For what Youko did to her in their previous fight, Tomohane is now plotting her revenge, which involves a chocolate cake. She brings it to Keita’s apartment, but Youko’s gone because Nadeshiko convinced her to go to a clinic to get a checkup and some vaccinations. Those two won’t be back until tomorrow. Tomohane decides to come back tomorrow, but then realizes that Keita has her cake in his mouth. After he gulps it down, Karina – the special investigator – bursts into the room chasing after a supernatural badger. It seems that this badger has the special ability of attaching things to each other whenever it flashes its eyes. That’s why Karina has a shoe on his head and that’s why he becomes attached to Keita’s bed after he tries to grab the badger. Keita manages to catch it, but then his stomach begins to rumble. It seems that Tomohane laced the cake with strong laxative. The badger uses his power to attach Keita to Tomohane by the leg and then escapes. Keita can’t immediately chase after it because he needs to go to the bathroom (and he has to drag Tomohane with him).
Afterwards, Keita, Tomohane, and Karina track the badger down to a supermarket. Their efforts to catch it are initially interrupted by Tayune, who’s out shopping with Sendan and Furano. The three Inukami help surround the badger, but everyone except for Tomohane ends up stuck together as a result of the badger’s powers. Tomohane continues the chase by herself, but has no luck catching it. It’s dark outside by the time she follows the badger onto an overhead beam above some train tracks. Tomohane becomes afraid of falling down and starts to cry. In tears, she watches as the badger slips and falls between the two trains that are passing by in both directions. Tomohane jumps after the badger and flies it to safety. But doing so drains her of her powers, and so she goes tumbling towards the river below. Keita, who has been freed from the others, makes a diving catch and protects her from the impact of the water. On the riverbank afterwards, Tomohane apologizes to Keita, but he says that she should be apologizing to Sendan and the others and especially to Youko. He doesn’t care about their fights, but says that he hates it when they try to surprise attack each other. Karina then decides to let Tomohane take care of the badger. Keita finally emerges from the porta-potty and starts groping Tayune and Sendan. But before Tayune can punch him, Youko arrives back early and starts beating him with a frying pan.

Well that was a fun little episode. Don’t know why it ended up being extra long and thus had no credits, but I’m not gonna complain. And for whatever reason, I found all of the bathroom/laxative humor to be really funny. I do wish that the animation quality of this episode hadn’t fluctuated so much though. It felt like Tomohane’s face just kept changing as the episode went on.
Tomohane and the ermine badger make a pretty cute duo, and (scarily enough) she’s even warming up to Keita. He once again shows that he can be a pretty good guy, even though his hentai tendencies take over every once in a while. But he’s also got Youko to keep him in line.
Next week, a trip to the hot springs!


  1. This series is definitely my guilty pleasure. I can’t believe I laughed so hard at the crap joke, especially when the clairvoyant inukami started seeing the future.

  2. I was laughing so hard at the part part where the clairvoyant girl saw what was coming up, and when the detective realize that he was stuck to kaita by the ass and he started praying to god. The part in the supermarket was comedy gold. This show keeps getting better and better.

  3. “This is a great contrast to Higarush. I recommand to anyone watching Higarush to which inukami afterward to lighten the mod.”

    Totally man, that’s what I do. While Higurashi is great on its own with its deathly horror, Inukami is just as great with its light-hearted and perverted jokes.

    BTW, maybe I’m speculating too much but did they try to make a reference to the movie “E.T.-Extra Terrestorial” at the scene where Tomohane flew with the moon in the background? o_O


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