Though Sakura is saved, there are still fierce fighting going on between Saber and Assassin and between Shirou and Kuzuki. Saber and Assassin are both running out of time (the latter because it’s almost morning time). Assassin unleashes his Tsubame Gaeshi attack, but it only manages to shave off some of Saber’s hair. Saber, however, injured him to the point where blood starts coming out of his mouth. He lets her go ahead since he knows that he’s lost and soon disappears in sparkles. Caster, meanwhile, has decided to make Rin the sacrifice. She’s briefly interrupted when Kuzuki knocks down Shirou’s body between her and Rin. Caster turns to finish off Shirou with her magic, but Saber jumps in and attacks her first. However, since Caster has stabbed Saber with the Rule Breaker, it’s impossible for Saber to defeat her. Since she thinks she’s won, Caster plays with several ideas, among them using both Shirou and Rin as sacrifices and having Saber become her servant.
Suddenly, a new voice speaks up and everyone notices that there is a sea of swords behind now floating above them. This new person, dressed in gold armor, compares Caster to a struggling clown and claims that Saber is his thing. And people who try to take the King’s treasure must disappear. He sends his swords flying down towards Caster and Kuzuki, but when she blocks them with her magic, he personally throws three swords through her barrier. As Caster uses herself to shield Kuzuki, she remembers Kuzuki telling her that he’d help her if she needed the help, even though he has no interest in the Holy Grail. Having been impaled many times, Caster is still more concerned about Kuzuki’s safety than her own. She’s feeling regretful now, but Kuzuki says that he’ll take her place and carry out her wish. Caster says that it’s no good because her dream just came true. For her sake, Kuzuki keeps himself from collapsing until after Caster disappears.
With Caster gone, the entire place has begun to disappear in sparkles. The mysterious man asks Saber if she remembers his decision. Since he sees that she still hasn’t determined, he decides to wait until they meet next time for her 10-year-due reply. Saber and Rin start running out, but Shirou first pauses and stares at Kuzuki’s still-alive body. Whatever thoughts are going through his head are quickly interrupted by Saber telling him to hurry up. With Sakura in his arms, Shirou makes his escape along with Rin and Saber. Once they return home and put Sakura to bed, Saber admits to Rin and Shirou that she knows the new Servant, who is of the Archer class. She had fought him in the previous Holy Grail War on the final day, but could not defeat him. Rin asks if she lost, but Saber doesn’t reply. Rin then surmises that this new Servant probably remained from the last war since only seven Servants can be summoned per Holy Grail War. This Servant must have gotten the Holy Grail and used its powers to keep himself around. Unfortunately, the three of them don’t know who his true identity is. Saber also confesses that this Servant proposed to her the last time they fought. Of course she had turned him down with her sword. Rin then decides to go attend to Sakura, and Shirou and Saber move their conversation outside.
Shirou asks Saber about what had been said earlier about a Servant being able to stay in this world if the Holy Grail is obtained. Saber says that she has no intention of doing that because she wants to return to her own world. She remembers more rumblings from her past when people had complained that she didn’t understand her people, and she wants to let the people choose a more appropriate king next time. Shirou tries to convince her that she shouldn’t try to change in the past, but rather start from now on. Saber wants him to stop saying those things. She asserts that the mysterious Servant couldn’t have obtained the Holy Grail in the last war because on that day, the Holy Grail was destroyed by of Saber’s betraying Master, Emiya Kiritsugu – Shirou’s father. They had the grail and only needed to defeat Archer and his Master to end the war. But Kiritsugu had thrown it away and as a result, the town was engulfed in flames. Kiritsugu had actually used his last command spell to force Saber to destroy the Holy Grail, since only Servants can touch it. Her memory ends there because when the Holy Grail disappears, the Servants can’t stay in the world. And she can’t to find out what had happened with that gold Servant since Kiritsugu isn’t around anymore to ask. Truthfully, Saber had cursed the existence of the command spells rather than curse the person who betrayed her. In any case, she’s not about to let anyone else get in her way for the next Holy Grail.
Afterwards, Shirou decides to go alone to the church where Kotomine Kirei is. Kotomine explains that Saber only needs to drink water from the Holy Grail in order for her to no longer be a Servant. She’ll obtain a second life in this present world for as long as her Master stays alive. Shirou realizes that the Holy Grail is still needed for this too. Before he leaves, he has another question for Kotomine: it’s about the 8th Servant.


This episode reminds me a lot of Episode 16 because it follows the same end-of-arc-then-new-arc-exposition format. Here, we conclude the battle with Caster and Kuzuki and introduce a new enemy. The Golden Servant has quite the attitude with the way he talks and how he refers to Saber as his thing. Of course, the sea of swords scene made for a very impressive entrance and attack. And it made up for the fact that the animation quality was all over the place in the first few minutes of this episode (ranging from good to bad to stock footage, etc).
I ended up with mixed emotions about Caster. With her hood on, she was really evil, but with it off, she was quite the sympathetic character. Even Kuzuki got to show a little humanity with how he promised to carry on her wish and then stayed standing until she disappeared. I got a little worried when Shirou started to stare at him because I thought that Shirou would try to help him. And that somehow led to the thought of Kuzuki being added to Shirou’s harem… -_-;;
After having not shown up for many many episodes, Kotomine Kirei finally makes an appearance again. With the war nearing the end (and the series too), you just know that he’s going to play a part. Next week though, Shirou takes Saber out on a date. 🙂


  1. Well…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    And now we’re back to the Harem action, it appears… although I worry about the Loli’s influence there. 😀

  2. This is downloading, so will watch it in the morning, but looks good, they’ve been fairly similar to standard fate/stay storyline but
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Yeah, Gil has got a whole collection of weapons he can bring to the fight. It’s nice that they are going to show Saber and her new plushie, don’t know if episode 20 was a good place to do it though.

  4. Omg did he kill Caster? o.O omg he’s awesome =OO. Oohhh Saber in the next episode with her plushie XD. THE ENDING IT WILL BE…Saber confesses to Shirou and then she leaves and 2 years later RinxShirou XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  5. Ah, at last the true Archer appears ^^
    I feel so sorry for Caster, she didn’t get much screen time in this series…And she’s one of my favorite characters in FSN T_T

  6. I really don’t see how they’re straying that much from Fate with their limited homeages to UBW and Heaven’s Feel. If this ends Fate ending, I’m going to be seriously pissed.

  7. the blondie is too cute to be the king of heroes

    IMO the king of heroes should be someone with huge muscles, a big body, and look manly instead of cutesy

    this blondie is short, cute and has a slender body, it’s difficult to relate him to someone who rule over all heroes. i think he is a failure in terms of artistic portrayal.

  8. The term berserker comes from Norse “berserkr”, meaning literally “bear skin” or “bare skin”, alluding either to wearing the “skin” of a bear, i.e. to be bear-like in rage and strength, usually in battle, or to the habit of berserkers going into battle unarmoured, or often, completely naked. — from

  9. @pach
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. “Saber also confesses that this Servant proposed to her the last time they fought”
    what O_O did you mean he ‘proposed’ to her, or just offered to be allies? though de latter seems more likely, i still have to confirm this

  11. Hmm, that look’s great. Shirou and Saber on a date, sounds quite funny^^
    I like Gilgamesh’s style. I don’t know why some people want him to look like berserker.
    First, Berserker is Herakles and who has read the story knows, that Herakles wasn’t only strong, but also very beautiful (he is a half god, and in Greek mythology all gods are beautiful). Don’t tell me, that Berserker looks beautiful 😉
    So Gilgamesh, king, half god. His outer apperance fits quite well.

    @Omni. If you don’t feel well, take a rest! Don’t push yourself too much. The most important thing is, that you become healthy!

  12. Everyone bow before the ALLMIGHTY Gil!

    BTW, he’s 2/3 God and 1/3 human. He’s the most divine Servant.

    It’s finally Shirou’s time to show feelings towards Saber, by telling her to stay there (and even ask Kotomine about it).

    Very good episode so far. I’m just a bit disappointed at Assassin death which was too fast and easy IMO.

  13. “I got a little worried when Shirou started to stare at him because I thought that Shirou would try to help him. And that somehow led to the thought of Kuzuki being added to Shirou’s harem… -_-;;”

    AHAHAHAHAH……That was a nice unexpected joke(lol)

    Homo + Harem = Horemo = ore mo = phrase said from Kuzuki to shirou…..AHAHAHAHAH 😉

  14. I don’t understand that idea of a proposal…What does Gil expect from a wedding? I mean, him and Saber are still servants who can be potentially summoned at each war!
    Unless he wants the Holy Grail and wishes to obtain marital bliss…:rolleyes:

  15. I guess so since the series follow the path of the main game. I have to agree Gil pwns all with that barrage
    of swords. Is it just me or does Gil kind of looks like Knives from Trigun?

  16. Saber, hmm, I just watched the episode and start thinking about the discussion of Saber and Shirou at the end. I understand, that Saber wants the best for her country, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to change the past. Plus she once (don’t know which episode) told Shirou, that he should care more about himself and his own happiness. Dear Saber, you don’t get happy, if you leave Shirou. You are talking against yourself.
    Let the past sleep, concentrate on the here and now!
    *I like Zen philosophy

  17. Its a bit off topic but uhhhh…what happened to Lancer? They kept talking hinting on how they have one servant left and that will be the end….Did lancer die or something or they just don’t seem him as a threat at all?

  18. Show Spoiler ▼

  19. As far as I can see we have a lot of changes compared to the game, the big one was about the Holy Grail and the chance for a Servant to be granted with a second life (something that never happened in the game). I’m still curious if Shirou is going to use UBW to defeat somebody, but if that never happen, meanwhile the end will good, fine with me.

    Damn it! I wanted to see Saber in her white dress. @_@ next time maybe…

    Go Gilgamesh!
    (Everybody spoiler this one), gave us a good fight with your Noble Phantoms

    Syaoran Li
  20. Oh man, we have a lot of thing to think about it

    O_o It is true that Shirou can use his last command spell to make Saber drink from the Holy Grail to stay with him, but I would prefer if Saber herself make that decision, a little help from Shirou is welcome, but Saber, Arturia, has the last word.

    Poor Lancer, after Assassin, is a aside character in the anime, and the game too. Don’t worry my friends, Lancer is still alive, but I wonder how he is going to die. Two brutish people and one half-good left, interesting.

    If they can give us enough good reasons for Saber staying in this time; my respect

    Five more episodes to go!

    Syaoran Li
  21. Damn it! BOZZY, you stold my line jejeje

    That’s right, it’s him (Seki Tomokazu) is Gilgamesh seryuu. He is my favorite male seryuu, and with Ayako Kawasumi, my favorite female seryuu; we have here my two favorite seryuu’s working together.

    LOL and it’s funny to think Gilgamesh wants to marry Saber ^_^

    Syaoran Li
  22. You now… I love how a seryuu could do a wonderful job with a character.

    ^_^ It’s not only for Ayako Kawasumi or Seki Tomokasu (Saber & Gilgamesh) but for every single character in this anime. Everyone is where it supposed to be.

    Next week, the famous date episode, I was hoping to see this one, and causality I predict to myself about when this was going to happen. The stuffed animal, just great Shirou

    Well then… let’s Gilgamesh open the G-o-B for Saber and Shirou.

    Syaoran Li
  23. Maybe I am getting old and my memory is failing but anyone remembers what happened to Lancer? I seem to remember that he was not defeated by either Saber or Archer but they he was never shown after the first few episodes, or was he??

  24. Don’t worry Zen; your memory is still fine!
    Maybe a little bit more of RAM would be nice (bad joke, don’t mind me)
    Lancer is still alive somewhere, waiting for his next chance to attack Shirou-gumi
    Because you don’t know anything about the game, it’s easy to believe Lacer’s death or something, but be patient my friend, very soon… he’ll be back.

    Let’s see our list of diseases:

    Rider was killed by Saber
    Archer was killed by Berserker
    Berserker was killed by Shirou & Saber
    Assassin was killed by Saber and…
    Caster was killed by Gilgamesh (a. k. a. Goldie)

    Saber, Lancer & Gilgamesh are still alive. The only question remaining here is… who is going to defeat Gilgamesh and Lancer? Saber, Shirou, you-know-who… who knows

    Well, we have plenty of time to figured out.

    Syaoran Li
  25. “Visible” you may say…

    Well, since her identity has been figured out. Now, there is no need for her to hide her sword (which increases mana consumption btw) since everybody knows who she is.

  26. saber doesnt need to use invisable air(1st noble phantasm)

    theory thingy:
    shirou could use his last command mantra too get sabers third noble phantasm (not gonna tell you what it is even though i have stated it many times in early eps…..)

  27. >>>As far as I can see we have a lot of changes compared to the game, the big one was about the Holy Grail and the chance for a Servant to be granted with a second life (something that never happened in the game).

    Wrong again fanboys.

  28. Hey lancer user, I don’t remember that happening in the game about Lancer

    Let’s keep waiting until Friday night to see how their date go, maybe with that little show of feelings, I hope so, Saber can rethink her wish. If I recall well, episode 22 is named “The end of a wish”, I’m wondering what it means.

    Still hoping for a happy ending

    Syaoran Li

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