Kotomine tells Shirou that if Saber doesn’t want a second life, all Shirou needs to do is leave one Command Spell. On the way home, Shirou thinks to himself that he can’t let Saber get the Holy Grail, but the only way to save her is with the Grail’s power. He knows that since he met Saber, he’s hasn’t wanted to leave her alone and hasn’t wanted to lose her. In short, he realizes that he likes her. Back at home, he has a chat with Rin about Saber. When Shirou says that it’d be good if she doesn’t become a complete Servant, Rin comments that Archer had said the same thing. Apparently Archer had regretted becoming a Servant and didn’t want Saber to become the same way. Rin wonders if Archer and Saber knew each other from back when she was a king. She then asks Shirou what he’s planning on doing. Shirou’s response is that he’s taking Saber on a date, which puts Rin into a fit of laughter. After she gets over it, she tells him to do his best – she likes both of them. However, she does warn him that a date is like a battle.
When Shirou tells Saber about it, she’s not sure what a date is. She doesn’t understand his explanation, nor does she see a reason to go on a date. Rin finally describes it as a lover’s rendezvous, a statement that causes both Shirou and Saber to blush. Rin continues on by saying that it’s a guy’s chance to appeal to the girl he likes. It’s at this point that Ilya bursts into the room and announces that she likes Shirou. But with one chop of her hand, Rin knocks out Ilya, who she considers the strongest enemy of Shirou’s date. Shirou and Saber then set out into the city. They first go to a store where Saber rips apart a shirt. Next is the movie theater. Shirou tries to touch Saber’s hand, but she gets a bit too caught up in the movie. At the aquarium, Saber comments that it’s unnatural for the fish to have their freedom taken away and be confined this way. However, she also feels that it looks beautiful. The two stop for tea, and then go to a store selling stuffed animals. Saber takes a liking to a stuffed lion and Shirou starts laughing. An angry and embarrassed Saber tells him that it’s not good to laugh at another person’s tastes, and then she storms out of the store.
Outside, Saber sees an old sunken ship sticking out of the nearby water and relates a story from the previous Grail War where she sank a ship with a Noble Phantasm. The two then end up on the bridge watching the sun set. Shirou says that they can do this again another time, but Saber shakes her head, saying that a Servant exists to fight. Something like today would just be denying their own existence. And Saber knows that every fight brings her closer to the Holy Grail. Shirou says that Saber is very contradictory – she says that she wants to fight, but she doesn’t really want to. He thinks that she’s fighting because she has no other choice; he points out that she likes to keep the fighting to a minimum in order to prevent casualties – she’s afraid of fights that would produce victims. What’s more, Shirou thinks that Saber is saying that fighting is her only goal because it’s an excuse to deceive herself. Saber objects to what he’s saying and once again says that she has no choice but to fight. Shirou tries to make her understand that there are many roads ahead of her and that she’s not the same person she used to be. It’s not good if she doesn’t live for herself, and he just wants her to be happy here.
Saber says that a king’s oath cannot be broken, and she has a duty that needs to be fulfilled. From the beginning, she’s had only one wish and that hasn’t changed. But to Shirou, Saber only wants to redo something that she couldn’t change when it occurred, which is thinking akin to a selfish child. Saber falls silent for a while, and then softly says that she thought he’d be the one to understand. She calls him foolish because he gives priority to others and doesn’t even know the importance of his own life. She also says that if he’s angry, he could cancel the contract and it wouldn’t matter. She’d just destroy the Masters by herself and get the Holy Grail. Shirou can’t believe what he’s hearing, but Saber continues by saying that her only purpose is the Holy Grail – everything else is unnecessary and Shirou is no exception. Shirou calls her obstinate, and says that if this is how she wants it, this is how she can have it. He runs back home and lies on the floor of his room. He thinks that he’s not angry at Saber so much as he’s angry at himself because he’s unable to save her. He looks over at his bag, which has the stuffed lion that he bought for her sticking out of it. Shirou knows that even if he is wrong and Saber is right, even if she’s really important to him, he can’t apologize.
He then falls asleep and stays that way until Rin wakes him several hours later. From Rin, he finds out that Saber isn’t around, which sends him into a bit of a panic. Shirou searches the city, and finally finds Saber right where he left her: on the bridge. Saber says that she hasn’t gone anywhere because she can’t decide where to go; Shirou had told her that she could do what she wants, but Saber doesn’t know what she wants to do. This entire time she’s been thinking about where she should go. Shirou tells her that the place she can return to is his home. Saber protests because Shirou doesn’t understand her. He doesn’t deny that, but he still takes her hand and says that even a Servant would catch a cold in this chilly weather. He wants her to quickly go home with him and have something warm to eat. Shirou says upfront that he won’t apologize for earlier, but if she has any complaints, she should voice them after they go home. Saber willingly lets Shirou lead her home hand-in-hand, but before the two can get very far, a voice calls out to them. The Golden Servant from the previous battle appears behind them and tells Shirou not to take someone else’s thing without permission.


Extra serving of Saber goodness this week. 🙂
Aside from that and the humor (courtesy of Rin and Ilya), there was some really heavy drama in this week’s episode. The story devotes itself mainly to Shirou and Saber, who grow closer on their date (kind of), but then have a major argument about what Saber wants to do vs. what Shirou wants her to do. Saber seems to be motivated currently by her duty and nothing else (or so she says), whereas Shirou is mostly motivated by his own ideals and his feelings for Saber. By the end, it doesn’t feel entirely like the issue is settled, but Saber does realize to an extent that Shirou cares about her, as shown by the way that he wants to get her home before she catches a cold and by the way he holds her hand.
The other thing I do want to mention are that this episode has yet another comparison of Shirou to Archer. I can’t help but wonder if they’re actually going somewhere with this or if they’re just going to make allusions like this until the end of the series.
But anyway, the most shocking moment of this episode lies in the preview for next week. I think this first shot just looks awesome in so many ways. It’s doubtful Shirou or Saber will die, but both do look like they aren’t faring so well in those shots. I really can’t wait to see next episode.


  1. Nobody can wait for next week…
    But this is quite a good episode!! A date, an arguement at sunset, holding hands… then a jealous King appears to stop Shirou to date his ‘thing’…

  2. Hmm, the screenshots form the preview are “interesting”
    But don’t panic guys, Saber won’t die, that’s for sure.
    Don’t forget, that in the last fight Saber was beaten by Gilgamesh. Those screens show probably scenes from the past.
    So Shirou x Saver developes more and more, nice to see^^
    Little question Omni: Is the order of these screens from the preview right or did you mix them?
    Because: Saber in blood->healthy Saber->Saber in blood again.
    If they are in the right order I can DEFINETELY say, that the screens show Saber from the previous fight with Gilgamesh 10 years ago.
    Nevertheless I’m very curious about the next episode.

  3. If they are in the right order I can DEFINETELY say, that the screens show Saber from the previous fight with Gilgamesh 10 years ago.

    Unlikely, because as you’ll notice, the floor design pattern is the same for all of them. That same design matches up with the area Shirou and Saber were walking through when Gil appeared at the end of the episode.

  4. If Archer is a version of Shirou, can Gilgamesh be another version of Shirou that is obsessed with Saber?


    Im guessing Gilgamesh is actually Gilgamesh, as in the Babylonian Hero from The Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Most/all of the Heros are based on various myths, except so far as I can tell, Archer.

  5. Hmm, jep. Sorry for my double postings, next time I take a closer look on the screens^^
    But as bad as it looks in the preview for Shirou and Saber, the last but one screen shows Shirou and Saber healthy, so probably they survived the fight. I think so, because Gilgamesh shows up in the last scene of the episode, so logically they first fight and later return home.
    Hm, but dunno after all. Like to say my favourite citation at this point: What we know is a drop, what we don’t know a ocean.
    I like the way Fate/stay night is going on, it’s very different from the game, and I don’t think it’s bad.
    With these words, *start waiting for next episode* ^^

  6. Very good episode IMO.

    It really touched me. This relation is building up just to be eventually destroyed but this is going to be a way of sublimating this love story. We see Shirou getting angry at Saber because of her wish to redo her life. He’s so angry that he goes home alone but comes back to look for her.

    Gilgamesh appearance by the end of the eppy suggests some kickass fights in nexted eppy.

    Plus, the title being “The star that splits Heaven and Earth”, it does give away what’s up to be shown in a week.

    I’m already impatient.

    “I really want to see Emiya dead. He sux a lot.”

    Now, that was very constructive. Very good comment.

  7. Huh…….why is Saber lying in a pool of blood in the preview? I understand Shirou being attacked and all but…whats with Saber lying in a pool of blood!? And Saber looks pretty scary in the last pic.

  8. “Plus, the title being “The star that splits Heaven and Earth”, it does give away what’s up to be shown in a week.”

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Loved that last bridge scene, it’s the most touching scene in the whole FSN anime so far IMO.

  9. here we go: end of fillers and back to the action :D. Aside from that it looks like a lot from the preview and what’s up with shirou knocked out and where is kotomine and lancer.

  10. Gil is a sore loser man. I dunno why he’s so obsessive with Saber but the way I see things, he definitely don’t have feelings for Saber. He look at Saber as if she’s a…..thing. Or maybe he’s only interested in royalty? Can’t wait for the next ep. I’ll like to see how Saber react when Gil hurt Shirou. But I wouldn’t worry about Shirou dying just yet. The only real effective way to kill Shirou is by piercing his heart or chopping off his head. He’s healing ability is top notch. I’m still worried about the last Saber pic though……

  11. That screenshot of two guys dueling with lightsabers maybe gives us a hint of forshadowing of what’s to come. It reminded me of Archer vs. Shirou in the intro. where UBW took place.

  12. hey everyone anyone want to know the true identy of archer??? i know it but i think someone of you know it already… XD one more thing Fate Stay Night have a SECOND SEASON!!! O.o plz everyone search this to know if its true!!! well here is the true identy of archer… WARNING… THIS IS A SUPER ULTRA MEGA SPOILER XDD

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. None of the official site mentions of second season, and with the ratings dropping and criticisms mounting, I doubt they would try. When Saber mentioned about breaking the contract, I was going ‘ Break! Break! Break! And make a contract with Rin! ‘ I can only dream, can I?

  14. Fate/Stay Night is incredibly popular in Japan. I guess the anime suffered horribly with the animation and the way the story is going. If it was going to have a second season, then the current one should have lasted 26 episodes instead of 24. Or the first season should have ended at 13 episodes if the series is really unpopular.

  15. Peww, didn’t read anything about a second season, first finish this, then, we’ll see.
    And guys, some of you, stop being jealous ok, can’t hear these cryings about Shirou x Saber… *rolleyes*
    Hmm, time to order the game

  16. People, you are free to criticize this anime, but do it honestly.

    viewership rating hasn’t changed much since the day it aired. Check Newtype or Megami if you don’t believe me. hint: this is not a mainstream anime.

    Story direction follows the Fate route closely. If you don’t like it, more power to you, but don’t claim they butchered the story or such.

    Yes, the non Fate elements are mostly there for the sake of being there, but that’s that’s exactly what you guys want. Aren’t you the same people who are screaming for Dark Sakura, Unlmited Blade Wokrs and such? How exactly are they going to those into the story without distorting things? Let’s face it the story line is branched into 3 for a reason. The all tell a different tale and are not meant to be merged.

    I guess what I’m really saying is…. don’t bring up the game this.. game that.. clause without analyzing the facts first.

  17. @Ryouko: i think the one with the “fainted Ilya” was damm funny. (+_+) –> her eyes look like those clown ones…

    Anywayz, i prefer the last preview screen cap where Saber has somehow let her hair down? Although too bad for the blood stains, i thought she looked omega kawaii in the pic. 😀

  18. Hm, actually a person who looks like this is close to death..
    I agree with you T_I, but Fate/ stay night is based on the game, so the people often compare things.
    Anyways, that’s the anime and not the game and as I’ve said many times, I’m glad to see something different from the game (be honest guys, if the put each part of the game into the anime, it would be boring^^)

  19. I have predicted the forcing Saber to drink from the grail by using the last command in that last episode. Now, the thing is if Shirou will go against saber wishes or if he will respect her wishes.

  20. The question is also: Are these really Saber’s true wishes, or only things she wants to try to make better.
    I remember Saber told Shirou once, that if you always do something for others and not for yourself you will regret it.

  21. This is probably the first time I’m unhappy with a Fate episode. I know it’s important, it has character development, and Shirou caring for Saber stuff. But honestly, they’ve been showing that every chance they get, and now there’s an entire episode dedicated for this. They could’ve use the first half of the episode for this and get us the second half full of Gilgamesh vs Saber goodness. That would sure be a lot better than 20 secs preview with a Dead Saber shot, and then Saber is alive and Emiya’s the one who’s down.

    What a pain, having to wait another week >_

  22. @ shadowWizz

    I agree! Saber should definitely get more scenes of the hair down (w/o blood). It’s one of those things – when a character has her hair up all the time, you wonder what the hell they look like when it all comes down…

  23. Fucking great! Fucking great! Fucking great!

    I was hoping for this, but not this good. Finally Shirou admits to himself that he likes Saber (if he doesn’t, maybe my machete could see some action over there).

    Hey! After reading all the comments, nobody said something about Kotomine’s statement. I was jut me or he has a little smile under his hands when he said about Saber drinking from the Holy Grail (Damn it! After seeing The DaVinci Code, my mind have another concept of the word “Holy Grail”). I think that was a lied from Kotomine, but really a hope not, because I want Saber staying with Shirou.

    Another thing, episode 22 is named “The end of a Wish”, but what wish exactly? The wish of redo her life, or maybe the wish of stay with Shirou. Because maybe after they battle with Gilgamesh, Saber changes her mind. We have to wait until next week to see it.

    I was hoping for Shirou to do a big move today, but he can’t, damn it! Good luck next time dud.

    I think my workplace could help with the wait.

    Syaoran Li
  24. End of of dream refers to Shirou’s lose lose situation

    If he makes her stay she must continue her life as Servant forever, which he doesn’t want.

    The only way to escape this is to return, which he also doesn’t want.

  25. Now that you mentioned, that remind me about Love Hina, Naru & Keitaro when Naru was an idol, they did the same thing. OK, other tale with Love Hina.

    Next week is going to be THE BOMB

    Syaoran Li
  26. =) i love how saber almost obeys every single one of his commands like the scene close to the end when he finds saber on the bridge and she says something like “you told me to do as i wish, but i don’t know what i should do.”


  27. next episode please!!!!!
    could the Gilgamesh be alternate Shirou obsessed with Saber? lotsa blades under his command, seems fitting the “blade creator ” theme…
    seems as if the paths of future Shirou divert on whether he uses command to stop Saber from completing her oath: if he does so, he becomes Gilgamesh, selfish and possesive, if he doesn’t he becomes Archer, heroic but tragically wounded… or is it my imagination running wild?

  28. I love that little lion :p.

    But I hate cliffhangers :(. Or I hate to love them anyway…I hope Saber makes it through to the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did die, with the liberties they’re taking on the original storyline, but…

  29. >>> Zrakola ^_^
    Answer # 1: “Kirameku namida wa Hoshi ni” by Sachi takani (the same from OP 1) May 31th
    Answer # 2: Nobody knows that for sure, so keep waiting

    I’m ready for everything

    Syaoran Li
  30. I love that lion too… it’s symbolic of saber’s royalty, yet cute… also remembers me of Assasins last words regarding Saber (I thought of you as of little bird, yet you are rather lioness…)
    and I love the 2nd op too, it ended in my winamp right now 🙂
    As for ending of series, given “no happy ending” in Tsukihime, I bet there will be something along these lines, Saber holds true to their duty, and Shirou is too noble to selfishly made her obey him, so they part, both hearts torn…

  31. Well, that’s expected given what happens in the game.

    But since they’re trying to fit some things in from other scenarios, maybe we’ll get a different ending, a happier one I hope, and Show Spoiler ▼

    Yeah, I’m damn too optimistic. But the ending of the game really saddened me back then.

  32. Was the line about Saber being able to stay if she drinks from the Holy Grail in the game? I read the Moonlit World summary for the Fate scenario and Kotomine says that it isn’t possible for her to stay.

  33. You made a point KiraTakuto

    In the game, Kotomine said Servants can’t stay in this world, but here he said they can… but when he said that, he smiled, so it makes me doubt about his word. But I hope Saber really can stay with Shirou.

    Four days left…

    Syaoran Li
  34. Yeah, but in episode 20 there was a flashback with another scene where he told it again, without smiling and also added “Rin didn’t tell you?”
    So that’s a bit unsure if or if not..
    Ah and, just wanted to point out, that the site meter crossed the symbolic 2.2 million line.
    Congratulations Omni 🙂

  35. Gilgamesh is the fashin boy ^_^
    That’s why you don’r see him with his armor around LOL
    If you look closely, only Saber and him go around with normal clothes, either Rider, Lancer, Assassin or Caster had that chance (I don’t count Berserker in that list).

    Oh boy… damn it! Four more days…

    Syaoran Li
  36. Show Spoiler ▼

  37. no matter what will happen I just wanna see shiro use UBW, about the end I think that saber will return to her time, but will be awesome that shiro fight against lancer to finish the battle that had archer vs lancer, it´ll be cool>_

  38. Anybody knows where I can possibly find the 2nd OP from? I have searched high and low but alas no results behold.

    OoH thanks Syaoran Li

    Saber oh Saber T__T and to Shirou [!@#$%^&*] (“,)


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