The blogging of everything today (ZEGAPAIN and xxxHOLiC) is delayed because I have a doctor’s appointment and don’t know when I’ll be back.
I’m back briefly to pick up my stuff before heading off to the Emergency Room. Doctor noticed something abnormal in my chest x-ray and wants me to go to the hospital for a more thorough checkup. More updates later…


  1. If there is something you are not sure about, write me a email, my father is a doctor (a very good one) and my brother also.
    Maybe I can help you there. Take care and stay healthy!

  2. “Something abnormal in the chest”? That doesn’t sound so pleasant…

    I won’t be repeating the “get well” comment, but I do hope it’s a minor problem ^^b

  3. You see how many people commented on your “something in my chest” thing? This just tells you how popular you are in your blogging business. Better be nothing or at least nothing serious. Get well, dude.


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