Nana and her real estate agent are surprised to see that there’s already someone checking out Room 707. Nana recognizes that person as none other than the other Nana. Since Oosaki Nana is still unsure about the place, Komatsu Nana decides to look around. She falls in love with it immediately and decides to take it. However, the other Nana decides that she also wants it and almost signs the lease. Komatsu Nana’s agent suggests that since they’re friends, why don’t they live together? The prospect of half the rent really appeals to both girls, and the agent even promises to get keys made for the sake of their privacy. The two Nanas decide to go through with it, and both agree to move in the next day. As the two new roommates shake hands, Komatsu Nana thinks to herself that she feels like crying because the other Nana’s hand is unexpectedly warm and that makes her own heart warm.
When Junko learns of this development though, she’s quite suspicious of the other Nana – who’s basically a stranger – suggesting even that she might even be a serial killer. For the time being, Nana returns to Shouji’s apartment and waits for him to come home. When he doesn’t, she starts imagining that he’s being unfaithful to her with a girl named Sachiko. Since she can’t sleep, Nana stares out the window, wondering if Asano’s wife also this painful while waiting for her husband to come home. Shouji eventually does come home and says that he sent her a mail telling her that he’d be late. Actually, he sent it to Junko by accident. Junko gets the message, and calls Shouji and idiot. She’s not sure why Shouji won’t ask Nana to live with him, but Kyousuke thinks that he probably wants her to be more independent. He reveals that Shouji really wants to marry Nana eventually, but he wonders if Nana can wait around until Shouji is able to support them. Junko expresses her doubt, saying that Nana would probably leave if a richer, more broad-minded person came along,
Back in Shouji’s apartment, Shouji uses Junko’s exact same words about the other Nana tricking this Nana. He offers to let her live with him, but Nana actually turns it down. She wants to be more of a grown-up woman and knows that she’d get spoiled staying with Shouji. Shouji’s still suspicious of the other Nana, but he decides to go with Nana when she moves in and so that he can get introduced to Oosaki Nana. Throughout this entire conversation, Nana had been making references to a “Sachiko,” but Shouji still has no idea who Nana is talking about. The next day, Junko, Kyousuke, Shouji, and Nana all arrive at her new apartment. Nana is so surprised when they’re greeted at the door by a tall, bald man that she thinks she’s got the wrong apartment. But the other Nana appears in a bath towel, complaining that there’s no hot water. The bald man introduces himself as Takagi Yasushi and his business card indicates that he’s a lawyer. After seeing how well the two Nanas get along and after being quite impressed with Yasu, Junko and the others decide to leave, confident that their Nana is in good hands. Yasu reports back to the Nanas that the gas company can’t come yet, so they’re stuck without heating. Since Oosaki Nana only has her leather jacket, Komatsu Nana offers to lend her some clothes. Nana admits to herself that her life in Tokyo started with a lot of insecurities. But when she began to live with Nana, there wasn’t any mystery or uneasiness. Nana can’t find the words to explain why.

Well that was a pretty good episode. It actually had a lot more laughs than I thought it would, several courtesy of Junko, but also when Nana started having her Sachiko delusions. On the subject of Sachiko though, I hadn’t realized how much this part of the story foreshadows the future (in reference to what Junko said about her during the bedtime conversation with Kyousuke) and how much Nana’s character doesn’t really change.
The animation quality started off pretty well (which I guess is left over from the first episode), but it was a bit rough by the end. But that doesn’t really take away from the enjoyability of the episode, especially when compared to last week.
Next week I can finally stop having to differentiate between the two Nanas with the introduction of the “Hachi” name. Oh, the play on words…


  1. Are you and the guy from Memento the same person? Every time I check blogsuki, you guys both have nearly identical entries put up at almost the same time.

    There’s this chilling synchronicity thing going on here.

  2. Garten (who writes Memento) and I have a lot of similar tastes and can think very similarly sometimes. However, we’re definitely two different people, both of whom are pretty dedicated bloggers…

    you guys both have nearly identical entries put up at almost the same time.
    …however I pride myself at being usually first.

  3. Well, they sure are sticking close to the manga… Gosh, I am not a Nana addict but I’ve read and enjoyed the manga up till now. If I remenber correctly, we are only around volume 2/3… 7 episodes for 2 volumes, that’s great BUT this series is only 26 episodes ( Hopefully there’ll be more) and if they keep this kind of slow pace and don’t rush things, I think that by the episode 26 they’ll be around where the movie stopped… Which is quite disappointing… It gets even better afterwards, more dramatic and mature… What I am expecting them to do is to finish up the shinji arc around episode 13 and then speed up a bit a reah some kind of conclusion for the takumi arc by episode 26…

    well, time will tell…

  4. I still think they’ll cover only Hachi’s first narration (volumes 1-6) and later do a second season, like Tsubasa Chronicle. Nana sells well. The anime has great audience and will sell well. They want money. Wow, everything fits so perfectly…


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