Keita and Youko head to a hot springs inn. On the way, Youko notices a cat with two tails, but after she rubs her eyes, the cat is gone. They arrive at the hotel and Youko is all excited about being here. However, that changes to disappointment when Keita tells her that they’re actually here for work. According to the hotel manager, there have been some weird happenings here caused by what the customers describe as fast-moving black masses. For the time being, Keita and Youko take a dip in the hot springs, and it’s there that Keita discovers that Nadeshiko, Tomohane, Tayune, and Igusa. Unlike Youko, those four are here as a present from Kaoru. Youko decides to tie up and blindfold the perverted Keita, and then steals his clothes again. After Keita breaks free and finds that he’s got nothing to wear, he decides to try to get back to his room by scaling up the side of the hotel wall. He makes it there, though not before emotionally scarring several people on the way up. Before he can put on any clothes, he sees the two floating black balls that the hotel manager was talking about.
He chases the balls through Nadeshiko’s room and onto the streets below, in the process acquiring Nadeshiko’s apron to cover his naked self. The two balls, who are actually apparitions of an elderly couple, outwit Keita and attach themselves to his back. Youko, meanwhile, had been on the roof laughing at Keita back when he was climbing up the side of the hotel. She had sensed something behind her, which turned out to be the two-tailed cat. She brings it back to Nadeshiko’s room (after Keita and the black balls tear through it), and the cat reveals that he’s searching for a Buddhist statue that was buried here a long time ago. However, his map has a large hole in the middle. It’s at this point that Nadeshiko comments how Keita is late coming back, but Youko is still angry at him. Nadeshiko reveals that earlier she saw Keita staring at a nail clipper/brush/acupressure all-in-one device. Youko discovers that Keita actually bought it for her and put it in her bag. She’s so happy that she makes him some onigiri, but then the manager and Nadeshiko come to her with bad news.
It seems that under the influence of the two ghosts on his back, Keita has gone a little crazy and is now digging random holes around town. Youko tries to get rid of the ghosts, but they just keep attaching back onto Keita. By chance, she drops the all-in-one device that he bought for her, and Keita picks it up. Youko wants Keita’s feelings and memories to knock him out of the delirium, but Keita instead realizes that he was an idiot to buy that thing. This gets Youko so pissed off that she burns both Keita and the elderly ghosts on his back. Afterwards, the ghosts apologize for what they did. They’re searching for treasure, and it so happens that they have the missing part of the cat’s map. The group goes up the mountain to an open area, where Youko uses her powers to unearth a mountain of treasure. The Buddhist statue also comes up, but it almost gets smashed into a nearby rock. Fortunately, Keita grabs it before any damage can be done. Keita then displays his good side by explaining to the curious Youko that even this old statue can be someone’s treasure. Of course, Keita ruins any respect Youko and the cat had for him by diving into the treasure and going a bit crazy. And so Youko causes water to spout out of the ground and throw all the money into the air. When Keita and Youko return home, he finally gives her some of the treatment she was expecting at the hot springs.

The return of Mr. Elephant! Fortunately there’s enough Youko fanservice to “balance” it out lol.
I really don’t have much to say about this episode. It’s a fun and funny (mostly sex jokes this week), but really I’m watching this series as one of those guilty-pleasure-type shows and not really for any type of story (but I’m sure most of you knew that already). I did find it a little disturbing though that Tomohane was so happy every time Keita showed up naked.


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