Saya and Kai report back to David about what happened with the Shifu. Kai admits to having heard the Shifu side of the story: how they were artificially created and how they need Saya’s blood to live. Saya asks Hagi later if he feels that the Shifu really aren’t their enemy. Hagi’s response is that the Shifu’s murderous intent was real back when they attacked during the Guy incident. As Saya thinks about what Kai said, Riku, who has a new set of clothes, is talking with Kai. To Kai, everyone has changed except for him. Meanwhile, at the Shifu hideout, Irene’s condition is getting worse from the Thorn. She tells the others that her time with Kai was fun. Irene starts wondering aloud if they can become someone’s memories. She finally understands that if they don’t live on in someone’s memories, they just disappear. And Kai had recognized her as a person, not a tool. To save her though, the Shifu decide that they must get Saya’s blood.
Kai finds Saya in the courtyard of the hotel practicing with her sword. Her intent is to continue fighting the Shifu because they won’t hesitate to kill her. It’s her responsibility to defeat Diva and the Chiropterans since she was the one who set Diva free. Kai argues that even man has its share of good and bad people. If all Chiropterans were bad, then Saya and Riku would also count as enemies of man. Saya counters by saying that if the Chiropteran weren’t around, then their father wouldn’t have died. Kai asks Saya if she’s just going to ignore the other side and massacre them all. Saya thinks that Kai has changed, but he disagrees. During all of this, Riku and Hagi have been watching from the rooftop. When Riku asks what he’d do in this situation, Hagi says that he’d only watch. Riku admires how strong Hagi is and wishes that he himself could do something for Saya. Hagi says that there is something that only Riku can do: stay by Saya’s side forever. Riku says that Hagi can also do this, and Hagi starts to respond, but doesn’t finish his sentence.
Kai tells Saya that he’s decided that not matter what burden she takes on, no matter how she and Riku change, he alone will not change. He then gets interrupted by the appearance of Mao and Okamura, who have finally found their targets. David, who came down with Lewis, immediately recognizes Okamura from their last encounter. Back on the Red Shield ship, Julia is giving a report to Joel and Collins about Riku and her discovery of the fifth nucleotide base in his DNA. She talks about his molecular structure being re-written, allowing the transformation of a person to a Chiropteran. Julia has named this the D nucleotide base – D for disguise. Joel is worried about fighting this type of perfect life, but Julia says that if that were the case, then the Chiropterans would rule over everything on the planet. Collins says that there’s still a lot they need to learn about this and Julia agrees.
David locks Mao and Okamura up until the group is ready to see them. Saya asks if Mao would go back home without hearing anything, but Mao isn’t about to go back empty-handed after having taken 50 million of her father’s money. Lewis says that if 50 million is all it takes, regardless of whether the currency is yen, dollars, or euros, he can have that much cash ready in an hour along with a plane ticket. Mao tries to plead to Kai, but he also wants her to return to Japan. Okamura starts revealing all the puzzle pieces he’s connected, and David realizes that it’s impossible for him to just tell Okamura to forget everything and return to Japan. Suddenly, one of the walls in the room explodes – the Shifu are here. Saya, backed up by Hagi, draws them outside and away from everyone else. Kai readies his gun and tells Mao that this is why they wanted her to leave. Riku does his part by pushing one of the Shifu out of the room into the courtyard below. Irene also appears, but in her weak state, she gets shot in the shoulder by David. Kai steps between David’s gun and her, and then runs over to her when she falls down. When the Shifu hear Kai yelling for Irene to open her eyes, they rush to the hotel room and push Kai out of the way. Saya chases them inside, but Kai stops everyone and begs Saya to give Irene some of his blood to save her.

Now with higher-res pics 🙂
For anyone interested in the DNA stuff Julia was lecturing on, the Wikipedia entry is a good place to start.
I found that the episode started a bit slowly, with more rehash of how Kai is frustrated. The interesting parts came in the middle with what Hagi told Riku. Or rather, with what Hagi didn’t tell Riku. He seems to imply that something will happen to him, but it’s unclear (since he didn’t finish his sentence) whether he thinks he’s going to have to leave Saya or fall in battle or die from something else or what.
The action sequences at the end of the episode were stellar as usual. I especially enjoyed the scene where Hagi vaulted himself and Saya up when the Shifu attacked from all sides. And then there’s Irene… It must really hurt for Mao to watch the guy she likes be so concerned about another girl (one other than Saya lol). As much as I would love to see Irene survive and further her relationship with Kai, I just don’t think it’ll happen. The preview had this image of what I’m guessing is Saya holding a piece of Irene’s crystallized blood, though at first glance I had thought it was the red crystal from her sword. In any case, we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.


  1. I wondered and forgot but remembered again. Saya’s eyes glow red. Diva’s eyes glow blue. Diva’s Chevalier’s eyes glow red. Does that mean Haji and Riku’s eyes glow blue?

  2. Riku looks like he’s wearing a mix of a schoolgirl uniform and a schoolboy uniform. Is that look the style of the chevalier. On another note, this looks pretty action packed. I’m glad we’re getting good action as the 1s 13 or so epsiodes were pretty slow in the action department.

  3. Poor Irene ;_;…Judging from the next episode preview, Show Spoiler ▼

    I like Riku in his new suit 😀 Just needs longer pant legs.

  4. bah.. about the glowing thing… how the heck do their eyes glow anyway? some chemical rxn going on in their eyes? O_o

    Anyway, i wonder why hagi can’t be w/ saya forever. it’s not like chevaliers can die:S.. or can they?

  5. I’m guessing it has to do with Hagi’s obvious Chiropteran arm, no other Chevalier has that so I guess he is slowley switching over to the mindless killing style humans become (like Saya’s etc father). I suspect there is a good reason for it, and we will find out, as in all the flash backs he has 2 human arms.

  6. Oh man….Im not so sure i got it right,but i think somthing BAD is going to happn to Hagi…
    WOW….thats the best ep ever,in my opinion..
    I hope Iren will be fine,Kai seems to realy like her..

    *going to read the summry*

  7. It’s almost certain the Shifu were “made” with Diva’s blood or related. In which case, it’s almost certain that Saya’s blood would kill them not cure them.

    So Kai begging Saya to help Irene will probably just hasten her death. That would mean the Shifu won’t be out to kill Saya anymore – they’ll probably have to go for Diva instead. Can’t imagine Kai’s going to be happy about that though.

  8. If the Shifu need diva’s blood their are as good as dead. There is no way they can beat 4 chavaliers or is it 5? I feel bad for Irene, It seems that the rumour of her dead will be correct 🙁 . Saya can’t refuse anything to Kai, this has to be more than sibling affection. Damn Saya and Kai were having such a good moment, what I have been waiting for a long time since the Zoo incident where Saya though Kai didn’t feel anything for her anymore. Mao had to ruin it by showing up. I hope she damn gets the hit that Kai doesn’t have feelings for her and leave for Japan.

  9. I’m not so sure Kai has no feelings for Mao, I mean, they were going out before all this started. And personally I don’t think Kai’s very good at showing his affections either.

    The thing about Haji is interesting and I agree that it probably has something to do with his chiropetra-like arm. If Karl as Diva’s Chevalier can turn into a chiropetra then maybe Haji can too but he’s been holding that back the chiropetra part of him (ie why we don’t see him drinking blood) for so long that one day it’ll consume him.

  10. The Shifu attacking Saya over and over again doesn’t really help Kai’s argument that the Shifu are not enemies. Kai’s seen Irene’s human side but why should Saya help the Shifu? They’re psychotic, desperate, and they feed on human blood just like Anshel’s group. If they break their “curse”, they’ll just feed and kill like Diva does.
    If Irene wanted a truce she should have left her very large sword somewhere else?
    I’m surprised Riku isn’t scared of the Shifu. Brave chibi-chevalier.

    Saya’s getting better and better each episode but how come she doesn’t have trailling lights in her wake like Hagi and the Shifu?

  11. I still can’t believe we’ve yet to see Kai in new threads. The last op teased some sort of change in his role, maybe this is what causes it. It’d be interesting if he joined the shifu.

  12. Riku’s outfit is slightly exaggerated, but otherwise a fairly accurate portrayal of what Western, upper-class young boys from 4 or 5 up to the age of 16 wore in the pre-WW1 days. Prior to 4 years old boys and girls wore identical dresses — much to the chagrin of any guy whose mom decided to break out the baby pictures. Once a boy turned 16 he ‘graduated’ to wearing trousers and men’s suits.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. I guess the whole saya riku blood transfusion
    was kind of a limbo ride… and complicates
    the real deal with Riku…. cos he could always
    hear “diva” from the onset, …..well…..

  14. This is something I wrote about the hands in another post.

    I think that the problem with the hands of Karl and Hagi it is that in some point of the fight in Vietnam Saya cut (with her blood) the hand of Karl (just like in Jungle Paradise) that´s why it doesn’t return to it original form, and the same happened to Hagi, but with Diva. That is why Karl fell pain when he pass close to Saya, and why he hates her so much, maybe… or does he loved her? However, that is the same reason of Hagi’s arm, remember when he felt pain in his hands when Diva started singing. This may be the reason of why their hands can´t return to their human form and why Karl hasn´t appear (he is transforming without the possiblity of returning to the normal form) and why Hagi think he won´t be able to be with Saya.

    Have you ever noticed that the people who learns to play cello, in some point of the story transforms into Chevalier… hmm… That may mean that Kai won´t become a (Saya´s) chevalier.

    Kaede Kei
  15. Isn’t it just Saya’s blood the shifu need not diva’s?

    and i think dat Hagi’s hand became the chiropteran whan Saya gave him some of her blood whan he feel from da cliff. but i wonda if Riku will also become chipropteran caus Saya also gave him some of her blood…

    If ani! nose pls mailn me.thanxs

  16. When Saya and Hagi were in Russia some years ago, Hagi doesn’t have the chiropteran hand, even though he was already a chevalier. That means that the hand stuff is independent of the blood gave at the zoo.

    I don’t want him to leave, too!!! T_T!!!!

    Kaede Kei
  17. I wouldn’t mind if Hagi suddenly just left to give Saya some time to herself to be self-reliant on her own growing abilities. At times Hagi steals the show especially in the last few episodes fighting against the Sifu. Hagi should develop a personality other than being a slave to saya.
    How can you be a musician with no personality?
    Maybe for a few episodes then he should be come back for a surprise reunion with a cool new look (not completely turned like Karl).

  18. Hagi is a Chevalier. As he told Riku a few episodes back — you will live for a long time & will only have feelings for Saya. Riku may not totally be a slave yet — but he’s just turned Chevalier. Hagi on the other hand is a Chevalier for at least 30 years. The effect of “only having feelings for Saya” must’ve settled in him. He is the one who obeys Saya; hence the “slave”.


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