Bleach’s seventh ending song 「HANABI」 is sung by the group いきものがかり (ikimono-gakari). For me, what really differentiates this song from the band’s first single 「SAKURA」 (aside from being a completely different song) is the inclusion of the harmonica. It makes such a strong presence in the song. The PV is all about the bright colors and fireworks, going with the hanabi (fireworks) theme. I liked the shots of the band in front of the moving background, but then there were a lot of the shots with the black background looked really low budget. Throw in some bouncing color/kaleidoscope-ish CG effects and some glow-stick waving and that’s what this PV is. Of course, I love being able to hear the full version of this, especially since I’ve been listening to this more and more each week as it airs at the end of Bleach. ikimono-gakari’s single HANABI is due to be released on May 31st, 2006.

Watch it on YouTube!


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  2. I just fell in love with ikimono gakari! Is there a way I can purchase their CD? I cant find it. Do you know where I could get it from. I love Hanabi and Sakura is such a beautiful song. I NEED this CD!!! plz respond

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