Angela Aki sings the third ending song to Blood+, 「This Love」. Like her other songs, this is a slow song, but gets quite powerful during the chorus parts. The more I hear it, the more I like. The PV features her sitting in a room playing the piano with the lights reacting to the part of the song she’s on. She really gets into it with the way she sways back and forth while she’s singing. I think I this one a lot more than Kiss Me Goodbye (from FFXII). Angela Aki’s 「This Love」 is due out on May 31st.


  1. The song in its entirety is nice and I like how at the end there was a duet with the violin. I’m surprised how non-accented her English sounds in the PV but I read somewhere before that she lived in Hawaii for a while so that might explain it.

  2. Angela Aki is one of the best if not the 2nd best up and coming popular singer in the jpop world ( 1st goes to Crystal Kay, but that’s just me 🙂 ). People definetely need to listen to Angela Aki’s Kokoro No Senshi (type it in at youtube and it’ll pop up). Simply put it’s beautiful.

  3. I love this song!!!… I listened this song in concert, but I din’t know that there was a video! Does anybody know where I can download it? If somebody knows, please post an answer here XD! THNXS!


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