When the Hitachiin brothers were younger, they were always separated from the rest of the kids, keeping to themselves. The one girl who did approach them got scared off when they asked her to identify which one of them was Hikaru and which was Kaoru. In the present, the twins are playing the same game with the girls they’re entertaining. An angry Tamaki interrupts them because they posted a topless photo of (male) Haruhi on the club’s website. Of course, that the picture is a fake that’s been edited on the computer. The oft-bored Kaoru and Hikaru reveal that they consider Haruhi a toy.
At this point, a hooded figure holding a cat puppet appears – the Black Magic Club’s president Nekozawa Umehito – and tries to get people to join his club. Tamaki warns them not to have anything to do with Nekozawa, or else they’ll be cursed. He tells a story of when he accidentally stepped on Bereznoff (Nekozawa’s puppet). As a result, he couldn’t understand a word on his next exam and when he turned around, he realized that he was in a different place filled with people he didn’t recognize. Kyoya explains that it’s all because Tamaki had accidentally gone to take a Greek exam. As Nekozawa is trying to convince them that the powers of his puppet are real, Hikaru and Kaoru shine a flashlight on him and scare him off.
The twins then ask Haruhi if they can go to her home and play. She refuses, so the twins decide to have her play the who’s who game. If she guesses wrong, then she’ll have to let them go to her house. To their surprise, she figures it out because she can see the difference between them. As she explains it, Hikaru’s speech and behavior makes him 10% more evil. Kaoru starts laughing at what Haruhi said, but Hikaru says that the bad one is actually Kaoru. The two start shooting insults at each other and it soon snowballs into a full-blown argument. Kaoru even accuses Hikaru of liking Haruhi. Renge then makes a brief appearance to gush over the four-sided relationship that Haruhi is now in. Anyway, Hikaru and Kaoru’s fight eventually gets to the point where they decide to cut off relations with each other.
The next day, Hikaru arrives to class with Flamingo Pink-colored hair. A blue haired Kaoru then walks in and makes fun of the Hikaru’s pink. Their fight resumes, with the two throwing lots of stuff at each other (including Honey and his stuffed animal). Then at lunch, the two can’t bear to get the same meal, but their similar mindset keeps them ordering the same food despite their attempts to get something different. Honey tries to patch them up by having them split a cake, but then he becomes fixated onto eating the cake himself. Mori has to remove him from the danger of being between those two. Hikaru ends up trading the lunch he bought for Haruhi’s boxed lunch. Haruhi can’t help but enjoy the extravagant meal, causing Kaoru to try to feed her more. This of course gets Hikaru angry and their fight takes over the dining room (this time Mori joins Honey in being tossed around).
All this bickering is starting to interfere with Kyoya’s business plans, but he tells Haruhi that she doesn’t need to feel responsible. Of course, Kyoya also implies that it’s what she said that started all this. Honey says that this is the first time the twins have fought. Both he and Tamaki talk about how the two were always alone by themselves. Haruhi thinks to herself that since this is their first fight, Hikaru and Kaoru probably don’t know when to stop and make up. It’s not until Kaoru pulls out a cursing doll that he got from Nekozawa that Haruhi steps in and smacks both twins on the head. She tells them that if they don’t make up now, they’ll never be allowed into her house. The two of them jump onto this statement and confirm that they can go to her house if they make up.
As it turns out, it was all an act – Hikaru and Kaoru were faking everything. Tamaki thinks to himself that the twins with lots of free time are like demons. By the next day, the two are back to normal, but still have their hair dyed. However, Haruhi notices that they actually switched colors: Kaoru is pink and Hikaru is blue now. Watching Haruhi walk off, Kaoru says to Hikaru that up until now, the world consisted of Us and Everyone-Except-For-Us. This is the first time someone has come into their world.

Well I didn’t think it was possible, but I think the animation quality got even better.
This episode features not only a cameo by Renge, but also the introduction of Nekozawa-senpai, the enigmatic president of the Black Magic Club, and his puppet lol. I look forward to seeing how they handle his appearance later on when the group visits his vacation home by the ocean.
When I first read this chapter of the manga, the whole act by Hikaru and Kaoru caught me as off guard as it did Haruhi and company. The animated version is very similar to the manga (minor changes as usual), but the way they execute the humor creates a lot more laughs. I especially like the parts where Hikaru and Kaoru are throwing stuff at each other, with that including Honey and later Mori. Haruhi also has some great expressions this episode, and Maaya Sakamoto once again gets to use her girly voice during Tamaki’s fantasy scene.
Next week’s episode will have the host club helping out a young kid. I hope it’s more interesting than that part of the manga was.


  1. The whole picture joke was utterly brilliant, what an active imagination Tamaki has. It looks like the principle is going to be cut, but Nekozawa has made his enterance, which means a beach episode! I like how BONES added their own touch to the twins conflict. The look on Haruhi’s face when she ate the desert was priceless, Tamaki shield was brilliant.

    It looks like BONES is going to do things mostly chapter by chapter, but if this does keep up I wonder where they got the budget to keep things going as well as they have. I hope they make this longer than 13 eps or at least plan for more somewhere down the line.

    Next week is a Host Club match making operation though I wonder how BONES is going to spin it.

  2. I cannot wait to see this episode. I absolutely loved this chapter in the manga and it looks great animated. I had to control my laughter after seeing the screenshots of the brothers tossing crap at each other (and of course I love Haruhi’s reaction). More Nekozawa, please?!

  3. looks like another awesome episode! still waiting at the edge of my seat for the fourth epi to be subbed! T_T i can’t wait to see this!!!! the twins’ coloured hair looks very distrubing >_

  4. I don’t think physical laws apply to this anime…

    But OMG they’re so cute! I absolutely adore the twins, it’s so refreshing to see a character that is not a stereotype! And wow, the pictures are so clear! I would watch it just for the animation!

  5. Damn, they got me. I really thought that the twins were arguing until they replied with a smile to Haruhis threat. It caught me off guard.

    It’s getting better and better each episode!

  6. HEY check out! in the first pic the twins seem QUITE similar to little Gaara (from naruto) I was just like o.O no way!

    anyway the series is going realy good, it’s nice to know there will be the beloved beach episode jajaja =^^=


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