Sasante, Nuwangi, and a group of soldiers arrive in the village looking for the thief who came to their mansion. Tousukuru stands up against them, but then Aruru chucks a rock at Sasante. Her tiger cub scares the woputarus pulling Sasante’s cart, and their panic causes him to fall out. In response, one of the soldiers pulls his sword on Aruru, but Tousukuru uses her own body to shield the girl from being hurt. After the outraged villagers scare off Sasante and his soldiers, their attention turns to the wounded Tousukuru. She’s taken home and put in bed while Eruru makes medicine, but the situation looks grim. Tousukuru reveals that the name Eruru came from her elder sister and stresses the importance of Eruru and Aruru working together. She also entrusts the girls to Hakuoro before she takes her last breath and dies.
Hakuoro brings the bad news to Oboro, which causes him to rush off alone to Sasante’s mansion for revenge. Oboro manages to break in and kills several soldiers, but Sasante’s archers keep him back long enough for the foot soldiers to capture him. Back in the village, Teoro and the villagers think that since Tousukuru entrusted everything to Hakuoro, he should become the new village chief. Hakuoro assumes the role and rallies the villagers for an attack on Sasante’s mansion. The fighting is fierce, but the villagers quickly take the upper hand with their superior numbers and the fighting abilities of Hakuoro. Surprisingly, it’s Benaui who allows Oboro to escape and rejoin his friends. After disposing of the guards, Hakuoro stabs Sasante with his tessen, killing him. The blood on the fan and all of the dead bodies gives Hakuoro another vision of the jaws of a beast and everything up in flames. Nuwangi somehow escapes, but is now in a semi-crazed state and blames Hakuoro for what happened. In the aftermath, Hakuoro knows that this is only the beginning, because now the Imperial Court will send a suppression army to quell them. There are only two paths: to fight or to be massacred. Having worried all night, Eruru comes to the battlefield, only to have Hakuoro collapse in her lap. She sings him a song while he rests.

Eruru sings the first few lines of 「運命 -SADAME-」, which is an insert song from the game. You can find the full lyrics at Waxin’ Lyrical.
Well this is the beginning of the war, pretty much what I’ve been waiting for. It starts with a small rebellion/revenge attack, but is probably going to snowball into something much more epic. I personally thought that Sasante was a bigger honcho than he was, meaning I expected him to live a while longer. So I was quite surprised when he died so early, since it’s only episode four out of twenty-six. Nuwangi is still around though, as are all of the higher-ups (whoever they are). I also didn’t think that Tousukuru would die either, and it was sad to see the old lady go.
Next week looks like fun: Benaui vs. Hakuoro and Kurou vs. Oboro.


  1. Wow, stabbed to death by a fan…

    And I don’t see any resemblance between father and son.

    Also, in the preview for the last episode, the lord was smiling and licking his lips – what was he doing…lol?

  2. @Kaito:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I don’t remember clearly but Sasante isn’t Nuangi’s real dad. He was adopted, if my memory isn’t corrupt.

  3. The bad thing is that Aruru doesn’t realize it. It is all Aruru’s fault but the anime is not following that angle of giving her guilt for drama purposes, and they are just going to war. Is this really 26 episodes long?

  4. One stone cannot start a war on its own. The Villagers were already fed up with excessive taxes and rudeness of the goverment, and was ripe for revolution. The problem is that Hakuoro publically admits that he used the incidence to start the uprising. Why?


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