Saber tries to save Rin from being crushed by Berserker, but her sword swings have no effect. Berserker responds by smashing Saber into the ground. When Shirou tries to help, he also gets hit. Saber decides to try to use her Noble Phantasm, but, remembering what happened last time, Shirou uses one of his command spells to stop her. Archer’s words once again float into Shirou’s mind, and so he tries again to see the image of the sword in his mind. This time, he’s able to form it into a physical sword. His first swing severs Berserker’s left arm and frees Rin. But doing so also shattered the sword, so Shirou creates another one. Berserker goes on the offensive to keep Shirou from attacking again, and the two lock blades. The massive strength of the Servant sends Shirou tumbling backwards. Fortunately for him, Saber parries Berserker’s next swing. Master and Servant join hands and launch an attack that breaks Berserker’s club and stabs right through him – it succeeds in permanently killing Berserker. Before he disappears, Berserker asks Saber about the sword, so she reveals that it is Caliburn, the sword from the stone, the sword she had forever lost. Berserker knows that Shirou had only created an illusion of it, but it still killed him seven times. Ilya falls to her knees in disbelief at Berserker’s death, and Shirou has to stop Saber from going to execute Ilya.
While resting from the battle, Shirou has a dream about Saber sitting on a throne with a room of armored men staring at her. When he wakes up, she’s sitting at his bedside, watching over him. Saber is worried about his health, but their conversation gets interrupted by Ilya, who’s apparently snuggled in bed with Shirou. Both Saber and Rin don’t like the notion of Ilya staying with Shirou, but he doesn’t want to leave her alone since she’s just a child. Rin can’t forgive Ilya because of Archer, and she’s also worried that Ilya would join with another Servant. However, Ilya says that Berserker is the only Servant for her. Much to Saber’s and Shirou’s surprise, Rin decides to accept Ilya. During practice, Ilya comments on Saber holding back against Shirou, and Saber starts to blush because she’s trying not to hurt him by attacking him head on. Afterwards while they’re eating, Saber surprises Ilya by wiping off her face. Saber has decided that she can at least be civil with Ilya since Ilya is Shirou’s guest.
That night, Shirou accidentally walks in on Saber in the bath. She becomes embarrassed because she doesn’t think that her body is feminine like Rin’s – it’s too muscular and ugly to a man’s eyes. Shirou leaves and ends up talking with Rin about his imaging technique Rin mentions that the most important thing about Excalibur is not the sword, but the sheath. With that sheath, King Arthur was immortal. However, according to legend, Arthur died after the sheath was stolen. Later that night, Shirou is in the storeroom trying to create the sword again. Saber interrupts him, and so he takes the opportunity to ask her about the dream she had started talking about earlier that morning. Saber says that Servants don’t have dreams, and what she had seen was Shirou’s dream – his past. Master and Servant are mentally connected, and if the relationship strengthens, they are likely to start seeing each other’s pasts. She thinks that they are similar, and says that his ally of justice ideal is a mistake. His devotion is strange and she knows that he hadn’t put much consideration into his own life. Saber thinks that she must obtain the Holy Grail, but Shirou also needs it. She feels that it was inevitable that she was summoned by him.
Meanwhile Kuzuki Souichirou (a teacher at Shirou’s school), Caster, and Assassin are together. Caster says that with Berserker gone, they have nothing to fear. She talks about the storage of magic reaching a critical point and how they need to find a mage to act as a vessel – a sacrifice – so that they can summon the Holy Grail by force. Rin is the ideal choice in terms of ability, but she’s a bit too tomboyish. Instead, Caster has got her eyes on Sakura.


Lots of Super High-Quality Animation of Saber Fanservice 🙂
They’re really playing up the SaberxShirou aspects, with Saber now acting embarrassed half the time she’s with Shirou. Oh and he’s also got Rin & Ilya, and his own powers are now a force to be reckoned with. Things are looking up for Shirou, who was spouting idealistic crap for the first several episodes of this series. Now he can at least back that up. I do have to say that the combo attack with Shirou and Saber joining hands came off as just slightly cheesy to me. But that’s probably just me…
The first half of this episode concludes the Berserker and Ilya arc, and the second half is transitioning us to a Caster and Kuzuki arc. I’m not sure what the direction of the series is taking as they appear to be dabbling in all of the scenarios with the renewed focus on Caster, Kuzuki, and Sakura. At this point, I’m willing to believe that they’re going to try for a unique plot that involves elements of all three scenarios. Who knows what will happen…


  1. ermmm I kinda don’t understand the fact, Berserker was supposed to be killed 6 more time before being totally dead, and yet Shirou/Saber thrust him with Caliburn ONCE and boom he dies, seriously wtf O_o

    and I thanks GENEON for giving us GOOD Saber fanservice moments X) aahh the bath scene!

  2. Actually that sword.. combined with power of tango… was powerful enough to kill him seven times over.

    Herakles himself was amazed.

    See, if Rin was with Archer they’d tango Herakles to death too.

  3. And he lets Ilya crawl into bed with him? Or did she use her ninja skills to sneak into his futon, so that Rin could come in and be horribly surprised?

    I guess they wanted to have the Deadly Duo there kill Berserker a bunch of times with the same sword thrust, perhaps to save their animation budget. 😀

  4. Good eppy we got here.

    A lot of fanservice, especially the bath scene but the training scene was pretty good as well.

    IIRC, Berserker’s kill in the game was approximately the same as in the anime. Caliburn was powerful enough to kill him 7 times over. So it’s not for “budget saving” IMO.

    Saber is getting obviously jealous when Ilya is around, and even towards Rin a bit. She is truly showing feelings for Shirou, though that numbskull doesn’t get it just yet.

    We finally see Souichiro and Caster enter the scene. However, I hope they won’t involve “Dark Sakura” because it’ll get pretty messy in that case.

  5. I don’t get it. How can you let a girl who killed your comrade/killed your school mate/nearly killed your servant and yourself into your home to stay? In general, how can you be friendly with a girl who tried to violently kill you?

  6. >>I don’t get it. How can you let a girl who killed your comrade/killed your school mate/nearly killed your servant and yourself into your home to stay? In general, how can you be friendly with a girl who tried to violently kill you?>>

    To keep her from getting into more trouble. Apparently it’s easier to do this if you make her a part of your harem…

  7. im just recently started watching this.. and its AMAZING. wow.. i was just wondering if they would make a game out of it in english ? =/ it would be cool to play this game well an online one though =)

  8. Youve got to tell them sabre’s reason for not wanting shirou to see her body:
    She is self-conscious because she is not a virgin like Rin.

    hehe, an interesting sentiment. does she mean shes all used and milfy?

  9. bananabanana,
    oh? That’s a change from the game then, unless they want us to believe that something actually happened during that dragon scene in the anime, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  10. In any case you wouldn’t need to apologize to me or the other users, just to Omni ^^ But don’t feel too bad about it I guess, it’s already done and only Omni can delete our posts, so if you couldn’t post that he would take care of it.

  11. Animes who rely on something as a storyline should do it all the way through. As soon as they break off, most of the time it becomes a pile of shit.

    I hope fate doesn’t go down that path. I wish shiroi was a bit cooler, he looks like a poof.

  12. why did archer have to die T_T he is so much cooler than saber, but anyways why sakura? is it because she is related with Shinji and that he was originally a master and are afraid that she would become a powerful one?

    sry if this was in the game or asked b4


  13. So…the anime is now heading for the HF direction, but wouldn’t Rider have to come back?

    by Mriaow April 21st, 2006 at 8:59 pm

    Going on a limb here but I think I read somewhere HF means Hollow Fate ??

  14. I don’t get it. How can you let a girl who killed your comrade/killed your school mate/nearly killed your servant and yourself into your home to stay? In general, how can you be friendly with a girl who tried to violently kill you?

    Amen, I don’t think Shirou would have done that for Shinji, yet, he was supposed to be an old friend.
    Gah, the harem feeling ruins it for me. Archer, come back!

  15. Dear Ale, you must be my lost twin brother (okay, I don’t really have a blood related brother, just wanted to over exaggerate).

    Wow, didn’t think our similarities in female types would carry over to FSN. I’m beginning to think we are suckers for angelic faces -_-;

    P.S. Is it just me, or does Shirou in 4th row, 3rd column look like Gaara from Naruto? O_O; The blood on his face makes it convincing…

  16. I am not sure i think Caliburn is the sword King Authur pull from the stone, then it got broken during battle. So Authur went to get another sword from Lady of the lake which is Excalibur.
    Correct me if I am wrong anyone.

  17. They are the same sword in the real king arthur mythology. in the fate stay night universe it seems they are two different swords. Caliburn is the sword from the stone, excalibur is saber’s phamtsm

  18. Caliburn is what the sword is called in the welsh version of king arthur mythology. here is from wikipedia.

    In Welsh legend, Arthur’s sword is known as Caledfwlch. In Culhwch and Olwen, it is one of Arthur’s most valuable possessions. It is used in that romance by Arthur’s warrior Llenlleawg the Irishman to kill the Irish king Diwrnach while stealing his magical cauldron. Caledfwlch is thought to derive from the legendary Irish weapon Caladbolg, the lightning sword of Fergus mac Roich. Caladbolg was also known for its incredible power, and was carried by some of Ireland’s greatest heroes.

    Caledflwch is vividly described in the Mabinogion:

    “Then they heard Cadwr Earl of Cornwall being summoned, and saw him rise with Arthur’s sword in his hand, with a design of two serpents on the golden hilt; when the sword was unsheathed what was seen from the mouths of the two serpents was like two flames of fire, so dreadful that it was not easy for anyone to look. At that the host settled and the commotion subsided, and the earl returned to his tent. ‘Iddawg, who is the man who brought Arthur’s sword?’ (asks Rhonabwy) “Cadwr Earl of Cornwall, the man whose task it is to arm the king on the day of battle and conflict.” ”
    The Dream of Rhonabwy, from The Mabinogion, translated by Jeffrey Gantz.

    Caliburn to Excalibur
    Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain is the first non-Welsh source to speak of the sword. Geoffrey says the sword was forged in Avalon and Latinizes the name “Caledfwlch” to Caliburn or Caliburnus. Continental writers altered the name further — first to Escalibor, then to Excalibur — when his influential pseudo-history made it to Continental Europe. The legend was expanded upon in the Vulgate Cycle (c. 1230–1250), also known as the Lancelot-Grail Cycle, and in the Post-Vulgate Cycle which emerged in its wake. Both included the work known as the Prose Merlin, but the Post-Vulgate authors left out the Merlin Continuation from the earlier cycle, choosing to add an original account of Arthur’s early days including a new origin for Excalibur. Viksit knew everything about it beforehand”

  19. ok…if u read all that..i’d say ur better off in the dark…not that i read it..but it looks confusing..

    iunno if this is right or wrong..but if theres 10 eps left…wouldnt that kinda make them rush alot at the end??? assuming parts from each scenario are to be shown..

  20. Dare you, don’t even think to touch my Sakura GRRRRRRRRRR
    Anyways, nice episode, again very high animation quality, I’m really impressed!
    And I also like the way the story is going to, some “fresh” ideas and not just copying stuff from the game.

  21. Jejeje good point, but I was me, I want a little happy ending here, one way or another…

    Let’s see if Caster can puash Saber to the edge of her feelings for Shirou ( C’mon, she love him )
    And yet… we’re wainting for The King of Heroes…

    And… Show Spoiler ▼

    Syaoran Li
  22. @Syaoran: Show Spoiler ▼

    I like the way the anime deals with this topic, hope we’ll see some more romance soon 🙂

  23. 1. A jealous Saber over Ilya sleeping and cuddling with Shirou
    2. A stammering Saber on the fact of just the body touching
    3. A self-consceince Saber on her body
    4. A great “leg shot” of Rin
    5. A sleepy Rin in nightgown
    All this make this episode great…..YEAH!!!!

    Man, I am starting to see how the story is turning now. With Caster after Sakura, the studio is pulling parts of HF into the plot…I mean a “sacrificial mage” to force Holy Grail out and now our heroes’ greatest enemy is Caster.

  24. Yeah, it seems each “greatest ennemy” of each scenario gets in the plot. Which is great. The other good part is that we don’t know what’s coming up anymore since the directors chose to make something quite new even for the gamers.

    I do hope the ending will not be purely Fate…Show Spoiler ▼

  25. Wait a minute, I don’t think their romance is forced, maybe Saber has noticed that feeling, but Shirou… well, lets said he is a little clumsy…

    Yeah! I know about Fate’s scenario final, so I want to see something different

    Syaoran Li
  26. want saber to live!

    then mabye a hollow ataraxia(sequal) series????

    or not in which cause ill be extrimly pissed but still end up byeing all the dvds…..


    hahahaha got ur attention

    silverfish NO IM NOT A FISH! im a bug dimbulb
  27. from my err….poor pespective
    caster=dead in about 3 to 4 eps
    the u get gilgamesh for final arch (makes 6 eps)
    EH! EH!?!?

    or or or mabye u get dark ppl and sakura summons the dead servents(would explain shirou fightin archer in the opening)

    or or or could go so completly of story and get Avenger in there lol

    for those of you who dont got a clue who avenger is DONT ASK unless you wanna spoil the sit out of urself and ruin the whole hollow ataraxia storyline….

    anyways if there gonna join the three stories together u get 1 messed up series
    take the three stories and make 3 seasons = me a happy person

    make hollow ataraxia into a series = me really happy

    mak it so that there is some ACTUAL NUDITY IN THIS due to the fact that most teens have watched some porn already so they no whats going on….= me very very happy

    mmmmmm saberXRinXriderXkaren?XShirou?? wow my imaginations got weird

    silverfish NO IM NOT A FISH! do i have to repeat myself....again
  28. WTF IS illya doing???!!!!!

    omg where is rin and saber need them to go all besurker (hahaha lol)
    on llyas loli ass….then shirou can finally get laid…poor bastard…..

    my third consecutive post in like 10 minutes….

  29. i= silverfish er…..ME!

    nothing to due with f/stay night but wth


    just realized WARNING SPOILER!!!!

    damnit dont know how to use the things

    if illyas the holy grail wtf is caster going after sakura and y has none of them gone to school in like a week lol…

    Crescent_Moon = my alias so this is still me talking
  30. “i dont like how romance is developing between saber and shiro… it seems somewhat forced”

    Yeah…I saw that too. As an avid enthusiast of romance in anime, I’ve noticed like…a whole crapload more blushy-embarrassed shots than in almost any other episode to date. Like they’re trying to jam-pack the series with whatever romantic notion it couldn’t spread around. S’all good though, blushy Saber makes me laugh a little bit.

  31. i’m dissapointed that they just killed berseker so quickly… T_T They were kinda working up such a BIG fight in the last episode… but BOOM! berserker dies in 1 blow. T_T
    although, maybe that is not such a bad thing. i suppose we dont really wanna see them fight berserker da whole time. but still, they should have made the fight last longer. and wot is up with ilya staying with rin??? dat is just a big no no! she was merciless da last time.. she killed archer!! T_T

    “if illyas the holy grail wtf is caster going after sakura and y has none of them gone to school in like a week lol…”

    is it true that ilya is the holy grail???

  32. [spoiler] In the GAME Ilya is the way to open the holy grail, they are switching the roles around in the anime. Now its Sakura who is the person to open to grail. :/ [/spoiler]

  33. I highly doubt their switching roles. As Machi said, only one participant knows who the Vessel of the Holy Grail is. Caster can dream all she wants about using Sakura since it’ll never happen. Personally, I doubt their going to take this to the HF storyline. Probably trying to give Sakura more camera time in my opinion.

  34. Both of them using the sword was something that had to happen for these 2 reasons.

    1/The sword was traced and imaged by Shirou, if he lets go of it, it will disappear.

    2/Since he traced and imaged Caliburn “The sword in the stone” only the rightful king is able to use it, so Sabre had to be holding it for it to be used.


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