Since Haruhi had mentioned the beach last time, Kaoru and Hikaru want to go. They’ve picked out a two-piece swimsuit with a frilly top to mask the fact that Haruhi is an A-cup. Since everyone wants to go, the group visits the ocean – Okinawa to be exact, where Kyoya has a private beach. However, it’s as a Host Club activity, which means that they brought along a contingent of girls with them. Much to the twins’ disappointment though, Haruhi doesn’t end up wearing the swimsuit.
Haruhi’s shocked to find crabs, clams, and sea urchins everywhere, but Kyoya’s private police are actually loading them off a truck. With all the crab, Haruhi becomes very happy thinking about their dinner. Tamaki picks up a huge crab and asks if Haruhi likes them, which she does. However, that crab has a centipede on it, which sends all the nearby girls running in fear. All of them except for Haruhi, who picks it up and throws it away. The girls come back, hearts a-flutter because Haruhi is so manly.
Watching the scene with Tamaki, the twins get the idea that they should play a game to see who can figure out what Haruhi’s weakness is. The game will go until tomorrow evening, and Kyoya even offers to throw in some photos of young Haruhi as the prize. And so each of them gets to work on trying to scare Haruhi. The twins try using a dark cave and fake monsters to scare Haruhi, but it fails. Honey locks himself up with her inside Kyoya’s dark truck (claustrophobia) but it’s Honey who becomes afraid first. Mori tries to use a mori (harpoon) to scare her, but Haruhi has no fear of pointed objects.
Tamaki plans to use snakes, but never gets to do so. Haruhi instead gets into a fight with a pair of guys who tried to pick up some of the girls. One of them pushes Haruhi off a cliff and into the water, and Tamaki makes a running dive after her. He brings her back to land and lectures her for being reckless since she’s not a martial arts expert like Honey is. Haruhi apologizes for causing trouble, but she doesn’t understand why Tamaki is so angry since she doesn’t feel that she’s done anything wrong. Tamaki then refuses to talk to her until she admits her mistake.
That night, Haruhi arrives at dinner wearing a dress because her father changed out the clothes she had packed. Dinner is terse because Haruhi keeps cracking crab legs and eating them while not talking to Tamaki. He finally becomes worried that she’s overeating, but she points out that he’s not supposed to be talking to her. Tamaki decides to go to bed and leaves with Kyoya. Once he’s gone, Haruhi wonders if it would have been better if she had learned karate. Honey and the twins make her realize that they were worried about her, especially Tamaki. Haruhi apologizes, so everyone gathers around for a hug. Unfortunately, Haruhi really did overeat and starts to throw up.
Afterwards, she cleans herself up in the bathroom and wanders into someone’s room – Kyoya’s. She apologizes to him too, but Kyoya says that he wasn’t that worried about her. At least not as much as Hikaru and Kaoru, the two of whom he had to stop from half-killing the guys who were harassing her. He also had to send apology flower bouquets to all the girls, worth 50000 yen each for a total of 600,000 yen. Haruhi offers to pay the fee, so Kyoya turns off the lights and says that Haruhi should pay the fee with her body. He throws her on the bed and lectures her on how defenseless she is. However, Haruhi points out that Kyoya wouldn’t do this because there’s nothing he can gain from putting his hands on her. Kyoya agrees and sits up, noting that she’s interesting. Haruhi continues by saying that Kyoya is surprisingly kind, since he turned himself into a villain to teach her something.
Tamaki knocks on the door and comes in looking for lotion, but instead finds Kyoya half naked with Haruhi on the bed. Kyoya leaves before Tamaki can do anything, so Tamaki gets upset at Haruhi instead. He turns around to leave, but then the sound of thunder comes from outside. Haruhi runs up and pulls on Tamaki’s shirt, and then she squeaks when lightning strikes again. As Haruhi takes refuge in an armoire, Tamaki figures out that Haruhi is afraid of the sound of thunder. He also realizes that Haruhi was always alone when she was younger at home. She had gotten used to being alone, which is why she didn’t call them even though they were right near her.
Tamaki opens the armoire and holds his arms out to Haruhi. The thunder sends her into his arms, and Tamaki promises not to let her be alone because he’ll be there for her. When the weather finally subsides, the other guys come to the room and find Tamaki and a blindfolded Haruhi. Of course the guys interpret as something perverted. By the next morning, Haruhi isn’t clinging to Tamaki anymore, especially since the twins are warning her about Tamaki’s S&M preferences. The car home drives away with Tamaki running after it.

Go go Kyoya ambushing Haruhi and forcing her onto the bed! 😉
I was slightly disappointed because this episode didn’t feature Nekozawa-senpai – I guess the reasoning is probably because they crammed two chapters worth of material into one episode so they cut him out. But in any case, the episode was still hilarious, way too many jokes to even mention. I’d say the S&M was the best part, but watching the guy’s eyes bulge when Kyoya pulled out Haruhi photos was also really funny. And for once, Renge didn’t make an appearance (again, probably because of time constraints).
Well they certainly don’t seem to be leaning Haruhi towards any of the guys in particular like I thought they might do. Haruhi might have gotten a little closer to Tamaki this episode, but I’d actually say that Kyoya scored more points overall since Tamaki screwed up with the S&M thing lol.
Next week, the Robelia School girls appear!


  1. Don’t know the Manga, so don’t care 🙂
    Looks funny, as always^^ Can’t wait for this to be subbed.
    There’re currently 4 series I always wait for subbing: This one^^, Fate/stay night, Suzumiya Haruhi and Simoun. I wonder a bit about myself, I don’t watchxxx-Holic nor Tsubasa or other things,hmm..
    I have to go to the doctor, “anime missing post stress syndrom” 😉
    Wanna see more pics of Haruhi with long hair, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *-*

  2. No Nekozawa?! I don’t care much for Renge, but the comedy about Nekozawa is the group’s discovery on what Nekozawa looks like XD Oh well, I do hope they animate the Alice in Wonderland parody, that was too funny. 🙂

  3. XD I hope they animate the Alice in Wonderland chapter too. That was cute beyond word, and I love the costumes.

    Ooh, I just can’t wait until this episode comes out subbed! I think this shows one of my favorite chapters since it shows a Kyoya and Haruhi moment, albeit awkward. ^^; He proves to be quite domineering. May I ask what the preview showed?

  4. Awww, I was so fond of the scene when Tamaki pulled Haruhi out of the water and transferred her to Mori’s arms. So then he’s yelling at her while Mori is holding her, it’s the weirdest thing. Looks like that’s gone.. and Nekozawa with blonde hair 😛

    But the episode looks great 🙂 and if 13 is Haruhi of Wonderland, then hopefully this isn’t a 13 episode series. Because that would be a very weird ending.

  5. The wiki article on BONES said that Ouran is a 26 episode series.

    Which is a good thing.

    I was kinda hoping for a Renge cameo myself, but I guess there’s no way you can hide heavy machinery under a beach without some kind of super power. Ah well.

  6. If Renge did make an appearance she could have either started a fan club or monopolize Haruhi’s time. I can’t wait to see the Zuka club, I wonder how BONES will spin the Yuri-ness and all.

    Haruhi’s dad may make an appearance after the Zuka club…hopefully it will be 26 episodes as it says in wiki.

    The Okazu joke was a riot as was Mori’s favorite bathing suit.

  7. this is the on anime that i watch the OP and the ED because I love them both, don’t know if you had reported it yet (don’t remember seeing it but the DVD 1 and the CD are to be released July 26th at least thats what my very limit Japanese reading skills tells me.

    BTW love the blog keep up the good work!

  8. I like pic 16 & 17 of Tamaki n Haruhi. almost show Tamaki feelings for Haruhi, especially pic 31 -36. SO ROMANTIC!!! Eventhough I’m 12+, I can see these things heh heh ^_^ Like d pic of twins almost killing the boys who push Haruhi into the sea. LOL at the other episodes summary keep up the GREAT WORK.(WHEN WILL TAMAKI N HARUHI “LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER”? , but still in d club. >.

    Melanie Lim Mei Lin
  9. Great episode but only one thing I’m left wondering what soes S&M stand for I noe its something perverted but what does it exactly stand for seriously my brains going crazy over this little issue

  10. Awwh I love this one! I would have been sitting on the roof watching the thunderstorm in that episode XD But it’s great to see how protective Tamaki was being without sex in mind… ‘cept that didnt turn out as planned.
    I nearly wet myself laughing at that!
    BTW to people who don’t know:

    S&M = Sado-Masochism – Sadism (feeling sexual desire for hurting people) and Masochism (Sexual desire to be hurt or to hurt oneself)


  11. I loved this episode, it was great. I actually think it did the manga chapters justice, because it was just as funny and cute.

    Anybody else love Mori’s expression in the second last screencap? Hahaha!


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