The group arrives in what appears to be a new world, that’s so pretty that Fye wonders it’s heaven. While taking a rest, Sakura tells Syaoran about the memories she regained from the most recent feather. They involve a sand rabbit that Syaoran had brought back from an excavation. She had taken a liking to it, so he had given it to her to raise. Actually his is how Syaoran remembers it. Everything happens the same way in Sakura’s memories, except without him there. Sakura then asks Mokona to contact Yuuko. It seems that she has her White Day gift ready – a dress she made while in Piffle World with Tomoyo’s help. Yuuko accepts it, but says that the other three guys still owe her. After that, Mokona detects a feather nearby. They enter a canyon and see that the feather is inside a rock structure. Syaoran goes over and tries to cut the feather out, but can’t. The ground starts shaking and the rock rises up – it’s actually the horn of a dragon. A group of local men, led by someone who looks like Sorata from the Hanshin Republic, run in and try to restrain the dragon. After it gets away, Syaoran and Sakura rush over to Sorata. He recognizes Sakura and says that she’s returned. Fye points them to a familiar nearby structure, and everyone begins to realize that this is a place they’ve already been to, the place where Sakura wished many people back to life.
The villagers inform them that after they left, the god spoke up again, saying that everyone who was resurrected would disappear at the next new moon. They had decided to get the feather from the dragon and try to repeat what Sakura did last time for a new miracle. Syaoran and friends agree to help since the villagers will give the feather back to Sakura after everything is over. That night, Sakura and Syaoran happen to see Sorata promising Arashi that he’ll continue to live and giving her a hug (she doesn’t hug him back). The next day, they lure out the dragon and Kurogane uses his attacks to make the dragon vulnerable enough for Syaoran to swing up and cut off it’s horn. The dragon flies off after the Syaoran and the villagers accomplish their goal. However, when Sakura tries to pray for another miracle, the god refuses to grant it. The god explains that lives which have been lost cannot be returned. What happened before was only a short miracle. The villagers have no choice but to accept their fate and the feather is returned to Sakura. She remembers another scene from her childhood, this time when the sand rabbit had died. She had wanted her father to help bring the rabbit back to life, but Clow had said that a lost life could not be brought back again. That’s why life is precious and living is wonderful. He had suggested that she not forget the rabbit’s death, and the two had prayed in front of the grave.
Back in the present, the time has come for the new moon. However, when the people start disappearing in green sparkles, Arashi does too. She reveals that after Sorata died, she also did, but never told him since they came back. They hug (this time Arashi hugs Sorata back) – even though they are disappearing now, the two are happy to be together. They promise to meet with Syaoran again someday, somewhere. After it’s over, Sakura repeats to Syaoran what Clow had told her: a lost life cannot be brought back again, that’s why life is precious and living is wonderful.

Well this was an interesting episode. I had been wondering what world they’d be returning to, since I hadn’t recognized anything from the preview. Turns out that this is the same world they visited back in episode 26. I like how they teach the lesson that life should be important and the dead can’t be brought back (especially with the inclusion of Clow Reed), but I can’t help but feel that they’re trying to stretch uses of this anime original world. Sorata and Arashi’s plot was a nice inclusion, but at the same time it felt like it could have used a little more development. I know those two statements are kind of contradictory: on one hand I would have liked them to develop more of this world, but on the other hand, I just want them to get to the next major world from the manga (Ashura). That does not appear to be the case for next week, which will find our heroes aboard a boat on the ocean. However, episode 7 is called “Ashura’s History,” so I guess that’s something to look forward to.


  1. i want some one to spoil sumthing for me cuz eventhough i love tsubasa its taking too damn long …. spoil the ending.. how does this seriers finish..what happens after they find all the feathers?

    sorry for asking for a spoiler -.-‘

  2. want some one to spoil sumthing for me cuz eventhough i love tsubasa its taking too damn long …. spoil the ending.. how does this seriers finish..what happens after they find all the feathers?

    sorry for asking for a spoiler -.-’

    Are you talking anime or manga? Because the manga isn’t even close to done and no one knows what happens if the feather is found.

    As for the anime…I honestly dont know.

  3. haa so im not da only one that cant get episode 29 XD

    1 question. was arashi da da other person in this world b4? so many same ppls appearing in different worlds i kinda lost track of who they met and where hehehe..

  4. I was wondering, since they haven’t relesed the subbed version of this, or the last episode. Where do you get the raw? You said something about winny, but what is that? I was looking for it on l33t-raws where I got the last one, but I haven’t found it yet. I am almost able to understand it now, after my year of studying on my own with subbed anime… but I really like that you explain what goes on for me ^^

  5. Well, SaiyaMan usually has it, but they haven’t uploaded it or anything, so I’m guessing that they just forgot and the subber maybe gets the RAW from SaiyaMan, thus the lacking of the subbed version..

  6. i dont know about subs…but i guess this will do for raw:

    Links deleted. Read the rules. Please DO NOT ask or give links to raws/subs/PVs. Instead, please check the Community section on the sidebar for useful links.

    i dont know if they mean ‘series’ as in ‘season’ but i guess you can give it a go…

  7. Not sure whether anyone else is subbing this series in english but the series has been lisenced and LE has stopped subbing. But reading Omni’s episode summary and watching the raw afterwards kind of does the trick for me.

  8. Well then… i wasted my time getting the non-subbed ones and straining my mind to understand them… actually I think i shall just watch the unsubbed ones to pick up on how to understand better, and of corse read these summeries to see what is actually happening…


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