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OP: 「人、神、機 -Man God Machine-」 (Hito, Kami, Hata -Man God Machine-) by 生沢佑一 (Izukawa Yuuichi)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Ok, I think this is a horrible OP all around. I’m not a big fan of the song, but to make it worse, the OP animation features scenes mostly from the first two episodes flashed really really quickly. The best word to describe it is overwhelming. But since it’s images from the episodes, I suspect this isn’t the real OP animation (or at least I hope not).

Still no ED this episode.

Meh, I didn’t enjoy the second episode all that much.
Will write this entry tomorrow, probably. Too tired atm b/c I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep all week…


  1. this series seems really…shiny
    can’t say i really enjoyed the 1st episode ALOT but i’ll keep watching because it’s summer and i have nothing better to do 😡

  2. Frankly speaking, I didn’t watch Demonbane for the action and mecha scenes. In fact, I hate the design of the mecha. The only thing that kept me watching is the chibi….whats the grimore’s name again? Al Azif? The name somehow reminds me of those terrorist organisation.

  3. Hm, just watched the Op…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Bah, they ruined the mecha design from the game? What the heck is up with the Demonbane’s stomach section? It’s so thin it looks like you could slice through it with a piece of paper. >.>

    Character, plot, and story-wise they’re sticking to the game. Which is a very good thing. 😀

    Now if all you critics will actually wait for the series to pick up, like just about every other anime series, then you’ll see how good this show is. (this is assuming they stick to the game, I’m guessing they’ll take Al’s route since a. she’s the heroine, b. she’s the most popular character, and c. the Al route is, imo the best one out of the three routes.:) )

    The series will pick up in episode 5, “The Shadow at Innsmouth” (I can tell because the episode titles are the same as the chapter titles):Show Spoiler ▼

    Episodes 1-4 are chapter 1, 2, 5, and 6 of the game, where characters are introduced and the story is set up. Things will get into gear when we hit episode 5. (it may be a two-parter, depends on what they take out/rearrange from the game)


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