With alarms going off in the ship and with the passageways sealing themselves shut, Hagi and Saya part ways with Riku and Kai so that she can go fight. Kai says that they’ll be waiting for Saya to come back. As they become separated by the closing door, Saya repeats what Kai said earlier about when everything is over, but instead of saying that they should go back to Okinawa, she just shakes her head. Riku starts to protest, but it’s too late. In the Red Shield conference room, David reports to Joel that Diva has appeared with one Chevalier. However, they’re not sure what her target is. In one of the corridors, Diva finds a group of five Red Shield agents. She takes a liking to one of the guard’s shoes and then kills them all. On a nearby part of the ship, Kai goes ahead of Riku to investigate something. While alone, Riku starts hearing Diva’s voice asking where he is. Riku becomes very afraid when Diva seems to have figured out his location, but Kai gets back first. They decide to head towards the conference room where David is. Riku hears Diva’s voice telling him that it’ll be very soon. After he and Kai hurry off, Diva appears where they were standing – she’s now wearing those sneakers from the guard. She’s able to hear Riku’s heartbeat and uses that to follow him.
On the deck of the ship, Saya and Hagi face off against Karl. Saya decides to go on ahead, leaving the two Chevaliers to fight. However, Karl has a new arm, one capable of repeatedly shooting projectiles. He hits Hagi twice with the red spears, effectively pinning Hagi down. Further in the ship, Kai and Riku have joined a Red Shield group about to board an elevator. However, the elevator door opens and Diva is inside, tying her shoes. The two brothers make their escape to a cargo hold while Diva slaughters the guards. Kai keeps Riku quiet until the footsteps outside (presumably Diva’s) pass by. He then searches the room for another exit. Saya meanwhile arrives in the elevator corridor and finds only the bodies of the guards. Before she can get any further, Karl comes crashing down through the ceiling. He still wants to dance with Saya, so the two start fighting. In the conference room, the Red Shield are having a meeting about the worsening situation. Joel’s plan now is to make this ship a coffin for Diva, and he puts Saya and her family in David’s care. After agreeing to meet with Joel on the heliport later, David and Lewis go with guns ready to find Saya and the others.
Back in the cargo hold, Kai is trying to jimmy open a ventilation shaft as a way to escape. Kai tells Riku that he doesn’t need to fight because Kai will protect him. Riku is concerned about his role as a Chevalier, but Kai says that Riku is his and Saya’s little brother before anything else. Suddenly, one of the ships alarms goes off, announcing that the ship is self-destructing. Having made no progress with the coin he was using, Kai decides to search the hold for another tool. While Kai is gone, Riku takes his place trying to open the ventilation shaft with the coin. He hears footsteps behind him, but assumes it’s Kai. It’s only when Kai comes back that Riku becomes alerted that Diva is standing behind him. Kai shoots Diva, but she still grabs onto Riku as he’s trying to get away. Kai then attempts to tackle her, but she just throws him out of the way. Diva says that she came to meet Riku. As she closes in, a scared Riku realizes that he wasn’t able to do his best, he wasn’t able to protect his brother. With her eyes glowing blue, Diva takes off her clothes and tells Riku not to be afraid – he’s going to become her thing.
David and Lewis meanwhile have come through the same elevator area everyone else has passed through. Saya is still fighting Karl, and their battle takes them into the same cargo hold. Saya sees that Diva is here, and Diva is now holding a limp Kai in her arms. Diva hasn’t done anything to Kai now, but is considering giving her blood to him sometime after this. A furious Saya charges and pierces through Diva with her sword, but Diva is fine. She scolds Saya for not putting blood on her sword, and then slams Saya into a crate. Saya falls down and sees Riku’s naked body, which is now crystallizing. Riku’s face looks as if it’s crying a tear as it starts to break apart. Diva says that because she got such an important thing from Riku, she gave him some of her blood. She also makes a comment about how amazingly good it felt while killing her sister’s Chevalier. Diva then tells Karl that he can do whatever he wants with Saya. Karl throws Kai’s body at Saya and then rushes towards both of them. However, his arm is stopped by another Chevalier arm – Hagi’s. Hagi is still bleeding from the damage Karl had inflicted earlier, but he’s still able to crush Karl’s left arm, throw several daggers, and deliver a roundhouse kick.
In Saya’s lap, Kai regains consciousness and watches as Riku’s body continues to crack and break apart. A rumbling on the ship causes the crates to start moving, and one of them crushes and shatters Riku’s body. Kai picks up the single gem of Riku’s blood that fell beside him. It’s at this point that David and Lewis finally come. David tells them that the ship is going to go down together with Diva and that they should escape. Lewis manages to keep Karl and Diva pinned down long enough for them to all get to the heliport where Joel is waiting. However, Karl flies through the deck of the ship with Diva on his back. He shoots more of his red spears, one of which hits Joel in the back. Saya decides that she and Hagi will defend while everyone else gets away on the helicopter. Before it can take off, Kai calls out Saya’s name one more time. She gives him a pained smile and watches as the helicopter flies off. Explosions rip through the ship as Saya faces Diva and promises to defeat her to end everything. Onboard the helicopter, Kai is holding Riku’s gem and watches in horror as smoke envelopes the ship from all the blasts.


O.M.G… Nooooo! They killed off Riku! Or rather, Diva did in a very implied rape sort of way.
I sooo didn’t see this one coming. I thought that maybe Diva would start emotionally torturing Riku or maybe kidnap him. So I’m amazed as everyone else that they killed off such a big character (as opposed to, say, Lewis or David). Especially after all that Hagi had said Riku being the only one who can stay by Saya’s side. I really had thought that even Hagi would die before Riku’s turn given the way Hagi had sounded in recent episodes. Anyway, this opens a whole new can of worms, depending on what Diva actually got from Riku.
And here I thought we might actually have a happy ending (the promise of the three of them going back to Okinawa), but this kind of kills those hopes. The ultimate ending could go several ways. On one hand, I think Kai’s own chances of survival dropped a whole lot now that they’ve killed off another member of the family, which really drives home the point of how vulnerable they all are. On the other hand, someone has to remain at the end of the series, and that someone might be Saya or it might be Kai. It’s also interesting to note that Diva had thoughts about giving her blood to Kai, in other words making him her Chevalier. She appears to just love taking everything Saya holds dear away from her.
Next episode looks like it’ll start the next arc, as evidenced by the fact that the title screen background is switching to yellow. In the preview, Kai says that Saya and Diva disappeared in the dark sea. It’s been one year, and Red Shield broke apart. The shadows of Chiropterans have appeared in foggy London, and Kai continues to chase after them. He believes that Saya will return. Looks to me like Kai is going to get a boost in power (i.e. become more useful in a fight). But who is that masked person holding a sword and having a USA flag on his chest?


  1. The short story is:
    Diva tracked down Riku and chucked Kai against a wall to get him out of the way. She appears to take off her clothes and leans in to kiss him. We don’t see anything else until after Saya enters the scene. By then, Riku is naked and his body is crystallizing.

  2. Maybe uhhh… any kind of bodily fluid is enough to crystalize Chevaliers… the fact that Diva’s husbands are supposed to be Saya’s Chevaliers (vice versa) strikes home now. *shivers* What a pathetic way to go.

  3. I dunno if anyone noticed but Saya seemed to reem Diva thru with her sword and it didn’t do anything??? Was she forgetful on putting her blood on it or did Diva’s “rapage” give her a new immunity???

  4. Daaaamn. Why you gotta be such a crazy bitch, Diva?

    So the way Riku died wasn’t shown, was it? My overly fertile imagination is conjuring up all sorts of gruesome ecchi scenarios against my will. Ugh x infinity.

  5. Riku…riku…I HATE YOU DIVA!!! That sneaker wearing princess b!tch is going down.
    How can Hagi get beaten up so badily by Karl? And how Saya forget to bleed her sword!!!
    Karl gotten way better because he can shoot spikes now.

  6. More importantly, when the door is closing and Saya repeats what KAi told her, about when everything is over, that the three of them return to Okinawa, Saya shakes her head in a negative. This goes well with the theory that the promises between Saya and Saji is for him to kill her when everything is over.

  7. How can Hagi get beaten up so badily by Karl?
    Karl’s new arm is rather nice. It allows him to shoot projectiles, and he impales Hagi with them several times. And if it makes you feel any better, Hagi comes back at the end and kicks some Karl ass.

  8. per Golthin’s spoiler: great, just great. That means this show is going to end in a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions. When did happily-ever-afters become outdated?

  9. Is it me or the sadder Saya gets, the stronger Hagi gets??? Case in point… the ownage of Karl at the end of the episode…

    Also the whole Riku/Diva same seiyuu and the things Diva does to Riku = Diva doing to herself…. is it me or the whole concept is an odd turn on when you let your imagination go nuts…?

  10. well my reaction when this episode ends is simply like this


    either way, like other says, I don’t foresee this. Heck, I don’t think his death do him justice is what role he had been played. Like pathetically being killed off like that. But then, kudos to the makers of this story for having the heart to kill off “main” characters, and the most likable to boot

  11. Ahh~~~ This is why I avoid watching horror stuff. Sad endings…seems rather possible now. Since we all have an idea of what happened to Riku, I’m starting to get an image of chevalier and praying mantis. Although different (since the mantis gets eaten), but who knows. In order to conceive, the male dies, or some. Donno if I should continue watching…don’t want any more people to die.

  12. Judging by this line in your short summary “Diva says that because she got such an important thing from Riku, she gave him some of her blood.”, it sounds like she raped him to impregnate herself…

    But poor Riku, I wasn’t expecting that at all 🙁

  13. omfg!! *curse diva*
    why rikuuu??? hxhx i was hoping of a happy ending with all of them alive.. i think i’ll cry my eyes out when i watch this.. well, im now quite upset.. =((

  14. Ahh Seraphim beat me to it. Anyways, I stopped watchin blood at 26, then recently jumped to raw episode 32. And up to the crucial point, i was like WtF? Diva was stripping herself, next scene we see her holding Kai, and Riku crystalized naked. My imagination conjured up a few things of course, and when she said that she got something important from Riku, and then motion the hand toward her hip…Lead me to the conclusion, Diva is trying to make a new generation of Chiroptera, that is immune to both blood, and virtually anything. I wonder if Riku was able to er “give in” considering he was so scared of the blue eye bitch. Anyways, the plot seems more complicated now, and makes me wanna continue watchin this series. Anxious to see whats next in this anime series.

  15. riku died before he could show off his powers man T_T maybe diva’s baby will be riku reincarnated and he’ll switch sides back to saya and such >_> maybe not doubt its possible XD

  16. That’s the spirit darkredeyes!!!
    Some heads will… (I promise to don’t used fault lenguage) if Hagi die, but actually I got a new possition about it… I accept anything!!! Anything but Saya as couple of everyone else but Hagi, I can accept his death, but not Saya with somebody else!!!

    Riku!!! TT_TT

    Kaede Kei
  17. Totally unexpected to have Riku die. Especially with the way Diva killed him.

    The pic of Kai in the preview is interesting. He looks more mature…well I guess that’s what you expect after 1 year. 😛 Maybe Saya will have longer hair.

  18. I want Kai to be Saya’s Chevalier before they kill him for good, and he kicking major butt. At least he is getting some kick ass training without powers, which will help him when he gets his powers. I think Riku was never meant to be a fighter, he had to purposes, one was to mend Kai and Saya relationship and the last was the plot of deva getting something important from Riku. We only have 20 more episodes of Blood+. The next episode title just make me like Kai more, the power of belive!

  19. Argh. It’s official. This series has broke my brain.

    If Seraphim’s speculation is true, then how Riku managed to get it up under such extenuating circumstances is entirely beyond me. Also, it brings in potential ethical quandries for Saya: i.e. could she kill Diva if that means depriving her infant of a mother? Saya, a girl who places so much emphasis on family?

    Speaking of the impregnation theory – it could also clear up some of the confusion regarding Hagi as Diva’s groom that was bandied about in ep. 20. As in, perhaps Diva’s chevaliers had orginally planned to kidnap Hagi and force him to breed with Diva, but since Riku became a chevalier, he presented an much easier target.

    I wasn’t naive enough to think that the series would be bloodless, but I’d thought they’d start with the peripheral characters, at least. David, Julia, Collins, etc. And then work their way up. But nope, BAM! they off the universally-loved shota. Damn sadists. That Riku has died, however, means that Kai will definitely live. In fact, there’s a good chance now that he’ll be the ONLY one left standing at the end of the show (not a particular plus for me, as I dislike him.) Since one of the themes of Blood+ is the meaning of humanity, there’s no way they’d off Kai, now the only human main character left.

  20. In fact, there’s a good chance now that he’ll be the ONLY one left standing at the end of the show (not a particular plus for me, as I dislike him.) Since one of the themes of Blood+ is the meaning of humanity, there’s no way they’d off Kai, now the only human main character left.
    That’s an interesting theory, I hadn’t thought about it that way. I always assumed that this series would end with Saya, but Kai might be more fitting.

  21. Yeah my head is feeling burnt out. After missing 5 episode or so and jumping to 32, trying to piece what happened, what just happened, and what will happen? Downloading 27-31 and hopefully piece stuff together, dunt think 31 is translated yeah?

  22. If that is true that diva impregnated herself using riku then Saya is going to have make a decision. Kill diva with her child to safe guard humanity or kill diva and spare the child which could then present a whole new danger humanity.

    Saya is going to have to become like kenshiro of new fist of the northstar to kill indiscriminately to preserve the peace.

    Vampire warrior francisco
  23. “Speaking of the impregnation theory – it could also clear up some of the confusion regarding Hagi as Diva’s groom that was bandied about in ep. 20. As in, perhaps Diva’s chevaliers had orginally planned to kidnap Hagi and force him to breed with Diva, but since Riku became a chevalier, he presented an much easier target.”

    I’m not so sure he was picked for that reason. I think after she drank his blood back at the Zoo she must have have found there was something special about Riku (Remember, he was able to hear the Chiroptera and Diva’s song long before becoming a Chevelier) and instinctively chose him as her mate.

  24. I’m starting to lean to the everyone dies except some human characters…

    Some a-typical plot ideas…
    I’m thinking just as Julia dies, David figures out he liked her…
    Then David dies in the last episode heh
    Saya and Diva while fighting manage to be impaled to each other and as they crystalize Diva curses her and Saya finally glad, smiling its over…
    Kai develops into an amazing warrior and likable character only to be left a crippled in the end…
    Hagi survives and finally thinks to himself… hey I’m not a slave anymore, I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEE and immortal… off into the sunset…
    Lewis opens a restaurant with a pic of George and the family as inspiration (or reopens the one in Okinawa)
    The gay chevalier of Diva lives on, but could care less about politics and continues his entertainment ways…
    Solomon and Amschel duking it out only to die a non critalization death in some volcano or major explosion no chevalier can survive…
    Joel dies, no need to go any further than “he’s dead”.
    James? (Admirable Chevalier of Diva) gets some fight time… he’s due to fight as he’s US military and would make for an interesting tactical fighter (or the I like to bomb from very far away..), unlike Karl’s I like to kill kill kill style or Solomon’s aloof fencing or Amschel’s I’m too damn fast for you style…
    Saya manages to kill Karl by managing to hit both arms and legs thus leaving him to die while figuring out which limb to rip off first with his mouth…

  25. Since Riku starts off:
    (1) as an orphan that George picked up along with Kai, plus
    (2) the fact that he already could hear Diva’s Song, etc

    It just bloody makes quite a promising clue as in whether Riku’s existence is purely coincidental in Diva’s favour, or that it had always been part of a plan all along?

  26. Killing Riku also messes up Anshel and Argiano’s possible plan of using D-nucleotide and D67 to mass produce chiropterans. So Anshel still has to rely on Diva. Now Collins is utterly messed up with no job prospect and no viable research.

  27. Saya manages to kill Karl by managing to hit both arms and legs thus leaving him to die while figuring out which limb to rip off first with his mouth..

    LOL, If that really happens, that’d make my day. XD

  28. ohhh…noooo….poor Riku! Why did they have to kill off my favourite character, and in such a disgusting fashion? They should have at least let him die in a noble way, for example while protecting Saya….Anyway, how old is Riku? I mean he should be at least 15 to impregnate Diva.

  29. Okay, first thing first, Riku had to go. Nice guy but to soft with everything going on around him. And riku was old enough to impregnate Diva, as you can remember when Kai and Riku were in Vietnam and Riku liked Mai.(I think thats her name) With Riku’s death and what not it moves the story on quite nicely. But its going to be a heck of a blood bath from here on out.

  30. Does the fact that Diva’s blood actually does work against Saya’s blood kind of spell future doom for Hagi? That one way or another Hagi will have to give his life for Saya, and Saya will definitely killing off all of Diva’s Chevaliers.

  31. Okay, so I got sucked in.
    This episode was disturbing on too many levels. An interesting development will be so Amshel and the other’s respond to Diva’s supposed pregnancy. And if there wasn’t enough motivation for hating Diva now then I doubt there will ever be. I;m sure she will make a great mother
    I.G better give her a mean death.

  32. I’m just happy Hagi didn’t die. I think Hagi was in love with Saya before becoming a Chevalier and Saya was also in love with him. I don’t think the only reason he protects her is because of him being a Chevalier. If they did kill off Hagi I would of stoped watching the show.
    And for Diva getting pregnate by Riku I think it’s a possible. Maybe since it’s not a normal human baby it will mature fast to the point it can defend it’s self. And maybe I’m thinking too much. Man I can’t wait til the subbed verison comes out.

  33. Hmm. They talked about something about the history in episode 30 yeah? Haji is suppose to be Saya’s mate? Something about testing out reproductive ability, i guess it probably didn’t work out between Saya and Haji (or i assume cuz the page got burnt) cuz they are the same blood. Perhaps, it has to be the opposite blood in order for it to reproduce properly. For human, its opposite sex, but for Chiro, its er opposite DNA. I’m guessing its probably gonna end up something like the mummy with the two cocoons, when or if Diva has a child.

  34. holy shit.
    no f6?$king way !
    i can’t beleive she killed Riku ….
    no..the worst is that she raped him ! @_@
    OMG…now i’m sure Kai is going to become some badass dude and he is going to finish off Diva ( yes , i believe the final boss of Blood + will be Amshel )

  35. Oh hell yeah! This is definately a turning point in the series, I personally think this is one of the greatest episodes so far just because so much trauma and incidents occurs. I think its definitely a possibility that Saya, Diva, Hagi, and all the other chevaliers die and Kai is the only one left standing.

  36. and tha’s it the reason of why I love Blood+. THE THINGS WON’T NECESSARILY HAVE TO END UP RIGHT. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’ve got this renewed X-1999 feeling hah the symphony of cries and deaths MWAHAHAHAHA
    oh well Rikku rest in peace in whichever place you went to
    and Kai your face was priceless
    and finaly you’re such a &%&/$&%·@$·!$· but for this episode GO Diva Go Diva XD still no torture part you dissapointed me on that *scowls*

  37. You know what would be funny? If Diva was really trying to get pregnant, but had forgotten she wasn’t in her “fertile” period… HAHAHAHA
    Now Saya and Haji have to work to “catch up” with Diva… =PPP Tbere’s kind of outnumbered…

  38. seems diva is hell bent on taking everything saya loves kai seems to be next on the list as the summary says diva is considering giving him her blood which would make him a chevalier for diva

    vampire warrior francisco
  39. That was so awesome! I actually regret voting for FSN in the weekly round-up now.

    I mean, WOW. Most twisted surprise since Canvas2 IMO. List of things I found interesting:

    – Diva wears a dress and a sneaker!
    – Diva is a pedophile!
    – Riku went out with a style!
    – Kai matured enough that he didn’t act like sh*t towards Saya for Riku’s death!
    – Joel got pierced!
    – Our main character is now M.I.A!
    – From the preview, it seems like David is going a little “insane”!
    – Kai actually hunts for Chiropterans!
    – A new character?!

    I hope Saya comes back. And I hope she comes back with a better sense of style >_>
    I wonder if Shifu are going to take anymore parts in the story. Especially now that Diva, the only source of their survival is at the bottom of the ocean.

  40. The third OP featured the Sciffs but I’m not sure if they’ll come around around for a major role in the story but I’m pretty sure they’ll show up at least, or else there would be a huge hole in the plot.

  41. Wowie, and here I thought the shooting/slicing up of evil vampire children during the Vietnam arc would be the worst it got. Very disturbing episode, but also one of the best. Poor Riku, but if you think about it, he had to die. Being stuck in a child’s body for all eternity, and he was way too innocent to ever be capable of what Hagi does. The disgusting way he died helped the audience grow to despise Diva, she’s now a true villian. Can’t believe I ever felt sorry for her now.

    David angst in 33, yay.

  42. If the new arck begin one year after this episode…thats means that diva ( well, only my thoughts) is now mother , ya ? 9 moths like human? more or less ??i wonder…

  43. I know that Amshel was planning on something to take Red Shield out, but I don’t think this was it. For one thing, it was too soon. This seemed to be something Diva wanted to do on her own. I wonder what the reaction of Amshel, Solomon, and the others will be.

  44. I don’t think that whole nudity scene with Diva and Riku was suppose to be sexual. If you’ve watched other anime, then you’ve notice that the Japanese are really weird with nudity and it doesn’t necessarily have sexual connotations. I think that Diva was just trying to copy Riku’s image; like how Amschel copied whats-her-name Russian chick’s image (remember Amschel threw her naked body from the train). That could be the “thing” that Diva got from him; it makes sense to me, since she could use his image to screw with Saya’s mind later on in the series.

  45. man i fell sorry for Diva’s kid….. (shiver) imagine what she’ll do to it!!! oh yea here this for WEIRD information: us human are ready to get a child from the age of 5, cause thats when all our reproductive organ are finished forming so Diva can REALY get a “chibi surprise”!!!!!

    oh yeah more weird information; coties (lil boy not like girl) is intergrated into our minds when we are young to prevent “chibi surprise” but as we get older this cootie slowly goes away so that we do get a chibi surprise!!

  46. lost seeker! you must be smoking something good. Girls can’t get pregnants until they start to ovolute, boys can’t get anyone pregnat till they start producing sperm.

  47. For all of you that forgot, They aren’t human. Riku had reach puberty before he was changed into a chevalier, And if Diva can take a slug to the heart or get ran through with a sword, what makes you think that she cannot get pregnant with the presence of “compatible” sperm. Also remember that Diva and the others are “adaptable to change” for survival, that includes reproduction.

  48. “I don’t think that whole nudity scene with Diva and Riku was suppose to be sexual. If you’ve watched other anime, then you’ve notice that the Japanese are really weird with nudity and it doesn’t necessarily have sexual connotations.”

    1. Diva stripped.
    2. Diva leaned in to kiss Riku.
    3. Riku was found dead naked.
    4. Diva rubbed her stomach saying she got such a “precious” thing from Riku.

    What other signs do you need? O_O

  49. golthin- what i meant was at what stage GUY can do it!!!!!!!!! biys start prodicing sperm pretty fast since they sow the seeds! obviosly since girls have to take care of the seed girls require more time.

    Francisco- the reason why they have not dominated the worls is simple; the food chain. there is ALWAYS more prey that preditor and us humans are the prey….

    anyone know when a subber group is releasing a bunch of blood+ subbs together? i got the 1-12 one but the downloads for 13 and up are SO SLOW and i dunno where you can get direct downloads….

  50. Actually that isn’t it at all lost seeker. They can easily reduce us to caged animals like pigs if they wanted therfore still preserving the food chain and them being dominant still they can’t do that so they aren’t as adaptable as they would have people believe Julia noticed this in her research they have a flaw not yet discovered.

    Also sayas and divas mother who or what killed her by ripping off her face? I have 2 theories about this.

    1.Humans were stronger creatures in there more ancient versions able to match chiroptera they fought all out wars till humans won and nearly destroyed them all. This is highly unlikely though

    2.There was another species as strong if not stronger than chiropterans and they fought each other in all out wars whether for competing for dominance plain hated them or maybe this species did it for humans sake like the oni of onimusha.

    You may ask if there such a species capable of killing chiropterans where are they now? Perhaps they didn’t care about domiance and dissapeared.

    But saya and divas mom reveals they have a flaw not yet discovered.

  51. I wonder if Chiroptera always reproduce with twins that will have antagonistic bloods? So no matter what Diva does, she will conceive twins and they will be immune to Diva and Saya’s blood but be deadly to each other’s blood?

  52. franciso- i think you may be right about a fatal flaw; now that i think about it maybe the fatal flaw is that they can’t reproduce as well as us. lets look at diva and ricku’s case (if they cincieve) and saya’s mom. from all the data i’ve got i got the theory that to concieve the mother and father must die (the father being from another cheviliar not your own will die like ricku) and…. (The mother dies giving her unborn children her own blood so that they are born.) ofcourse the bad thing that happens is that the chiroptean numbers dont increse thus the fatal flaw, cause chiroptean numbers will decrease.

    sorry if this doesn’t make sence basicaly i’m saying that the mother and dad die then the kids might die before getting kids so the numbers decrease. personaly i think the reason why only diva and saya are the only chiroptean alive will not be answered in the anime.

  53. intersting theories indeed .
    that make me wonder how come there is no ”blood+ website(fan) nor forum ”

    anyway , i constat that everyone thinks Diva is pregant . Because she slept ( was a rape , whatever ) doesnt mean she’ll get pregnant. So i’m not going to start a biology course here , but just so you know , every living species have their own reproduction cycle . who said that Diva was ready to get pregnant ? and if she was in heat , i think she would already have f&?5 one of her chevalier .
    now , what i think she wanted in riku was is blood . now why was she nakid ? dunt know ..cuz she’s crazy 😛
    and..knowing amshel’s personality , it would surprises me if we see a Riku’s clone at some point . evil riku .

    also everyone talks about saya’s mother. but what about saya’s mother’s mother ?

  54. Diva is awesome!
    Riku was destined to die, it was unnatural that he was saved by Saya’s blood.
    But yes, they definitely made the story goes that way so that the audience will hate Diva. Now, there won’t be issues of redemption or understanding, it’s all black and white. Too bad.

  55. I think that Diva is definitely pregnant, it would be a very good plot.
    And one more theory! I think this child will be even more dangerous than Diva.
    the reason : since Riku is the father, he should probably resist to both Sayaand Diva’s blood,
    moreover he will probably have the possibility to kill both of them.
    (sorry for my bad english i’m french).

  56. “’I don’t think that whole nudity scene with Diva and Riku was suppose to be sexual. If you’ve watched other anime, then you’ve notice that the Japanese are really weird with nudity and it doesn’t necessarily have sexual connotations.’

    1. Diva stripped.
    2. Diva leaned in to kiss Riku.
    3. Riku was found dead naked.
    4. Diva rubbed her stomach saying she got such a “precious” thing from Riku.

    What other signs do you need? O_O

    by Rasmiel May 20th, 2006 at 7:48 pm”

    O.K. Rasmiel… um…

    1. you’re an a*hole
    2. you’re a pervert
    3. you’re a moron
    4. Diva was rubbing where Saya stabbed her in the abdomen; kinda like how Solomon was screwin’ with his suit after Haji impailed him.

  57. omg.. i m.. m…m…m… in shock O.O
    can da episodes get any weirder???? if da person who created blood+ was trying to screw with our brains then i’d say he’s doing a dam good job. on 2nd thoughts, it might not b that bad. keeps da anime interesting. hahaha.. but honestly, SOOOO many weird parts!!

    1. riku died…… RIKU!!! NOOOOO T_T (dat was just shocking)
    2. does that mean hagi isnt going to die now? and now that riku’s dead, how does that stuff hagi said about only riku can stay by saya’s side and da whole cammotion about da D-something in riku’s blood tie into da story? :S
    3.diva a rapist!!! now she might get pregnant??? SCREW HER EVEN MORE! DAT DAM BITCH!!!!!! (xcuse da language)
    4. i dont get how riku was “capable” of making diva pregnant. (if she realy is) isnt he abit “young”?

    i think thats bout it.. o and lets not forget one more thing. i think it was really stupid how saya forgot to put blood in her sword. because it just made it so obvious that saya was gonna kill her.. but… not gonna kill her. i know that didnt make much sense i guess wot im trying to say is that saya was just there at that time so that we dont go asking where da hell was saya and all.

  58. sorry for da double post. forgot to ask this:

    some of you said that da next episode is a year after or something. is that true? does that mean da next tim we see them, it will b after a year?

  59. well a good thing about all this pregnancy is that its giving blood+ its drive again. at the beginning of the series we watched to find out saya’s past but now we gor the answer to that the writers probably thought they need a new drive to make peoople watch blood+!!!

  60. this series is just getting better and better. if the series advances another year in the next episode, that means that it’s almost time for Saya’s and Diva’s 30-year hibernation period. i remember watching a preview of Blood+ where one of the staff members commented that the ending will be truly shocking and horrible. yeah, keep me guessing I.G.

  61. Kagimon:
    You don’t need to make this personal.
    Diva raped Riku before killing him. It’s difficult to accept but I’m not sure what more they could have shown to make what transpired any more painfully obvious than it already was. She got naked, and kissed him while professing he would become her “thing.” His crystalized body is shown nude, there are tears in his eyes, and Diva brags about how gratifying killing him after receiving her gift was while clutching her abdomen in a suggestive manner. I’m sorry, but the only individuals you can accuse of being perverted are those at I.G.
    Anyway, what happened has really changed the tone and direction of the series to the extent that I’m not sure what events will follow. All this time I’ve thought the series was becoming too predictable so perhaps these turn of events will make the remaining episodes more interesting.
    Now, in event Diva has a child one can only immagine how charming this kid will end up under Diva’s nurture.
    Not sure how this will change Saya’s mission either. Could she really just off her chevalier’s/brother’s child?
    I suppose there is a silver lining to every cloud because likely, until Saya turned Riku her intenttion was to use Hagi as her boy toy. Now at least there is hope he will stick around longer. But like many here I don’t expect some happy ending.
    I’m also surprised at how many of you find this amusing.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how the manga treats these turn of events. In a way I prefer the manga Saya over this Saya.

  62. “O.K. Rasmiel… um…

    1. you’re an a*hole
    2. you’re a pervert
    3. you’re a moron
    4. Diva was rubbing where Saya stabbed her in the abdomen; kinda like how Solomon was screwin’ with his suit after Haji impailed him. ”

    That was a bit harmful…I didn’t expect to be called names for summarizing what happened in the anime. The least you could have done was to state why you called me with those names >_>

  63. … I’m still in shock that they killed of Riku instead of Hagi…. (no I don’t want Hagi to die but still…)

    And is that Joel in the preview!? My god if that is, he looks so much hotter 1 year later XD

  64. no that is kai in the preview he is hunting chiropternas guess heis stronger wihtout being a chiropteran himself. But his new looks would make him all the more desirable for diva to take form saya.

  65. Ok whats up with everyone… let poor riku rest in peace…yes he is dead… and yes he shouldn’t have died but he did…. i miss him too but, if he had been left alive then we might’ve never known what his purpose was and now we know… it was to be killed by diva…and i don’t think haji was ever ment to leave the series cause he had made a promise with saya which he tends to full-fill… I would love to see what IG comes up with… oh and also why does everyone start imagining stuff when they see two ppl naked… tututututut whatever… i am pissed to cause i was hoping to see kai riku and haji part of sayas chevaliers but i guess not….

  66. I’ve been watching anime for years, never have I cried during one of them. This episode made me shead a tear, watching Kai see Riku’s dead body was heart-breaking. Then at the end with the explosion and Kai’s teriffied face looking for Saya was even more unbearable. Then Angela Aki’s beautiful ending theme “This Love” plays and your left feeling so helpless. This is one amazing show.

    DAMN YOU DIVA!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. If Diva wanted to get pregnant from Riku, why didn’t she just have sex with him in episode 24? Why bother making him into one of Saya’s chevaliers for just 8 episodes?

  68. This is my thought (theory)… but it’s coming to the point where the serie is taking a different approach compare to the movie and manga. But if the timeskip has anything to do with it, then there’s a slight possibility that there will be some similarity b.w the serie and the manga/movie (hopefully)

    In the serie … Saya has a kind, sweet personality, right? And there’s a personality where Saya is a pure killing machine (before she met Maya). Then there’s another which Maya fused. So in total, there are 3 personality, right?
    And her personality did change in the serie. In episode 1-4 … her personality changed, but then gradually, things changed. However, did u find it awkward to hear Saya say “sword” in English? When was the last time she said that? Never … BUT! That voice sound’d similar to that of the Saya in the movie …

  69. To Christy and Rasmiel,

    Alright, …my reasons for assuming that nothing sexual happened between Riku and Diva are:

    1. You never saw Diva actually kiss Riku; the majority of you is only assuming it. I think Diva bit Riku and drank his blood (and maybe stored it).

    2. Remember that Saya stabbed Diva in her abdomen, this could be the reason why she was rubbing her abdomen.

    Now, assuming that Diva drank/saved Riku’s blood, that could be the “special thing” that she took from him; Amschel was performing experiments with Diva’s blood (that’s how the Schiff came about) and with Diva’s chevaliers, so maybe he wanted to perform experiments on Saya’s bloodline; I mean what better source to get a hold of a sample of Saya’s bloodline than from Riku, since he was pretty much defenseless. And/Or, the special thing that Diva could have stolen was Riku’s image and form, which could be the reason why she made him take off his clothes. Remember that Amschel took Elizabeth’s form and threw her NAKED body out of the train.

    Lastly, as for Diva saying that Riku was going to become her “thing”, I personally view it as no different than she saying that she was going to make Riku her little doll; remember, she likes to toy with Saya and Saya’s family like puppets on a string. Diva’s very cold and sadistic and rips apart her own dolls as if she enjoys it. Tearing apart Saya’s family is a bonus.

  70. Kagimon I believe you’re either naive or perhaps in denial. That’s okay.
    Earlier it was discussed in the series that Diva intended to secure Hagi as her groom while Saya was intended for Diva’s chevaliers. Their goal appears to be to mix their bloodlines in hopes of creating superior progeny. Well it looks like Riku became that “groom” in Hagi’s place. Why? I suppose he’s an easier target and Diva just happens to be a sadistic pervert. It is typical for sociopaths, pedophiles and serial killers among them, to regard their victims as disposable “toys” or “things”.
    This seems to be a rational that Diva mirrors pefectly. This episode has confirmed that Diva is sick beyond redemption. Her inevitable death is a given.
    I’m not sure what drinking blood has to do with selective breeding.
    With that in mind, we’ll see what happens in future episodes as following the events of 32 there is reason to believe she is with child. If there is no talk of a child I guess we’re wrong.

  71. Well……I have nothing to say but cry……Haji said Riku could live with Saya forever,but now……
    Also Diva is beautiful but I hate her.
    I expect the next ,BLOOD+ 33!
    (I’m a girl from China,so my English isn’t very good^_^)

  72. Unexpectedly , there are so many blood+ fans in another countries.I love this cartoon!but I feel so bad about riku’s dead.Except diva ,I’m unwilling to see more people died .T_T
    a fans from China

  73. T-T Riku! Nooooo! Wow plenty of comments this ep. Anyway, I have a theory about the guy in the uniform with the US flag. I think he is a super soldier created by Amshel and Van Argeno. If you remember in the beginning of the series, the US Army was working with Van on experimental patients using D-67. They were trying to perfect the drug to make chiroperteans (sp? I know I close :P) less like animals and more like the chevaliers. But with the addition of the Shifu, there is more evidence of disposable soldiers to hunt. After a year more of experimenting, I think Amshel’s insurance is on the market. If I am right, I want to see their purpose and Solomon’s reaction. Of course I could be way off. XD

  74. I’m seriously grieving Riku’s death….I was shocked into silence and then I started to cry…damn. I liked Riku!!! I thought too that Hagi would die not Riku…well maybe now, I don’t know, it’s getting unpredictable. They could have killed Kai instead (but for what reason of course) If they wanted a huge impact by killing Riku, they were very successful. Was that Kai on the 3rd picture of the previews?

  75. Another thing, mating with uncompatible blood types would just kill the baby (anyways they’re not human after all) So would it all come down to killing the child? Or when saya kills diva, she would raise it? Saya (mommy) + Hagi (daddy) + baby (divaxriku) = family fufufufufufu…. Also I hope Kai’s gonna be more likable now.

  76. based on the Blood+ Wik, i’m guessing that the man in the mask in the previews is the person who trained David. he must be training Kai now. ^^

    something tells me we won’t be seeing Saya in next week’s episode 🙁

  77. Human reproductive system are already complete at birth by the way not at 5 years old. Ok, I don’t know Riku’s age but if he’s around 12-13 then his sperms would be viable. . 2ndary sexual characteristics would have already begun developing since stimulation of the leydig cells to produce testosterone and secretions of the sertoli cells would also induce the spermatids to differentiate into spermatozoa …. bottom line = fertilization can happen. This is the 3rd one, man.

  78. Poor Kai, being so strenghless throughout the series, and lost everthing he holds dear, this kid just bear to much sorrows. Glad that he gains his role in chiro fightings.

  79. i have atheory bout the whole how sayas mother died n stuff (this is just a theory so dont get all pissy at me for writing this)

    theory 1)
    – just gonna take a leaft outa some myth stuff and say that mabye there where two dominant races
    ….err the vampires(chiropterran) and the werewolves(i know i know f**Kin underworld again…tho i liked the movie eh..) anyways theres a war yada yada except here would be a good part the children of the mother is always twin girls and they are destined to fight each other (father is a werewolf) soo….fast foward to the present werewolves evolved into humans (explains why riku can hear the song thing) and saya and diva (last children) are fighting each other…..wierd eh?? this is probabley wrong but hey its and anime anything can happen

    also about the whole nakkid business i dont get why you are gettin all hyped up jeez so what if diva wanted someone a little younger than your average male…..if you think a bout it most teens have had sex by 15 (unfortunatly *most* doesnt refere to me….) and the whole diva was nakkid and so was riku just watch gundam seed theres a whole butch of nakkid ppl *shudders*

  80. Don’t worry goltin, and Silverfish yep want naked go to Gundam Seed/destiny Anyways is nice your theory, but it might have some changes to make it stronger, with your permission…

    1) father is a wherewolf that must be entrusted with the opposite pole’s blood (taking into account that they always bear twins, the chiropterans) so the children will be imune to the opposites blood’s blood (get it?), since she would most likely kill her enemies children (like it happens in nature)

    2) more Nature lessons, the bearing mother, will let their cildren eat her alive sooooo (that is the compliment with the first arrangement) once the kids are born they must stand by themselves

    3) why werewolves? ok it might not be werewolves but another dominant race that shows menace to the chiropterans, now when a chiropteran and a dominant race join bloods their children will most likely get stronger and endure more so soon the generation of chiropteran would conkquer the world MWAHAHAHAHA…..

    all this was good until the point in which…

    Saya and Diva are the only pureblooded chiropterans left alive that would mean…

    there is another verdamte way to kill the chiropterans…… I’ve no Idea tough…

  81. Silverefish–you said that most people have sex before 15; that is SO NOT TRUE!!!!! no one at my high school class (15-16 year olds) have done it. in fact there are basicaly NO couple at my high school (exception for the girl who had a baby and the guy who didn’t take up the responsibility and marry her. she has to care of it alone now!!) anyay the piont is noyt many people do it by the age of 15. but that might be just here in Australia, so maybe it happens where you are but not here!

  82. I still can’t get over how vile that bitch diva whatever sympathy I had for her is gone cause of that act. Satan is gonna have fun with her in hell when she dies if she even has a soul that is.

  83. why werewolves? ~ RickaZ May 22nd, 2006 at 5:36 pm

    err well could only think of one other mythical creature thingy thats bin know to kill vamps….er chiropterran….w/e also to correct myself my main theory is that the human race evolved into what they are now and that the chiropterran maintain a sorta population thingy so that there population doesnt grow to large and kill everybody (gee that would be a shame…..)
    so basically…
    – each mother has twins which are destined to go kill each other and the surviving one becomes the new mother (has twins just repeat a couple thousand times and poof you got a crazed pedo-iucide killer and a nut job with a sword….)
    no offense but honestly that sword is useless….diva is stronger with hands COME ON MAN!!!!!!!
    if saya doesnt get stronger err….better this might end up being very stupid….(aka kai goes ssj)

    my god i still have more to write EEPS!!!!!!!!

    to answer Lost-Seeker May 22nd, 2006 at 11:47 pm w/e you wrote

    its the statistics not the place err…..well atleast in my school i know ppl have had sex i havnt tho and thats the same to many others….its just the majority of ppl in the world have had sex before 15 >.

  84. I never expected Riku to be killed off, and in such a disturbing manner as well, especially so soon after Saya just saved him! I was waiting for Riku to develop some kind of special power of some sort… Also, I kinda expect that Saya will still be left by the end of the series. Don’t know if anyone has asked this question, but does all of this happen before the movie? I’m referring to Blood: The Last Vampire. Or does this series have no relation to the movie at all?

  85. Quite a few posters here sound young, so maybe the whole sex thing is a bit overwhelming for them to take in. I am from the US, so I have heard of children having sex at as young as 13, 14, but the numbers are not high (I hope). Bear in mind that girls do mature much earlier than boys, so it is possible for girls to be pregnant at 11 or 12. Also, since Riku and Diva are NOT HUMAN, their reproductive process can possibly be very different from humans. Maybe we should stop comparing an anime to the real world.

  86. 天。。。这里英文看的我眼花缭乱~~~~








  87. I just CAN’T believe that Riku is dead… Before that I immagine a lot of stories (who will die or who will be with who…) but that Riku will die… That is cruel!Now Kai will become very strong-to revenge the death of his little brother and Saya…

  88. wow, what a badass series. the story just twist and turns, i can usually anticipate what’s going to happen in an anime, but this is a surprise to be sure. I’ve never seen so many comments until this episode. haha, i like this breeding theory that’s going around. i think saya and that solomon dude or haji needs to get together and start making their own super babies. and take over the world, owhahahah. oh yeah and riku, what a pimp, dieing after having sex with a hot and evil hotty. 🙂

  89. yeah yeah, well that was his purpose in life ….
    anyways I have two questiuons… could plz someone tranlate what the guy from china/Japan said? (btw is nice having a worldwide attention here, I’m from Italy)
    and yeah SAYA I think the promise Hagi and her made was that when everything’s over he wil kil her to end the world’s threat….
    Anyways I have a wondering…. If al this twin Theory results then I’d like to ad some more psycological pain to Saya: Bad twin looks just like Rikku, good Twin looks like DIVA ^^

  90. Most ppl believe that Hagi will ends Saya’s life when everything’s over, but that’s far too predictable. I think the promise is about something else. Who knows, ep32 shocks us all like that.

  91. woah. i love blood+! since youtube hasn’t updated episode 31 onwards, the only way to appease my craving is through your summary! Singapore should really start airing this show. thanks for blogging the episode. XD

  92. i noticed abour the new op and end, is in the oficial page…but i cant read japanese so well…the op is about a group ( savage genius i think, but the pic isnt very good ) and the end is about a guy that i dont know…

  93. this is to RickaZ :

    wat that guy said in chinese was that it sort of surprised and scared him a little when he saw most of da comments in english and cos he isnt very good at it, he only understand half of wot we’re saying. XD
    and also he said that now he knows that blood + is also popular amongst us.
    that basically it. lol…:D

  94. 素不素看的懂这问题本身不大。就怕少了沟通的管道时那就麻烦了。

    it’s encouraging to see ppl frm different cultures brought together thru our common luv for Anime.
    together witness the story as it unfolds before our very eyes … that’s a wonderful feeling…. heh

    at this juncture, i am eagerly waiting for the next episode of Blood+ …

    et all

  95. blood+ scares me…. that was really REALLY disturbing. diva shall go on my “most hated anime characters of all time” list because she really is such a lkasjfdlbitch and nothing will make me change my mind on it -____-” i usually have a thing for some villains too! but this is just going too far!

    btw i thought riku was pretty annoying. however i was starting to grow to like him =/ i think now he’s had it worse in the show than anyone else. DIVA YOU CHILD MOLESTERRRR…. DAMN YOUUUUU!!

    i doubt anyone found that really arrousing. and if they did. shame on you. you’re sick. im sorry.

  96. Oh yeah, the whole thing with the theory of werewolfs and stuff… I like it… and I was thinking that there are female “werewolves” or modern humans so that they could reproduce on their own FOR the chiropterans who use the humans as pawns for their destined battles against each other.

  97. i think diva probably got inpregnated by riku and in the end of the show hagi will kill saya like he promised which in turn ends his life leaving only kai and rikku jr just my 2cents though

  98. I think so too, now that I thought about it as I rewatched the episode. When Saya told Hagi, “I remember the promise now” and then the flash back, “It’s a promise, okay?” She looked really grim.

  99. They killed RIKU X____X


    as much as I hate to think what happened…..the diva with child theory sounds most probably. =/

    waaaahhhh! Poor Riku X__X

    I’ve only actually cried after one anime show…(Legends of Galactic Heroes when one of the characters died) I didn’t cry after this one…but I was close. It was so sad!! Still…I’m glad Haji is still around.

  100. Diva should’ve made Kai into a chevalier … Too bad, he’ll be condemned to live as a human that always screams ” I will protect you!!!” but manages to get his ass kicked everytime.

  101. BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA~ *dies of laughter* Riku got so F**k’n OWNED!
    I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love *takes deep breath* love love love love love love love DIVA!

    *rofl* And I hope Saya dies too, she’s such a goody-two shoes T_T Diva should rule the world because she is awesome!

    And not to mention 1000000x times hotter than Saya u.u


    He was such an adorable character… sniff… sniff… a really CUTE SHOTA…
    Few episodes back I felt the same way when Diva first killed Riku but was relieve that he lived beacuse of Saya’s blood. I never thought I would feel the same way again after this episode…DAMN!!!

    My perverted imagination ran wild after this episode (from straight shota manga scenes)
    imagining what Riku must have felt when Diva was forcefully having sex with him. (emphatizing…)

    I still can’t believe how Riku could have been arroused given that he was scared to death and knowing that Diva is the enemy…

    But DAMN!!!! Having Riku die in such a way is so so cruel… T.T …They killed him twice. What’s up with that?!? They could have let David or Lewis die for all I care…

    Sorry for a long comment…LAST…I HATE DIVA TO THE CORE!!!DIE PSYCHO BI#CH!!!

  103. Whoa i just watched the episode. I dont believe Diva scolded Saya for not coating her sword. If i was Diva i wouldve crapped myself and ran away for being so lucky that the sword wasnt coated with sayas blood

  104. I gotta agree with one of the above posters, I am still a Diva fan. Isn’t the point of a villian to do bad things ( not just to be misunderstood ) her raping Riku ( age 13-15 folks, hardly shota). When I saw what happened and the scenes afterward I loved it.

    It was like Diva’s way of saying. “Man I love making your life suck.”

  105. why does riku get killed instead of kai? oh and how did riku get his clothes off to have s** with diva? why does he have to diie????booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  106. someone tell me why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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