The Strawberry Panic! ending theme 「秘密ドールズ」 (Himitsu Dolls), performed by Nakahara Mai and Shimizu Ai, came out today. If you watch Strawberry Panic!, you’ve seen that they use part of this PV as the ending sequence, kind of to entice the audience with more yuri. And the full PV, um, delivers the goods. If you ever wanted to see Nakahara Mai and Shimizu Ai kiss, this is your PV. Given that this is the ending theme to Strawberry Panic!, I guess it’s rather fitting lol. It’s a decent song that I find myself not skipping over at the end of each episode. I really don’t have much else to say, so enjoy the screenshots. You can purchase the single/DVD at or CDJapan.

Watch it on YouTube!


  1. He! you can tell that is a fake kiss by the way of the angle and the hair covering :P. unless I am missing something from the DVD that can confirm that their lips are actually touching.

  2. Oh dear, now fanboys will run wild^^ Hmm, sweet 🙂
    This kissing remembers me a bit of the tatoo girls. Hmm, have to hear this song, I actually neither watch Strawberry Panic or know any of it’s songs.
    Don’t mind if they really kissed. It’s part of the business. Or are you shocked, when two girls kiss in a movie? Also happens sometimes. It’s played, so I don’t go upset because of this^^

  3. “eww … thats like just wrong …”

    Try not to be homophobic will ya? While I’m not comfortable with it too I think we all need to respect other people’s sexual orientation.

    God forbid that they make a 2 guy getting it on PV for next season.

  4. Half the reason the ending creeps people out because I’m sure no one knows of the word “Improvise”

    “Throw out the useless, make way for better things.”

    Meh, I’m still giddy over this Ending.

  5. “Try not to be homophobic will ya? While I’m not comfortable with it too I think we all need to respect other people’s sexual orientation.

    God forbid that they make a 2 guy getting it on PV for next season.”


    Isn’t THAT being a little homophobic?

    Anyway, music videos keep getting more and more risque these days. This one sort of reminds me of Suga Shikao’s video for 19sai. Anyway, Strawberry Panic’s ending (the song itself) sort of creeps me out. I prefer the opening much more…

    ~ Noodlehead

  6. *Actually, the reason it creeps me out is because they look like the walking dead. That, and their singing sounds like a cat being strangled. It’s very, very unpleasant.*


  7. I dont even think they actually kissed. If you look closely, it’s more likey they’re kissing each others cheeks/chin. I’m pretty sure its not the lips..

    That’s because you haven’t seen the whole PV. XD

  8. God I didn’t know there were so many biget’s on here. Gezz, And it is a real Kiss, you want a fake kiss try the music Video of the opening theam of Simoun, Kissing in the rain seems to be a theam for Lesbian Kisses in Music Videos, that allways helps with the hiding of a fake kiss. Anyway, the song is Kinda anoying i gotta admit, it sounds like a bad…a realy bad, disny music song, but they themselfs arent all that bad, they do look kinda freky when they are on the steps but when they sing alone they do look prity.

  9. People quit hating.. its not nice…. yea the song is kinda annoying. They are acutally kissing, i just saw the making of the video… if ya don’t believe me go google or youtube it

  10. You know, only christian religion made lesbians and homosexuals that bad XD
    In the Fareast there are only 3% Christian-religion! The most there are Buddhism (I’m reffering to Japan here) And there is no thing that dont let them be together, kissing and stuff as lesibans or homosexuals XD
    (Even 1000 Years ago Men dessing like women, Homosexuals and Lesbians were in the sociaty like the Church and beliving in the one god ^^ I think it’s funny how the western people react to this (not in a bad way but its really another culture, i think that makes it funny ^^) XD)


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