Nagisa and Tamao go exploring their dorm with some new friends, Chihaya and Mizushima. Those two have been together for twelve years, prompting Nagisa to compare them to a married couple. Chihaya teases that Nagisa and Tamao must then be a newly-married couple. Shizuma appears behind the girls, asking who’s the newly married couple. She once again almost kisses Nagisa, but because there are other sixth-years looking for her, she instead hides herself and the girls. After Shizuma leaves them, the girls play a little hide-and-seek in the attic. Pretending to be a detective, Nagisa accidentally intrudes on a meeting between the three student council presidents. The Spica president Toumori storms out, but the Le Rim president Minamoto reassures Nagisa that the friction is caused by the absence of Shizuma from the meeting.
The girls later find out that there’s going to be a welcoming party for the new boarding students (first-years) of the dormitory. By chance, one of these new first-years, Tsukidate Chiyo, trips right into Nagisa’s arms. After a moment of blushing, she rejoins her friends, and Nagisa hears them talking happily about meeting the Étoile at the party. She decides to go find Shizuma and make her attend. Nagisa eventually succeeds and tells Shizuma of all the first-years who are waiting for her. In doing so, Nagisa gets too close to Shizuma and falls into her spell again. Despite her own feelings, Nagisa is able to keep her mind on the waiting first-years enough that Shizuma sees how important this is to her. And so, to everyone’s surprise, Shizuma shows up for the event. Aside from doing her duties with the first-years, Shizuma also gives Nagisa a necklace as congratulations for entering the school.

I’m beginning to think that Shizuma and Nagisa are never going to kiss at this rate lol. Shizuma gets to see Nagisa’s serious side this time, and the girls are able to resist each other less and less as the story moves forward.
The episode was a bit on the boring side this week. I could have probably summarized the episode by saying something like “Nagisa explores the dorm, Shizuma skips out on her duties, Nagisa persuades her to attend a first-year party.” My point is that not a lot happened. We do have the St. Spica president, who is turning out to be an antagonist of some sort and also the mysterious girl at the end who’s rearranging papers. Hopefully next week will be a bit better.


  1. Eh… I’m still on the fence on this series. The plot and events are completely contrived, cliched, and utterly predictable, and the homosexuality is waaaaaaaay heavy-handed.

    On the other hand… HAWT LESBIANS.

    Anyway, I’m 100% convinced Shizuma has the Pheromone Predisposition Alice (a la Narumi of Gakuen Alice).

  2. Gah, this series is cute and all, I’m all for ShoujoAi/Yuri fun but the series better start moving some where and stop depending on the, ‘oh look they’re gonna ki… maybe not…’ or I’m gonna start losing interest. *sigh*

    Angel Mercury
  3. I found this episode more interesting as it went on. Nagisa’s growing strength and determination was a hit. This show is nowhere near as deep as Marimite, but it’s better than I thought at first. The kiss thing is now meaningless. Shizuma coming into the party holding Nagisa’s hand was not.

  4. Actually it’s a good sign that there still hasn’t been a kiss yet. And I slightly disagree with Omni, because while it’s true that the show is taking its time, I like the way things were shaping up in the end. A real antagonist is something MariMite was missing most of the time, and I actually like her. Spica is gonna spice things up quite a bit. Also, Nagisa seems to make initial Yumi-steps from being a pushover to someone standing on her own feet.

    In other words, I’m glad that they turned down the Yuri-meter quite a bit. Good!

  5. I agree with Mentar and jr too. I’m all for yuri moments, but the impact would be greater later on if they restrain themselves now and get their gohobi later ;). Putting it too early in the show or all over the place may not work for a less showy series such as Strawberry Panic (and Marimite). But somehow, the Nagisa X Shizuma pairing doesn’t interest me much. I’m far more interested in another couple, who are
    Show Spoiler ▼


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