get to eat back during the dance party.
When it’s time for the examination, Haruhi finds that Ouran High School does it the rich way, with armies of doctors and nurses waiting on the students hand and foot. Honey and Mori have dressed up as doctors as part of the plan, but they really aren’t fooling anyone. While he’s walking with Haruhi, Kyoya accidentally bumps into a disheveled man dressed as a doctor. It piques his interest, but he doesn’t follow it up. The twins are giving off another host club brother’s love performance, which draws everyone’s attention away from Mori and Honey pushing Haruhi into the changing room where Tamaki is waiting. His idea of protecting her is wearing a brunette wig and posing as her. But just like Honey and Mori, he’s not fooling anyone – they think he’s cosplaying as Haruhi. Apparently the twins had told him that no one would figure it out, but that was a lie. This is revenge from the “homo homo” members.
Fortunately for Haruhi, Kyoya has arranged a special room for her. Apparently all the doctor’s are from his family’s hospital, so there’s really no problem. While Haruhi goes off, the guys hear of a doctor who had harassed one of the students. Kyoya remembers the man he bumped into earlier, who wasn’t from his family’s hospital. The guys realize that Haruhi might be in trouble when they hear that the man ran towards the special health room. The Host Club rushes to the room and finds the man in the dressing area with Haruhi. Tamaki delivers a kick to the guy’s head, causing the man, named Yabu, starts pleading for his life.
He’s apparently a doctor from the nearby town who’s searching for his daughter after she and his wife left him. Kyoya figures out that he must be looking for Ourin High School, because there’s no way the daughter of a small clinic’s doctor could be coming to Ouran High School. Sympathizing, Tamaki has a map made for Yabu and sends him on his way. Hikaru and Kaoru wonder if his daughter will talk to him even if he sees her, but Tamaki says that it’s for him to ascertain. Haruhi asks everyone to leave so that she can continue with her examination and with being a boy. But she’s not doing it for the ootoro; she’s doing it to pay back her debt.

Once again, Ouran Host Club is hilarious. For me, this was the funniest episode yet. From his fantasy of Haruhi as a girl to him dressing up as her, Tamaki’s antics really made this episode enjoyable. The homo homo joke and the twins getting revenge is pretty funny too. And once again I can rave that the quality of the animation was superb.
The one change (compared to the manga) that really confused me was why they chose Tamaki to kick the doctor instead of Honey. Is it perhaps setup for Tamaki and Haruhi to be love interests by the end of this series? That’s what I’m suspecting anyway. I wanted to see Honey do it too…mainly because that part of the manga reminded me of how Renge thinks Honey should be like.
Actually, next week is Renge! I’m expecting that episode to be lots of fun 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh I can’t wait for the summary for this. Judging from the screencaps, looks like another hilarious episode. And the animation seems be consistant, that’s a good sign.

  2. Really glad they got rid of the whole fake tattoo thing on Tamaki from the manga. That was just the manga artist pushing way too hard for a joke.

    But yeah I agree with you about the kick. It would make sense for Honey to be the one who cakes… er excuse me… kicks people. But meh, it worked well enough, and it was funny seeing Tamaki flipping around in the air.

  3. Yeah.. Honey kicking the doctor would of been better.
    I don’t like it how from today and the OP, they’re setting up Tamaki in a big role and possibly HaruhixTamaki.

    Then again, I’m a Haruhi x Hikaru fan. >.>

  4. Mori spoke!

    Tamaki sure does have an active imagination, the Haruhi cosplay was just gravy. Haruhi’s eyes of death! The thin black line indeed. I loved how they added that poorly drawn scene when the guy was telling his SOB story. Who says pie charts can’t be fun. I wish they would have that sexual predator joke.

    Renge-san is coming Renge-san is coming!

  5. mikemil828:
    Hehe, thanks for pointing that out. At first, I never really noticed it. But now that you mentioned it, and after hearing it a zillion times more, I’ve got to say: It’s one of the funniest sound in the world…. cracks me up even as I’m typing this.

    Dunno if anyone noticed this, or maybe it’s just me. But in every episode till date, there’s always one scene where I find Haruhi’s actions/expression/voice REALLY amusing and stands out above the rest. eg, in Eps 1, when she was calling Mori-senpai for help. Eps 2, when she was cursing the rich, and Eps 3…. her scream.

    Fantastic series!! Love it to death.

  6. Enjoyed the episode, but yeah, why did they change it to Tamaki? “Tama-chan kick” just doesn’t work half as well as Honey’s. 🙁

    (Yeah, zeffy. I’m actually just twins x Haruhi 😛 think they’re cute.)

    When did Haruhi scream? (I feel stupid for missing this if it was that funny..)

    And I wonder — why *are* they taking out all of Haruhi’s rage against Tamaki for 1) the kiss and 2) being retarded? That’s a pretty amusing plot thread 🙁

  7. The flying kite reflects Tamaki’s image is on Haruhi. I wouldn’t put it as love feelings, but just how she felt at that particular moment. If u watch it again, when Tamaki did some stupid stunt or say silly things, the kite goes spirally down. However, towards the end of the episode, Tamaki commented on the doctor, the kite went up real high, meaning Haruhi had a good impression of Tamaki. That’s my personal view, maybe I’m wrong?

  8. Got another thought on the kite thing: Maybe it hints Tamaki’s chances of getting anywhere near Haruhi as a love interest??? Mm……. The 1st kite that appeared was at an alright height meaning so-so. Tamaki’s stupid stunts made it went down…… and further down…….
    But his last comment regardin the doc, hit a cord in Haruhi, so I suppose it’s a high chance when kite went up…… Mm…..

  9. “Is it perhaps setup for Tamaki and Haruhi to be love interests by the end of this series?”
    Well, I think the lingering shots of Tamaki and Haruhi in the opening and the words “Maybe you’re my love” kind of gives it away… And anyway, Tamaki stated it in this very episode. xD

  10. Seems that it was Haruhi’s respect for Tamaki … it goes down when she seethes in anger, but returns back , even higher, when she realized that amidst his quirky, overprotective, idiotic side lies a kind heart. 🙂


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