I’ve written up the release dates of opening and ending themes for a lot of the shows this season. As usual, it doesn’t include everything, just those series I watch or I sampled. A few notes to prevent confusion:
-The Himawari OP/ED is one maxi single with both songs/artists.
-The Nishi no Yoki Majo ED is found on Mariaria’s as-of-yet untitled mini-album to be released on May 10th.
-The Third’s ED is also being released on a mini-album, this time the self-titled 「スーパーフライング」 by 超飛行少年 (Super Flying Boy).
-The Ouran High School Host Club ED is on LAST ALLIANCE’s upcoming single 「DAZE&HOPE」.
-The NANA ED is due out in June according to this interview. Thanks to Angel for the info.
-I haven’t been able to find release dates for Bleach’s OP4, either of the NANA songs, or the Juuousei OP. It may just be too early.
If you see any errors (wrong dates, misspellings, etc), please point them out.


  1. there is a fate stay night anime version OST releasing late june too… saw it at one of the jap websites… at last i can replay emiya over and over again without watching archer and shirou use their special powers!!! ^^


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