The third OP to the series Blood+ is Colors of the Heart by UVERworld. Like other UVERworld songs, it’s got a very fast beat and is quite catchy. Having listened to it as Blood+’s opening song for the past two weeks, it’s really grown on me. The PV’s shows mainly the band performing the song in a setting that reminds me of the Okinawa arc of Blood+, except with mysterious soldiers and no Chiropterans. It did bother me a little how the microphone kept sparkling. Incidentally, the single, which comes out May 17, has cover art that reminds me of the Gorillaz style.
Watch the PV!


  1. i think there is a bulb at the mic which light it tat make it spark~but this song is really nice…the full version one make it even better~the PV is also veri good as it have the feeling of UVERworld…did ur find tat UVERworld PV normally are taken at dark area?but this PV sure is good

  2. I didn’t think the mic was that distracting, probably wouldn’t even have noticed it if you hadn’t said so 😛 The song’s okay but it didn’t stick with me like “Season’s Call” did.

  3. I prefer this one over Hyde’s simply because I’m more of a catchy fast tunes type of guy. I may even like it more than d-tecnolife once I listen to it more than 10 times. LOL! It’s really good. Oh the mic IS kinda distracting though… At the beginning that is. It’s like he’s pointing at his teeth done by glo-white xD LOL!

  4. WwWwWoOoOoOoOoOoOWwWwW……………..
    wHAt’Ta cOOl bEAt!!!!!
    I LupZz tHe meLoDy~!!!!!
    I LupZz tH!s soNG~!!!!!
    I tH!~nK….. iT’s onE of ThE besT sonG theY eVER haD!!!!! N’ I evER heArd tOO!!!
    yEah~…. bUT… maYbE caN bE beTTer on tHE PV…. iT’s raTheR tOO…. hmMmMm… nGgGg….

    -lUpzZz 3vErYth!ng-
  5. Man, this was as good, if not better, than D-TechnoLife. I’ll definitely put this group on my “Must Buy Artistes” list.

    That said, the PV was rather decent, but watchable. But without even watching Blood+, I can already imagine how the OP’s gonna look and feel like. Which makes me more tempting to dl…

  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG Takuya~kun looks so hot in this videoclip~
    i just love him ^^
    those pictures look wicked! i love the last one ^//^
    and yeah… where can we find the lyrics to it?

  7. CD Universe says the single comes out May 23rd, so I imagine as soon as someone buys it after it releases, they will probably translate and put the lyrics up somewhere, so probably by the end of May, we’ll know what the lyrics are, unless a fansub group hurries up and gets to season 3……. meh…

  8. I did a rough draft of the lyrics so if there are any mistakes just please fix them the ones in blanks are the ones i couldnt understand…

    Colors of the Heart Lyrics

    That day my heart crumbled without sound
    Being broken, shouting, the memory which it cannot erase
    The darkness flows into the eyes
    It sinks to tomorrow which even color is not visible anymore

    Understanding the day when it can be agreeable was searched without stopping
    Now living just in order to lose the colors
    Already, when it is useless, holding one person loneliness
    If you turn ON the lights…
    Illuminating to light, the colors

    * “The thinking which is continued to ask it becomes colored once upon a time”, that
    The person who continues to live in the heart which you teach
    Colors which is born entirely in inevitability *
    Once more, because tomorrow can be drawn by this hand

    Even in doing the losing ____ unnoticed being accustomed
    Even those which were inserted in the hand the _____ which does the finger come out, the _____
    Before when the tear withers, you want to hear, as for word
    Now in order to rescue who
    It’s all your fate. Your gonna do.
    “If light becomes strong, also the darkness becomes deep”, that
    Assuming, that you became aware, there are no times when you fear
    Colors which is born entirely in the end of heart
    Already, opening the eyes, because you stare

    Breath it is sad straw raincoat
    Searches that color is made to blot
    Without raising either sound

    It illuminates once more, with the fingertip of light

    Just drawing…Colors in light and darkness

    The kind color where now it does not reach
    In addition everything because it can do again to draw by this hand
    And take it…Colors in light and darkness


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